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Jack and Phyllis
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Bergman and Stafford as Jack and Phyllis
The Young and the Restless
Current status Divorced, Friends
Duration 2001–present
Introduced by William J. Bell
Edward J. Scott
Family Abbott, Summers
Alias(es) Phack
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Bergman and Stafford as Jack and Phyllis
Spouses 2001–04, 2015-2016
I did fight hard for him...and I lost.
— Phyllis to Lauren about Jack

John "Jack" Abbott, Jr. and Phyllis Summers Abbott are fictional characters and a couple from the CBS Daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless. Jack is portrayed by Peter Bergman and Phyllis is portrayed by Michelle Staford and formerly Gina Tognoni.Jack is the son of John Abbott and Dina Mergeron. Phyllis is the daughter of George Summers and Lydia Callahan.

Phack is the nickname given to the relationship between Jack Abbott and his now ex-wife Phyllis Summers Abbott.

Jack liked to call her Red.


Background and the accident

Phyllis and Jack first began their relationship in the early 2000's, and were married from 2001-2004. In 2004 they divorced after Phyllis had an affair with Nicholas. When Phyllis became pregnant with Summer there was the possibility that either Jack or Nick could be the father, and later it was determined that Nicholas was Summer's father. It was later discovered that there was reason to believe that Jack was Summer's father and not Nicholas, and the DNA test came back in Jack's favor. Phyllis revealed this to Jack which was a big turning point in their relationship. Phyllis and Jack rekindled their love affair and on the night of Phyllis' accident he was planning to propose to her. In the hospital Jack does propose moments before Phyllis slips into a coma.

Jack's Red comes home

A little over a year later Phyllis wakes up and makes her way home to Genoa City where she makes her appearance at Nick and Sharon's wedding then passes out. While Phyllis is in the hospital Kelly moves out of the house, and Jack and Summer scramble to bring Phyllis' things out of storage and put new clothes in her closet. After a few days in the hospital Jack brings Phyllis home and refrains from telling her what has happened while she was gone; however this infuriates her as the lies continue to pile up from the people she loves, and she decides to go hunting on her own for information.

The first secrets come out

Phyllis finds Jack's tablet and confronts him with what she read online, though Jack took things from the house that were internet accessible. Jack tries to use the doctor excuse again, but Phyllis cuts him off, saying that: her doctor's don't live with him, that he asked her to marry him not some doctor, and that he didn't believe her when she said she wanted to know about everything that happened while she was gone no matter how trivial or shocking it might have been.

When Victor comes over to visit Phyllis, it's revealed that not only was he responsible for Phyllis receiving the treatment which brought her out of her coma, but the treatment itself was experimental. It's further revealed that Victor tricked Summer into signing the consent form, because he thought Jack would have objected to the treatment simply because the suggestion came from him. Jack and Summer worry about Phyllis suffering side effects of the treatment; while Victor further accuses Jack of not doing what he could to wake her up from her coma`.

Phyllis finds out about Summer and Austin's marriage when Ashley breaks the news by asking her how she likes her "handsome new son in law". Phyllis is not happy because her own daughter has lied to her twice already, when Summer brought Austin to the hospital to meet Phyllis she introduced him as her friend, then Summer said they were engaged. Summer defends her marriage to her mother saying that Jack, Nick, and others tried to break her relationship up and failed as will Phyllis. Jack advises Phyllis not to fight this battle with Summer who clearly has inherited her stubbornness, and to try and come to terms with the fact that Summer is an adult who is married. Jack then tells Phyllis not to believe Victor's accusations, and that he tried to move heaven and earth to help her. Phyllis tells Jack that she believes that he did try his best to help her.

The DNA truth comes Out

On the day of Nick and Sharon's wedding, after Nick, Noah, and Mariah left for the church; Phyllis showed up and took Sharon to the spot where she fell. Sharon finally remembered everything. When Victor, Jack, and Nick showed up; Sharon tearfully admitted she had switched the results of Summer's paternity test and that Nick was Summer's biological father. Summer and Nick were angry with not only Sharon, but Phyllis too and eventually Phyllis is forgiven.

