The Fenmore family (2013) (L to R: Fenmore, Lauren, Michael)

The Fenmore family is a fictional family from the CBS Daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless. The Fenmores are a wealthy family within the series known for their family business, Fenmore's Boutique. The family is currented represented by sisters Jill Abbott Fenmore, Lauren Fenmore Baldwin and their children. Jill and Lauren run the family business, Fenmore's, together. Fenmore Baldwin was named in honor of this family.

Family Members

Family members currently on the show are represented in bold. Spouses are in italics.

First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation


1. Neil Fenmore (deceased)
   Unknown woman (deceased) 
   2. Jill Abbott Fenmore
      Phillip Chancellor II (deceased)
      3. Phillip Chancellor III
         Nina Webster
         4. Chance Chancellor
      John Abbott
      3. Billy Abbott
         Chloe Mitchell
         4. Delia Abbott (deceased)
         Chelsea Lawson
         4. Johnny Abbott
         Victoria Newman
         4. Katie Newman
   Joanna Manning
   2. Lauren Fenmore Baldwin
      Scott Grainger
      3. Scotty Grainger
      Michael Baldwin
      3. Fenmore Baldwin