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Cameron Kristen
Dhei 4621
Linden Ashby as Cameron Kirsten
Portrayed by Linden Ashby.
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2003-2004, 2023
First appearance November 21. 2003
Last appearance June 19, 2023
Cause/reason Died
Alias(es) CK
Gender Male
Cause of death Stabbed by Sharon Newman
Occupation Former Owner of Kirsten Incorporated
Romances Grace Turner
Sharon Newman (ONS, raped)
Unnamed ex-girlfriend
Pets Frankie (deceased)

Cameron Kirsten was portrayed by Linden Ashby.

On May 25, 2023, after being off the show for 20 years, it was announced that Linden Ashby would return to The Young And The Restless as Cameron Kirsten, as part of Y&R’s 50th anniversary. It is revealed that Cameron is in fact Sharon’s secret admirer who sent her the bottle of champagne. Ashby first appeared May 29. It was unknown if Ashby was returning on contract or in a recurring or guest role. In June 2023, Ashby left the role seemingly for good when Cameron was killed off.

Early life[]

Cameron was apparently quite close to his parents when he was younger, but at some point, he did remove their faces from a family photo with them, implying he later had a falling out with them.

Cameron also had a dog named Frankie. He apparently loved Frankie to the point that after Frankie passed, he kept his ashes and dog collar. Cameron kept a journal where he expressed his desire to become rich and powerful, and he did when he founded Kirsten Incorporated


Cameron Kirsten was the owner/operator of Kirsten Incorporated.

In early 2003, when Sharon Newman fled Genoa City after kissing Victor Newman, she went to Denver to find herself. While in a bar, she met Cameron. He instantly fell in love with her. He followed her up to her motel room, offering her wine all the while. They made love, and apparently, immediately afterwards he started abusing her, punching her in the face and trying to suffocate her with a pillow. However, before he could finish the beating, he fell asleep. Given this chance of escape, Sharon left Denver and came back to her family in Genoa City.

A year after this happened, Cameron came to Genoa City to do a business deal with Newman Enterprises, Victor's company, now turned over to Nicholas Newman, Sharon's husband. While he was there, Cameron taunted and threatened Sharon, telling her that he would reveal to Nick all that had happened in Denver the year before unless she gave in to his wishes. Toward the end of December, Cameron announced that he was planning a New Year's Eve party and wanted Sharon to help him with it. Sharon said that she definitely would not do this, but, as Cameron had already told Nick about the party, there was nothing she could do. During the party, Cameron wrote down the address of a motel on the south side of Genoa City on the back of one of his business cards. He then gave it to Sharon, telling her that he wanted to meet her there after the party was over. Sharon felt that she had no choice but to do this, seeing as Cameron could tell Nick about Denver at any time.

After putting a long black hooded coat on to disguise herself, Sharon went to the motel, apparently known as the Seedy Side Motel. Once she got there, she met Cameron and told him that he would not have her again, and that she wanted each of them to go their separate ways and forget all about Denver. Cameron, infuriated starting to beat her up again, pushing her onto the bed. Sharon then kicked him and sent him sprawling to the floor. As he tried to get up, Sharon looked for any sort of weapon she could find. Seeing an opened champagne bottle, she grabbed it and walked over to Cameron. He looked up, horrified, to see the bottle she was holding, and brought up a hand to try to shield himself from the blow that would undoubtedly come, but it was too late. The champagne bottle came crashing down on his head.

Back from the Dead[]

Sharon thought he was dead, but he was only knocked unconscious. So, Sharon dragged him out behind a dumpster in the alley. A few hours later, Cameron awakened, snow-covered and angrier than he had ever been in his life. After he got up, Cameron returned, his face bleeding, to his 'stand-in Sharon' lover, Grace Turner, who had been there the whole time. Grace then attended to Cameron's wounds, and right there Cameron vowed to take his revenge on Sharon for almost killing him. And so, for the next few months Cameron put on makeup and pretended that he was his own ghost, haunting Sharon by looking into her windows, chasing her in her house on the Newman ranch and even kissing her. All the while, Sharon believed that she was going insane, seeing gruesome hallucinations of the man she thought she killed.