This shocking revelation creates tension between the couple, because Jack felt that the way it was told could have been more private and that Phyllis was only thinking of getting revenge on Sharon. Phyllis tells Jack that she is sorry but this is the type of person she is: someone who lets her fear and anger blind her to everything, because she does crazy things and if Jack of all people doesn't know this about her she asks "Tell me who the hell you fell in love with!" the couple reconciles as Jack tells her that he fell in love with her: all of her craziness, stubbornness, passion, her beauty, and her firecracker personality. Phyllis discovers the relationship he had with Kelly while she was in the coma, and becomes controlling and manipulative. Phyllis keeps this information to herself hoping that Jack will admit it eventually.

Nick was furious with Sharon and vowed to never forgive her. Things got worse for Sharon when Nick told her he was suing her for full custody of Faith, so Sharon hired David Sherman to represent her.

Jack proposes and hires Phyllis

Phyllis finds her engagement ring and she tells Jack that she feels cheated because there was no proposal package:(romantic speech, bended knee, ring etc.), so Jack confesses how deeply he loves her, how he can honestly pledge forever to her, he then gets down on one knee and asks his Red to marry him, Phyllis is in tears as she accepts. The happy couple then make love. Later Jack hires her at Jabot as the new head of fashion.

More secrets comes out

After announcing their engagement Phyllis is in the park and talks with her best friend Michael Baldwin about her gripes with Jack keeping secrets from her. Later she visits Michael to check on her finances and make sure everything she has is still intact; however she gets a nasty surprise when she discovers that Jack sold her penthouse, put the money into a trust, and bought the large expensive apartment that her daughter and son in law live in. The true source of her anger however is not the penthouse, but Jack and Kelly, so Phyllis heads to the club where she confronts Kelly about her affair with Jack, and how she's known about it for quite some time. Phyllis picks a fight with Kelly and acts rudely towards her as Kelly fights back.

Summer finds her mother and admits that she has known about Jack and Kelly the whole time. Phyllis gets upset that her daughter has lied to her again, but Summer says that she didn't say anything because she didn't want her mother to get sick again. Phyllis calms down and tells Summer that she's not angry with her, she apologizes for getting upset and for putting her daughter in this situation. Phyllis tells Summer that she is very hurt by finding out not only about Kelly, but by the shock of finding out what occurred while she was gone.

Jack and Phyllis have it out

Upon returning home a furious Phyllis lights into Jack about his relationship with Kelly and for lying to her about it. Jack is angry that Phyllis knew about Kelly from hacking his phone and didn't say anything to him, but she was hoping that he would say something first. Phyllis is in tears and says that she knew there was something different about Jack and there it was "he had fallen in love with another women". Jack says that he was going to tell her about Kelly and Phyllis says "REALLY WHEN?!" as Jack uses the "doctor" excuse again, but Phyllis says that Jack didn't want to add to his distress. Jack replied that the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her after everything she had been through; however Phyllis says that he did hurt her as she feels that he: cheated on her, was ready to move on without her, and forgot about her. Jack accuses Phyllis of testing him since she knew about Kelly; however Phyllis says that she was waiting patiently for her fiancé to tell her the truth since he has been lying to her since she came home.

Phyllis is in tears as she asks Jack if he loved Kelly, and about her living with him, and sleeping with her, but Jack comes clean about how not having the woman he loved not responding to him, Summer or anyone else just broke his heart and that saying goodbye to her was the hardest thing he has ever had to do. Phyllis questions why Jack asked her to marry him, and Jack tells her that he asked her because she came back to him with all of her: fiery passion, vindictiveness, cunning, alluring, and incredible beauty. Jack further says that he loves her so much, needs her, and doesn't want to spend another day of his life without her.

Jack later discovers that Phyllis fired Sharon from Jabot and he stands by her decision since she is the head of fashion and who she wants to work with is totally up to her. Phyllis tells her daughter that she and Jack are handling their issues like mature adults, that he admitted that he should have told her about Kelly, that she has accepted that life went on without her while she was away, and that she understands that Jack needed companionship while she was away.

