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Daffodillydoo Daffodillydoo 19 November 2021

My casting changes for 2022

Bring Remington Hoffman in as Keemo. Jack has been feeling a bit lonely and there are currently no Asian characters on the show. (Idea from this discussion.)

Bring Lola back after her actress is done with the Flash and have her be an ace-spectrum character who ships everyone. She and Theo can restart their friendship and be pen pals. 😂 (Also, bring Theo back one day but not right now.)

Bring Ana back and let Amanda leave town to live closer to her mom and sister. I have nothing against Amanda but I feel like after this case wraps up with Sutton, her character-arc will be complete. I'm also not thrilled they killed Hilary off and then replaced her with a twin. Not a fan of Amanda and Devon together either. (This comment explains why.) …

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Daffodillydoo Daffodillydoo 19 July 2021

Harry Potter

Please note: I feel like a lot of the prejudice against Slytherin is unfair.  I believe that someone can be ambitious and cunning without necessarily being evil.

  • 1 Gryffindor
  • 2 Ravenclaw
  • 3 Slytherin
  • 4 Hufflepuff
  • 5 Beauxbatons

  • Rey
  • Lola
  • Billy
  • Nick
  • Nikki
  • Faith
  • Mariah
  • Hilary

  • Elena
  • Nate
  • Amanda (transfers to Beauxbatons)
  • Lily
  • Devon
  • Jack
  • Traci
  • Sharon
  • Moses
  • Allie

  • Adam
  • Chelsea
  • Phyllis
  • Sally
  • Tessa
  • Victor
  • Victoria
  • Ashland

Loyalty? What is this ‘loyalty’ you speak of? – every character at some point probably

  • Abby
  • Theo
  • Imani
  • Amanda (Ravenclaw exchange student)
  • Lauren
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Daffodillydoo Daffodillydoo 19 July 2021

If the characters were animals

I love animals, and I’ve always enjoyed doing character comparisons like this.  Not all of them have an explanation because sometimes I just followed my intuition and there wasn’t a specific reason I could put into words.

Nikki – Lioness: She’s the queen of the jungle, fierce but with a smooth, cat-like elegance.

Phyllis – Fox: There’s an association with foxes being sly and cunning which I think is perfect for Phyllis.  You could also argue that she’d be a phoenix but I think that title is reserved for someone else. 😉

Mariah – Orange Cat: This is just the vibe I get.

Tessa – Chickadee: Mariah actually called Tessa “Chickadee” once back in 2017 and I think it’s really fitting.  A chickadee is a bird, and birds are very musical, always singing …

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Daffodillydoo Daffodillydoo 19 July 2021

If the characters had pets

For the characters I didn’t mention, I don’t necessarily think that they’d all be petless. There are some people who I think would be petless, but for some I just didn’t have any specific ideas for them yet.

Adam – a grey cat named Oliver: I 100% agree with the show. Adam is totally a cat person. He got super-hyped up and splurged on cat toys and treats. Connor went to boarding school so Oliver is Adam’s responsibility now.

Lola – 2 dogs named Luke and Leia: Lola mentioned to Theo that she wants a dog, and since she likes Star Wars, I thought of naming them Luke and Leia.

Nikki – a brown horse named Concerto: He was given to Nikki on her birthday.

Sally – a dog named Buddy: Sally mentioned to Jack that she wants a dog, and since she remind…

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Daffodillydoo Daffodillydoo 19 July 2021

Headcanons: Favourite Colours

Abby wears pink pretty frequently and in one episode, Chance even joked that they should get a pink Christmas tree. So I feel pretty confident in saying that her favourite colour is pink. She accentuates her pink outfits with a lot of grey or silver.

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Daffodillydoo Daffodillydoo 26 January 2020


The zodiac signs are ruled by one of the four elements.


Note: This list only includes zodiacs that have been confirmed recently (2019-2021). If more birthdays are mentioned in the future, I will add them.

