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Ashland Locke
Richard Burgi as Ashland Locke
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Richard Burgi
Current status Current, Contract
First appearance March 11, 2021
Nickname(s) The Locke-Ness Monster
Ash (by Tara)
Gender Male
Occupation Owner of Locke Communications Group
Spouses Tara Locke (separated)
Children Harrison Locke (step)

Ashland Locke is a powerful and ruthless businessman. He was first mentioned by Theo Vanderway on February 8. He was the husband of Tara Locke and believed he was the father of her son Harrison.

On March 1, it was announced that Richard Burgi would be playing Ashland Locke, and that he would first appear on March 11th.


His first job was as a paperboy. The first coin he made as real money he kept with him his whole life and found it to he lucky. He later founded and built a business Locke Communications Group from the ground up. He founded a media division he called Cyaxares named after the Greek king of Medea.

At some point, He met and married the younger Tara, but they had no children of their own, though they apparently were happy together for many years.

He and John Abbott were competing for a company that makes satellites. John owed a lot of debt to one of the banks that he owned, so he hoped to use John's debt to crush him. Instead, John paid Ashland off, who was impressed and came to respect John.

He finally became a father when Harrison was born, but he was unaware that Tara had an affair with Kyle Abbott, and that Kyle was Harrison's true father.


Selling Cyaxares

On February 8, Theo Vanderway told Sally Spectra that Kyle had an affair with Tara and that Kyle may be the biological of her son Harrison even though Ashland believes he is Harrison's father. Ashland did business with Kyle's grandfather John Abbott and maybe even Victor Newman. If Ashland found out about the affair, he is ruthless enough to target everyone Kyle cares about. He is nicknamed the "Locke-Ness Monster" due to his ruthless and cruel nature. In late February, Victor discovered that Ashland was selling a media company called Cyaxares, and decided to buy it. Ashland was also contacted by two other parties interested in Cyaxares: Chancellor Communications and Victoria Newman.

On March 11, He and Tara arrived in Genoa City. He mistook Kyle Abbott and Summer Newman as employees, but then recognized Kyle as John Abbott's grandson.

He met with Billy Abbott and Lily Winters, who headed ChanceComm. He had a stipulation that he remain on the board, and Billy said they could accommodate him. He explained that Cyaxares has been his baby for generations, and said he needed to make sure he would hand it off to the right people.

He said he does his homework on people he does business with, and asked Billy about his gambling. Billy assured him that his gambling was under control, but noted that it would have been a gamble to turn Cyaxares into the media powerhouse that it was. As he went to leave, Billy warned him that the Newman family would use Cyaxares in their feuds.

He next met with Victor and his son Adam. Adam's pitch was assurance that Cyaxares wouldn't be folded into another company and they would instead use it to create something new. Adam told him that he would run the company, but his father would serve as his advisor. Ashland said there's nothing more important than family, and said he had a son as well, but he was too young to compete against him. He told Adam he knows about his past, and Victor assures him Adam's past won't play a factor in running the company. As he goes to leave, he says he has one more person he needs to talk to, and is stunned that Victor and Adam don't know that it is Victoria.

As soon as he sees Victoria, he says she is the prettiest Newman, but Victoria quips that that would be her brother Nicholas Newman, and she is the brains. Victoria tells him that her offer will be the most generous, but he says he isn't just thinking about money. Victoria tells him that she will be competing against her family and intends to win.

Victoria starts to talk up Billy, which impressed Ashland since he is her competitor. He brings up her work at Newman, and wonders why she wants a media company. Victoria says his media company is infamous and she doesn't want it falling into the wrong hands. Ashland assumes she is referring to Adam, and says he was unimpressed with his pitch as Wall Street is crawling with guys like him.

Victoria says ChanceComm would care for Cyaxares, but they don't have the resources that Newman has. Impressed, Ashland says he'd like to hear more over dinner. Victoria asks about Tara, and Ashland says that she has pretty full day, so Victoria asks to reschedule the dinner when Tara is available.

Ashland and Tara go to Society where they get acquainted with Jack Abbott Jack compliments Ashland for his business skills and said his father drove the moves they make into his head. Ashland compliments Billy's pitch, and Jack asks if that means he will give them Cyaxares. Ashland admired how Jack has his brother's back.

Later, Kyle and Summer arrive and Ashland gets to know Kyle better. He takes a liking to Kyle and expresses a desire to face off against him in business. As Kyle and Summer leave, Ashland notices a strange look between Kyle and Tara.

Ashland checks out of the Grand Phoenix, telling its owner Phyllis Summers that admired the Grand Phoenix, but they'll be leaving since his business has concluded. Later, Ashland calls Tara and tells her to come back to the hotel as he has made his decision and they'll be returning to New York.

Ashland picks Adam and Victor as the new owners of Cyaxares, but declines to celebrate since he has a plane to catch. Ashland is sure his company is in good hands and says he'll send contracts. Ashland returns to the hotel, and sees Tara and Kyle arguing. He doesn't let on, and he and Tara leave to go back home.

Suspicions confirmed

A week later, Ashland called Kyle and said he had a business proposition for Jabot, which worried Kyle because Tara had phoned him about Ashland being quiet on the flight home.

Ashland later met with Jack at Society where talk turned to Kyle, and Ashland brought up how Kyle seems to have followed in his father's footstep. Kyle soon showed up, and Jack left. Once Jack left, Ashland asked Kyle if he slept with Tara in New York since Ashland remembered seeing him there.