Later that day Phyllis comes home and tells Jack that Faith is missing, when she sees him with papers about being Connor's guardian, heaven forbid something should happen to Adam. Jack is conflicted by his feelings, and even more so since Adam Newman was just in his living room...alive. Phyllis suspects that there's more to why Jack pulled out the guardianship papers on little Connor; however Jack talks about the accident and Phyllis coming back, she replies that she is indeed back and is never going anywhere again...ever. Phyllis also comments that unfortunately Adam isn't coming back, and Jack looks conflicted and worried, because he was the first to find out that Adam is alive.

With Hilary & Lily's help Phyllis sets up romantic time for her and Jack by: renting a suite at the club, sending him a note telling him to meet her in room 702, dusting the room with roses, playing music, and setting the final tone by putting on a sexy red nightie and laying on the bed waiting for her fiance. However the plan went awry when Jack went to the desk clerk who gave him two champagne glasses and told him to go to room 802, Jack listened to the clerk instead of his instincts to go to 702. When he arrived in room 802 there were roses on the bed, champagne, music etc. and a blindfold; however he got a surprise when Kelly kissed him. Jack is shocked and angry as he hops put of bed and begins getting dressed as he and Kelly accuse each other of sending a note that Kelly received telling her to meet Jack in this room.

The Holidays

Jack and Phyllis spend Christmas first at home alone, then Summer and Austin come to visit with a special gift for her mom: a video of the events she missed while in her coma. The gift touches Phyllis deeply, and she tells Austin that she appreciates the video and the thought he put into making it for her. Later the couple are home alone when suddenly the power goes out; then they make love in the dark by the fireplace. They finally join everyone at the coffeehouse and enjoy fun Christmas time with their friends and family.

For New Year's the couple makes plans to go to the party at the Athletic Club to celebrate with their friends and family. Jack leaves first, and Phyllis plans to meet him there after Summer shows up with a fashion emergency; however while Phyllis is on her way to the club, her car suddenly stops and she can't get it started as she realizes that she has mysteriously run out of gas, and she can't understand why this is happening since she recently filled the tank. Phyllis is more than angry and annoyed, and to make matters worse, when she goes to use her cell phone to check if she is near a gas station she finds that her phone is dead and this annoys her even more. Phyllis being one to never let anything get her down, then takes her purse, keys and phone and proceeds to walk to the club.

When Phyllis gets to the club, Jack has to literally keep her from ripping Kelly's head off, because she was hitting on Jack when Phyllis walked in. Jack calms her down and goes to get her a drink while she changes her dress; however when Kelly approaches Phyllis, she is called a bi$%h, and Phyllis accuses her of siphoning the gas out of her car so that she wouldn't make it to the club, and for purposely copying her dress. Kelly assumes Phyllis is spitting conspiracy, but Phyllis tells Kelly that if she wants a war then she has got it.

Later Phyllis shows up in a fire engine red dress, and the couple kiss and toast the new year, as well as their future together. Kelly looks on though from the stairs.

Phyllis leaves and is arrested

The next day, Jack tells Red he wants them both to go to a therapist. Phyllis admits she doesn't know if she poisoned Kelly. She doesn't remember doing it but she could've. Phyllis told the therapist she hates Kelly just like she hates Sharon and hundreds of other people. She admits she can lie, duck, and weave through things but this one she doesn't know if she poisoned Kelly. The therapist told her the first step in moving on is forgiveness and she needs to forgive Kelly. Phyllis left the room only to see Kelly and Jack hugging. Phyllis apologized to Kelly before she left. Phyllis had her bags packed and left Jack's house.

Phyllis appeared with her bags in Chancellor Park. Kelly appeared to meet Phyllis as she asked. Kelly warned Phyllis no more threats because she is being recorded and will go right to the police. Phyllis wanted to say that she was sorry. Kelly explained she already said that in the hospital before she left. Phyllis apologized for poisoning Kelly and Kelly was shocked. Phyllis explained she's leaving Genoa City and wants Kelly to take care of Jack. Phyllis left and Kelly walked off only for Phyllis to stay watching her. Kelly arrived at Jack's house and told him about Phyllis. Jack arrived in Chancellor Park and met up with Phyllis at the park bench and took her home.

