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Faith Newman
YR Faith.jpg
Reylynn Caster as Faith Newman
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Lutsky Twins (2009-2011)
Madison and Brynn Bowie (2011)
Mckenna Grace (2013–2014)
Alyvia Alyn Lind (2011–2013, 2014-2021)
Reylynn Caster (2021- )
Current status Present, Recurring
Duration 2009—
First appearance September 30, 2009
Created by Maria Arena Bell
Hogan Sheffer
Scott Hamner
Introduced by Maria Arena Bell
Family Collins, Newman
Full name Faith Cassidy Newman
Nickname(s) Squirt (by Mariah)
Alias(es) Faith Colleen Newman
Namesake(s) Cassidy Newman
Gender Female
Born September 30, 2004 (originally 2009 then 2006)
Age 16
Occupation Student
Residence Newman Cottage
421 Larkspur Trail, HWY B
Genoa City, Wisconsin
Parents Nick and Sharon Newman
Siblings Cassie Newman (maternal half-sister; deceased)
Mariah Copeland (maternal half-sister)
Noah Newman (older brother)
Summer Newman
(paternal half-sister)
Christian Newman (paternal half-brother)
Grandparents Victor Newman
Nikki Newman
Doris Collins
Aunts and uncles Vicky, Abby, Adam Newman & Dylan McAvoy
First cousins Reed Hellstrom
Johnny Abbott (adoptive)
Connor Newman
Katie Newman
Christian Newman
Pets Patches the horse

Faith Cassidy Newman is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, currently portrayed by Reylynn Caster. She was previously played by Alyvia Alyn Lind from 2011-2021 and Mckenna Grace from 2013-2014.


Faith is the daughter of Nicholas and Sharon Newman. She has an older brother named Noah Newman.

Through her father, Faith has an older sister named Summer Newman, who was born on December 18, 1994, and a younger brother named Christian Newman, who was born on October 7, 2015.

Through her mother, Faith has two older sisters named Cassie Newman and Mariah Copeland, both born on January 16, 1991, but Cassie died on September 2, 2005 in a car accident at the age of only 14 years old.

Years before her birth, Nick and Sharon's late daughter, Cassie Newman, prophesied the little girl's birth. Nick had a child with Phyllis Summers, whom everyone thought was the little girl for a while, before Sharon became pregnant. Although she knew that the baby was Nick's, Sharon lied and said that the baby was Jack Abbott's, because she wanted Nick to focus on he and Phyllis's daughter, Summer, who had been poisoned. However, it wasn't long before the secret came out.

Nick's brother, Adam Newman, accidentally caused his stepmother, Ashley Abbott, to miscarry. He made her think that she was pregnant, however, but worried that the truth would come out. Meanwhile, after suffering from blackouts, Sharon went to a psych ward, and so did Ashley. On September 30, 2004, Sharon gave birth to a healthy baby girl that was soon snatched by Adam and given to Ashley. Sharon and Nick believed that their baby was dead, when in fact she was being raised right under their noses.

When Faith was about 6-months-old, Phyllis became suspicious of Adam. She found that he was blackmailing a doctor, the doctor who delivered Sharon's baby, and the one who died after fighting with Adam. Phyllis also discovered that he wrote a note about Ashley's baby before he died. She put the pieces together and showed it to everyone. After a while, Ashley agreed to a DNA test, and tearfully gave her up when it showed who Faith really was.

Sharon ended up falling in love with Adam, which worried Nick. He decided to sue for full custody of Faith to keep her away from Adam. The judge turned him down, until Sharon was arrested for Skye Lockhart's murder. They went to court and fought it out, but Sharon ended up having to give up Faith. In 2012, Nick and Sharon went back to court to seek joint custody of Faith. But in 2014, it was revealed that Nick was Summer Newman's biological father. Sharon revealed that she had tampered with the DNA results. After this, Nick intended to get full custody of Faith, because he was afraid that Sharon might go of her medication again and hurt Faith. Without thinking, they went to court, and Nick won full custody of Faith with Sharon receiving visitation rights.

In 2015, Faith had the honor of leading the Halloween parade in Newman Towers. Later the building caught fire. Faith survived with the other children.


Faith was a happy girl until her mom was diagnosed with cancer in January. Naturally, she was very worried about her mother's well-being. Sharon and Rey suggested that she should reach out to Trinity, a classmate whose mom had also had cancer. Nothing seemed to alleviate her worries though and Faith started to have problems at school. 

