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Outside view of the Chancellor Estate

Known for breathtaking gardens and society functions held there, the residence at 12 Foothill Road was home to many of Katherine Chancellor's family, friends, and welcome guests including Patrick Murphy, Jill Abbott, Esther Valentine, Chloe Mitchell, Delia Abbott, and Nina Webster.

Over the years, the Chancellor Estate has been the backdrop for Billy Abbott and Chloe's comedic nuptials, Katherine stabbing Suzanne Lynch, Jill and Phillip II making love, Drucilla Barber and Neil Winters' first wedding, Norman Peterson shooting Rex Sterling, Kay collapsing from a stroke, scheming Jill revealing she owned the estate in the presence of most of Genoa City during a ball Katherine was hosting, etc.

Chancellor Estate in the winter time

In late 2012, Katherine came out of retirement to run Chancellor when Neil took the CEO position at Jabot. Around the same time, Jill returned to Genoa City after spending months in Sydney and insisted on assisting Katherine at CI as co-CEO. Things between the frenemies were fine until La Chancellor started having memory lapses. Cane did his best to assist Mrs. C, but became increasingly worried about her health. Also helping Katherine keep her medical issues a secret from the family was her new personal assistant, Adriana Stone, whom Jill distrusted with a passion. Finally, after weeks of thinking she may have Alzheimer's Disease, Kay went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She survived the risky surgery to remove them, placed Cane in charge of her company, and sighed with relief when she learned the tumors were benign.

Katherine wishing Jill a goodnight, one final time...

Katherine ascended the staircase of the Chancellor Estate one final time on May 3, 2013 as the character's portrayer, Jeanne Cooper, passed away on May 8, 2013 at age 84.

Billy Abbott and Jill Foster Abbott discussing family matters in the newly redesigned and redecorated living room circa 2016.

Esther Valentine leaving the estate prior to Billy Abbott's arrival as the new, albeit, temporary new owner circa 2016.

Jill Foster Abbott reflecting on better days in the Chancellor Estate living room circa 2013.

Current Residents