Phyllis and Jack arrived home only for her to be set up when Michael Baldwin made himself present and Paul and Christine appeared to arrest Phyllis. Phyllis was furious and Jack sadly watched them take her away. Avery and Jack decided it would be better to put Phyllis in a mental facility, Fairview, instead of straight to prison. Phyllis was all freaked out by the place, and then Victor arrived there and was willing to have her temporarily move in with him and Nikki, much to the disliking of Nikki and Jack. Kelly kept trying to convince Jack, but Jack insisted they have no future and he wants to help and be with Phyllis. However Phyllis believes Jack has betrayed her, gives the ring back and tells him to leave her alone to think, Jack leaves but vows to put the ring back on her finger because he loves her deeply and will do whatever he must to make it up to her.

Victor's Plot

With Phyllis living at the Ranch, Victor continues to make her think that Jack doesn't really love or care about her, that he put her in Fairview on purpose, and that he wants to be with Kelly. Victor also goes to Kelly and tells her that he can help her get Phyllis out of Jack's life so that she can have him. Kelly is thrilled and goes along with the plan. Later When Jack tries to get Phyllis to see that Victor is using her, she tells Jack that she knows this, that she does not and will never trust Victor because she is not stupid, and that she is using him too.

Valentine's Day disasters

On Valentine's day while at Nick's club, Jack and Phyllis get into an argument after she accuses him of setting her up to act nutty in public so that she can beat the court case Christine and Paul are building against her. Later Jack runs into Kelly and the two make love in a storage room; however they are caught by Ashley who sees Kelly coming out of the room first followed by Jack.

Later that night due to the weight of the snow, the roof collapses trapping: Phyllis, Nick, Sage, Jack, Victor & Nikki in the rubble. Nick and Sage are rescued first; however Victor, Nikki, Phyllis and Jack are trapped elsewhere in the wreck, and when Victor finds Jack he isn't breathing but Victor gives him CPR and saves his life, much to Phyllis' relief. Jack apologizes profusely to his Red for not believing her, for betraying her with Kelly and for not doing more to help her. The couple then readmit just how much they love each other in the hospital after Jack is rescued, he also begs Phyllis to forgive him for doubting her and swears that he did not sleep with Kelly on Valentine's Day. Phyllis does forgive him, and Jack deletes Kelly's number from his phone.

At the Abbot Cabin tragedy strikes when Summer's husband Austin is found dead inside of a wrecked car. Phyllis finds out and rushes to her daughter's apartment where Kyle is with an inconsolable Summer; however Phyllis tells Summer that even though she wasn't a huge Austin fan that she will do whatever she can to see her daughter through this horrible time. Phyllis goes home and tells Jack about Austin and that Summer is in pieces and that she doesn't know how she will survive this, later Phyllis arranges the memorial service for Austin where it is revealed that Abby has been sleeping with Austin.

The Trial

While Phyllis is worrying about her daughter, she and Jack discover from Avery that Cricket has moved up the trial date, and intends to burn Phyllis in court. Jack and Phyllis are shocked, because they thought Christine was still in the hospital recovering from her accident; however Avery reveals that this is no longer true since Cricket has apparently been released from the hospital.

Phyllis believes that Christine is still bent on burying her in court even though she just lost her baby, which she can't believe since she and Jack have been through the same thing twice and know that the pain of losing an unborn child can bring one to their knees. Phyllis also says that while she feels awful about Christine losing her baby, she feels that Cricket is taking her pain, anger, and knowing that she can't do anything about it out on her, and that is just not fair.

Avery however, says that they are definitely going to trial and tries to reassure her sister by saying that she will make sure they are prepared. Jack tells Avery that he and Victor are working on a plan to ensure that Phyllis will be found not guilty. At the club Jack meets with Victor to find out what his plan is; however Victor is reluctant to reveal his "ace in the hole".

Later Jack brings Phyllis to the club so they can have dinner and relax together; however Christine follows them into the club and begins to harass Phyllis by telling her that she will bury her in court and put her away for the maximum sentence allowed by law. Jack steps in to protect Phyllis, and Paul arrives to stop Christine's rant, but she continues to go after Phyllis who says that while she is deeply sympathetic for the loss of the baby it had nothing to do with her.

