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Crystal Porter
Morgan Obenreder as Crystal .JPG
Morgan Odenreder as Crystal Porter
''The Young and the Restless''
Current status Current; Guest
First appearance July 31, 2017
Full name Crystal Porter
Gender Female
Occupation Former Sex Slave (forced)
Siblings Tessa Porter

Crystal Porter is played by Morgan Obenreder, and appeared by from July 31, 2017 to November 20, 2017. Obenreder will reprise the role temporarily starting on May 13, 2022.




Crystal was a young woman caught up in a sex trafficking ring. She phoned a call centre, and the call was answered by Sharon Newman. Sharon tried to encourage Crystal to go to the police, but the call was disconnected. Crystal phoned the call centre, and talked with Sharon again. Sharon was in the process of finding out where Crystal was, but the call was once again disconnected.

Nick Newman found Crystal hiding behind a dumpster at The Underground. He took Crystal to his office, and Chelsea Newman attempted talk to her. Sharon found out Crystal was at The Underground, and got her to open up about the fact that she had been forced into prostitution, but after Sharon left, she had disappeared.

Crystal later called her older sister Tessa Porter, and asked for help. The call got disconnected, and Crystal called Sharon, who attempted to help her escape, but a man forced Crystal to come with him. Crystal was taken back to a house where she was reunited with her handler Alice Johnson and lied about being happy to be back in the fold. Alice tells Crystal how much she means to her.

Alice tells Crystal that the boss wants to meet her after seeing her picture. The boss (Zack Stinnett) comes over, and tells Crystal she is doing a good job. He asks for a moment alone with Crystal, and Alice leaves. Zack asks Crystal why she ran away, and Crystal said she just wanted to see a family member of hers. Zack asks if it was Tessa and says they got acquainted in New York, and tells Crystal she'll just get in the way of Tessa's dreams. Zack tells Crystal not to have anymore contact with Crystal.

Alice tells Crystal she is being sent away and assures her it is not punishment. Crystal thanks Alice of always being so good to her, and they hear a knock at the door. Alice sends Crystal upstairs, and Crystal hears Tessa's voice at the door. Alice gets rid of Tessa, and then Crystal is handed over to a man named Leon and sent away.


Leon takes Crystal back to New York City, but then gets a call from Alice, who tells her that Zack wants him to bring Crystal back to Genoa City. Leon brings Crystal back to Genoa City, and hands her over to Alice. He heard a sound, and grabs Sharon Newman from the bushes. Mariah Copeland throws a rock at Leon, and Alice grabs his gun. She lets Leon go. Crystal realizes that Tessa, Sharon, and Mariah set all this up to rescue her. Crystal runs into Tessa's arms and hugs her sister.

Crystal wanted her and Tessa to leave town immediately, and feared that Zack would come after them. Sharon assured Crystal she would be save and protected. Sharon called Paul Williams, who was the chief of police. Paul told Crystal he wants to help her and ask for help in identifying the person running the sex trafficking ring. Crystal said she didn't know much and mentioned her friend Natalia.

Paul wanted to place Crystal in witness protection, and Tessa wanted to go with her. Mariah didn't want her to, and Crystal agreed that since Tessa had built a life for herself in Genoa City, she should stay there. Crystal returned to town a month ago, having fled the safe house cause she saw the Sam car parked outside where she was staying multiple times.

Zack has been identified as the mysterious boss, and Tessa remembered that Zack had frequented the massage parlour Tessa had worked, and wondered if he had grabbed Crystal. Crystal said that Alice was the one who recruited her and blamed herself for trusting Alice. Tessa assured her sister it wasn't her fault.

On the day Zack and Abby Newman were set to launch their Design Date dating app, Tessa assured Crystal that Zack will pay for his crimes before heading off to her gig at Newman tower. Abby and Scotty Grainger confirm that Zack will be there and encourages Crystal to confront him. Crystal says she will need a suitable outfit.

Crystal and Sharon lie in wait and then confront Zack, along with Scotty and Sharon. Crystal accuses Scott of running a sexy trafficking ring, but he denies it, so Crystal gets up on the mic and says Desige Dates is an app that will be used to traffic girls, and it was being funded by Newman Enterprises.

Dina Mergeron and Nikki Newman get into a fight, and Zack uses that to escape with Abby. Crystal worries about how dangerous Zack will be and takes off. Crystal finds Zack holding a gun on Abby and Scotty, and shoots him in the back with the gun Tessa gave her. Zack dies and Crystal flees. Crystal went on the run because she could face murder charges for killing Zack.

Crystal gets in touch with Tessa and she leaves town to be with her sister. Tessa eventually returns to town cause she has truly fallen in love with Mariah. Crystal remained on the lamb and hadn't been seen or heard from since.


Returning for Mariah and Tessa's wedding

In 2022, when Mariah and Tessa were set to get married, Tessa asked Sharon to walk her down the aisle since Crystal was still on the run. Crystal called Tessa, and told her she could make the wedding, and it was revealed that Sharon's recently deceased husband detective Rey Rosales had gotten the charges against Crystal dropped.

On May 13, Crystal showed up at Tessa and Mariah's place and shared a touching reunion with her sister. Crystal talked about how great it was to feel like a free woman and regretted that she would never be able to thank Rey for what he did for her. Mariah thought Crystal's timing was perfect since she was going to sleep over at Sharon's for the night, so Crystal can keep Tessa company.

Crystal and Tessa caught up with each other as they went though various shades of lip gloss and Crystal expressed her joy that Tessa was getting married to a woman she loves.