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George Rawlins

George Rawlins was portrayed by Jonathan Farwell.


George Rawlins was the wealthy owner of Ra-Tech.

In 1988, private detective Paul Williams fell for a mysterious and beautiful woman named Cassandra Hall. One evening, while dining at the mansion of his client George Rawlins, the wealthy owner of Ra-Tech, Paul was shocked when introduced to his much younger wife "Cassie" who turned out to be Cassandra Rawlins but Cassandra and Paul didn’t let on that they knew each other. Cassandra carried on with Paul while married to George. While George and Paul were socializing in Cassandra's absence, George confided in Paul that he feared his young wife would leave him since he was impotent and asked Paul to sire a child for them.

Paul refused. When confronted by Paul the next day, Cassandra insisted that she loved only him and was willing to divorce George. Cassandra then asked George for a divorce to be with Paul causing George to have a heart attack. During George's hospitalization, his doctors informed him that he was suffering from a terminal illness. After George recovered he was bent on revenge against Paul and Cassandra. In a twisted act of revenge, George arranged to argue with Paul in front of Victor Newman. George plotted to have himself killed and make it look as if Paul had murdered him.

In 1989 after George died, Paul was arrested. Upon hearing about George's death, Victor wisely guessed that his friend Paul had been set up. When it appeared that all hope was lost and Paul would be convicted of George's murder, Paul and his father decided to fake Paul's suicide. Soon after Cassandra began being haunted by Paul's "ghost", she confessed that on the night that George was murdered she was knocked unconscious. When she awoke, there was a gun in her hand and her husband was dead. With Cassandra's help, Victor came up with an elaborate plan to get her lover, Adrian Hunter, to return to the States so he could be arrested for George's murder.

When Adrian arrived, Victor and Paul captured him. Carl Williams arrested Adrian and succeeded in exposing him as George's killer. It wasn’t long before Cassandra set her sights on Brad Carlton, but he only had eyes for Ashley Abbott who had just turned down his marriage proposal. So Cassandra offered Brad a job at Ra-Tech, the company she inherited when George died. Cassandra offered Brad Carlton a job at Ra-Tech, the company she inherited when George died.

In 1990, Adrian Hunter was convicted and sentenced for murdering George.

Brittany Norman was George's niece.