Agreeing Lovers was an offshore corporation that Jeffrey Bardwell founded in the Cayman Islands during the summer of 2008 for his wife, Gloria Bardwell.


Jeffrey and Gloria Bardwell were able to obtain large amounts of shares in Jabot Cosmetics, eventually becoming the third largest-shareholders, behind Chancellor Industries and the Abbott family. With the Jabot stock going down, Jeffrey told his broker to buy two blocks of stock but keep the second block a secret from Gloria.

Meanwhile, Gloria called ordering their broker to buy up 50,000 shares of Jabot stock and to keep it a secret from her entire family especially Jeffrey.

Upon the "apparent" death of Katherine Chancellor in November 2008, Chancellor Industries lost its majority control of Jabot leaving it vulnerable to a takeover attempt.

In December 2008, Jack Abbott allied himself with Gloria and Jeffrey in order to once again regain control of his family's corporation.