Cricket tells her to dare not speak of her baby for this is not about Christine but about putting Phyllis away for life with the help of her witnesses. However Phyllis defends herself by saying that she didn't do anything, and realizes that the witness Christine was speaking of is Kelly; Jack says that Kelly's testimony is a pack of lies, Christine is sure that Phyllis will go to jail based on Kelly's story; however Kelly suddenly shocks everyone by saying that there will be no trial once they hear what she had to say.

Kelly confesses that she lied about the entire situation with Phyllis all because she wanted Jack back. Kelly apologizes profusely but Phyllis doesn't want to hear it and is further shocked that Christine isn't buying this confession but thinks Kelly is lying to take the fall for Phyllis.

Victor soon steps in and Paul arrests Kelly for filing a false police report, and takes her to the station; the charges against Phyllis have been dropped at long last. However in this happy moment Jack tells Phyllis how much he loves her, which she knows, and how glad he is that Kelly finally told the truth but he tells Phyllis that he knows what Victor is capable of, and that he feels responsible for much of what Kelly has been through. Phyllis is touched by her fiancé's compassion which is one of the things she loves about him; however she tells him that he's too kind for his own good, that Kelly is finally out of their lives, they are together, and that they can finally move forward. Jack says to Phyllis "Have I mentioned I love you?" they kiss as Jack takes her into his arms and holds her.

A few days later, Phyllis discovers from Avery that Kelly had mysteriously made $250,000 bail; Phyllis secretly leaves the house, and goes to the club to confront her and discovers that she plans to skip town; however when Phyllis threatens to notify the police of her plans Kelly whacks her over the head with a champagne bottle, knocking her out as Kelly leaves.

Meanwhile back at the Abbott house, Jack is worried about Phyllis and wonders where on earth she could be; Paul comes over to tell Jack about Kelly making bail and wants Phyllis to know also but Jack doesn't know where she is since her car is gone and he found no message. Jack calls Phyllis as Paul wonders if perhaps she found out about Kelly, something Jack does not want to think about; however when Phyllis finally answers the phone it's clear that something is wrong and Jack tells her to talk to him, tell him what's going on and where she is. Phyllis simply says "Kelly" and a look of worry immediately comes across Jack's face.

At the club Paul and Jack head up to Kelly's room and are shocked to find Phyllis lying on the floor; Jack bursts in to scoop up Phyllis who tells them what happened to her. While Jack is on the floor with Phyllis, Paul wants to call an ambulance to check her out; however Phyllis doesn't want an ambulance...what she wants is aspirin, for Kelly to stay in custody, and for her to be stopped from leaving the country. Jack tries to calm her down as Paul orders an APB to be put out on Kelly to stop her from leaving town and jumping bail. Jack and Phyllis go to confront Victor about him helping Kelly which he denies; however Jack and Phyllis don't believe this for a minute.

While Jack and Paul are out looking for Kelly , Phyllis has a nightmare while at home napping on the couch: she has just made an appointment to get her hair done, and when she hangs up the phone; Kelly has entered the house then threatens and eventually stabs her with a large carving knife, with the intent of killing her so that she can no longer have Jack.

When Jack comes home, Phyllis nearly impales him with a fireplace poker out of fear from her bad dream; Jack calms her down and tells her about Kelly jumping a plane to Abu Dhabi to escape jail time. Phyllis is horrified that Kelly is going to come back and either bonk her with another bottle or worse try and kill her; however Jack doesn't believe that Kelly is capable of murder, and tells her that Kelly would have to be crazy to come back to town.

Later Jack calms his love down and is giving her a foot rub as they discuss what they want for their wedding, Jack suggests doing it big to which she objects since she doubts many people would want to attend, then he suggests doing something small and intimate at home, and finally eloping: taking the Jabot jet, flying to a romantic island with them, a couple of witnesses and someone to marry them. Phyllis loves this idea, but then she isn't so sure about them eloping and Jack tells her that she has been resistant to marriage since he met her because she is afraid of her happiness being taken away from her. Jack calms her nerves by telling her "You deserve some happiness and dammit I'm going to get it for you, with or without a marriage license." Phyllis sighs as she tells Jack that she loves him, Jack says "I know you do". Phyllis tells Jack that he's supposed to say "Phyllis, I love you too". Then sweep her up in his arms, Jack says "How about I just show you?" and they kiss. Jack, then gets a phone call from Paul telling him that Kelly escaped from the Abu Dhabi police, which Phyllis is not happy to hear since this means Kelly is free.

