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Brooks Prentiss was portrayed by André Gower, formerly by R.J. Williams and Jamin Hall.


Brooks Prentiss was the birth son of Lance Prentiss and Leslie Brooks. He was the adopted son of Lorie Brooks.

In 1981, With trouble brewing in Lance and Lorie's marriage, Lance began an affair with Monique. Realizing, however, that he wanted his marriage to work, Lance Prentiss sent Monique back to Paris and set his sights on wining back Lorie. Lucas Prentiss told Lance and Lorie that he had located Leslie at Jonas'. Jonas supported Lucas's efforts to win back Leslie. But Leslie had fallen in love with Jonas. Casey Reed ended her association with Lucas after realizing that he was still hung up on his wife, Leslie.

Lucas then told Lorie that Leslie had amnesia. Soon after, Lorie visited Leslie. When Leslie didn't recognize Lorie, she didn't reveal to Leslie that they were sisters. Eventually, after recalling more fragments of her past, Leslie returned to Genoa City, but the memories confused her. She didn't understand how Lance could be the father of her son. Lorie worried that Leslie would soon regain her memory and demand custody of Brooks. Meanwhile, Vanessa Prentiss, Brooks' grandmother and Godmother, became Leslie's ally because she knew that losing Brooks would destroy Lorie.

But Leslie surprised Lorie when she awarded full custody of Brooks to her and Lance. Leslie explained that she couldn't be a proper mother to a child she hardly remembered. Soon after, Leslie resumed her piano career and resolved to stay in Genoa City and regain her memory. Jonas also stayed behind, and he competed with Lucas for Leslie's love. Lucas was also jealous of Jonas' growing friendship with Casey. Vanessa met with Jonas and encouraged him to take whatever means necessary to win Leslie's love because she didn't want to see a reconciliation between Leslie and her son, Lucas.

Leslie agreed to take a cruise with Lucas, which bothered Lorie. She fretted that, if Leslie and Lucas resumed their marriage, they might seek custody of Brooks.

In 1982, Lance, Lorie and Brooks left town.