Alex was portrayed by Nick Chastain.


Nick Chastian

Nick Chastain

Alex was a young man with loose morals.

In 2004, Daniel Romalotti befriended Kevin Fisher who was desperate to regain some respect after performing some not so nice deeds. Daniel agreed to help him out in exchange for Kevin hooking Daniel up with Mackenzie Browning. Daniel hired a guy named Alex to attack Lily Winters so Kevin could rescue her and regain his good reputation. Alex came on to Lily too strongly.

However, Alex went too far, slipped Lily a date rape drug and attempted to rape her. Kevin arrived in time to save her. When Alex kept threatening Daniel and Kevin, they told Michael Baldwin and Phyllis Summers. Phyllis and Damon Porter scared Alex enough to get him out of town. As Kevin rose to fame because of his daring rescue, he decided to tell Lily that he was responsible for the situation with Alex.

In 2006, just as things seemed to be going well, Alex returned to blackmail Kevin and Daniel about their involvement in his attack on Lily. Alex confronted Daniel at Newman Enterprises with an envelope for Neil Winters that contained a copy of the tape with Daniel and Kevin's confession about the incident at the Rec Center.

Daniel insisted that Kevin was getting the money; he just needed a little more time. Alex warned Daniel that he wasn't waiting too much longer. Later, Alex was spotted by Phyllis as he got on the elevator. Phyllis found Daniel and got his admission that Alex was back in town and had been blackmailing him and Kevin. Phyllis insisted that Daniel take away Alex's power by telling Lily the truth.

Phyllis was annoyed to hear that Gloria Fisher had been helping to pay Alex off. Alex's plan failed when Kevin, Gloria and Jana Hawkes made a fake video that showed Kevin (disguised as Alex) attacking Jana to make it seem like he was attempting to rape her. Kevin told Daniel that he and Gloria had taken care of Alex, who'd now left town.

In 2009, Daniel and Amber Moore tried to figure out who hated him enough to be framing him. Daniel thought since he did that Restless Style cover maybe someone was stalking him. Then he thought about Alex. When Kevin came in Daniel apologized for getting Jana involved. Kevin accepted his apology but then wanted to figure out how to get them out of this mess. Daniel asked him about Alex.

Amber wanted to know whom Alex was. Kevin doubted Alex would be smart enough to have done it, besides he said his mom had that security footage of Alex assaulting Jana.