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Adam Newman
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Mark Grossman as Adam Newman
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Hayden Tank (1996-1998, 2002)
Chris Engen (2008-2009)
Michael Muhney (2009-2014)
Justin Hartley (2014-2016)
Mark Grossman (2019-)
Dane West (11 year old via flashbacks) (2020)
Current status Present, Contract
Duration 1995-1998, 2002, 2008-2016, 2019-
First appearance April 24, 1995
Created by William J. Bell
Introduced by William J. Bell (1995)
Josh Griffith and Maria Arena Bell (2008)
Jill Farren Phelps (2014)
Anthony Morina & Josh Griffith (2019)
Family Newman
Full name Victor Adam Newman, Jr.
Nickname(s) Vic (when he was a kid)
Prince of Doom (by Kevin)
Slick (by Nick)
Alias(es) Victor Adam Wilson
Gabriel Bingham
Namesake(s) Victor Newman
Hope Adams
Gender Male
Born April 24, 1984 (SORASED, 1995)
Age 38
Occupation CEO of Newman Media a division of Newman-Locke
Residence Tack House, Newman Ranch
421 Larkspur Trail, Highway B
Genoa City, Wisconsin
Parents Victor Newman
Hope Adams
Cliff Wilson † (adoptive)
Nikki Newman (step)
Siblings Victoria Newman
Nicholas Newman
Abby Newman
(paternal half)
Spouses Sharon Newman (2009-2010)
Skye Newman † (2010)
Chelsea Lawson (2012-2013, 2014)
Romances Beth
Heather Stevens
Rafe Torres
Sage Warner † (one-night stand)
Sally Spectra (lovers)
Children Riley Newman
Connor Newman
(with Chelsea)
Christian Newman (with Sage)
Grandparents Albert Miller
Cora Miller
Aunts and uncles Matt Miller
Nieces and nephews Cassie Newman † (adoptive)
Noah Newman
Summer Newman
Reed Hellstrom
Faith Newman
Johnny Abbott (adoptive)
Katie Newman
Christian Newman (legal)
Dominic Phillip Newman-Abbott-Chancellor
Other relatives Michael Baldwin
Lauren Fenmore Baldwin
Fenmore Baldwin
Gloria Abbott Bardwell
Jeffrey Bardwell (father in-law)
Anita Lawson (mother in-law)
Pets Oliver the grey cat

Victor Adam Newman Jr. is a resident of Genoa City, currently portrayed by Mark Grossman.  


He was previously portrayed by Justin Hartley from November 2014-September 2016. The role has also been previously played by Chris Engen from 2008-2009, Michael Muhney from 2009-2014 and Hayden Tank from 1996-1998 and one episode in 2002. In August 2020 Adam had flashbacks to an event that happened when he was 11 years old. In those flashbacks Adam (who went by Vic at the time) was portrayed by Dane West.  


Adam Newman is the son of Victor Newman and Hope Adams, but he was raised by his adoptive father, Cliff Wilson. He has one older paternal half-sister, Victoria Newman, one older paternal half-brother, Nicholas Newman, and a younger paternal half-sister, Abby. He is the father of Connor and Christian Newman. However, Adam gave up his legal rights to Christian and let his brother Nick raise him.

Hope gave birth to Victor Adam Newman, Jr. in 1995. Hope and Victor divorce that year and she later returns to Kansas insisting that Victor stay out of his son's life. Hope later marries ex-boyfriend Cliff Wilson. Victor has limited contact with this son over the next few years, until June 26, 2002 when Victor visited Hope who allowed him to spend time with an excited Victor Jr.

In 2008 Victor visits Hope who is dying from cancer. Their son, who is now known as "Vic," arrives and is shocked by his mother's dying admission that Victor is his father. Vic thinks of Cliff as his father and is resentful that Victor would "abandon" his own child. However, Hope's dying wish is that her son get to know Victor.


Off the Farm

Soon accepting Victor's offer to return to Genoa City with him and work at Newman Enterprises, Victor Jr. – now going by "Adam Wilson" – insists that it is merely a career decision and keeps his distance from Victor. Adam receives a lukewarm reception from Victor's other children, Victoria Newman and Nicholas Newman, who resent him.

Adam soon meets and becomes romantically involved with lawyer Heather Stevens. They keep the romance secret because Victor holds a grudge against Heather for previously attempting to prosecute him for murder. Heather's father Paul Williams disapproves because he fears Adam will hurt Heather the way Victor hurt Paul's former love, Nikki Newman.

Victor leaves home to go to Mexico. Victor disappears and is presumed dead. Adam assumes the surname Newman, moves into Victor's ranch home and soon asserts control over Victor's company. The rest of the Newman family is powerless to stop him as he gets rid of Victor's personal belongings, fires Victoria and longtime employee Neil Winters, and rehires Victor's long-time nemesis, Brad Carlton. Nicholas and Victoria's hopes for a turnaround are dashed when Victor's will leaves most of the company and ranch to Adam. Victor turns up alive and is shocked by Adam's actions. Victor fires and disowns him, once again referring to his son as Adam.

Seeking revenge, Adam plots with Victor's longtime enemy Jack Abbott to use a forged diary to frame Victor for murder. When Victor is exonerated, Jack frames Adam for the plot, and Adam is arrested. Later in jail, Adam breaks down in front of Victor. Heather notices that Adam's eyesight is beginning to fail; Victor is at first suspicious, but soon realizes that Adam's condition is real. Adam's mother Hope had also gone blind and the doctors warned the couple when Hope was pregnant, that the baby might inherit this blindness gene as well. When Adam is brutally beaten by another inmate, he tells his father that as Victor's son he is a target there. Victor finally agrees to get the charges dropped and have Adam freed if he agrees to certain terms. Released into Victor's custody, Adam also befriends Victor's current girlfriend, Ashley Abbott.

Vengeance against the Newmans

In 2009, a pregnant Ashley begins hearing a baby crying on the ranch, and begins finding objects seemingly left for her by Victor's ex-wife, Sabrina Costelana Newman, who was pregnant at the time of her death. The housekeeper Estella Munoz is blamed and arrested, but Adam is the one gaslighting Ashley, injecting something into his eyes to simulate blindness before medical exams. Nicholas and Victoria's mother Nikki voices her suspicions that Adam is involved, but Victor and Ashley dismiss her. Adam dresses up like the late Sabrina to frighten Ashley, who tumbles down the stairs and miscarries her baby. Adam attempts to cover up the incident by placing a knocked-out Ashley in her bed and burning her bloody nightgown. He then blackmails Dr. Charles Taylor into convincing Ashley that her baby is still alive with a diary belonging to his dead girlfriend, Skye Lockehart. The diary contains claims that Dr. Taylor sexually assaulted her in his office. So Dr. Taylor obeys Adam's orders.

Estella's nephew Rafe Torres, Adam's friend, becomes suspicious of Adam. Rafe goes to Adam's room to investigate and nearly stumbles upon evidence of Adam's guilt. To distract Rafe, Adam seduces him. Nikki stumbles upon the men kissing, but leaves unseen. She later reveals what she saw to Victor and Nick, while Adam "breaks up" with Rafe, only to be confronted by his father moments later. Heather sees a note left from Nikki, revealing that Adam is "gay". Heather confronts Adam about his relationship with Rafe, and despite Adam's denials she breaks up with him.

Sharon Newman

Sharon Newman is pregnant by Nicholas, her ex-husband and Adam's half brother. Ashley still believes she is pregnant. When Sharon goes into premature labor, Ashley believes that she is as well. Adam steals Sharon's baby and passes it off as Ashley's. Adam elopes with the unsuspecting Sharon soon, and then they get into a plane crash. Adam clears his conscience and shows Sharon a note that says that her baby is still alive. However, Sharon bumps her head and forgets about it. Nick and Jack become suspicious of Adam and then begin to suspect that the baby is alive. Sharon breaks it off with Adam and begins to remember things that contradict what she has been told about her baby's death. As everyone confronts a captive Adam, Nicholas's wife Phyllis Newman finds a note left by the dying Dr. Taylor saying that Ashley had miscarried. The group realizes that Ashley's baby is really Sharon's missing daughter. Adam subsequently escapes and disappears. Adam didn't get very far as he went unconscious after he fell into a ravine as Victor caught up with him giving him CPR before Adam was taken to the hospital where he regained consciousness and was handcuffed.

In order to not go to jail, Adam had a nurse get Patty Williams (passing herself off as Dr. Emily Peterson) to the hospital. Adam blackmailed her with revealing her true identity. With Patty's assistance, a disguised Adam escaped Genoa City Police custody and the hospital and made his way to the masquerade ball at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Adam made one final attempt to reconcile with Sharon and finally fessed up about having taken her baby to give it to Ashley. A non-forgiving Sharon asked him to leave just as Nick arrived. Adam escaped the room by jumping out of Sharon's room window then later called Sharon to meet him in the Club basement. Nick, Victor, Jack and several others went instead. Just then, they detected a gas leak and the building exploded. After the explosion, a burned body was found but it was later learned that the person was dead before the explosion. Days after that, Detective Chance Chancellor learns that the body is Adam's.

An investigation is underway, and it's learned that Adam was stabbed with Victoria's pen, so Victoria is arrested and loses custody of her young son, Reed. Nick confesses that it's his pen, so Victoria's released and Nick is arrested. Victor is sure that the police are only arresting the Newmans, and fears for his family, so he lies and says that he killed Adam. He's taken into custody although the police don't believe him. Chance finds a recording of Adam right before he died saying that Nick was about to kill him, so Nick's arrested again. From "beyond the grave", Adam reveals that he set Nick up. Phyllis and Sharon investigate and find that Adam met up with a man and a child shortly before his death. They find that the man, Richard Hightower, he met with has been missing since the night of the ball. The police suspect that he is the killer. However, it's the exact opposite. Hightower looks alot like Adam. Adam donated his bone marrow to Hightower, so Adam's DNA was in Hightower. Adam supposedly killed him (however it was later revealed by Adam himself, that he did not kill Richard Hightower) and then fled. But he supposedly didn't do it alone, he had help from his "dead" ex-girlfriend, Skye Lockehart, who faked her own death because her gambling got her into trouble with the wrong people.

Skye, Marriage and Money

Adam was afraid of getting caught, while Skye was more focused on getting money. Skye ended up betraying Adam after a poker game against Victor. She led Victor and Sharon to Adam. Victor demanded that Adam return to Genoa City. Adam did so but when he was brought into the court he faked a panic attack and was sent to the same psych ward as Patty. He made Patty insane and she confessed to killing Hightower, before he was sent to jail.

At his bail hearing, Skye showed up with a lawyer. The lawyer got Adam bail and Skye told Adam he could pay her back by marrying her. Adam agreed, but it was obvious that he still loved Sharon. He stalked her to the Abbott cabin, where he expressed his love to her. Nick chased him away and gave Sharon a gun. Adam came back and tried to break in but Sharon shot him. Adam survived and to Skye's anger he decided not to press charges. In November, 2010, Adam informed Skye that they would no longer be husband and wife.

