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Fairview Sanitarium is an institution where people, who have mental health issues, go to get help.


In 2009, Sharon Newman was admitted to Fairview where Adam Newman stole her daughter, Faith Newman, to give to Ashley Abbott. In 2012, Daisy Carter admitted herself to Fairview, under an alias, to get away from Ricky Williams. In early 2015 Phyllis Summers Abbott was in Fairview briefly, because Jack and her sister were trying to keep her out of prison while Cricket was trying to go after her.

Sharon returned to Fairview in late 2015 after she had a miscarriage. Sharon was acting manic because she was lying to her family about losing the baby and trying desperately to get pregnant again. She admitted herself to continue the ruse, as well as reassure her family that she has alright.

In Fairview, Sharon met up with Patty Williams, and was primarily cared for by Dr. Anderson. Fairview seemed to have some corruption going on though as Dr. Anderson, even after learning Sharon wasn't pregnant, acted like she was and even gave Sharon hallucinogenic drugs to make her think that she was. She also had an orderly lock Patty in her room when she suspected something strange was going on.