  • Kyle – Capricorn 🌳
  • Mariah – Capricorn 🌳
  • Theo – Aries/Taurus 🔥🌳
  • Chelsea – Taurus 🌳
  • Nikki – Gemini 🦋
  • Amanda – Cancer 💧
  • Billy – Cancer 💧
  • Elena – Libra 🦋
  • Victoria – Scorpio 💧
  • Summer – Sagittarius 🔥
  • Nick – Capricorn 🌳

  • The actor and actress who portray Victor and Nikki are both Aries. Aries is ruled by the fire element. 🔥
  • The actor who portrays Rey is a Gemini, while the actress who plays Sharon is an Aquarius. Gemini and Aquarius are both ruled by the air element. 🦋
  • These two are not a couple anymore but there is a huge coincidence. The ac…

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Daffodillydoo Daffodillydoo 19 July 2019


  • 1 Adam
  • 2 Kyle
  • 3 Lola
  • 4 Sharon
  • 5 Summer
  • 6 Tessa
  • 7 Victoria
  • 8 Books
  • 9 Films
  • 10 Left-handed Characters
  • 11 Right-handed Characters
  • 12 Unluckiness
  • 13 Weaknesses

  • In Ancient Greek, "Adamas" means "invincible" which is fitting since Adam has escaped death. Poor Connor thought his father was invincible. (October 21st, 2019)

  • When it comes to his relationship with Lola, Kyle has an amazing memory with important dates. He recalls they met on a "random Wednesday" and even knows the exact time of day that he proposed to Lola. (July 22nd, 2019/June 12th, 2019)
  • He and Lola are very good with astrology and know the names and locations of stars and constellations. (January 18th, 2019)
  • Kyle claims to be quite good at hockey, which explains the hockey date he planned for Lola on Valentin…

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Applefreak271 Applefreak271 28 May 2016


I wish that Sage was still on the show. She was one of my favorites.

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QueenCather1ine26 QueenCather1ine26 18 November 2015

Ashley, Abby & Stitch

Do you think that Abby will ever find out about her mom smooching her fiance duriing the fire? 

Do you think Ashley should be ashamed of herself? 

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PepsiB&B PepsiB&B 27 February 2015

Pages needing updates

Hey. I just made this blog to inform people which character pages and other pages need an update in information. I will update this blog frequently. Just trying to keep everything up to date.

  • Dylan McAvoy
  • Dylan McAvoy and Avery Summers (all storylines to be added)
  • Phyllis Newman
  • Kelly Andrews
  • Jack Abbott
  • Jack Abbott and Kelly Andrews
  • Jack Abbott and Phyllis Summers
  • Sharon Newman
  • Victor Newman and Nikki Reed (most likely a big one needed)
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Wanderer23 Wanderer23 20 December 2013

Need Administer here at Y&R Wiki

I notice that we need some in administer here at The Young and the Restless wiki. Need someone to help clean, delete, make should don't make up some page. Example, like Stephen McAvoy don't not exist. Avery and Dylan were pregnant long time ago, but she had a miscarried. Just because no one don't mean make this better and good. This correct fact and news.

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Wanderer23 Wanderer23 25 June 2013

Summer's paternity test

This is in regard of Summer Newman paternity test as now the test that Nick Newman had done stating that Jack Abbotts the father. Now that might be a question if you watch June 25, 2013 episode, where Sharon is that Cassie's grave and she mentions Noah, Faith, and the paternity test. As she recalling love of their family and missing being happy, she said "That's why I did what I did." She might have switch test.

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Nduke Nduke 11 November 2012

Young and the Restless Cast List/Comings & Goings Speculation

  • 1 Current Cast
    • 1.1 Main Cast
    • 1.2 Recurring Cast:
  • 2 Comings & Goings
    • 2.1 Returning:
  • 3 Cast Speculation
    • 3.1 Comings
    • 3.2 Goings:
  • 4 Character News/Speculation
  • 5 Rumor

  • Sharon will steal Sage's baby and pass it off as her's and Dylan's
  • Sage's baby will turn out to be Adam's
  • Adam's identity will come out when Sage's baby is diagnosd with retnapigmatosa, the same eye condition his mother had.
  • The entire truth about Marco, the murders, and Victor's involvement will come out
  • We haven't seen the last of Marco Annicelli
  • Newcomer Emma is the daughter of Victor and his ex Rowena.
  • Newcomer Luca Santori is related to Marisa
  • Stitch will break up with Abby, and get together with Victoria.
  • When Gwen returns, she will reveal she is pregnant with Devon's child.
  • Neil has kidnapped Hilary a…

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