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Claire Newman Howard
Claire Grace HE
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Hayley Erin
A doll (1998)
Current status Current; Contract
First appearance October 2, 2023
Family Newman, Howard
Alias(es) Eve Nicole Howard (name at birth)
Gender Female
Born November 9, 1998
Age 26
Occupation Nanny of Harrison Abbott
Residence Tack House with Victoria
Newman Ranch
421 Larkspur Trail, Highway B
Genoa City, Wisconsin
Parents Cole Howard
Victoria Newman
Siblings Unnamed sibling †
Reed Hellstrom
Johnny Abbott (adoptive)
Katie Newman
(maternal half)
Grandparents Victor Newman
Nikki Newman
Eve Howard
Marvin Oakley
Great-grandparents Albert Miller
Cora Miller
Nick Reed
Barbara Reed †
Aunts and uncles Nick Newman
Dylan McAvoy
Abby Newman
Adam Newman
First cousins Noah Newman
Summer Newman
Cassie Newman † (adoptive)
Faith Newman
Connor Newman
Riley Newman
Christian Newman
Ava Hope Newman
Dominic Newman-Abbott-Winters-Chancellor
Other relatives Jordan Howard
Casey Reed
Rinette Miller
(great aunts)
Matt Miller
(great uncle)

Claire Newman Howard (formerly, Claire Grace, Eve Nicole Howard) has been played by Hayley Erin, since October 3rd, 2023. Erin also portrayed Abby Newman, from 2008-2010.


Eve Nicole Howard was the daughter of Cole Howard and Victoria Newman. She was born after her parents's divorce, while Cole was dating Ashley Abbott, and Victoria was engaged to Neil Winters, who wanted to help raise her.

Through her mother, Claire has three younger siblings: Reed Hellstrom, who was born on December 3, 2001, an adoptive younger brother named Johnny Abbott, who was born on April 9, 2012, and a younger sister named Katie Newman, who was born on November 17, 2014.

In 1998, Cole and Victoria tried for a child and Victoria conceived, but their daughter Eve Nicole Howard was believed to have died shortly after birth.

In truth, Eve was stolen by her great aunt Jordan Howard, who passed off a dead baby as Eve. Jordan raised Eve as her own and presumably gave her the name Claire. When Claire was five, Jordan told Claire that her parents didn't want her and that Claire was a part of the powerful Newman family.

Claire as homeschooled until middle school when she was sent to an all girls private school; but, when that happened, Jordan told Claire not to reveal that she was related to the Newman's as it would be humiliating for people to know she was tossed aside by the powerful Newman family.

When Claire became old enough, she and Jordan devised a plan to get back at the Newman's and Cole. Jordan blamed her nephew and the Newman's for her sister's mental decline which never gave them the chance to reconcile after being estranged for so long.


Arrival in Genoa City[]

Claire Grace first appeared meeting with Nikki Newman and Audra Charles to interview for the position of Nikki's assistant. Claire went through her background including the fact that Nikki knew the mother of Claire's best friend. As Nikki's assistance, Claire made herself indispensable. Claire was invited by Nikki to the wedding celebration of Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins where Nikki introduced various members of the town and power players.

Claire faked enthusiasm about meeting Victor Newman, and shaking his hand. As Nikki helped Claire settle in, Audra came running in as she was having trouble with a business deal. Nikki asked Claire for her input and was impressed with her answer, saying she reminded her of a young Victoria Newman.

One night, Claire volunteered to lock up the office. Aline, she stared at the pictures of Nikki and her family on her desk. When Claire got back to her suite, she looked at some newspaper clippings that she had saved before receiving a call from her aunt Jordan, and she assured her that everything was going according to plan.

Claire told Nikki that she had to go see her aunt Jordan who hurt got hurt. Claire said that Jordan looked up to Nikki and idolized her. Nikki learned Jordan was on the way to her sister Casey Reed, who she was planning surprise with a visit. She offered to drop Claire off on the way.

True colors revealed[]

Claire called Jordan and told her they were on their way and to get everything ready for their arrival. Upon their arrival, Claire had a written a note, saying that she had to run off but had some tea prepared for then. Nikki drank the tea, but Claire didn't which Nikki found odd after a bit.