Finally, she couldn't take it anymore, and went into the sewer (where Larry Warton had put 'Cameron's' body after finding it in her car while she was trying to move it) to see the body, and make sure that Cameron was really dead. She actually did find a body, but it, of course, wasn't Cameron's. For some strange reason, Cameron actually had Frank Barritt, the biological father of Sharon's daughter Cassie Newman, killed; apparently, for the sole purpose of driving Sharon out of her mind.

At the Mother's Day Brunch at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Cameron made the fact that he was alive known. (He probably chose to appear on Mother's Day because the day had special meaning to him because of his late mother). He surprised not only Sharon but also Nick and Nikki Newman, who, at this point, thought that Cameron was dead for sure. Nick had no idea that Sharon could have been involved in the disappearance, but Sharon had told Nikki of her ordeal. When asked about his whereabouts from January to May, Cameron made up a fake story about finding an old girlfriend of his in a bar and flying away with her to an island in the Caribbean. When Sharon confronted him, Cameron denied that the events of New Year's Eve had even occurred.

Kirsten Incorporated, Nick and Sharon[]

Later on in the month, Cameron arrived at the Newman ranch to give Nick a job offer--to be the Chief Operating Officer of Kirsten Incorporated. Cameron even said that sooner or later, he might hand the entire company over to Nick, as at the time, he didn't think he would have any heirs. Nick said he'd think about the offer. Upon hearing about this, Sharon decided that she would tell Nick about everything that had happened between her and Cameron. After telling him, Nick seemed more angry at Cameron than at Sharon, although it was she who had caused the entire problem. Immediately going to Cameron's hotel suite, Nick demanded that Grace tell him everything. She said that she didn't know what he was talking about, and wondered why he believed the lies that Sharon had told him. Before leaving, Nick punched Cameron in the face, and told him that that was for what he did to Sharon in Denver.

Throughout the next few months, Nick repeatedly came to the hotel suite and tried to interrogate Cameron, but to no avail. Near the end of his stay in Genoa City, Sharon began to visit him and it was only then that he started to open up. During one of those visits he told her about his mother and father and his history (though only briefly), which he had never told anyone before. When asked if there was anything he could do to help her escape murder charges for killing Frank (the body had been found by now and Sharon was the prime suspect), he said that the only way it was possible was if she would be with him the rest of his life; and fly in his jet to one of the islands he owned. That way, she couldn't be brought back to the United States to face the criminal charges.

Faced with no other choice ("Even you look good compared to that". - Sharon; "You know what? I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that". - Cameron), Sharon reluctantly accepted. She told Cameron that she would be ready to leave on the following night, but he said that that wasn't going to work. He told her that either they would leave then, or he would go alone. Although Sharon wasn't expecting this, she went along with him to the airport and boarded the jet. Nick, however, was following them and somehow boarded the jet, too.

Cameron is Jailed[]

At one point during the flight, Sharon attempted to kill herself by jumping out of the door of the jet. Cameron restrained her and told her that she had so much to live for and that her life had just begun. He comforted her and held her in his arms. Sharon finally calmed down and returned to her seat. Just as Cameron and Sharon were about to kiss, Nick rushed out of the curtain behind them and pushed Cameron to the floor. He delivered blow after blow to Cameron, who, at this point was too shocked by Nick's appearance to try to defend himself. Sharon jumped out of her seat and stood, watching in horror as the abuse continued.

