Charles H. Gray

Bill Foster (born William Foster, later became Bill Foster, Sr.) was portrayed by Charles H. Gray.


Bill Foster abandoned his wife Liz Foster and their children Greg, Snapper and Jill.

When Liz fell in love with Sam Powers, Snapper finally convinced Liz to have their father Bill declared legally dead. Unknown to Liz and her family, Bill was alive and living in a town nearby. Penniless and diagnosed with cancer, Bill sent a letter to the family. Liz invited Bill to move back into the house, and with the exception of Snapper, the entire Foster family embraced Bill's return. Although Bill realized that he still had feelings for Liz, he put her needs above his own and encouraged Liz to continue with her plans to marry Sam. But Liz broke off her engagement to Sam, because as far as she was concerned, she was still a married woman. This delighted Jill and Greg, who hoped Liz and Bill would resume their marriage.

Bill arranged for Jill and Phillip Chancellor II to be married in his hospital bed, but Phillip died of his injuries before they could. Bill and Liz remarried, and Snapper and his father finally reconciled, but Bill's cancer progressed quickly, and the doctors doubted that he would live out the year. Bill was eventually hospitalized and was put on life support. He pleaded may times with Liz to pull the plug. Because she didn’t want to see her husband suffer, Liz agreed to his wishes. Soon after, Jill fell for David Mallory, a young man who was blind until a cornea transplant restored his vision. The eyes he received were from the deceased Bill.

Out of the blue in 2003, Liz arrived in Genoa City with Snapper and Greg from their home in England with the news that she was to undergo brain surgery. Knowing she may not survive, Liz felt it was time to admit to Jill that she was adopted. All she knew was that her husband Bill brought Jill home wrapped in a blanket as a baby. After several years of mistakenly believing that her arch enemy, and Liz’s good friend, Katherine Chancellor was her real mother, a DNA test proved that she was not, and Jill’s parentage became a mystery.





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