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Amanda Sinclair
YR Amanda2.jpg
Mishael Morgan as Amanda Sinclair
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Mishael Morgan
Karla Mosley (Temp. 2021)
Duration 2019-
First appearance September 18th, 2019
Created by Josh Griffith
Introduced by Anthony Morina & Josh Griffith
Family Ames Family
Gender Female
Born July 1, 1987
Occupation Chancellor Industries
Chief Counsel
Residence Grand Phoenix Hotel
Genoa City, Wisconsin
Parents Naya Benedict
Richard Nealon
Siblings Hilary Curtis † (Twin)
Imani Benedict (maternal half)
Romances Ripley Turner (ex-fiancé)

Billy Abbott (kissed)
Nate Hastings (dated)
Devon Hamilton (dated)

Grandparents Sutton Ames (maternal)
Mrs. Ames † (maternal)
Aunts and uncles Florence (great great aunt)
First cousins Rose Turner
(maternal once removed)

Amanda Sinclair is a lawyer who appears on The Young and the Restless. She is portrayed by Mishael Morgan, who is also known for her role as Hilary Curtis. Amanda was later revealed to be Hilary's twin sister.

On April 15th, 2021 it was announced that Mishael Morgan would be temporarily exiting the show due to an injury, and that actress Karla Mosley; best known as Maya Avant from The Bold And The Beautiful would be stepping in as Amanda until Morgan is feeling better. Her first appearance will be on April 26th.



Amanda Sinclair was allegedly hired by Chance Chancellor to contest Katherine Chancellor's will. Devon Hamilton searched for information about Amanda, but couldn't find any photos of her, so he was shocked to see Amanda as she was identical to his deceased wife Hilary Curtis. Amanda soon became a pariah in Genoa City because of how much she was hurting Devon. Amanda insisted she was just doing her job, but she did make an offhand comment that she never should have let that old jerk get her involved in this. Devon's girlfriend Elena Dawson was Amanda's biggest detractor, believing she was well aware of how much pain she was causing.

Everyone was shocked when the new will bequeathed the bulk of Katherine's estate to Cane Ashby. It was eventually discovered that Cane's father Colin Atkinson was behind the will being contested, especially when Chance actually came to town and denied hiring Amanda. When Nate Hastings was in trouble with the medical board for faking Victor's death, he hired Amanda, who helped him retain his license. Nate quickly came to like Amanda, much to Elena's ire, who still didn't like or trust her.

When Phyllis Summers crossed paths with Amanda one day, they chatted about Nate's case. Despite Phyllis' close friendship with Hilary, she played it cool with Amanda and tried to act normally. They ran into each other a few times, since Amanda was staying at the Grand Phoenix, where Phyllis worked. However, Phyllis ended up getting fired by Abby Newman for spying on hotel guests. In December 2019, Phyllis approached Amanda and asked her to sue Abby for wrongfully firing her. Amanda, however, had heard about Phyllis' reputation and needed a break from complicated clients. Even though Amanda declined to take the case, she and Phyllis remained on good terms.

Amanda started going to a bar called the Empty Glass where she met Billy Abbott. Billy initially noticed her because she looked like Hilary, and he helped Amanda out when she was hassled by a drunk patron. The two of them struck up a friendship, and in the following weeks, Billy confided in Amanda about many personal matters. He was tired of everyone trying to "fix" him, especially his girlfriend Victoria. Amanda bluntly asked Billy if he was looking to have an affair with her, but he said he wasn't. Eventually, Billy broke up with Victoria and shared a kiss with Amanda, but their romance never developed further than that. They stayed friends and continued to confide in each other on occasion.

As Amanda settled into town, her abusive ex-husband Ripley Turner tracked her down. Ripley was the reason that Amanda had scrubbed all of her online info, so he couldn't find her. Ripley finally found Amanda, and showed up at a party at Newman Tower to celebrate Victor Newman. Amanda and Victoria wore the same dress, and Ripley stabbed Victoria thinking she was Amanda. Afterwards, Amanda became a bit paranoid, and felt guilty for what had happened to Victoria. Guards were posted outside of Amanda's hotel room for protection. Phyllis was concerned and checked up on Amanda to make sure she was okay. Ripley was eventually apprehended, and Amanda testified against him and got him sent to prison.

Finding her family

After some encouragement from Phyllis, Amanda and Nate started dating but kept it casual. In August 2020, Phyllis invited Amanda to participate in a spa event at the Grand Phoenix. Amanda and Elena got paired up and the two of them actually had a pleasant time with each other. They decided to bury all of the past animosity.

