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Allie Nguyen
YR Allie.jpg
Kelsey Wang as Allie Nguyen
''The Young and the Restless''
Portrayed by Kelsey Wang
Current status Current, Contract
Duration 2022-
First appearance March 10, 2022
Family Abbotts
Gender Female
Occupation Grad student majoring in Chemistry
Residence Los Angeles
Parents Hao Nguyen II
Unnamed Mother
Grandparents Jack Abbott
Luan Volien Abbott
Great-grandparents John Abbott
Dina Mergeron
Hao Nguyen
Aunts and uncles Kyle Abbott
John Abbott III
Mai Volien
Ashley Abbott (great)
Traci Abbott (great)
Billy Abbott (great)
First cousins Harrison Locke (first)
Abby Newman
Colleen Carlton
Delia Abbott
Johnny Abbott
Katie Newman (once removed)

Allie Nguyen is portrayed by Kelsey Wang starting on March 10th, 2022. She is the daughter of the late Keemo Volien Abbott, and the granddaughter of Jack Abbott and Luan Volien Abbott.


Meeting Grandpa Jack

In February 2022, Jack Abbott started receiving mysterious text messages from an address that was registered to a Hao Nguyen. Jack recognized the name of his son Keemo Volien Abbott's late grandfather and Luan's father. After doing some investigating, Jack found out that Hao was Keemo, who had passed away a couple of weeks ago. Devastated, Jack and his friend Phyllis Summers went to Los Angeles, hoping to find some closure. Jack went to Keemo's old house and found a box is his old things where he found out a photo of a Keemo with three young women. Jack recognized one as Keemo's half-sister Mai Volien, but not the other two.

During one visit, Jack found a photo of a young girl with a phone number on the back. He recognized her as one of the woman in the photos, but older now. Jack texted the number and arranged to meet with the person, who was texting him. That person seemed to be Allie, but she didn't know who they were and Jack explained that he was Hao Nguyen's father, but he knew him as Keemo.

Allie reveals that Keemo is her father, but doubts Jack is telling the truth cause Keemo said he never met his father. Jack admits to going through the letter, which angers Allie, but after reading the letters, comes to realize Jack is telling the truth. Allie is resistant on getting to know Jack even though she doesn't have the best relationship with her mother because of how Keemo cut her out of his life.

Allie leaves the house and later returns with something Keemo gave to her, and offers it to Jack. She also suggests she may be open to to the idea of getting to know Jack one day. Alone at night, Allie walked around the house and lamented how she missed her dad and was alone now. Allie ended up falling asleep and a shadow loomed over. When she awoke, no one was there, but she wondered if someone was there.

The next day. Allie meets with Tanya, the real estate agent. Tanya tells Allie that the new owner wants to meet with her. The owner introduces herself as Taylor Jenson. Taylor and Allie talk and she opens up about her father and the fact that she found a new family member, who she isn't sure about her. Taylor encourages Allie to reach out to this person, so Allie calls them and asks if they can meet.

Allie and Jack meet at a café in LA and have a nice conversation. Allie explains that she wants to be a chemist, and Jack laments her [great]-aunt Ashley Abbott is also a chemist. When Jack and Allie get back to the house, she is stunned when Taylor is revealed to be the thought to be dead Diane Jenkins, the mother of her uncle Kyle Abbott.

Overwhelmed, Allie rushed out. Jack follows her and is thankful that Allie is still willing to get to know him. Jack tells Allie all about Diane's history, and Allie is stunned that Diane could abandon her son like that.

Arrival in Genoa City

In May 2022, Allie came to Genoa City to visit Jack at the Abbott Mansion for a break of the semester at school and she met the rest of the Abbott family, including Kyle, Billy Abbott, Traci Abbott, Ashley and Abby Newman. Later, after settling down with Traci and Abby upstairs, Allie came downstairs to greet Jack and then she broke down crying.

Later, she went to Crimson Lights with Abby, where she was introduced to Abby's nephew Noah Newman, who starts making jokes about the Newmans and Abbotts, but Allie is bewildered. Abby explains there is a lot of history between the families. Then Abby's husband Chance Chancellor arrives and meets Allie. Abby explains to Chance that she needs to drop Allie off, Noah has offered to drive her home, but Allie decides to walk back to the estate to see more of Genoa City.

On the same night at the manison, Allie meets her uncle Kyle's wife, Summer Newman, who has arrived from Milan and Summer introduces herself to Allie. Then Summer invites Allie to attend Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter's wedding. Allie didn't want to go, but Summer convinced her to come as her plus one. Later at the wedding reception, Allie and Summer mmets up with her family and Jack introduces Allie to Mariah and Tessa.

After arriving at the Mansion after the wedding, Allie decides to head out to Crimson Lights, unaware it was closed and she meets with Noah. Later, Allie and Noah were discussing their family dynamics and how she is slowly getting to know her family, while Noah was offering her a cup of coffee, while also offering her advice on how to deal with her family situation.