Finally, Nick knocked Cameron unconscious and dragged him to the door, strapping a parachute onto him. He roughly pushed Cameron out of the jet, and he began his plummet to the ground. Meanwhile in the jet, Nick strapped parachutes to himself and Sharon, and they followed Cameron. In the morning, Cameron awoke to find himself in a cornfield, where, incidentally, Nick and Sharon had also landed. When he woke up, Cameron had noticed a horrible pain in his right leg, but he didn't realize the severity of his wound until Nick tried to move the leg and Cameron screamed ("Aah! I've got a broken leg!" - Cameron). Although they knew about this, Nick and Sharon forced Cameron to walk until they found civilization. If Cameron made any moves, Nick threatened to beat him with a large stick he found in the field.

As they walked down the dirt road, Nick and Sharon treated Cameron very cruelly, with Sharon even pushing him and telling him to move faster. Soon, they came upon a stand selling sweet corn, and there they called the police. The police believe Nick and Sharon's story and put Cameron into a police car. Cameron was last seen being hauled away in a police car, with a look of cold fury and determination upon his face.

Post Prison time in LA[]

After being released from prison, Cameron moves to LA where he meets another woman with a strong resemblance to Sharon. He dates the woman, but is also abusive to her and is eventually arrested and sent back to prison, being released in late 2022.

Return to Genoa City 20 Years Later[]

Upon Cameron's release, he sends Sharon a bottle with a spot of red on it. Sharon didn't think anything of it until Nick noticed it, and said it looked like blood. Cameron later sent Sharon a post card marked from Denver Colorado, and that got Sharon realizing that Cameron was likely the one who sent the bottle.

At the same time, Cameron showed up at the Athletic Club, and booked a room. In his room, he looks at photos of Sharon on his iPad. Cameron is in the park when he sees Sally Spectra struggling with her pregnancy. Cameron offers to call someone, but Sally says she is fine. Cameron then runs into Sharon & Nick's daughter Faith Newman. He introduces him as an old friend of her parents named CK.

Cameron later corners Sharon at Crimson Lights and professes his love for her, but then Nick comes back and chases Cameron away. Cameron knocks out a member of Victor's security team, and steals his uniform. He then sneaks into Sharon's house and kills Borgnine, the cat that Faith was taken care of for the summer.

Nick immediately went to confront Cameron, and almost punched him, but punched the wall instead. Nick bruised his knuckles and Cameron took advantage of that. He had his man Jimmy punch him, and then claimed Nick had assaulted him, so Chance Chancellor was forced to arrest him,

Cameron's last stand[]

Cameron kidnapped Faith before she could leave town, and held her captive in an old sewer. He lurked in Sharon's house and waited till Chance and Nick left before approaching Sharon. Sharon begged Cameron to spare Faith's life and promised to go with him wherever he wanted. Cameron was all set to leave with Faith and Sharon, and start over somewhere else when Nick came back and he and Cameron brawled.

Cameron got away, and went back to where he was holding Faith. He tried to talk Faith into convincing Sharon that she would be much happier with him, and to even give him a chance to be a father to her. Faith refused, and even spat the water Cameron gave her back in his face.

When Cameron heard Sharon and Nick arrive, he snuck away and waited till they freed Faith before coming out of nowhere, and holding a screw driver to Sharon's throat. Sharon told Nick to get Faith out, but Cameron revealed he had strapped bombs to Faith, and told Nick to choose who does - Faith or Sharon.

Sharon takes the knife that Nick has taped to her leg, and uses it to cut Cameron's arm. She then looks Cameron in the eye, and in front of Nick, Faith, and Chance; she thrusts the knife into Cameron's chest. Cameron looks at Sharon in shock before falling to the ground and dying from his fatal wound.

Post Mortem[]

In the event of his death, Cameron had his lawyer send all his personal effect to Sharon. These included, the family photo, his journal, Frankie's ashes and collar, and papers that made Sharon the sole owner of Kirsten Incorporated.

Sharon initially rejected owning Cameron's company, but came to realize that the only way to move on was to take Cameron's corporation and use it for good whether that meant she headed or sold it off and donate the money to charity.