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Celeste Rosales
Celeste Rosales.jpg
Eva LaRue as Celeste Rosales
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Eva LaRue
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 2019-2020
First appearance June 26, 2019
Last appearance December 31, 2020
Created by Josh Griffith
Introduced by Anthony Morina & Josh Griffth
Family Rosales
Gender Female
Residence Miami, Florida
Romances Adrian Rosales (ex-husband)
Children Rey Rosales
Arturo Rosales
Lola Rosales
Grandchildren Mateo Rosales

Celeste Rosales is a character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Eva LaRue since 2019.


Celeste married Adrian Rosales and they had three children together: Rey, Arturo, and Lola. When Lola was a baby, Celeste found our Adrian had cheated on her and kicked him out. Their children grew up, believing that Adrian had abandoned their family. Rey helped Celeste raise Lola and Arturo, serving as a father figure to them. Years later, Celeste and Adrian would reconnect when their children were fully grown and had all gone to Genoa City. Arturo would end up returning home with a pregnant Mia Rosales where Celeste would be expecting her first grandchild.

Celeste was invited to Lola’s bridal shower when she was engaged to Kyle Abbott. Celeste wanted to move in with Lola, and they concealed the fact that they were already living together, but Celeste quickly caught on. Celeste soon became semi-controlling and micromanaging which caused her to clash with Lola. She also revealed that Adrian wanted to come to the wedding, and told her children the truth that she had kicked him out. Celeste was annoyed to find out that Lola had almost died and needed a liver transplant, and that she had never been told. Celeste eventually left town.

Lola worried that her mom wouldn’t come to her wedding, so Kyle’s father Jack Abbott went to Miami to talk to Celeste. Luckily, Jack was successful in convincing her to return. Celeste agreed to come back for the wedding. She and Adrian had also broken up in the meantime, and she was furious to find out that he had come to Genoa City without telling her or their children. She teamed up with Rey and Arturo to try and get Adrian to leave before Lola found out, but Lola saw him anyways. Celeste left town again soon after to head back to Miami, so she could be there for her grandchild.

Since her last appearance in August 2019, Celeste has been mentioned a few times. Around Christmas, Celeste worked with Jack to prepare a present for Lola and Kyle. The box contained ornaments from Lola and Kyle's childhood, as well as a new ornament commemorating their first Christmas together. Later, in January, Lola got a phone call and found out that Celeste had gotten into a minor car accident. She had broken her ankle, but was otherwise doing all right. Lola wanted to know who was going to take care of her mom, and Arturo said that he and Mia would, despite also have a new baby to look after. Celeste briefly returned to town for Rey and Sharon's wedding in December 2020. Rey and Sharon later went to Miami to visit Rey's family.