Lauren and Michael at home

Notorious attorney Michael Baldwin lived here with his wife, Lauren Fenmore, and their son, Fenmore Baldwin, at 196 Chestnut St. #632. Gloria Bardwell's schemes, Lauren's fears concerning Sheila Carter, Kevin Fisher's brushes with the law and various clients stopping by seeking legal assistance are themes that occur at this residence. The Baldwins enjoy spending together and often open their home to their often destitute family, friends and former foes.

In 2010, Lauren was targeted by Daisy Carter and Ryder Callahan, Shelia's twins with Tom Fisher, and held captive while Sara Smythe, Sheila's vengeful sister who had reconstructive surgery to look indentical to Lauren, impersonated La Fenmore for weeks. Sara even agreed to kill Phyllis Newman for Patty Williams if the fellow villianess returned the favor by killing Michael! Luckly, Lauren was rescued and returned to the Baldwin home. The family later with the discovery that Jill Abbott is Lauren's half-sister. After a brief period of the tension when Jill was awarded half of the Fenmore's Department Store holdings, Lauren and Michael welcomed the pariah as apart of their clan. 

Michael became District Attorney in 2012, but resigned the next year after having to arrest his own son. Fenmore was accused of bullying a fellow student and began to show tendencies of violence, not unlike both his father and uncle. Lauren was upset with Michael for allowing Fenmore to be sent to jail, so she moved out of the condo. While residing at the GCAC, Lauren began an illicit affair with Carmine Basco during the spring of 2013. Michael attempted to reconcile with his wife until he learned the awful truth.

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