Brendan burns

Brendan Burns

Glenn Richards was portrayed by Brendan Burns.


Glenn Richards was the district attorney for Genoa City.

In 2001, On a trip back from Florida, unknown to Megan Dennison and Tony Viscardi, they were driving a stolen vehicle and were arrested. They got off on all charges because Tony pleaded with Glenn to get Megan off. Richards bought Tony's plea, which Megan found out about later.

In 2005, in the office of (now) district attorney Glenn Richards, a reporter by the name of Ms. Saundra King entered to interview Mr. Richards. 'Ms. King' began discussing the Dominic Hughes case. The charade continued... was Richards suspicious? Disguised as a reporter from Georgia, Phyllis talked to Glenn about the possibility of including Dominic in a story she was writing about parole violators. She pointed out that it was a compelling story knowing that the D.A. took the word of a convicted felon in violation of his parole over the father of a murdered son. When Glenn told her that their meeting was over, she said that was okay. She still had to get a different side of the story from the attorneys, Christine Blair and Michael Baldwin.

Phyllis said she thought she'd given Glenn something to think about. Jack Abbott ran into Phyllis at the Genoa City Athletic Club restaurant. When he heard about her latest scheme to disguise herself as a reporter and rattle Glenn, he was frustrated and disapproving.

Paul Williams called Hank Weber into his office to talk to him about Damon Porter's case. Paul wondered if Hank was as gung-ho about going after Damon as Glenn was. Later, Hank met Glenn at the GCAC restaurant to tell him that Dominic wasn't changing his story. When Michael walked up to the two men, Glenn spotted "Saundra," Phyllis's alter ego, talking to Christine. Michael pretended not to know what was going on, and, as Glenn complained about the publicity she could cause, Hank said there was something about "Saundra" he wasn't buying.

Victor Newman called district attorney Glenn Richards out to the ranch to push him into fast-tracking Daniel Romalotti's trial. Glenn told Victor that they were both on the same side. The DA told Victor that he was going to see what he could do.