Adam returned to his suite at the GCAC where he told Skye that he took the $100,000 from the hedge fund and gave it to Justin. He then informed his wife he was divorcing her. Skye told Adam that unless he was prepared to walk away from all their money he better stay where he was. She asked if she needed to remind him how much dirt she had on him. Adam said he was prepared to let her have everything unless she backed him into a corner and they both knew how bad an idea that would be.

Adam went to Gloworm and asked Gloria Abbott Bardwell about the bartender job. She hired him on the spot, hoping that having the Newman black sheep would bring in a lot of curiosity seekers. After Skye freaked out at him working as a bartender and seeing Nick and Sharon being amorous, Adam went to the Genoa City Athletic Club to drown his sorrows. Skye showed up telling him he was smart to duck out of Gloworm during her interview or she would have spilled all his secrets.

Sick of her threats, Adam dragged his wife over to the new District Attorney who happened to be there and told him that Skye had something to say. The D.A. said he had no plans to reopen Adam's case and walked away. Adam said he believed that was what they refer to as calling your bluff. Adam laid down the new ground rules to his wife. He said since the D.A. was not pursuing any legal charges against him, Skye had nothing-no more blackmail, no more leverage, no more threats, nothing.

Skye said he won this round. Adam said he won. He said now they were playing a new game, one where he made all the rules and in this game they were not married, not partners, nothing. Adam said she was to stay out of his life and away from him. Skye said that didn't sound like much of a game. Adam said it was. It was a very fun and very dangerous if she crossed him and if she did there was no jungle in South America deep enough for her to hide in, he said.

Adam stormed out and his wife, Skye Lockhart Newman, went upstairs past an unseen Phyllis Summers who overheard the conversation. After finding out that Sharon Newman was re-marrying his brother Nick, Adam knocked on Skye's door at the Genoa City Athletic Club to deliver the news: he was home. Skye said she knew he'd come back. Adam said it was on one condition-no more blackmail, no more leverage. He said they were partners just like the old days.

Adam and Sharon Framed for Murder

Skye continued to be a thorn in Adam's side, and Adam soon left her to chase Sharon in New Orleans. Sharon fell back in love with him and they had sex. The next day, while walking in the park, Nick and the FBI showed up. The FBI arrested Adam as Nick explained to him and Sharon that Skye has disappeared and blood was found in her hotel room, and Adam was a suspect for her murder.

He was brought back to Genoa City and thrown in jail, and Sharon looked for evidence that he was innocent. She discovers that an order for a discontinued perfume that Skye always wore was sent to Hawaii, so Sharon went to find her. She came back a few days later and explained that she found Skye while hiking up a volcano, and when she demanded that Skye come back with her, there was a fight and Skye fell into the volcano, and Sharon was unable to prove that Skye was ever there. Luckily, Jack went to Hawaii and found evidence that Skye was there, so Adam was cleared of all charges.

Unfortunately, Sharon was now suspected of murdering Skye. Jack and Phyllis found a video that showed Victor in Hawaii, and Adam went to confront him. Victor told Adam he'll get Sharon freed of all charges if Adam testified for Victor, who was being sued by Victoria, Nick, and Abby for their trust funds. Adam had to say that he made the trusts to mess with his dad, so the lawsuit was based on fraud. Sharon begged him not to do it, but he did so anyways.

Nick demands that Sharon obtain a restraining order against Adam in order to prevent Adam's influence on their daughter Faith or he will not allow Sharon to see Faith. Adam understands that she must choose Faith over him but they spend one last night together before the order takes effect.


Adam is blinded by Paul Williams' mentally unstable sister Patty when he tries to take a gun from her. She throws insecticide in his face and hits him over the head, then turns up at a party and shoots Jack Abbott. Sharon finds Adam and calls 911. She stays at the hospital to provide support as he is told that his blindness is permanent. Secretly, Victor Newman suggests that Sharon take Adam back to the farm to adjust to his blindness. While back at the farm, Sharon and Adam rekindle their romance and Sharon again agrees to marry Adam who has determined to change his evil ways. Upon returning to Genoa City, Sharon learns that Adam was responsible for Patty Williams' escape from the mental hospital and therefore her attack on Jack causing his paralysis. She cannot overlook his involvement and leaves him.

Romance and marriage to Chelsea

Adam is deeply hurt by Sharon's exit and he finds himself drowning in his own misery when a woman named Chelsea Lawson comes into his life. Chelsea, who is expecting a child with Billy Abbott, is interested in Adam and he is interested in her even though he tells her that he isn't interested in being friends with her and that she is better off not being anywhere near him because of his past misdeeds. Chelsea, however, proves to be the kind of person that Adam realizes that he needs in his life, someone who won't judge him on his past mistakes and will accept him no matter what. They quickly become friends despite Victoria warning Chelsea to stay away from him.

Adam and Chelsea's friendship grows deeper as they go through various things such as Adam saving Chelsea's life and helping her give birth to her son John on April 9, 2012 to supporting Chelsea's decision to stay in Genoa City despite Victor offering her $10 million to leave town to Billy and Victoria also trying to get her to leave to helping Adam move on from Sharon. As a result of this, Adam and Chelsea's friendship turns to romance despite objections from various people. Adam proposes to Chelsea on June 25, 2012, which she happily accepts, and they get married on July 20, 2012 at Adam's childhood home in Kansas. They are overjoyed to learn that they are expecting a child but are later heartbroken when, on the way to the airport to go on the honeymoon they had put off, their car crashes into one being driven by Adam's niece Summer Newman. The impact from the crash & the injuries Chelsea sustains cause her to suffer a miscarriage.

After he and Chelsea wed, Adam decides to take on a new role professionally when he decides to become an investor in Kevin and Chloe Fisher's new fashion retail website.


Investing in TagNGrab, however, proves to be tough for Adam mostly due to Kevin not fully trusting him because of the way Adam became an investor (Chloe didn't tell Kevin about her decision to ask Adam). Adam's take-charge approach and sharp business instincts are in stark contrast to Kevin's more laid-back approach, causing friction between them.

Chloe supporting Adam's decisions when it comes to helping the site get ahead and be successful makes Kevin feel like he's being left out. Noticing that, Adam has a talk with Kevin, and the two men come to an understanding, both realizing that they have to work together if they want TagNGrab to do well. Despite the talk, Adam and Kevin continue to fight. However, their fighting almost costs them a deal with Jabot, which results in Kevin, despite his own misgivings, deciding that it would be best to let Adam have more control. However, TagNGrab goes under, and Adam focuses his attention on Newman Enterprises.

Return of Sharon and breakup with Chelsea

Adam receives a frantic call from Sharon asking for his help. He heads to the Newman ranch to find the house on fire. He rescues Sharon from the flames only to learn that she set the fire. He installs her in the guest house on his property to hide from Victor and hires an arsonist to set other fires around town to throw the police off Sharon's trail. He also hires a therapist for Sharon who diagnoses her with manic depression. When Chelsea finally learns that Sharon is staying in the guest house, she questions Adam's commitment to her.

Eventually, she walks in on Adam kissing Sharon. She finally agrees to stay with Adam only if he agrees to leave Genoa City. He first agrees but Jack's decision to leave Newman Enterprises and place Adam in charge results in his desire to stay in order to prevent his father from regaining control of the company. Chelsea demands a divorce and Adam decides not to fight for the marriage any longer because Chelsea cannot understand his need to stay in GC. Chelsea learns she is pregnant soon after leaving. She decides to claim that Dylan McAvoy is the father to prevent Adam from using his money and power to take the baby away from her. Adam continues to question the paternity but eventually Chelsea convinces him that he is not the father.

Saving Victor

Adam crashes the current wedding of Victor and Nikki. A plot to kill Victor results in an assassin posing as a waiter firing at Victor. Adam runs to protect his father and is shot in the back. Damage to his lungs causes complications and coma. Chelsea sits at his bedside and inevitably reveals the true paternity of the baby to the comatose father. When Adam awakens, his first word is "Sharon." Chelsea leaves without telling the truth. Adam's heroics convinces Victor to give him another chance. They shake hands and agree to run Newman Enterprises together.

Suspicions about Chelsea's baby

Chelsea gives birth in the loft she shares with Dylan and they name the baby after Dylan's father Conner. Adam overhears Dylan McAvoy, Chelsea's new husband, tell Billy Abbott that Connor has an eye disorder that he may have inherited from his side of the family. Adam, however, knows that the eye problem Dylan speaks of, retinitis pigmentosa, runs on his side of the family, his mother Hope having gone blind from it and Adam himself having had surgery to correct it. He then goes to confront Chelsea, who is now forced to come clean to Dylan and tell him that Adam is Connor's biological father. Chelsea's lie costs her her marriage to Dylan, who walks away from her and decides to have the marriage annulled. However, due to post traumatic stress disorder, Dylan freaks and decides to take Connor. Adam and Chelsea team up with Avery to search for the two and find them at a cabin that Avery and Dylan used to share. Dylan, realizing what he did was wrong, hands the baby back after Avery gently talks to him. Adam wants to take Connor home with him, but Chelsea won't let him. Knowing that Connor needs his mother, Adam offers to have him and Chelsea move in with him, which Chelsea agrees with. They also have Connor checked out by a doctor, who tells them that Connor doesn't have retinitis pigmentosa, but will possibly go blind due to damage to his corneas caused by his traumatic birth. After Connor is examined again by an eye specialist, he is officially diagnosed with Peter's Anomaly, which requires an immediate cornea transplant to save his sight.


Adam's desire to privatize Newman Enterprises causes him to team with Jack Abbott as the secret investor. Victor eventually discovers Adam and Jack's partnership, and reacts in rage at the suppose it betrayal. Victor breaks off ties with Adam again and actually sabotages the company to tried to bring down Adam and Jack. Both Adam and Victor vows to never trust each other again.

Delia Hit and Run

On October 11, 2013 Cordelia Abbott was hit by Adam Newman's car while chasing her dog "Dash" after he escaped from Billy's car. Delia and Dash were hidden behind a bush right next to the road. Dash got loose again, Adam swerved to avoid hitting the dog and ended up accidentally hitting Delia who was squatting behind the bushes. Adam saw Dash was fine but did not see Delia's body in the shrubs since she was dressed in all black, and drove away. Later, he overheard Delia was hit by a car and was being rushed to the hospital.

After Chelsea left to go find Chloe and tell her what happened, Adam went out to the parking lot and found a piece of chipped glass missing from the front lights on his car. The same glass that Detective Alex Chavez recovered at the crime scenes. Delia suffered extensive injuries and died shortly after being admitted. After Delia's death, Adam checked his SUV again and found Delia's scarf wedged into the wheel well. He hid the evidence in the liquor cabinet. After Delia's eyes are donated to Connor for a cornea transplant, Adam returns home and burns Delia's scaf in his fireplace.

Despite his guilt over what happened to Delia, Adam's renewed relationship with Chelsea blossoms over their love for Connor and for each other. They end up remarrying.