Nikki started to feel faint and noticed Claire looking stoicly at her rather than concerned. Nikki passed out and Claire put her in a bed, advising Nikki to have sweet dreams while she can and saying the rest of her family will be joining her soon.

Nikki woke up, and stumbled down the stairs. As she tried the phone, Claire game at her with a syringe and injected her in the neck. Before Nikki lost consciousness, she asked Claire why she was doing this, but all Claire said was that the Newman's think they can do whatever they want and hurt others without repercussions.

Claire told Nikki the rest of the family will be joining them, and Nikki told her to stay away from her family as she passed out. Claire said she can't because she has been looking forward to this her whole life.

Claire texted Jordan to let her know that Nikki had woken up. She said it was handled, but said she needed her help. Once Nikki was put back to her and hooked up with an IV, Claire stared in the mirror as Jordan arrived and told her not to get soft on her now.

Claire returned to Genoa City where she informed Victor and their children that Nikki had a stroke and Jordan took her to the hospital. Claire, Victor, Victoria, and Nicholas Newman are departed on the Newman jet for Jordan's house. Jordan made nice with the Newman's until they drank from the water bottles Claire had offered them.

Jordan asked Victor if she looked familiar to him, and Victor said he has never seen her before. Jordan said that he knew her sister Eve, and revealed that she had blamed him and his family for Eve's mental decline. Victor said Eve never mentioned having a sister, and Jordan admitted they were estranged. She said she blamed the Newman's for Eve's mental decline and never allowing them the chance to reconcile before she died.

Victor tried to get forceful with Eve, but Eve informed them that the water bottles were poisoned and they would all soon die. Claire left the room and came back dragging Cole into the room. Cole had previously been lured there, knocked unconscious, and locked up somewhere in the house. Victoria was stunned to see Cole and wondered why he was there. Claire said he had to be there for the family reunion, and called Victoria mother.

Claire's Motives and identity revealed[]

Victoria was shocked and denies being Claire's mother. Claire believed Victoria had abandoned her intentionally and asked her if it was too inconvenient for her career to have a child. Victoria vowed she would never abandon any of her children.

Victor asked Cole if Jordan was really his aunt. Come confirmed that Eve did have a sister, but he didn't really see her much as they never got along. Victor got annoyed and tried to intimidate Jordan, but Jordan knew Victor was use to being in control, but asserted that this time he wasn't and ordered him to sit.

Victor backed off and offered Jordan a bribe, but Jordan scoffed that the Newman's think they can buy there way out of anything, and Victor asked what she wanted. Jordan said she just wanted them to sit there and listen. Claire went around collecting everyone's phones. When she approached Victoria and Cole to get their phones, she lamented that she never thought she would be reunited with both her parents.

Victoria then realized that Claire was claiming to be their daughter Eve, and Claire confirmed it. However, Victoria and Cole held firm to their believe that Eve had died since she was born prematurely. After a bit of back and forth between Claire, and Victoria and Cole, Jordan confessed Claire was their daughter and Eve's granddaughter.

Jordan confessed that she had been at the hospital when Victoria gave birth, and stated the hospital and room number she was in to prove it. Jordan had stolen Eve from the hospital, and replaced her with another premature newborn that had died, so Cole and Victoria believed their daughter had died.

When Victoria spoke her suspicions out loud, Claire confirmed that she was Eve, but Cole and Victoria refused to believe that their premature baby had survived. Claire begged and pleaded with Victoria to believe her, but Victoria refused, saying that Eve was the sweetest little girl, Claire said she was that sweet little Eve.

Victoria went to slap Claire, who grabbed her arm and said that now she was Claire Grace. As the poison took effect, Cole and the Newman's began to feel weak, a loud crash alerted everyone. Jordan lied and said it was their cat. Claire continued to try and convince Victoria and Cole. Jordan finally piped up, and back back Claire's claim that she was their baby and Eve's granddaughter.

Victoria was in disbelief by Jordan's claims, but Jordan verified the name of the hospital and room number Victoria was in to prove she was there when Victoria gave birth. Jordan said she then stole little Eve, and placed another baby that had died in Victoria's arms.

Claire was shocked by Jordan's revelation cause Jordan had told her her whole life that her parents hadn't wanted her. Jordan said they didn't because if they did, they would have always believed she was alive. Claire took Jordan aside and blasted her for lying to her. Jordan advised her great-niece to stay focus, but Claire snapped that she was done listening to her.

