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Annie Wilkes

Annie Wilkes was portrayed by Marcia Wallace.


In 2009, Roger Wilkes and Clint Radison's plot to marry Katherine Chancellor's maid, Esther Valentine, was going too slow for them because Esther thought Kay might be alive despite her doppelganger Marge Cotroke's death. Clint decided to take a different path and kidnap Esther and Kay who was living Marge's life. Clint and Roger kidnapped Katherine and brought her to a seedy motel where she was being watched by Annie, Roger's first wife. Annie was another one of Clint's accomplices.

Kay attempted to escape on several occasions. Annie at first didn't trust Kay when she claimed she wasn't Marge Cotroke but Kay slowly started putting doubt in Annie. At the hotel, Annie started reading Katherine's book and began to admire her. Kay tried to have Annie help her escape while Clint wasn't there to watch over them. Kay finally convinced Annie to help her. Roger left the estate with Esther following him to the hotel where they were holding Kay. Roger walked in on an untied Kay who had just convinced Annie to escape with her.

Esther walked in and joyfully realized Kay was still alive. The three women were about to leave as Clint arrived, stopped them and threatened them. Meanwhile, Amber Moore and Kevin Fisher realized that the first letter of every sentence of the note Marge left when she disappeared spelled out CLINT. They both tried to escape only to be stopped by Roger and Clint various times. Clint met Amber at a bar hoping to convince her that he had witnessed Kay leaving town. As Clint left, Gina Roma spotted him and warned Amber and Kevin that he was her dangerous scammer ex-husband.

Kevin and Amber tracked him down to the hotel where he was holding Kay and Esther but Annie bluffed them into leaving. When he was tired of watching over them, Clint set up a bomb at the hotel where Kay and Esther were being held. He then ran away along with Roger and Annie. On the way out of town, Clint kidnapped Kevin and decided to use him for his future plans. Clint, Annie and Roger left Kay and Esther in the hotel room with a bomb rigged to go off, drugged and framed Kevin for it, and took him along locked in the trunk of the car.

Sensing how dangerous Clint had become, Annie and Roger ran away leaving Kevin alone with Clint. With help from Canadian authorities, Paul Williams tracked down Annie and Roger and brought them back to Genoa City. There they confessed to everything that had happened in order to free Kevin from a mental institution.