Adam begins communicating, anonymously, with Billy Abbott on a grief message board. Adam argues for the hit and run driver's defense and tells Billy to move on with his life. He uses the phrases "balancing the karmic scales" in his online trolling. However, Adam later makes the mistake of using this phrase to Billy's face during a conversation. Billy becomes suspicious and asks Kevin Fisher to run an IP trace on the Anonymous poster in his grief message board chat room. Kevin shares information about the license plate of the hit & run driver, and when Billy sees Adam's SUV, he finally puts the pieces together.

Adam goes missing

Billy retrieves his gun and runs over to Adam's apartment to confront him. Billy takes Adam hostage at gunpoint and forces him to drive to Delia's memorial site. Billy makes Adam get on his knees in the snow and confess what happened the night Delia was killed. Adam begs Billy to please take him to the police station so Adam can go to prison and do his time. However, Billy wishes to make his own justice, "I want you dead".

Billy points his gun at Adam and forces him drive on the icy highway. As they drive, Billy threatens to make sure Adam never sees his own son, Connor. Billy vows that Adam will not see his child grow up, or be allowed around children ever again. While they are driving, Adam tries to grab the gun away from Billy, and in the struggle, Billy fires his gun, and the car swerves off the road and over a cliff.

After the crash, Adam is bloody and unconscious inside the vehicle. Billy survives, smashes through the back windshield and escapes the wreckage. Later, Nick Newman and Paul Williams find the car upside down and believe they see Adam still trapped inside. As they call 911 to get the Jaws Of Life, the car suddenly bursts into flames and explodes in a fiery inferno. Nick and Paul watch as they think Adam is burned alive inside the SUV. The Fire Department is called, however, the heat from the fire melts the ice causing the SUV to fall into the icy freezing river, and the wreckage is swept away by the strong currents. Paul sends some divers to retrieve the body, but the freezing cold temperatures are too dangerous, and the search is discontinued.

Believing that no one could survive the freezing temperatures, Adam is declared legally dead, but Chelsea refuses to believe that Adam is dead and asked Victor to help her find out if Adam is alive or dead. As Chelsea holds on to hope that Adam survived, a bloody hand wearing a wedding ring is seen moving in the snow. Later, that same hand is seen in a unknown location, laying in a hospital bed. The hand stirs as someone enters the room, possibly indicating that Adam may still be alive.

A homeless man claimed that Adam had escaped from the wreckage with his clothes on fire and had taken a shower to clean himself up. Victor's investigator eventually found a body two towns over whose dental records were a match for Adam. At the same time, a mysterious figure, possibly Adam, was seen paying a man off. The man told him that Victor can't know that he is involved. Confirming that Adam has faked his death.

Adam hires a maintenance man to plant a camera over Connor's crib, so he can watch Chelsea and Connor. He becomes enraged when he sees Billy with Chelsea and Connor. He hired a man to follow Chelsea and Connor and take photos of them. The man gives Adam the photos and promises he will see them in person soon.

On Father's Day, Adam continues to watch Connor in his crib. Billy picks up Connor to say goodbye, since he and Chelsea are leaving for Australia. Adam sees this and closes the laptop lid in frustration. Adam was almost caught when the camera started buzzing and Billy and Chelsea started investigating. Billy reached up towards it, but strained his back. The assistant told Adam he would fix the buzzing. He did that, and planted a handkerchief in Connor's room, reminding Chelsea of her and Adam's wedding.

On Connor's first birthday, Adam wanted to go see his son, but his assistant warned him that he was still recovering and couldn't risk being seen. Adam sent a clown to Connor's birthday party with a camera attached. Connor said "da da" and Adam was seen replaying the video of Connor saying "da da" over again.

On the anniversary of Delia's death, Adam had someone (possibly Sage Warner) visit her roadside memorial and leave a Calla Lily by her photo. On November 5th, Adam is seen lying in a bed with his head wrapped in bandages. Sage Warner tells Adam she anonymously returned the handkerchief to Chelsea and that Billy has moved in with her, upsetting him.

Adam continued watching Chelsea and Connor. He became agitated when Chelsea talked about Connor looking up to Billy. Adam tried to walk, but he fell and was found by Sage, who helped him get into bed. Adam asked Sage to help him get back to his family, but Sage injected him with a sedative and promised he could see his family again soon.


Adam's New Face

Sage brought the owner of the house, Constance Bingham, in to see Adam. Constance believed Adam was her grandson, Gabriel, who presumably died while saving Adam from the accident. Adam quickly figured out that the camera, he had planted in Connor's room, had been disabled, making him even more determined to get home. Adam had his bandages removed and got to look at his new face.

Adam almost gave himself away when he revealed he didn't like spinach (which was Gabriel's favorite). Sage helped Adam cover up his lie. Later, Sage insisted that Adam continue to pretend to be Gabriel, so he can get home quicker. Adam questioned if Sage had an ulterior motive. Constance's dog began barking at Adam, which puzzled Constance.

Sage discovers Nick stuck in a bear trap in the middle of the woods after he went to his cabin to get away. Sage comforts him and runs back to the cabin to get Adam. They both return and Sage tries to help him but Adam insists on not helping and leaving. Sage is confused, since Adam wanted to be less selfish and asked if he knew him and Adam admit Nick's his brother. Sage rescued Nick and called 911. Adam got paranoid that Nick looked at him fearing that he recognized him, although Sage ensured him that he couldn't because of his plastic surgery.

After Nick is taken away in an ambulance. Adam decided to return to Genoa City. Sage tells him he can't and threatens to rat him out to the police. In the end, Adam makes a deal with Constance and Sage to go back to Genoa City for a day provided Sage goes with him. Adam agrees and returns to Genoa City with Sage.

While in Genoa City, Adam encounters both Chelsea and Victor. He also sees Sharon and Noah at Crimson's Lights. Everyone Adam communicates with doesn't seem to recognize him. Adam and Sage get a room at the Athletic Club where Adam decides that he can reestablish himself as Gabriel Bingham and get Chelsea to fall in love with him again. Adam pays Jack a visit and tells him the truth about who he is. Jack is furious and demands Adam turn himself into the police, but Adam begs for a chance to be a father to his son. He tells Jack he had to live with Delia's death on his conscience. Jack then phones Billy, who comes to the house. Adam says he is an old associate of Jack's, and promptly leaves; Jack doesn't say a word to Billy.

Adam heads to his old penthouse to see Connor, and Sage calls Adam to tell him to come home because Constance is dying. Adam does as she asks and admits to Sage that he has grown fond of Constance. Adam plays up his role as Gabriel to give Constance some final moments of peace. Constance tells Adam that Victor was behind the corporate takeover that led to Gabriel's father committing suicide.

Sage and Adam return to Genoa City where they talk about Constance and Adam's plan to get revenge on Victor. Adam goes to the Abbott mansion to talk to Jack. Jack is determined to turn Adam in, so Adam shows Jack a scar on his chest and claims Billy shot him. Jack doesn't want to risk Billy's freedom, so he reluctantly agreed to keep Adam's secret.

On New Years Eve,  Anita was at Crimson Lights trying to pick out a cupcake for Connor talking to herself about it. Adam, with plastic surgery disguised as Gabriel, told her to pick the dinosaur one because all kids love dinosaurs. Anita was flattered and Adam stated she's too young to be a grandmother, it isn't for her son? Anita was flattered by him and Adam offered to buy the cupcake for her and paid in a hundred dollar bill letting her keep the change. Anita came by Chelsea and Billy's and told Chelsea all about this lady's man she ran into at Crimson Lights. When billy came down the stairs, Anita complimented him for being a good boyfriend to her daughter. At the New Years Eve party at the Athletic Club, Adam strikes up a conversation with Chelsea that goes well until Billy shows up. Adam asks Jack to get him a job at Jabot, so he can get close to Chelsea and then watches as Billy and Chelsea kiss at midnight.

Adam pays Jack another visit and continues to push for a job at Jabot, until. Sage calls him to tell him that Constance will die soon. Adam returns to Constance's house where he says goodbye to her, but Constance sees Gabriel in the light and realizes that he is dead, and Adam isn't Gabriel. Constance dies soon after, and Sage reveals that she and Gabriel were married, meaning she is now Adam's wife.

Getting closer to Chelsea

Adam comes to visit Chelsea at her office to discuss designs and he is happy to see she has brought Connor. When Chelsea leaves, Adam picks up Connor, gives him a his toy car back, and gives him a kiss. Chelsea opens up about her feelings regarding Adam's role in Delia's death. She tells "Gabriel" that she understands why he handled it the way he did, but still struggles with his deception. "Gabriel" asks Chelsea of she could forgive Adam. Suddenly, Connor points in Adam's direction and says "da-da". As it turns out, Billy entered behind them, and suggest Connor was referring to him.

When Adam sees Sage getting closer to Nick, he asks if she can find out more information for him, and Sage agrees. Sage visits Nick at his house with Gabriel's yearbook to bond with Nick. Her presence anger's Nick's daughter, Faith,. Sage spills water on her clothes and changes into a bathrobe. Faith uses the phone and tells Sharon that's Nick is in trouble. Sharon rushes in and Faith asks to go home with Sharon, so Nick reluctantly agrees. Faith tells Sharon that the lady in Nick's house had no pants on. Sharon began to get angry and jealous.

Sage met up with Adam at the Athletic Club's gym punching a punching bag. Adam explained Chelsea keeps putting up roadblocks. Nick entered the gym meeting up with sage and "Gabriel". Nick explained Sharon's not taking this well and it's gonna be a full out custody battle. Adam mentioned it's not all her fault. Nick questioned why he'd have an opinion on something he knows nothing about and how much he knew. Sage covered for him stating he didn't mean that. Noah entered the gym explaining to dad that Faith told Sharon that he was in the house with a lady with no pants on. Sage told Adam that's not what it seems like. Nick explained the real story and Noah was relieved.

Chelsea confided in Billy at the Athletic Club that Gabriel seems to know a lot about her and was a little uncomfortable. Billy stated he either did a lot of research on her or he's a stalker which made her laugh. Adam and Sage entered the lounge of the Athletic Club which Chelsea and Billy take notice to and Adam kisses Sage which shocks Chelsea. Adam and Sage go to their table to greet them. Chelsea explained to leave business at Jabot but Adam just asked Billy for a report. Adam introduced Sage as his "girlfriend" and Chelsea mentioned they met before. Adam told Sage she's never mentioned meeting Billy and Chelsea. Sage explained they never even exchanged names. Billy stated it was at Delia's Memorial. Sage told the lie that she had a flat tire and was staying at the Athletic Club. Chelsea then apologized for confronting her before and Sage acted all cool about it saying" It's fine!". Chelsea laughed that she accused her of following her and Sage laughed to. Just as sage was saying goodbye, Adam asked to sit down and have a drink. Billy asked "Gabriel" why he got a job at Jabot. Adam stated it's a private company and he told the story of how his father's business was a successful company until Newman Enterprises took it over. Sage stated that's not a fun topic. Billy stated he's one of the head members of the Anti-Victor Newman club. Adam stated he seems like an easily hated guy. Billy stated he wonders what else they have in common. Sage and Adam said their goodbyes. Sage was stressed out that she told Nick they were just friends, how will he react to this? Adam mentioned she's worried it'll blow her chances with his brother and Sage claimed he knows that isn't it. Billy told Chelsea to keep her distance from Gabriel and he'll get to know Gabriel Bingham a little better. Sharon told Nick she'll use this information against him in court about him and Sage.