Sharon eventually had surgery and things were looking up, but by that point, Faith had been hanging out with an older girl named Jordan who was a bad influence. An exposé about Adam was also released, which mentioned how he kidnapped Faith as a baby. A few cyberbullies started mocking her online and this took a toll on her as well. She didn't even seem excited about Sharon's upcoming wedding to Rey, feigning enthusiasm and interest. 

Faith continued to do shady things like sneaking out of the house and drinking alcohol. Phyllis noticed that Faith was hungover and told Nick. He had a conniption and reminded Faith of Cassie's accident, as well as Nikki's addiction. Faith promised not to do anything risky like that again. Unfortunately, Jordan kept leading her astray. The older teen tried to goad Faith into stealing alcohol from Society, and she almost gave in to the peer pressure. Thankfully, Faith couldn't go through with it in the end. After the failed theft, Jordan began to give Faith the cold shoulder and made up excuses to avoid her. This prompted Faith to take alcohol from Sharon's house in the hopes of getting back into Jordan's good graces.


The bullies up their game

No one ever found out that Faith had given Jordan a water-bottle full of alcohol at Sharon and Rey's wedding. However, Sharon and Rey soon became suspicious when they found a Vodka bottlecap in the couch cushions. Faith denied that she had been drinking again and became defensive. She wasn't an alcoholic, and she didn't need therapy! But then the school expelled her for finding Vodka in her locker. Faith claimed to have been set up, but her parents were even more skeptical now. Sharon was particularly worried that Faith was on a bad path and started looking into potential counselors. Sharon also went to Nikki for advice and filled her in on Faith's alcohol problem. Nikki reached out to Faith to warn her about the evils of drinking, but this just seemed to make matters worse.

Sharon had started to catch on that Jordan was a bad influence and may have been the instigator in Faith's drinking. So, Sharon asked Jordan to leave Faith alone from now on. Faith was aware of Jordan's faults, but was still distraught to lose her only friend. Faith became even more upset by a photo of Adam kissing Sharon, which was circulating the internet. It seemed that another cyberbully had posted it to target Faith specifically. Sharon explained that Adam had taken her by surprise, and Faith was angry that the bullies had dragged her mother into the mess. With Lola's help, they found the busboy who had taken the photo. It was also revealed that Faith had been telling the truth about the Vodka in her locker. The person who'd planted it was reprimanded, and Faith's expulsion was overturned.

Sharon and Nick finally had a breakthrough with Faith when they learned about the cyberbullies that had been tormenting her. At first, Faith was reluctant to give up their names, not wanting to be a snitch. Lola told her that if the bullies realized they could be punished and held accountable, it might deter them from acting that way again. Summer, having been a cyberbully at one point, also weighed in and gave Faith her two cents. Faith's tormentors might be just as misguided as Summer had once been. After much thought, Faith eventually told Nick the bullies' names and got a new phone so that they couldn't text her anymore.

Secret admirer subterfuge

Somehow, a mysterious guy got ahold of Faith's new number. He gave her compliments but never revealed his identity, even when Faith asked. He merely sent a shrugging emoji of a boy. Faith felt like a screw up, but this guy thought she was a brave warrior for standing up to the bullies. Around the same time, some knickknacks went missing around the house, and Faith mistakenly believed that her mom was accusing her of stealing. Sharon also brought up the possibility to Nick that Faith could have bipolar-induced kleptomania. On the stairs, Faith was eavesdropping and overheard her parents' conversation.

Faith felt more alone than ever. Her friends were nonexistent, and her parents still didn't trust her. She ignored the rules of internet safety and wanted to meet up with the unknown male that had been texting her. Initially, the secret admirer didn't express any interest in meeting up, but he later changed his mind and arranged to see Faith at Crimson Lights. At least it was in a public place, and Nikki went with Faith for extra backup. In the end though, the secret admired never showed up. He texted Faith to apologize, explaining that his parents were super strict. He hadn't been able to get away, though he promised they would try to meet again soon. Faith was bursting with curiosity and asked for a hint in the meantime. The boy revealed that they had no classes together, but they did know each other.

