Genoa City at Night

Genoa City at night. (As seen in the 10 June, 2014, episode.)

Genoa City, Wisconsin was a city in the north central part of the United States.


Genoa City was recognized as a global city because of its importance in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, arts and international trade. Within the city boundaries were many office buildings, a major international airport and a top hospital. Genoa City also happened to be home to many large companies including large conglomerates.


The internationally known Jabot Cosmetics was famous for their colognes and perfumes, with "Ashley" being one of their best sellers. Their Glo by Jabot ad campaign was nationally recognized for incorporating local teens in a summer long campaign a la "Real World". Newman Enterprises, headed by world renowned business tycoon Victor Newman, is a conglomerate that not only competes with Jabot via their Beauty of Nature Cosmetics line, but also has interests in real estate, medical research and acquisitions. Chancellor Industries, headed by Katherine Chancellor for many years, was another powerhouse conglomerate. You would also find the home office of Fenmore's Department Stores, headed by Lauren Fenmore and Jill Fenmore.


Genoa City boasted four star hotels such as the Genoa City Hotel and the Genoa City Athletic Club which was a hotel/athletic club/restaurant. Near the GCAC you would find the most popular coffee shop in town, Crimson Lights.

Genoa City was popular for tourism. Local attractions included a large lake where activities such as ice fishing, swimming and other water sports were enjoyed. On the outskirts of the city, visitors could rent cabins for quiet getaways. Although winters were harsh, many residents utilized the lakes and cabins for spending time with family and friends.

Throughout the city you could find many homes including condominiums, basic houses, farms and lush estates. Two prominent estates are the Abbott Mansion, where the founder of Jabot Cosmetics John Abbott lived, and the Chancellor Estate, home of Katherine Chancellor and Jill Fenmore. The other major residence of note was the Newman Ranch, home to Genoa City's most prominent citizen, Victor Newman, and his family. Both the Chancellor Estate and the Newman Ranch enjoyed stables, horses and plenty of land for riding.


Public schools included Genoa City Elementary and Genoa City High School. Walnut Grove Academy was a private school that was attended by many of the children of wealthy families. The local Genoa City University was also known simply as GCU.


As was typical for a city this size, the city had a range of crime issues from petty crime and corporate sabotage to kidnapping and murder. Some crimes have never been solved and the cases have gone cold.

The city's climate while fairly calm had been going through yearly storm surges. Usually the winter was a time most of the city was forced to shut down and come to a complete halt.

In November 2007 there was a major incident at the Clear Springs Project that involved the collapse of a major underground parking structure and casino that killed one person and injured many others. There were outstanding lawsuits surrounding this issue and Victor Newman's drilling company.

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