Nick ran into Chelsea at the Athletic Club and started talking. Nick introduced Sage as his friend that saved him from the bear trap that Chelsea didn't know about. Chelsea explained her and Billy just had a drink with them here and mentioned Gabriel being her boyfriend. Chelsea left and Nick asked what Gabriel is to her and she stated he's her husband. Sage admit to Nick it's an arranged marriage to obtain Constance's inheritance. Sage stated they're not in love and stay open to meet other people. Sage wished him good luck with the custody battle.

Sage and Adam met up with a real estate agent at the Athletic Club who had to make sure their marriage was genuine. He brought up that Adam [Gabriel] put up Constance's estate for sale and bought an apartment. Sage questioned the apartment and Adam stated he wanted to get a place of their own. The agent insisted if there is anything fraudulent with their marriage, they will be in deep trouble. Adam bought the apartment straight across from Billy and Chelsea's. Adam invited Chelsea and Billy in for a few drinks while standing up since he didn't have any furniture yet. He decided to ask a designer, Chelsea, for opinion. Chelsea explained her idea of style to him when sage walked in the room seeing the unexpected guests. After they left, Sage stated they had to make their marriage look real, so they have to sleep together. Adam was a bit intrigued but she stated she's not having sex with him. Adam ran up the stairs claiming the master bed while Sage can find something else to sleep on. Sage texted Nick good luck at his custody battle. Sage showed up at the custody battle to defend Nick by telling the judge the real story but Nick insisted he won't need it. Sage was met up with Nick at the Underground and was happy for him that he won custody of Faith.

Adam ordered a bunch of furniture that him and Chelsea picked out and Sage walked in on the rearrangement with Chelsea and Bill in the apartment. Sage was angry and argued with Adam about picking out the furniture with the designer. Adam and Sage stopped by Chelsea and Billy's to apologize and ended up sharing a few drinks. Adam was playing with Connor and Chelsea complimented Adam on how good he is with kids and was surprised he didn't have any of his own. Adam stated he liked kids but doesn't have any and Chelsea stated she'd have a million with him. Adam and Chelsea briefly got up, when Billy states to Sage that he could tell she was upset when Adam and Chelsea were talking about kids. Sage stated she's tried to hard to have a family but she just can't which Adam overheard. Back in the apartment, Adam questioned this about Sage. Sage started to cry and stated she can't have kids. Adam asked if she wanted something more from Gabriel and Sage stated they didn't have sex, and they weren't intimate. Adam put his arm on her shoulder as she put her head on his.

Adam appeared at Chancellor Park to spy on Billy at Delia's grave on Valentine's Day, which is also Delia's birthday. Adam eavesdropped on Billy placing a picture of baby Katherine at her grave and crying about how much he misses her. Billy also explained all her wants for her is justice and he isn't happy that Adam got off easy dying. After Adam left, Delia appeared as a ghost to Billy explaining he can't keep hating Adam so he can be happy. Billy gladly took his deceased daughter's advice. Adam appeared at Chelsea's door giving her a bottle of wine for her and Billy to share on Valentine's Day. Chelsea stated he's not here and decided to have a few drinks with Gabriel. Chelsea apologized about Sage being unable to have kids and Adam hugged Chelsea when Billy arrived in the apartment.

When the apartment catches fire, Adam rescues both Connor from the apartment, leaving Billy collapsed on the floor, only able to save one of them. Adam later goes back in and saved Billy by trying to wake him up and carries him out. As the firefighters are checking Adam, Billy sees the scar on his chest. Billy asks Adam about it at the hospital, and Adam says that it was an ex-girlfriend of his that shot him. Adam told Chelsea about him allegedly liking Sage but she doesn't feel the same way. Adam sees Sage and Nick hugging, and warns her about getting too close to Nick. Sage sneers that Adam is jealous, which he denies. When Jack is brought in, Adam visits Jack and is stunned to hear that Victor saved his life. Billy was checking up research on Gabriel, and he found out that Gabriel was expelled and all his pictures are happy and smiling as opposed to the look on Gabriel's face now. Billy invites Adam and Sage to stay with them at the Abbott Mansion until they find a new place to live, and Adam happily takes them up on the offer. Chelsea talked to sage about how good Gabriel is, and Sage implied Adam has feelings for Chelsea. Chelsea tells Billy which makes him feel insecure. Bill decides to propose to Chelsea but she says no. Chelsea stated he's just doing this because Sage said Gabriel has feelings for her. Billy stated after he got out of the burning building, he realized he wants to spend his life with her. Chelsea said yes to the engagement. Adam and Sage returned home and Billy and Chelsea informed then about the big news. Adam and Sage congratulated them.

Sage stated she wants a divorce from Gabriel, and her own life is more important than the money. Sage told Gabriel to tell Chelsea who he really is. At Billy and Chelsea's engagement party, Chelsea kept putting off the wedding date. Billy asked to talk to her in another room, and he stated he's wondering if she even wants to get married. She insisted she does but there's a lot of wedding planning stress. Adam showed up drunk and announced to everybody how much he loves and appreciates his wife, staring straight at Chelsea. Jack took Adam to the back and explained that this is not the right time to announced his true identity. Adam apologized for the outbursts to Billy and Chelsea. Billy and Chelsea agreed on getting married in 30 days. After Billy spent more time with Vicki, Billy and Chelsea agreed at the same time to postpone the wedding.

Chelsea had a meeting with a guy Gabriel conveniently had a meeting with next week and he offered to carpool. Adam's car conveniently ran out of gas and he and Chelsea were stuck in the middle of the woods together. The countryside reminded Chelsea of her marriage to Adam in Kansas. Adam continuously asked questions about her relationship with Adam. After a while, Adam kept repeatedly underestimating Billy and Chelsea's relationship with angered her. Adam called for a cab to pick them up.

Billy admit to Chelsea that he and Victoria were tempted to kiss each other. Chelsea became jealous but Billy insisted he is committed to her and that she has feelings for Adam. Billy stated the only difference is his ex is living and hers isn't. Adam pretended to be a sad jilted Gabriel and told Chelsea that Sage is having sex with Nick Newman. Chelsea confronted Sage when she returned to her home. Sage stated Gabriel and her got married for the same reasons and are nothing more. Chelsea stated that Gabriel keeps confiding in her that he wants a real relationship with Sage. Sage admit that Chelsea doesn't know the real Gabriel Bingham, although she claims she does more than Sage. Sage admit that Gabriel is in love with Chelsea. Chelsea didn't believe it at first and Sage listed all of the conveniences that Adam purposely met up with her, moved across the hall, and his car broke down. Sage tells Chelsea she is ready to admit who Gabriel really is, when the doorbell rings and Chelsea receives a box of roses signed anonymously whom she originally thinks are from Billy, but Sage states it is from Gabriel. As Chelsea and Sage resume, Sage states she can ask "Gabriel" himself and she can start by asking him how he knows her dead husband. Gabriel admit that he is in love with Chelsea from when he first met her, claiming he didn't know she was engaged to Billy, and researched all he could on Adam to try to be the man she couldn't get over. Adam and Billy get into a fight and Chelsea goes to check on Billy but she then sees him kiss his ex-wife Victoria, she runs to Adam and they have sex. When Billy confesses to the kiss which he regrets and tells Chelsea that he no longer loves Victoria anymore and only loves Chelsea and wants to spend the next 60 years of his life with her, she forgives him and tells Gabriel to forget their fling.

After Billy is fired from Jabot, he and Chelsea decide to elope. They leave town and spend a night at a hotel. Gabriel learns the couple have eloped and charms Anita into telling him the location of their hotel. Gabriel goes to the hotel and begs Chelsea not to marry Billy. Chelsea tells Gabriel what they did was just sex and she loves Billy. However Billy overhears them and discovers Chelsea cheated on him.

Billy is furious and plots revenge against Chelsea. He tells her that he changed his mind about eloping and wants to have a family wedding back in Genoa City. The couple return and quickly arrange a wedding at the Athletic Club. When all the guests have gathered, and Chelsea has said her vows, Billy finally exposes Chelsea in front of all his family and friends. He tells the audience how Chelsea cheated on him by having sex with their next door neighbor Gabe. Billy calls Chelsea a "lying con artist slut" and says he was just a mark in her con. Billy dumps her at the altar and leaves her in tears. Later, Billy confides to Ashley that his relationship with Chelsea was a mistake.

The next day, Billy moves out of Chelsea's penthouse and says good-bye to Connor. Billy tells the boy that he will miss seeing Delia's eyes when he looks at him. Billy also punches Gabriel and calls Chelsea a "piece of trash".

Becoming CEO of Newman-Abbott and Chelsea learns the truth

To explain his close working relationship with "Gabriel", Jack and Adam claimed that "Gabriel" had discovered Jack was his biological father. Adam was skeptical, but eventually went along with it. The Abbotts were skeptical and refused to accept "Gabriel" as family.

After talking with Phyllis, Adam began to become even more suspicious of Jack and tricked him into revealing he was an imposter named Marco Annicelli. Marco threatened to expose Adam's true identity if he said anything. Marco told Adam that he planned to take his death by goading Victor into shooting him. Victor would go to prison, and Adam could take control of the company as Jack's "first born". Despite his contempt for Victor, Adam had a hard time believing that Victor was capable of murder. Marco assured Adam that Victor would shoot him, so Adam went to Chancellor Park and hid. Sure enough, Victor met up with Marco and coldly shot him. Adam rushed out to check on Marco and pronounced him dead. He told Victor he would keep quiet if Victor made him the CEO of Newman-Abbott. Victor agreed and then left while Adam stayed behind.

After Victor had left, Adam realized that it was really Jack who had been shot, and was now worried for his friends life. Jack was rushed to the hospital, where he slipped into a coma. Adam, not wanting to lose his advantage over Victor, decided not to tell the Abbotts about Marco.

Adam fired Victoria as CFO, and named Abby as her replacement. Adam was pleased when Abby closed her first deal, and was disappointed that Nick, Billy, and Victoria were being mean to her. After celebrating with Chelsea, she briefly left the room. Adam took the time to taunt the portrait of Victor, and said a toast to Adam Newman. Chelsea had come back and overheard, and Adam finally told Chelsea who he was. Chelsea was shocked and relived that Adam was alive, but that relief quickly turned to anger over all his lies. Adam pleaded with Chelsea not to turn in him, and begged her to let him be a father to Connor. Chelsea left, not sure whether to expose Adam.

Adam goes to visit Jack and says he told Chelsea the truth and is now worried that she will turn him in and not let him be Connor's father. Billy shows up, and Adam thinks Billy knows the truth, he starts to apologize to Billy, but then Billy is mad at about something else, and maintains his cover. Adam hears Billy talking about Delia and then calls a public meeting, deciding to turn himself in. He visits Chelsea and asks for the chance to say good bye to Connor. He also asks Chelsea to think about bringing Connor to visit him in prison. Chelsea says she will think about, and watches as Adam says good-bye to Connor. Afterwards, just as Adam is about to confess to everyone at the public meeting Chelsea stops him. Adam thinks Chelsea did it for him, but Chelsea says the Abbotts don't deserve any more pain.