Change of Heart[]

Nick took advantage of Claire and Jordan's distraction to pin Jordan up against the wall while Victor weakly stumbled up the stairs. Jordan escaped Nick's grasp and ran up the stairs, grabbing a knife. Nick ran up after and Jordan slashed him across the chest.

Claire stood there in shock at the chaos that had unfolded and begged Victoria to believe she was her daughter. Victoria and Cole instead begged for Claire's help and promised to help her.

Just then Victor and Nikki stumbled downstairs and Claire asked where Jordan was. Victor snaps that she is fine as Nikki blasts Claire and asks her what kind of monster she is.

Claire finally caves and gives everyone the antidotes as Nick calls the police and paramedics. Claire listens as Cole and Victoria still deny her as their daughter and slumps down against the wall, sobbing.

Claire is rendered despondent as a result and as she is arrested, she is asked by Nikki where Jordan would hide. Claire says she has no idea. As Claire is taken away, she apologizes to Cole and the Newman's and admits she has no idea who she is anymore now doubting if Jordan even told her the truth.

Legal woes and attempt at a second chance[]

Claire was jailed at her local jail and received a visit. She thought it was Jordan and was surprised that it was Victoria and Cole. They admitted they wondered if it is possible Claire was Eve, and asked Claire to tell them about her childhood, and what Jordan told her.

Claire explained her life to them. Victoria and Cole could recognize how damaged Claire had become and said they would help her, but they required a DNA test from her. Claire agreed and asked if they would help her even if she wasn't their daughter. Victoria and Cole promised they would.

While sleeping, Claire had a nightmare that Jordan snuck into see her. Though appearing motherly at first, Jordan soon called Claire weak, saying that is why she was in jail. Claire met with Michael Baldwin, who had been asked by Victoria and Cole to represent her. Michael made it clear he doubted her innocence and told Claire that she had to be completely honest with him and he'll decide whether or not to represent her after.

Claire told Michael how she felt about the life she had and what Jordan had told her. Having put all her trust in Jordan for years, Claire was now questioning her entire existence and identity. Michael could see Claire was sincere and agreed to represent her. He managed to get Claire committed in Genoa City. As Claire was getting settled in, Victoria and Cole came to see her. They revealed that they had already acquired Claire's DNA test and just got the results back,

Claire asked them to tell her who she is, and Victoria and Cole clarified Claire was their daughter. Claire smiled and teared up, but didn't know what to do now. Victoria and Cole vowed to help her and be there as she attempted to rebuild her life. Victoria asked her daughter for a hug, and Claire obliged.

Kidnapped by Jordan again in order to lure Nikki[]

As Claire slept, Jordan snuck into her room, disguised, and took her out in a wheelchair. Claire was heavily sedated so had no idea what was happening. She came to and was surprised to see Nikki, who tried to help her up so they could escape from Jordan together.

Jordan and Nikki fought, and Claire noticed a gun. She rose up and held the gun demanding Jordan get away from Nikki. Claire unloaded all her anger at Jordan for lying to her all these years and taking her from her parents. Jordan asserted they would have abandoned Claire, bur Claire cried she would have been loved and had a chance at a normal life and to be real friends instead of being twisted into a hate filled human.

Nikki told Claire to put the gun down, so Jordan could pay for her crimes. Claire believed Jordan could just plead insanity and get committed, hinting that she wanted to kill her. Jordan dared Claire to do it and when she hesitated, Jordan taunted her for being weak. Annoyed, Nikki told Jordan to shut up, and shoved her hard. Jordan hit the wall and lost consciousness.

Nikki then approached Claire and told her to give her the gun. With shaking hands, Claire slowly relinquished the gun, and broke down. Nikki pulled her granddaughter into a hug as she sobbed on her shoulder. Victor and Nick arrived with the police to find Nikki and Claire sitting together.

Victor asked Claire if she was alright, and Claire nodded. As Jordan was being led away by the police, she turned to face Claire and said she broke her heart. Claire responded that Jordan broke her life, and Nikki ordered the police to get her out of there, so they led Jordan away.

