Gina's (also called Gina's Italian Restaurant, Gina's Place) was an ethnic eatery in Genoa City.


Gina's was owned by Gina Roma.

After spending five years in prison for her crimes conning people, Gina got a job working at Jonas'. The owner of Jonas', Jonas, left town and sold the business to Gina. Gina opened Gina's, an upmarket restaurant which became Genoa City's most popular eating establishment. Gina continued to own and run Gina's for many years, Genoa City's gathering spot, renowned for its excellent Italian food, entertainment and dance floor. She was always there to greet and seat the guests, sing a song now and then, listen to customer's woes or pass on a message, give a newcomer a room upstairs, give a new singer a break and conveniently overhear conversations which kept her in the know of all of Genoa City's residents.

She was a good friend to most of them, especially Katherine Chancellor, with whom she held open her restaurant each Thanksgiving with free food for the homeless. Singers to grace the Gina's stage have included Danny Romalotti, Lauren Fenmore, Callie Rogers, Ryan McNeil and John Abbott. John joined Gina in song now and then.

However, tragedy struck in 2003 when the deranged Kevin Fisher set the restaurant on fire, after locking Colleen Carlton inside. Gina received a call that her restaurant was on fire. They rushed to the scene and witnessed the place fully engulfed in flames, unaware that the fire had been set by Kevin in an attempt to murder John's granddaughter Colleen. Colleen was rescued in time, but Gina's livelihood was gone. Gina lost not only her restaurant, but also her home above the dining room.


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