Paul pays Adam and Chelsea a visit, and finds a gun hidden in the apartment. Adam swears to Chelsea that he did not hide the gun in the apartment, but Chelsea had doubts. She says she wants be with Adam, but it hurts too much. Jack awakens and demands Adam back up his story that he had a gun, and assures Adam he can keep his identity a secret. Adam does what Jack asks and also confessed to the Abbotts that he lied about being Jack's son. Victor is released from jail, and Chelsea finally convinces Adam to step down as CEO, but officially breaks up with him when she finds out he lied about sleeping with Sage. Adam wants to see Connor, but Chelsea refuses and says they are both better of without him.

Adam goes to see Jack, but overhears him and Chelsea about how Adam belongs in prison for killing Delia. Feeling like he has know one left, Adam kidnaps and Connor and plans to leave town. He has a change of heart and brings Connor home, but only pushes Chelsea further away. Adam is arrested, and detective Mark Harding is about to fingerprint Adam when he gets a call about the charges being dropped, and Adam is released from custody.

Adam follows Chelsea and Connor to Paris, and managed to convince her to give him a second chance. Adam says he is willing to leave behind everything, and start over. Despite being skeptic, Chelsea knows she has always wanted them to be a family, and they decide to live in Paris. On Connor's birthday, Chelsea realizes Adam was the one who sent Connor the soccer ball during his last birthday. Adam is then forced to admit that he had the spy camera planted in Connor's bedroom. Chelsea is shocked and angry, but forgives Adam.

Chelsea and Adam's paradise is wrecked when Billy calls Chelsea and says that Newman Enterprise is taking possession of her designs. Chelsea and Adam agree to return to Genoa City just long enough to settle the dispute and then return to Paris permanently.

It turns out it isn't that simple. While Jabot is happy to let Chelsea design wherever she wants Newman wants Chelsea to move back to Genoa City permanently. Chelsea wants to stay with Jabot, but a clause in Chelsea's contact incites a bidding war that Newman wins. Adam knows that Victor is just doing this to gain control of Connor.

Alliance with Ian Ward, identity exposed, and the fallout

At some point, Adam helped Ian Ward escape from prison, and the two created the Paragon Project. Adam snuck into Victor's office, and placed the virus in Newman's systems, while Ian's technician activated the virus. Jack hired Adam to find out who was behind the paragon project, and Adam formed an alliance with Kevin, Victor's IT guy, to share what they know about the project.

and Adam became nervous when he realized Ian was communicating with Phyllis. Adam tried to subtly warn Jack and Phyllis about Ian without giving him away. The paragon project caused Chelsea 2.0 sales to skyrocket, and Adam realized that the virus was responsible for it. He convinced Ian not to go after Chelsea's clothing line, but then Ian only created more problems for Adam by relocating across the hall from him.

Adam eventually got too worried about paragon and ordered Ian to shut it down. Ian responded by whacking Adam over the head. When Adam woke up, he called Ian told him that he can't run or hide, and that he will find him. Once Kevin learned of Ian's involvement, it didn't take him long to trace the source of the virus to Ian's penthouse.

Chelsea saw Adam coming out of Ian's penthouse, and realized he was involved in the paragon project. Chelsea was furious with Adam, slapped him and said "stop it tell the truth", and told him he would no longer be apart of her and Connor's life. She also declared that he was going to pay for all the rotten things he has done, starting with Delia's death. Adam went to the roof of the Athletic club, and met with Kevin. He gave Kevin a passcode that Kevin had already tried, and it confirmed Kevin's suspicions that Adam was Ian's partner. Kevin refused to help Adam sit down paragon.

Billy showed up, and Adam realized he knew who he was. Billy and Adam argued over Delia's death, and why he didn't come forward. Victor showed up, and then punched Adam in the face after confirming he also knew his true identity. Victor raged at Adam for trying to destroy his son's legacy. Adam asked Billy he wanted to kill him, and told him to do it. Billy started attacking Adam, until Jack showed up to stop him.

Adam went downstairs for a drink. Victor joined him, and Adam asked if Victor is upset that he is alive. Victor told him he would never understand. Adam told Victor that no matter what he did, it never seemed good enough for Victor. Adam told him paragon would destroy Newman. Adam ran into Sage at the park, crying. He realized Nick found out about her part in his return, and apologized. Sage related at Adam and blamed him for loosing Nick. Adam tried to calm her down when Sage keeled over and said the baby was coming.

Adam told Sage it was a false scare, but then Sage's water broke. Adam tried to call for help, but the paragon project virus messed with the cell reception. Adam then delivered Sage's baby, assuring her he has done it before. Adam successfully delivered Sage's baby, which was a boy, and got a bystander to call for help. Adam waited at the hospital until Nick showed up. Nick blamed Adam for Sage going into early labour, but Adam told Nik he is the one responsible since he cashed Sage so much distress. Dr. Ben Rayburn broke up the fight and advised Nick to go see his son. The police soon shows up and arrested Adam, having been told of his return.

Attempt at making amends

Jack visited Adam at the station, and told him he had to know the truth was going to come out. Adam admitted he was tried of hiding and lying, and now he feels like he can relax and be himself. Michael Baldwin showed up, and offered to be Adam's lawyer. Adam said he didn't need a lawyer since he planned on pleading guilty. He did ask Michael for his cell, so he could say goodbye to Chelsea. Adam told Chelsea that she and Connor deserve better, and that he is setting her free.

Paul and Christine came in to see Adam, and asked for him to explain what happened the night Delia died Against Michael's advice, Adam explained how he had been distracted by the news of Connor's eyesight, and that he didn't even know he hit Delia, until he saw the damage done to his vehicle. Christine asked why he didn't come forward. Adam said he learned Billy and Chloe were going to donate Delia's corneas to Connor, and feared they wouldn't if they found out he had been the one who hit Delia. Christine asks why he still didn't come forward after the surgery, and Adam said it was self-preservation. They also questioned Adam about the night he was presumed dead. Adam said Billy held him at gunpoint and took him to the sight of Delia's death, and then her school. Adam said Billy was going to take him to the police station, and the gun discharged when Adam went to grab it.

Victor came to visit Adam and offered to pay his bail. Adam knew Victor was only doing this, hoping Adam would stop paragon. Adam declined Victor's offer and Victor told him Chelsea and Connor were leaving town. Adam agreed with Chelsea's decision, but wanted to see Connor one last time. He asked Chelsea to bring Connor, so he could say good-bye, but Chelsea declined. She tearfully told Adam that the only way for her to move forward is if he stayed dead to her. Chelsea gave Adam a passionate good-bye kiss, and Adam called Victor. He told him he would stop paragon of he got him out on bail, so he could say good-bye to Connor.

Victor got Adam out on bail, and Adam found out from Anita that Chelsea took Connor to Chancellor park to do something special in Delia's memory. Adam stood back and watched as Chelsea and Delia loved ones planted a tree in her honour. Connor saw Adam and said "dadda," alerting everyone to his presence. Adam attempted a heartfelt apology to everyone present, and then Chloe appeared out of nowhere. She mocked Adam's attempt at an apology, and told him he may have a different face, but he is still the same evil man. Chloe then pulled a gun on Adam. Everyone recoiled in horror, but Adam told Chloe he won't attempt to stop her from shooting him. Chelsea fan in front of Adam, and told Chloe she would have to shoot her as well. Chloe relented after being talked down. Chelsea handed Connor to Adam, and everyone left soon after. Victor told Adam not to blow it, before he left.

Adam sat with Connor and told Chelsea he thinks she still loves him, since she risked her life. Chelsea said she did it for Chloe, but Adam remained convinced she did it because she loves him. Chelsea tells him she and Connor are still leaving. Adam asks Chelsea to make sure Connor knows it wasn't his choice to not be apart of his life, and that he will always love them both. After Chelsea leaves, Victor comes back and demands Adam fulfill his end of the bargain and stop the Paragon Project.

Adam finds out that he can't stop Paragon and Victor tells him that he knew it wouldn't be possible. Adam was stunned that Victor would get him out on bail without a guarantee that he could stop Paragon. Victor sighs that Adam doesn't really know him at all. Adam yells at Victor for abandoning him, and never being good enough for Victor. Victor yells that he had an abusive drunk for a father and was abandoned at an orphanage. Victor says he tried to make amends with his father, but left with more bitterness towards him. He admits he wants to repair his relationship with the Adam, and offers to help him leave town before the trial.

Adam pays Chelsea a visit, and finally gets her to admit she loves him. Chelsea cries that she hates that she loves him, and that things were much easier for her when Adam was dead. Adam and Chelsea give into passion, and make love. The next morning, Chelsea tells Adam that they spent their last night together, since the trial was that day and she was sure Adam would be convicted.

Trial, Hit and run

At the trial, Adam waves his right to self-incriminating himself and confesses on the stand that he hit Delia and willingly didn't turn himself in. Adam is resigned to his fate, and during a recess, he tells Jack that he killed Delia and it is time for him to pay. When Billy takes the stand, he says it is his fault for letting Delia stay in the car. Adam stands up and tells Billy it isn't his fault, and Billy says they all need to forgive Adam. During another recess, Billy leaves with Victoria and they go to the gecko tree planted in Delia's honor in Chancellor. Park. They talk about Delia, and Billy says he forgives Adam. Delia appears as a ghost and says "I love you daddy." Adam is sentenced to ten years in prison and tells Chelsea to tell Connor that he loves him and Chelsea said what do I say to myself and Adam replied "I'm in Kansas."

Just as he was about to go into the prison jeep, a speeding car comes out of nowhere and hits Adam. Victor comes running over to Adam and demands answers, thinking Billy hit Adam. Christine breaks down in front of Paul and says that the Adam's hit and run reminds her of when Nikki and Neil hit her and she miscarried. Christine and Micheal point out it was a white sadan and there was no intent of stopping. Christine found out that the car is found at the south lake motel. The car was found out to be a rental and Kevin found a surveillance picture that showed that Chloe was behind the pedal to the meddle. Chloe arrives at the underground bar when Mariah shows up and Chloe asks for Mariah's help after she confessed. Chloe hits Mariah over the head with a glass bottle and flees. Paul and Kevin find Mariah on the ground knocked out.

Newman Tower fire

Adam regains consciousness after the surgery, and expresses no ill will towards Chloe. Christine is determined to have Adam transferred to Walworth prison hospital as soon as possible, but Dr. Ben Rayburn determines that Adam is not yet ready to be transferred. Adam encourages Chelsea to take Conner to the Halloween party at Newman Towers, and says that she needs to give Connor the life he can't. Michael and Lauren use their phones to allow Adam to see Connor in the Halloween parade. Later, Adam hears Newman towers is on fire, and convinces Michael to help him escape, so he can save Chelsea and Connor. Disguised as a firefighter, Adam sees Connor is safe and shares a moment with his son, much to the disgust of the onlookers. Adam slips away and braves the fire to look for Chelsea. He sees someone wearing a red cloak and black devil mask. The "red devil" knocks Adam unconscious, and he is later found by Billy and Victor.

