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Genoa City University (also called GCU) was a higher education institution in Genoa City.


In 1986, Katherine Chancellor persuaded Phillip Chancellor III to enroll in Genoa City University rather than return to boarding school. The new academic year began with both Cricket Blair and Phillip enrolling at Genoa City University.

In 1997, Megan Dennison was a college student at Genoa City University, who then got an apprenticeship at the Genoa City Chronicle.

JT Hellstrom assisted Paul Williams with his detective work on various cases while attending Genoa City University.

In 2006, a more manipulative and slightly edgier Colleen returned to Genoa City and transferred to Genoa City University. Sierra Hoffman attended Walnut Grove Academy along with Lily Winters and Collen then went to the Genoa City University afterwards. On September 18, Colleen met her art history professor, Adrian Korbel, at Genoa City University. Only days before Genoa City University's fall semester was to start, Daniel Romalotti and Lily rushed to register.

Devon Hamilton graduated high school with honors and was accepted to Genoa City University.

In November 2009, Dr. Emily Peterson took a job with the Psychology Department of Genoa City University (funded, much to her initial anger, by Jack Abbott through the Abbott Family Foundation) and planned to stay in town to continue to treat Patty Williams' psychosis as well as take on new patients.

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