While in the Hospital after surviving a car crash, after learning that she was catfished by her former friend, Jordan and other students, she became distressed that she picked up some vodka and took her grandfather's truck and crashed into the tree. Faith was saved by her uncle Adam, who saw the crash near by and took her to the hospital, where she suffered damage to the kidneys, broken ribs and head trauma. She later meets the late Neil Winters' son Moses, who was looking for his cousin Nate. After Moses introduced himself to Faith, he tells her that his father Neil knows her parents and her grandparents. Moses made Faith laugh until his cousin arrives to check on Faith, then he say goodbye to Faith and he left with Nate to go to Devon's place.

Car crash aftermath

While recovering at home, Faith asked her mom if she wanted to watch a movie together. Sharon loved that idea and went to make a snack. As Sharon prepared the popcorn in the kitchen, there came a knock at the door. Faith went to answer it, and was shocked to see Jordan. What on earth was she doing there? Jordan said she felt terrible and came to say sorry, but Faith wasn't having any of it. What if she had died in the car crash? An apology didn't quite cut it. Faith said she never wanted to see Jordan's face again and kicked her out. Sharon returned from the kitchen and said that Faith had handled that beautifully. With Jordan out of the picture, Faith focused on finding some better friends. Although grounded, Faith was allowed to meet up with Moses, who wasn't put off by her drinking debacle.

Luckily, Faith was cleared of stealing Sharon's knickknacks, but the crimes she did commit were far more serious. Underage driving and drunk driving were a catastrophic combination. She was ready to own up to her mistakes though and appeared in court with Christine. The judge ruled that Faith had to pay a fine and do community service, as well as attend rehab. Sharon was proud that her daughter had been so brave and mature. Afterwards, Faith had to go back to school for her afternoon classes and was not looking forward to facing her classmates again. Everyone would surely be staring at her, not to mention that there might still be some lingering wrath from her bullies.

When Faith returned to school, a boy named Wayne confronted her in the hallways. He was quite furious about Jordan's expulsion since they had been lab partners, and he needed her notes. Blaming Faith for the situation, he called her a loser. With perfect timing, Moses appeared and threw some insults back at Wayne. It was seriously lame to taunt a girl who had just come out of the ICU. In Moses' opinion, Wayne was the real loser. Speechless, Wayne slunk away. Faith was very grateful that Moses had defended her but said that she could fight her own battles. Moses thought that he probably did Wayne a favour, because Faith would have been much harsher!

Delayed health crisis

While at Crimson Lights with her mother and grandmother, Faith collapsed on the floor. After she woke up, she was drinking water in a chair, when Nick summons Elena nearby to see what the problem might be. After Elena finds out Faith has a fever, Sharon worried it might be related to the thallium that was found in the house, but Elena won’t want to rely on guesswork. But, they need to get Faith to the hospital. Nate arrives to deliver those difficult answers that Faith has a post-infectious AIN – or acute interstitial nephritis. Faith’s immune system has its wires crossed, so it’s attacking her kidneys.

Nate will explain that Faith is sick because her kidneys are failing and will talk about a specialist confirming the diagnosis through a renal biopsy soon. Sharon and Nick come in Faith’s room, they’ll explain the infection situation and how her body’s fighting too hard. Nick and Sharon will stay upbeat as they talk about waiting on a treatment plan.

Next, Nate sits down with Nick alone to talk about what the nephrologist said. They’re going to attack the infection first and try steroids. Unfortunately, the kidney damage may be irreversible. Nate will talk about dialysis as an option, but Nick hates the idea of Faith giving up 12 hours per week – potentially for the rest of her life. Nate explains that another option is a kidney transplant, but the waitlist is five to 10 years. The alternative is to find a living donor who’s a closer match and willing to give up one kidney. Nate adds that it’s best if it’s a close relative – one with a compatible blood type to minimize the chance of infection.

On April 30, it was revealed by Victor that Faith and her uncle Adam shared the same rare blood type, which was discovered when he was shot by Chloe Mitchell after his return to Genoa City in 2019.

Maladies and Injuries

  • Smoke inhalation caused fatigue in a fire and an explosion.
  • Survived a car crash and suffered damage to the kidneys, broken ribs and head trauma.
  • Has post-infectious AIN – or acute interstitial nephritis (due to the infection in the kidneys), which is required a kidney transplant.



Y&R Nick Sharon & baby Faith 09-30-09

Faith is born and stolen


  • Faith plays soccer/football. Her position is forward (May 24th, 2019).
  • Faith and her uncle Adam Newman shared the same rare blood type (April 30th, 2021).
  • Her favourite pie is apple. (November 19th, 2021)