Billy goes on to look for Jack while Victor and Adam help each other get to the roof where Abby still is. Abby calls Adam an idiot for walking into the fire, implying she cares about him, and gets him some water. Abby slips away when Victor and Adam aren't looking, and they assume she escaped the fire. As Adam and Victor go to leave, Adam sees the mysterious devil person in the fire. Adam tells Victor to go without him, and confronts the figure. Adam asks the devil person who they are, and the figure takes off their mask, revealing themselves as Ian Ward.

Adam was appalled and asked Ian what he had done. Ian clarified that he and Adam did this together. Adam says he never wanted to put the lives of others in danger. He says that Victor got out, and Ian sneers that he is a coward. Adam stuns Ian by declaring Victor is ten times the man Ian is. Ian rages that they finally beat Victor after "getting kicked in the teeth" constantly, and that Adam is just ready to forgive and forget. Ian wants to leave, but Adam stops him. Ian says Adam shouldn't be standing here crying that the devil made him do it; he should be planning to disappear like Ian intends to. Adam shoves Ian against a pillar. Ian asks if he is going to get the police involved, but Adam says he will stop Ian himself.

A beam of rubble collapses, and Ian gets away from Adam. He realizes Adam intends to kill him, and says this is his story to tell. Ian throws powder in Adam's eyes, and clubs him over the head. Adam trips Ian, and drags him into a table. Adam starts to strangle Ian, and Ian asks Adam if he wants his son to see his father as a murdered. Adam yells at Ian to shut up, and Ian hits him with a skull prop. Ian grabs his pitchfork and tried to stab Adam. Adam grabs the pitchfork and uses it to throw Ian against the wall, who falls into unconsciousness. A pile of rubble falls on Ian and Adam assumes he is dead. Adam runs off and finds Abby, Ashley, and Stitch. He helps them get Stitch out of the burning building building

Elise Moxley and Appeal

Adam was taken to the hospital, and allowed to recover from his injuries, before being transported to prison. Adam encouraged Sage to go to Christian's memorial, and shared his and Chelsea's own loss to motivate her. Victor confronted Adam surmised that Christian was really his son, not Nick's. Adam laughed at the claim, but Victor said Adam switched the paternity tests, and threatened to tell Chelsea about it if Adam didn't help Victor destroy the Abbotts. Sage came to see Adam, and confessed how she had trouble confiding in Nick. She laughed at how she always finds comfort from Adam when she is upset. Judge Elise Moxley went to see Adam, and told him how Victor was blackmailing her to help Adam. Nikki arrived, and told Adam that Elise had an affair, and Elise said it was with Victor.

Adam was informed that Ian's body was not located, and then was accused of lying. Victor turned his back on Adam, believing he was still working with Ian and that he was the reason for the return of the Paragon virus. Christine told Adam his time was up, and Adam was finally taken to prison. Adam found prison life difficult since the guards and inmates would assault him. Chelsea came to see Adam, and was worried about him when she found out he had been attacked. Adam told Chelsea she needs to forget about him, and asked her if to not come and see him anymore.

Victor visited Adam and told him that Chelsea has helped him realize that Adam may not be lying about Ian. He then tells Adam he can help him get out of jail, in condition that he will help him destroy Billy and Phyllis, since Victor is sure they restarted Paragon. This time around, Michael is able to make a strong enough case that Moxley decides not to send Adam back to prison, and instead sentences him to probation and community service; however, she warns Adam that if he violates his probation, he will spend his remaining sentence in prison.

Dealings with Victor

Adam said the Newmans couldn't trust Luca Santori and his family. He suggested Victor sue Jabot for damages because of the Paragon virus to recoup their losses, and buy the Santoris out of Newman. Luca approached Adam with a partnership, saying they both want to be free if their fathers and run their businesses legitimately, but Adam was double crossing Luca and relaying information to Victor.

On New Years Eve, Noah accidentally backed into Billy with his car. Adam didn't find out until Luca told him, and he was furious that Victor didn't tell him. Adam advised Noah to not come forward, and went up against Luca to protect his nephew. Adam was dismayed when he learned that Noah had planned to double cross Victor, and decided not to tell Victor the truth. Annoyed with Luca, Victor ordered Adam to escort Luca out of town, but Luca secretly returned.

Chelsea became really concerned with the type of business Victor was involving Adam, and became more and more suspicious, so Adam finally told Chelsea that he was Christian's father. Chelsea forgave Adam for his deception, and Adam resigned from Newman. Victor told Adam he won't be able to met go of the company.

Victor's dealings with Marco were made public, and he was arrested. Adam got a job with hedge fund, and voted with the rest of the Newmans to have Victoria replace Victor as CEO of Newman Enterprise. Adam and the rest of the Newmans testified against Victor at his trial, and Victor was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Adam was ready to put Newman and his father behind him for good when he had to skip a business meeting to see Victor in the hospital after he had been stabbed. Victor told Adam he wasn't getting transferred, and was either going to kill whoever was after him or die trying. Victor asked Adam to avenge him if he is murdered. Adam goes to see Dylan, and tells him what Victor said. Adam also adds that if someone killed Victor, he would be inclined to want to avenge him. Dylan said he would make sure Victor was protected.

Adam lost his newly acquired job, and suspected Victor was behind him getting fired. He went to the prison to question Victor about it. Victor denied that he had anything to do with it. Adam suspected that Luca had something to do with getting him fired, which Luca also denied. Chelsea asked Adam to be CEO for Chelsea 2.0, and Adam agreed.

Sage's death, diary and the consequences

Sage died in a tragic car accident, and left a message for Adam about Christian. Chelsea and Adam wondered if Sage had found out he was Christian's father. Dylan questioned Adam about why Sage called him just before the accident. Adam said it was for Chelsea about business. Sage left Adam a "for your eyes only" letter in her will, and it confirmed that she knew Adam was Christian's real father. She thanked Adam for changing the results, and asked him to never tell Nick the truth. Adam burned the letter in the fireplace.

Adam was in for a shock when a furious Nick demanded to talk to him. Adam learned about the diary, and wondered if Sage had wrote in it that he was Christian's father. Chelsea said it seemed more serious than that. Adam finally got the truth when Dylan told him that Sage had written that he had murdered Constance in the journal. Adam couldn't believe that Sage would write that and quickly accused Victor of trying to set him up. Adam believed Luca had been involved, and confronted him just as Dylan showed up to arrest Adam for Constance's murder after an autopsy confirmed Constance has died from being poisoned.

Adam was released on bail, and he and Chelsea struggled to figure out who could be setting up. Adam was convinced it was Victor, but they could find no proof. Things only looked worse for Adam when a vial of poison was found in Constance's storage unit. Desperate, Adam turned to Ian Ward for help and he and Chelsea both agreed to help Ian escape from prison. Ian and Victor both testified at Adam's trial. Instead of testifying against Adam, Victor testified on Adam's behalf. Adam confronted Victor, and he admitted he has the real diary pages. He told Adam to come work at Newman in exchange for his freedom. Adam agreed, but the diary pages weren't where Victor said they were. Feeling like he had no choice, Adam pled guilty and got thirty years in prison.

Adam saw Victor briefly in prison before Victor got his sentence appealed. Before leaving prison, Victor swore to Adam he would get him out. Anita came to visit Adam, and told him to let Chelsea go as she believed Adam would served the full thirty years. Michael vowed not to give up on Adam, and strongly disagreed with Adam's decision to let Chelsea go. Adam learned Chloe had returned to town, and immediately suspected that she had set him up. Chloe visited Adam, and he accused her of setting him up. Chloe denied it, and said she had forgiven Adam, but Adam didn't believe her.

New Sentence, escape and apparent death

Adam started to have trouble sleeping, and as a result, didn't feel like eating. He started hallucinating that Victor was the prison guard. "Victor" started taunting Adam, and when the guard informed Adam that Chelsea had come to see him, Adam imagined Victor telling him that Chelsea had found a new man "Jean Pierre", and was moving to Paris with Connor. The guard entered the cell, just as Adam snapped and attacked the guard, thinking he was attacking Victor. Two more guards came in and tasered Adam until he lost consciousness.

Adam awakens in the infirmary, and Michael tells him they found the real diary pages in the room of Bethany Bryant. The warden enters and tells Adam the guard is pressing charges. Adam argues that he needs to get out of prison, so he can be with his son. The warden reveals that the guard was also a father of three. This revelation haunted Adam, and even though Michael told Adam he wanted him to enter a "not guilty by reason of insanity plea", Adam still decided to plead guilty. Chelsea and Michael tried to get Adam to take his guilty plea back, but Adam refused.

After Adam was returned to Walworth to await sentencing, Nick came to visit Adam and apologized for not believing in him. Adam asks Nick to be a father to his son, and Nick encourages Adam to fight for his family. Adam says he almost killed that guard, and that he needs to take responsibility for his actions. Nick wonders why he doesn't want Jack to be Connor's surrogate father, and Adam says he needs a Newman. He asks Nick to show Connor how to be a Newman his way. The visit ends on good terms with Nick promising Adam he will look out for Connor, and the two acknowledging themselves as brothers.

Adam fired Michael as his attorney and was sentenced to ten years in prison. While being transported back to Walworth, Adam was kidnapped by the guards and taken to the a secluded cabin where Victor was revealed to be behind his abduction. Victor offered Adam a chance to escape and be with his family, admitting his failure to protect Adam. With Nikki's help, Victor got a cell a phone to Chelsea that she used to FaceTime chat with Adam.

Chelsea and Connor met Adam at the cabin, and the three waited there until the private plane, Victor had scheduled, could arrive and take them out of town. Connor became sick, and Adam became convinced they would have to return to town and he would have to turn himself in. Chelsea instead met Nick at a hotel while Adam waited at the cabin. Chloe showed up and shot Adam with a tranquilizer gun. She confessed that she hadn't really forgiven him and that she did frame him. Chloe said she wanted to watch Adam die. When Chelsea and Nick returned to the cabin, it exploded and DNA evidence later confirmed that Adam was (apparently) in the cabin when it exploded.


Return and Temporary amnesia

Adam survived and wound up with amnesia. He ended up in Vegas where he adopted the alias of Spider and became friends with a woman named Riza Thompson. He started playing underground poker with Riza, whom was known as the "Queen of Underground Poker". Victor ran into Adam and started getting him into therapy to try and jog his memory. Adam resisted and eventually went into hiding. Sharon and Rey went looking into Victor's whereabouts and he revealed to her that Adam is alive and asked for her help.

Adam called Sharon and asked to meet her directly at the apartment he shared with Riza. Sharon couldn't believe she was coming face-to-face with Adam and helped fill Adam in on everything good about him. She talked Adam into coming back for one week, and Adam agreed. Upon arriving, Adam was treated with hostility and suspicion by his siblings and Billy. Adam has his own agenda with a mysterious person (possibly Riza) that he was contacting and he had brought a bag full of money with him.