In September, Amanda donated blood and Nate discovered she had the same rare blood type as Hilary (B-). After much deliberation, Amanda had a DNA test done which confirmed that they are twins. Overwhelmed by the news, she confided in Billy about the results. Amanda began seeking information about her deceased twin from Devon, Mariah Copeland, and Phyllis. Mariah related to Amanda's situation as she also had a twin sister pass away before she could meet her.

Amanda and Devon started spending more time while she also sought answers about why her mother Rose Turner kept Hilary and not her. Amanda eventually discovered that she was left on the doorstop of a fire station. Amanda tracked down Rose's old neighbour, and learned that Rose never appeared pregnant and one day just showed up with a baby. This led Amanda to believe that Rose wasn't Hilary's biological mother.

Amanda became friends with Lily Winters, who had previously hated Hilary, but was filled with remorse for causing the crash that had killed her. Amanda made it clear that she didn't blame Lily for Hilary's death. When Billy and Lily started up Chancellor Communications, they hired Amanda as their legal consultant and she became a prominent employee giving them legal advice when needed. She even defended Billy when he was accused of shooting Adam.

Devon and Amanda would eventually learn that Elena and Nate had a one night stand, which caused Devon to punch out Nate. Amanda and Nate ended their casual relationship, and eventually she and Devon started a real relationship. In December, Amanda tracked down her biological mother Naya Benedict, and Devon went with her when she drove to see Naya. When, Amanda saw that Naya had another daughter, she decided to leave instead.

Amanda struggled with whether or not to follow through with meeting her mother, and she called several times and hung up. Amanda finally worked up the courage to call Naya and say she was her daughter and would like to meet her. However, Amanda's half-sister Imani showed up instead and ordered her to leave her mother alone. She didn't believe that Amanda was Naya's daughter since other people have tried to scam them due to the family's wealth and influence.

Imani's accusations only infuriated Amanda, and pushed her to see Naya and request a visit. Naya agreed, and met with Amanda in Genoa City. There, Amanda learned the story of her birth and why she and Hilary were separated. She also learned that she and Hilary were distant relatives of Rose, who was Naya's cousin. Rose could only afford to take one twin, and was cut off from the family, so Hilary would never learn the truth.

When Amanda told Naya that Hilary had died, Naya said she was surprised that Rose never reached out to tell them. Amanda snapped that Rose was dead as well, and berated Naya to the point of tears. Imani showed up and pressured Naya into leaving even though Naya confirmed Amanda's story was true.

Bonding with her family

Imani later filed a restraining order against Amanda, and even though Naya sent Amanda a text to apologize, Amanda opted not to fight the restraining order. Naya later went to see Amanda and said she wanted a relationship with her, but asked her to keep it a secret. That changed though when Naya's father, Sutton Ames, landed in some legal trouble. Naya was suddenly eager to welcome Amanda into the family and wanted her to represent Sutton in court.

Amanda was wary and felt like Naya might be trying to use her. After all, the man Sutton was accused of killing was none other than Amanda's father, Richard Nealon. To a jury, it would look good if Richard's own daughter believed in Sutton's innocence. However, Naya said she took this as a sign that she'd found Amanda at exactly the right time. This was the perfect opportunity for Amanda and Naya to bond even more, and for Sutton to accept her into the fold.

After talking things through with Devon, Amanda decided to take the case, as long as they kept her relationship to Richard and Sutton a secret. Sutton agreed and was pleased with Amanda's defense strategy. He invited her to the Ames house for the weekend to meet the rest of the family, and Amanda emotionally accepted. Unfortunately, the happy moment was soon ruined by an ominous warning. Imani texted Amanda saying "This will only end badly for you."

Meanwhile, things were starting to look up in Amanda's love life. She and Devon had hit a rough patch after she'd found Elena's bracelet on the carpet and correctly guessed they were having an affair. After all the mystery surrounding her birth family, Amanda wasn't going to tolerate anymore secrets or lies from anyone. She told this to Devon who promised to be the man she deserved. They made up under the implications that they were now in a committed relationship.


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  • Amanda is a Cancer.
  • She is familiar with the musician Sam Cooke, especially his song "A Change is Gonna Come." (September 25th, 2019)
  • She was first in her class at Yale law school. (September 27th, 2019)
  • Amanda studied French in college and likes the "Claudine" books by Colette. (May 31st, 2021)
  • She loves to ski. (January 17th, 2022)