Nick wondered if they would take Claire with her, and Nikki said of course they would since Claire saved her life. Victor told Claire they owe her a debt of gratitude. Surrounded by her family, Claire cried and apologized for everything she did to them.

Saved by Nikki and suffered depression out of guilt[]

Claire was returned to the mental hospital where she slept a lot. Victoria and Cole tried to reach out to Claire, but she shut them out. Consumed with her guilt, Claire believed she could never be forgiven for what she had done, but Victoira and Cole assured her that wasn't the case. Claire also began to believe she had inherit her mental illness since both her great aunt and grandmother had mental problems.

Claire made the decision to cut Victoria and Cole out of her life. Claire had recurring nightmares of Jordan taunting her about what she had done. Claire's doctor had agreed that in order for Claire to start healing, she had to confront Jordan, so Claire called Victoria and Cole and asked if they could get her permission to leave the facility temporarily and confront Jordan. Victoria agreed on the condition that she and Cole go with her and Claire reluctantly agreed.

Confront Jordan in order to begin the healing process[]

Upon arriving at the prison, Claire started to feel sick due to nerves. Victoria and Cole assured Claire she didn't have to go through with this, but Claire was determined to confront Jordan. Jordan was soon escorted into the room where she expressed joy at seeing Claire and warned her about the Newman's.

Claire wasn't falling for Jordan's lies and manipulations anymore, and blasted her for stealing her from her family and robbing her of a life where she could have had friends and been surrounded by a love of family instead of being twisted into a hate filled tool for revenge. Jordan was furious with Claire for turning her back on her and vowed that she wasn't finished. As she was being led away, she yelled out that she had plans.

Claire's mental health improved significantly, and she opened her heart to Victoria and Cole instead of rejecting them. Claire was soon able to visit sick children in the hospital which she enjoyed doing. Claire was surprised when Nikki dropped in for a visit. Nikki wanted to reach out to Claire and see how she was doing.

Claire told Nikki all about how she was enjoying visiting the children here, but was still torn with guilt over what she had done and broke down crying in front of Nikki, who could only stare at her with pity and sadness unable to bring herself to hug her own granddaughter.

Plan to be used as bait to lure Jordan[]

Meeting her cousin Summer, Kyle, and Harrison[]

Claire, Victoria, and Nikki confronts Jordan[]

Claire's dream reality[]

Forms bonds with Kyle and Harrison[]

Kidnapped with Harrison by Jordan[]

Getting saved by her parents[]

Reconnecting with Kyle and Harrison[]

Becomes Harrison's New Nanny[]

Meets Johnny and Katie[]

Johnny and Katie returned from boarding school after being pick up from the airport by their father Billy Abbott and went to their new home, where they meet their older sister and their mother and they asked Claire a lot of questions, but Katie was angry that their old home was burn down by Claire's crazy aunt. Then she ran upstairs upset at Claire and Jordan, Claire told the family to let Katie go and give her some space.

Becomes Kyle's confidant[]

Family bonding[]

A couple weeks later, Victoria, Johnny, and Katie ran into Claire and Harrison at the Chancellor Park, where Victoria introduce Johnny and Katie as Claire's brother and sister and Harrison is excited with the information and informs them that they're study worms and asked them if the want to join them. Harrison grabs Johnny, while Katie stayed behind. After, Victoria asked for two chocolate ice creams, but Johnny noticed Katie's attitude and told her that he would give Victoria one, but not Katie. Later, Harrison ran into Katie by bringing her flowers, because he knows that she's feeling sad, and decided to get ice cream too. Katie later grabs Claire to join them.

At Crimson Lights, Johnny, Katie, Victoria were waiting for Claire to drop off Harrison at the Abbott Mansion, when Claire's father, Cole arrives and suddenly Katie is getting upset about Claire. After, Billy and Claire arrive, Claire asks her mother if she can speak to Katie for a moment, Katie says that she's eating. But, Victoria told Katie to let Claire speak to her and they went to the patio to have their discussion about their mother and her living with Jordan. Johnny knows that after their discussion that Katie will start warming up to Claire. Later, Cole, Victoria, Claire, Johnny and Katie have family dinner at Society, while they were discussing today's events with Harrison.


  • Claire’s astrological sign is Scorpio, just like her mother Victoria and her sister Katie.