Once Adam realized Victor was playing him against his siblings, he decided to leave town, but was shot by an unknown assailant. Sharon found him and Adam was rushed to the hospital where he woke up and regained his memories. Victoria and Nick immediately became worried and wondered what Adam would do now that he had his memories back. After he had recovered, Adam made his demands clear: he would leave town if they gave him five hundred million dollars, told him where Chelsea and Connor were, and gave him custody of Christian; Nick refused all of Adam’s demands.

Adam also started having someone try and locate Chloe alive, who was assumed to be dead, but Adam’s associate found Chloe alive and well. Victoria went behind Nick’s back and gave Adam Chelsea’s number and the five hundred million dollars, but refused to let him have Christian. Adam didn’t know how to explain his survival to Chelsea, so he turned to Sharon for help and asked her to call Chelsea. Sharon told Adam that Chelsea was married and that her husband was going to adopt Connor. This deeply hurt Adam, and he tried to reach out to Chelsea, hoping to talk.

Feud with Nick and dealings with Phyllis

Adam decided to go after Christian. He teamed up with the a jilted Phyllis and had her hack into Dark Horse for him. Adam discovered Nick hadn't payed off the loan yet, so he bought the loan, hoping to strong arm Nick into giving him Christian. Nick refused, and told Adam he could have Dark Horse.

However, in truth, Adam actually knew that Nick would never give Christian to him in exchange for Dark Horse, as taking over Dark Horse was simply to give his half-brother a wake up call, that he will go to any lengths to get custody of his son, if he does not give custody of Christian to Adam willingly, that he will file for custody; just like in the past, Nick still doesn't take Adam's threats very seriously.

Adam was confronted by Kevin, who revealed that he had kidnapped Phyllis, believing she and Adam were involved because he had kidnapped Chloe. Adam denied it, but eventually admitted to Kevin that he was right. He agreed to let Chloe go if Kevin worked for him. Kevin reluctantly agreed and Adam told him to where Chloe was being held.

After Adam let Chloe go, be forced Kevin to dig up dirt in Nick to use in the custody fight. Phyllis returned and revealed that she knows Adam has been working with Chance and teased him about a secret that she knows. Adam responded by making Phyllis the CEO of Dark Horse.

Phyllis got her own project, the Grand Phoenix, started and then attempted to double cross Adam by selling all of Dark Horses real-estate to Nick, effectively bankrupting the company. Phyllis arrogantly gloated to Adam at how his carelessness allowed her to one up him. However, Adam pointed out how when he signed how the Grand Phoenix to Phyllis, he had signed over to the deed a building that was set for demolishing with a similar name. Adam then sold the dead to the hotel to Devon.

Chelsea and Connor's return

Kevin got evidence that Nick has been posing as JT Hellstrom, and had stolen assets from Newman. Adam hoped the video could be enough to get Nick to back down, but instead Nick went after Adam, more determined than ever. Chelsea returned to town in the middle of the conflict and told Adam he wasn't going to be apart of Connor's life since her husband, Calvin Borudreau, has adopted Connor. Calvin came to town and paid Adam a visit where he later told Chelsea to give Adam custody of Connor. Calvin died later that night, and Nick pointed the finger at Adam while Adam accused Chelsea. Calvin's death was ruled natural causes, but Chelsea was furious with Adam for accusing her.

Nick and Adam's fight resulted in Christian going to live with Victoria, who blocked Adam's access against the judge's orders. Adam eventually got evidence of Victoria violating the court order and used it to force him to visit Christian. During the visit, Adam baited Nick by saying he would tell Christian he was his biological father. Nick arrived too late to stop Adam, and he secretly sent a text to Sharon, who arrived just as Nick lost his temper and hit Adam. Sharon took Adam back to his penthouse where they ended up sleeping together. Adam later proposed to Sharon, but she turned him down.

Connor returned to town from Summer Camp and after learning Adam was alive, demands to see him. Adam was thrilled to see Connor and Chelsea also spent the night with them. However, when Adam pushed for custody of Connor, so he was guaranteed to have at least one son in his life; Chelsea refused and pushed back against Adam.

Declaring war on the entire Newman Family

Victor later got a restraining order against Adam and when Adam saw Christian with Nick and Victor at the park, Victor subtly taunted him not to come closer. Feeling defeated, Adam gave up custody of Christian, but vowed to take the Newman's down; as they have all finally got in on his last nerve. He later clarified that he would leave Abby alone; as long as she didn't cross him or get on his bad side.

Adam was lured to the spot where he hit Delia by someone unknown, and almost ran over. He was saved at the last moment, but didn’t know what happened. Phyllis put it in Adam’s head that Victor was responsible, so he went to see Victor where they got into a a huge fight and Adam walked away believing that Victor had tried to have him killed. Furious, Adam swipes Nate’s tablet and had Phyllis hack into it. He then schemes to have Victor’s dose doubled. Phyllis doubted that Adam could hurt Victor like that without feeling remorse, especially when Adam seems shaken by how the side effects were already being felt.

Victor summoned all of his children to the ranch and announced he was going away for treatment. He asked them to be a family when he suddenly collapsed and was pronounced dead. Adam was devastated and wracked with guilt. He struggled with his complaints feelings for his father when he read his obituary that characterized him as a man who unconditionally loved his family. Adam even questioned if he had secretly wanted Victor dead.

Adam has Victoria framed for the murder, but ultimately decided to leave town after Nick invites him to Victor’s wake. Adam said goodbye to Connor, and was on his way when he got a text message. He showed up at the ranch where he found Victor alive and complimented him on how he outwitted him. Victor and Adam had a heart to heart where Adam admitted he felt it was too late for him to change. Victor said it was never too late to start over, but Adam left town and Victor decided it would be best if he stayed gone.

Self-imposed exile

Adam returned to Vegas where he resumed his former life as Spider. Phyllis called to leave Adam messages, but he had given his phone to Michael on his way out of town. Phyllis tracked Adam down in Vegas and tried to get him to return to Genoa City, but Adam refuses. Cane then showed up and asked Adam for information on Chance, but Adam said he had no idea where Chance was. When Phyllis continues to pump him for information, Adam feigned being tired until she gave up and left.

Chelsea tried to call Adam, but he let it go to voicemail before calling up Riza and asking her to help him get back into the underground poker scene, saying he was back for good. That didn't last long where Nick showed up and tried to get Adam to come back to Genoa City for Connor's sake, who felt abandoned by him. Adam refuses, telling Nick that he and Chelsea can raise Connor and that Connor was better off without him. Chelsea called Nick to tell him that Connor had broken his arm, and Adam decided to return home with Nick.

Reclaiming his family

Connor was thrilled to see Adam and wanted to live with him. Chelsea reluctantly agreed and Adam promised Chelsea she could see Connor whenever she wanted. A man named Simon Black came to town. He had done dirty dealings with Calvin and wanted the his share of the money. Eventually, he and Adam got into a confrontation and Simon caused the hotel to lock down. He planned to take Connor as a hostage, but was stopped by Chance.

Adam was surprised to see Chance, who was worried about their secret in Vegas. He only got more worried when he realized Phyllis was fishing for information, but Adam assured Chance that he could handle Phyllis; Chance wasn't so sure.

Connor started having nightmares, so Chelsea came to stay with him and Adam more often, which put a strain on her relationship with Nick, and caused old feelings to resurface for Adam. He saw Phyllis comforting Nick and suggested she go after Nick, implying he wanted her to seduce Nick, which offended Phyllis.

Phyllis eventually told Nick the truth and he told Chelsea, who was furious with Adam. Adam said he shouldn't have tried that method, but said he knows Chelsea still feels something they kissed, and Chelsea came to realize Adam was right. At a New Years Eve party, Adam was Chelsea and Nick kissing and assumed he was wrong. He went home and Chelsea came to see him, officially reuniting with him.

Trouble in Vegas

Adam got a call from Riza, who explained that some woman had vanished. Adam went to see Chance and informed him what happened and that he was going to Vegas. Chance refused to let Adam go alone, since they were in it together, so he tagged along with Adam. In Vegas, they met up with Riza and Chance and Adam's secret was finally revealed: Adam killed a guy that was threatening Chance, and his widow had been asking questions before she disappeared.

When Adam got back to town, it was revealed that Phyllis was also in Vegas and had paid a waitress to plant a bug under the table that Chance and Adam were sitting at. She used this secret to force Chelsea out of her role at the Grand Phoenix. Chelsea stood by Adam, and gracefully handed over her shares, telling Adam she would rather take up designing again.

Desperate to prove himself

Adam and Chelsea attended the celebration of Victor's life at Newman Enterprises. In private, Adam proposed to Chelsea and she accepted. Things took a turn for the worst when Victoria was stabbed and rushed to the hospital.

Adam and Chelsea sat with the rest of the family at the hospital. Adam was eager to prove himself and offered to help Victor in anyway he could. Victor knew he had to appoint a temporary CEO and Adam hoped that it would be him, so he could have a chance to prove that the family could trust him.

After much deliberation, Victor almost picked Adam until Nick said he would do it. Adam was crushed and felt like his father didn't trust nor respect him. Adam wanted to leave town and get away from the Newman's. Chelsea told Adam they would go to the farm to get away, but then come back and take revenge on Victor.

Adam and Chelsea went to Kansas and stopped by a bed and breakfast where they met up with Adam's childhood friend Alyssa Montalvo. While reminiscing, Adam and Alyssa recalled how her father had died under mysterious circumstances. After Alyssa left, Adam recalled that Victor was there the night A.J. Montalvo died.

Adam and Chelsea teamed up with Alyssa to investigate the night Alyssa died. Alyssa did some digging and found out that Victor had paid off the coroner who had done the autopsy on A.J.'s body. Adam manipulated Alyssa into giving him all the evidence she had and signing a non disclosure agreement.

Adam then threatened Victor and demanded that Victoria be removed as CEO and he be put in her place. Victor gave into Adam's demands, and Adam felt proud that he had bested Victor. But things took a turn for the worse for Adam when he learned he had killed A.J. that night and didn't remember.

Coping with the past

Adam was in denial and was convinced that Victor had made up the story. When Victor revealed that George the farm's caretaker knew, Adam had him brought to Genoa City, and tried to subtly pump him for information. George caught onto what Adam was doing and he was furious. George refused to tell Adam what he knew, and was about to leave when Adam got a call from Connor, who was having trouble at his soccer camp.

Adam offered Connor some words if encouragement and when got off the phone, George said he would tell them what they want to know, admitting he had a change of heart after he heard Adam comfort his son. George confirmed Victor's story that Adam had killed A.J. Adam was still in denial, and thought Victor might have of got to A.J.

Desperate to know the truth, Adam reached out to Sharon for help. Adam faced Nick's fury when he saw her with Sharon, and was stunned when Nick told him that Sharon had cancer. Adam was remorseful asking Sharon for help since he had no idea, but Sharon still wanted to help Adam.

Adam and Sharon continued therapy until he had a breakthrough, which caused him to fly off to Kanas where he went to visit his old home. There, Adam remembered all of the events that happened that night. He remembered hiding under the table and coming out to confront AJ, who mocked him. Adam then shoved AJ and he suffered a fatal head injury from the fall.

