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Caleb Atkinson
Daniel Goddard as Caleb Atkinson
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Daniel Goddard
Current status Former, Guest
Duration 2011
First appearance January 2011
Last appearance February 3, 2011
Introduced by Maria Arena Bell
Family Atkinson
Alias(es) Cane Ashby
Gender Male
Born December 23, 1973 (Originally 1976)
Died February 3, 2011
Age 37
Cause of death Shot by Blake Joseph
Parents Colin Atkinson
Genevieve Atkinson
Siblings Cane Ashby (twin brother)
Samantha Atkinson (sister; deceased)
Nieces and nephews Charlie Ashby (nephew)
Matilda Ashby (niece)

Caleb Atkinson was played by Daniel Goddard. He was the son of Colin Atkinson and Genevieve Atkinson. He was the twin brother of Cane Ashby and the brother of Samantha Atkinson.

Caleb Atkinson was Cane's twin brother who killed their little sister Samantha. Caleb went to Genoa City earlier than Colin told him to. Blake Joseph was supposed to kill Cane, but killed Caleb instead since Caleb had tasered Cane and was impersonating him. Caleb jumped in front of Lily Winters and the twins when Blake fired the shot and he was killed. Later Cane posed as Caleb, while working with his mother Genevieve to get Colin arrested for kidnapping Charlie and Mattie Ashby.