Kyle was shocked by Ashland's accusation, who repeated it. When Kyle laughed off the assertion, Ashland told him that Kyle's reaction proves his suspicions were unfounded and they started talking about why Ashland should partner with Jabot.

When Ashland got back to his room, he contacted an employee and asked them to find the areas where Jabot was most vulnerable. Later, he declined to do business with Jabot, and also left Kyle a message and asked him to call him back.

Further Business

Ashland was stopped in the Grand Phoenix lobby by Billy, who asked him if he was aware that Adam was on he run for attempted murder. Ashland said he was, and Billy warned him against giving Cyaxares to Victor, saying he would use it as a weapon to attack other companies without thinking of it's well being. Ashland said he would keep that in mind.

Ashland met Victor at Society and said he was going back on the Cyaxares deal, citingThe fact that his partners was on the run. Victor maintained Adam was innocent and being set up. Ashland called Victoria and Billy and asked them to meet with him in his suite, saying Cyaxares was back on the market. After getting off the phone, he asked Victor if he would like to up his bid, and Victor calmly declined the offer.

Ashland met with Billy and Victoria and asked them to both argue why they should get Cyaxares and the other one shouldn't. Billy and Victoria both refused to trash others, so Ashland took out his lucky penny. Ashland explained it was the first bit of money he made as a young boy and it has never let him down. Billy flipped the coin and Victoria won Cyaxares, but Ashland didn't immediately sign a contract with Victoria.

Jack later confronted Ashland and asked if he was behind the vicious rumours being spread about Jabot employees being exploited and having unsafe work conditions. Ashland denies being responsible and asks Jack if they are true. Jack firmly denies it, and Ashland suggests someone with a grudge could be targeting Jabot.

Kyle interrupts the confrontation and tells Ashland they need to get some things straight. Tara arrives much to Ashland's surprise and she observes how close she and Kyle appear to be. Tara asks to talk to Ashland in private, but he has to leave to meet with Victor.

Ashland starts to feel ill as he and Victor bicker about Cyaxares and the fact that reneged on their deal. Victor tried to push Ashland to sign, but he refused and said the deal was off. As Ashland stood up, he started having a heart attack. Victor refused to call for help until Ashland signed the contract, so he reluctantly did and vowed that this wasn't over to Victor.

According to Tara, Ashland's heart attack caused him to change. He ceased all attacks on Jabot and he and Tara went back to New York to be with Harrison. During this time, Ashland tricked Tara into admitting she slept with Kyle, and immediately threw her out and told her he was going to take Harrison away.

Separation from Tara

Ashland showed up at Kyle's hotel room, looking for Tara. Ashland accused Kyle if keeping his son from him, and also asked Summer that she can't be okay with this. Summer said she supports Kyle, and Kyle forced Ashland to leave and slammed the door on him. Ashland then threatened Phyllis with legal action since she was harbouring a kidnapper at her hotel.

Ashland went to Society where he ran into Victoria. Victoria was very cordial to Ashland's surprise since he ended up signing Cyaxares over to Victor and Adam. Victoria said it was just business and Ashland asked if she'd join him for a drink. Victoria accepted, and asked how Tara was. She quickly realized she touched a nerve and Ashland said that his marriage was over. Victoria expressed sympathy, but Ashland was looking towards the future.

Ashland ran into Tara at the Grand Phoenix and they start arguing about Harrison. Phyllis happened by, and demanded they stop making a scene. Ashland suggests he and Tara take this up to her suite, but Tara refuses. Tara reaffirms they aren't getting back together, but Ashland says he doesn't want her anymore and has already filed for divorce. Ashland warns Tara that she has made a grave mistake before Phyllis orders him to leave.

At Crimson Lights, Ashland runs into Victoria and invites her to have coffee with him. Ashland asks Victoria for her take on Kyle. Victoria says that she doesn't really know Kyle all that well aside from the fact that he is engaged to her niece. Ashland says Kyle and Tara had an affair, and Victoria realizes that's why they are divorced. She expresses her condolences.

Ashland later meets with Victor and Adam, and tells Victor there are no hard feelings as he would have done the same. Victor and Adam reveal their plans for Cyaxares, including the fact that they have changed the name to Newman media. Ashland is taken aback, but ultimately approves of the name change. Ashland is later approached by Sally Spectra, and offers to help her whatever she wants if she helps him find his son. Sally finds out that Tara and Harrison are staying with the Abbotts.

Harrison's true father

Ashland heads to the Abbott mansion to confront Tara, but first asks to see his son. Tara agrees, and lets Ashland spend sometime with Harrison. Afterwards, the discussion with Tara gets heated, and Kyle announces that he is Harrison's father. Ashland is shocked and leaves without a word as Tara expresses remorse to Ashland. Ashland phones his lawyer with the news and wants to conduct his own paternity test, but wonders what his rights are even if Harrison isn't his son, showing that he still wants to be Harrison's father.

Ashland asks to speak to Tara alone, and they meet at Society where Ashland asks Tara why she cheated since she had a good life. Tara said she missed Ashland because he was always working, and the material items didn't make up for it. Ashland offered an ultimatum to Tara: He'd grant her sole custody of Tara, but Kyle couldn't be involved at all.


Emotional wounds that we endure in this life are oftentimes more severe than anything we suffer physically, aren't they?
         – May 20th, 2021

Men in my position aren't supposed to have problems, but when I get cut, I bleed just like everyone else.
         – June 4th, 2021

It's lonely at the top, huh?
         – June 18th, 2021

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