Sharon showed up to talk to Adam, and later Chance showed up. He saw Sharon and Adam together, but Adam told him not to worry about it. Chelsea showed up and Sharon hid under the bed. Adam eventually came home, but started pushing Chelsea away. Chelsea vowed that she loved Adam and will stand by him.

Billy's article

Adam and Chelsea realized Alyssa was back in town and working with Billy. Chelsea planted a bug in Billy's office, so they could hear everything he was planning. Billy ended up publishing an article that exposed Adam's sins from the past, including his kidnapping of Faith.

Desperate to stop anymore dirty laundry from coming out, Adam caused a blackout, without telling Chelsea, to find anything else Billy had. When Chelsea found out, she was furious he didn't tell her as she had gone to Chance Com to confront Billy and ended up getting trapped in the elevator. When she attempted to climb out, she fell and hit her head. Chelsea reminded Adam that they were supposed to be in this together

Going off the deep end

Chelsea left town to visit Connor and when she returned home, she heard Adam tell Rey that he and Sharon are meant to be together. Chelsea had had enough and left Adam. Adam then filed papers to have his name changed back to Wilson, declaring to his father and siblings that he was severing all ties to them.

However, Adam was plotting to Victor with a bomb that he had planted under the desk at Newman. His younger self appeared to him as his conscious, and tried to get him to change his mind, but Adam coldly ignored him. Adam was confronted by Faith for kidnapping her and he blamed Victoria for posting the article.

Chelsea went to talk to Adam and saw his scheme on he laptop. Chelsea feared the worst, so Adam had her kidnapped and held at an unknown location. She later escaped, and Adam arrived at the location. Chance followed Adam and confronted him about kidnapping Cheslea.

As Adam was about to trigger the bomb, Chance pushed Adam out of the way and was shot. Adam called 911 and took off. He deleted all evidence off of his laptop, and told his man to lay low.

Remorse and forced help

Adam started to show remorse for his actions. He visited Chance in the hospital, but Chance was furious and renounced his friendship with Adam, saying all debts were paid. Adam wished Chance well and walked away.

Adam went to visit Chelsea, who grabbed a fire poker. Adam attempted to apologize to Chelsea, who was frightened and horrified by what Adam had become.

Chelsea's Poisoning Plot

After seeing the photo of Adam and Sharon kissing, Chelsea and Chloe planned to set up Adam for the attempting murder of Rey, by stealing some gifts that Adam gave Sharon. Chloe was unaware that Chelsea poisoned Rey with Thallium in his stuff. After Rey was rushed to the hospital, Nate and Elena realizes that Rey was poisoned with thallium. When Rey woke up, he learned that he was poisoned and he admittedly suspected Adam of poison him. When Adam was at the Penthouse with Chelsea, who was secretly recovered from her stroke, Rey arrived with the search warrant from Michael, but Ray didn't find anything to incriminate Adam.

Later, as Adam headed out of the door, he saw Chelsea move and immediately knew that Chelsea has set him up for attempted for murder with the help of Chloe. Before going on the run, Adam saw the crash site near by, then he saved his niece, Faith after she took her grandfather's truck, and crashed into the tree and took her to the hospital, where she suffered damage to the kidneys, broken ribs and head trauma. Later, he called Sharon on Faith's diagnosis and admitted her that he save Faith and took her to the hospital after he saw the crash site.

After Sharon arrived at Adam's room, he explains that Chelsea and Chloe framed him for poisoning Rey; due to Chelsea's jealously of the hold Sharon has on Adam. Adam explained that Chelsea's stroke could have psychotic side-effects. Then after Sharon informed Rey of Adam's whereabouts, he left after seeing Rey. The he headed to his father's place, where his favorite whiskey is set up. Then Adam explained to his father the entire story of Chelsea, Ray and the frame up. Then after Michael left, Adam told Victor that he was leaving Genoa City.

Adam called Sharon again from his new location to apologize for everything he'd put her through. He didn't blame her for telling Rey his location, and asked for updates on Chelsea and Connor. He didn't blame Chelsea either for framing him. It was the powerful pull Adam felt towards Sharon that had gotten them all in this mess. Adam said he was in a place where he could heal that was new yet felt like home. Sharon pointed out that she could have Rey trace this call, but Adam knew she wouldn't do that. He told her to take care of herself and ended the call.

Faith's Kidney Crisis

As it turned out, Adam getting his memory back wasn't the only good thing that had come from Chloe shooting him back in 2019. Thanks to that incident, Victor knew Adam's blood type, which was the same rare kind as Faith's. Due to an infection from her drunk driving debacle, Faith's kidney's were failing. If the medication didn't work, Faith would need a transplant to save her from life-long dialysis and Adam was the only candidate.

Luckily, Sharon figured out where Adam was hiding based on some clues he'd inadvertently given her over the phone. Nick took the Newman jet to the abandoned Montalvo farm in Kansas and found Adam in the cellar. After thanking Adam for saving Faith from the car wreck, Nick explained the kidney situation. It took some convincing but Adam agreed to go back to GC with Nick. As luck would have it, a tornado was underway, and the cellar door wouldn't budge. Nick and Adam tried to ram it down but it was no use. Adam figured that since they were trapped, there were some things he needed to get off his chest.

Nick: Since when do you ever give a damn what I think about you?
Adam: It was after you thanked me for bringing Faith to the hospital after the accident.  You actually meant it.
Nick: Of course I did.
Adam: And it made me think . . . that I've never stopped wanting you to see me as more than just the sum of my bad decisions and mistakes. (May 3rd, 2021)

Adam actually seemed very vulnerable and remorseful. Nick admitted he was confused by Adam's sudden confession and couldn't think about that right now. All Nick could focus on was getting out of the cellar and getting to Faith. Having experienced Kansas tornadoes before, Adam tried to warn Nick that it was a bad idea to leave now, but Nick was too determined to listen. Nick and Adam eventually got the back doors open, but the ceiling decided to cave in at that precise moment. Nick pushed Adam out of the way . . .

Despite Nick's efforts, Adam was rendered unconscious, and his leg became trapped under a fallen beam. Nick couldn't reach him since there was a wall of rubble between them. Nick himself was in bad shape, having cut his leg. When Adam regained consciousness and got the beam off of himself, Nick told him to leave and go back to GC on his own. But Adam didn't like that plan and promised to get help for Nick. Adam returned shortly with the fire department and an ambulance. Nick was very relieved, as he hadn't been sure whether Adam would keep his word. Adam reached his arm through the wall of rubble and clasped Nick's hand. It would have been much smarter for Adam to just disappear and evade capture, but he'd risked everything to help Nick anyways. Thankfully, unlike the police, the fire department didn't ask too many questions.

Back in GC, Adam got tested and was verified as a match for Faith. Adam wanted to talk to Faith before the surgery and told her to think of this as an apology. The surgery was a success and both Faith and Adam came through it fine. However, Adam had a peculiar dream while recovering in the hospital. He was playing chess with Victor and everything was in black-and-white. Some people appeared out of the shadows to either give him advice or express their disdain. Each person represented a chess piece. Rey and Nick were the knights; Sharon and Chelsea were the queens; Chloe was the pawn; Billy was the rook; and Phyllis was the bishop. Adam couldn't see how to win so he forfeited, and Victor went to get them a drink. At the end, Victoria showed up to let Adam know that the game was only just beginning.

When Adam awoke, he got up and walked around the hospital. Nick was concerned and wondered if he should be out and about so soon after surgery. Nick went to talk to him and asked what he planned to do now. While Adam had been in surgery, Victor had gotten Chelsea to confess to the poisoning, so Adam was free to do whatever he wanted. Nick thought he might want to be with Connor, but Adam said he needed to stick around to make amends. It was time to reset the board and start anew. The first step to doing that was to let Sharon go. Adam was determined to redeem himself on his own without using Sharon as a crutch anymore. Adam wanted her to be happy, and if Rey made her happy, then that's all that mattered.

Resetting the Board

The next day, Adam was already back at home. Victor stopped by and they chatted about Cyaxares. Despite this new path for Adam, he still wanted to crush Billy as usual.

A few days later, Nick unexpectedly stopped by the penthouse to see how his brother was doing. Adam seemed puzzled and asked what Nick's agenda was. But there was no agenda - Nick actually did want to check in on Adam's recovery. And it was surely weird for Adam to be back in the penthouse all alone (aside from Oliver.) Adam admitted it felt empty and that the place contained painful memories of Chelsea. Seeing Adam's turmoil, Nick said they didn't have to talk about anything too serious or contentious. But what else was left then? Nick had an idea.

Adam: So brothers will just sit and watch baseball games? That's a normal thing to do?
Nick: . . . yeah.
Adam: That is shocking. (May 19th, 2021)

Adam wasn't that into the game since the outcome was obvious. Then what would Adam be doing if Nick hadn't stopped by? Nick was curious to know. Adam said he liked to read, but Nick remarked that reading wasn't really a group activity. Slyly, Adam suggested poker, but Nick didn't want to play against someone so skilled. Nick tried to recall the poker name Adam had in Vegas, calling him 'Grasshopper' instead of 'Spider.'

At that moment, Victor showed up, and Nick left shortly after. Victor mentioned how nice it would be if Nick and Adam could spend more time together, but Adam told him not to get his hopes up. Realistically, Nick would go back to hating Adam once the gratitude of saving Faith wore off. The conversation then turned to business and Victor talked again about destroying ChanceComm, namely, Billy Abbott. But Adam didn't appear to be too keen on targeting Billy and thought that Nick would disapprove of the vengefulness.


Adam is selfish, hateful, dishonest, and calculated, however, he shares a deep love of Chelsea and his son Connor, which brings out the good in him. He lies as easily as he breathes, as does Victor. He shares many similarities with Victor. He is rude and arrogant towards the people who could never accept him. While he has some negative traits, he has proven to have an overall good heart. He has obsessive hatred towards Billy and Victor; however, Adam has saved Victor's life when he could have let him die, showing he does deep down love his father.

Recent Years

Like all human beings, Adam is multi-faceted and complex. He's gone through a vast array of moods over the years. He can be selfish and narrow-minded, such as when he sued Nick for custody of Christian. Adam put his own agenda above Christian's well-being and didn't stop to think how this would affect the young boy. Adam also has a strong sense of self-preservation. He brutally kidnapped Chelsea, the mother of his child, just to prevent her from spilling one of his secrets. He didn't seem to care that it would be very traumatic for her. Because of his various misdeeds, Adam has alienated most of GC's residents.

When it comes to romance, Adam can be sadistic and jealous. Adam has little respect for Rey and Sharon's relationship, and has been known to taunt Rey on several occasions. Despite this, Sharon tries to support Adam through his never-ending turmoil. Adam also returns Sharon's loyalty, and even risked going to jail when he saved Faith from her car wreck. In May 2021, Adam revealed that he wished things could be different between him and Nick. Adam would erase all the past pain he'd caused Nick if he could. This shows that underneath his prickly exterior, Adam has a softer, more heartfelt side.