Victor's plan to take Jabot

Victor pays Jack and Phyllis a visit with a highly generous offer to buy Jabot from Jack, and claims that since he and Jack head 2 of the most powerful companies in the world; if they combined their ventures then together they would be a major corporate power. Jack however, is no dummy and he turns down the offer saying that he will never sell Jabot to Victor; After he leaves Jack and Phyllis discuss that Victor has other motives for wanting to buy Jabot, and that he is setting Jack up for something major. Later Phyllis visits Victor to find out the truth about why Victor wants Jabot and exactly what his motives are; Nikki seems offended by Phyllis' accusation about Victor; however Victor doesn't deny that he wants Jabot nor does he deny knowing about Kelly. Victor then tells Phyllis and Nikki that Kelly Andrews is dead, which Phyllis doesn't believe saying that this would be a little too convenient; however Victor pulls out a picture to prove to her that what he's saying is true. Phyllis leaves and goes home as Victor tells Nikki in short that one day Jack Abbott will come to him for help, and that when he does it will cost him literally everything he owns. Phyllis arrives home and tells Jack that Kelly is dead; which he doesn't believe until she shows him the picture she got from Victor.

The next day Phyllis and Jack run into Stitch and Abby at the club and they tell Stitch about his sister, to which his response is pure anger and hatred especially for Phyllis and Jack who he blames for driving Kelly to this point. Phyllis reminds Stitch that Jack was already committed to her when he proposed to her; however Stitch smugly replies that she was in a coma and that doctors gave no hope that she would ever wake up, and clearly they were wrong. Jack and Phyllis return home where Jack once again blames himself for what happened to Kelly; however this make Phyllis furious as she tells Jack that if he blames himself for Kelly again, she promises to leave and never come back, because she is sick of hearing him sound regretful that he chose her over that "psycho blonde" and if he wants to wallow in that guilt then he's going to do it alone. Jack tells Phyllis that he doesn't want to feel this way anymore; however nothing will change the fact that he loves her, wants to marry her, and is in this with her forever, but Phyllis tells Jack that Kelly tortured her in life and she will not let Kelly torture her from the grave. Phyllis further says that she doesn't want to hear another word about Jack regretting the decisions he's made.

Phyllis and Jack make up

After the disaster at the Underground, Phyllis and Jack are still engaged and more in love than ever, since they realized that life is short and that they could have lost each other forever. The couple are back living together, and with the nightmare of Kelly behind them they are determined to move forward with their lives. Recently Jack reassured Phyllis and calmed her doubts about their relationship by telling her that he will never let her go or give up on her again, Phyllis made him swear that he means this, and he does by raising his right hand and saying "I do"' Phyllis responds by saying "I do too" she then asks Jack to give her the ring and watches happily as he puts it back on her finger where it belongs. The happy couple seal this with a kiss, Phyllis says that she wants a wedding with flowers, and the whole nine yards, and Jack says that by April's end she will be his wife. The couple are currently planning their wedding, and have spoken of plans to elope and have a romantic private ceremony.

The "Wedding" and Kidnapping

Towards the end of April, Phyllis and Jack got on a plane after an awards ceremony for Avery; and departed for the island of Bora Bora where they planned to be married in a romantic private ceremony. The happy couple stay at a fabulous hotel in a beautiful honeymoon suite; Phyllis changes into her beautiful form fitting wedding gown, and Jack can't believe how stunning his Red looks. Later a Minister comes and performs the ceremony and they officially become Mr. and Mrs. Jack Abbott. However later that night while Phyllis is taking a bath her husband is whacked over the head with a canoe oar, kidnapped by Kelly,and replaced by a Peruvian drug lord named Marco Annicelli who bears a striking resemblance to the real Jack Abbott.

Phyllis comes out of the bathroom in a fluffy robe, and when Marco takes her into his arms Phyllis can immediately sense that something is amiss and tries to get away from him; however Marco grabs Phyllis, throws her on the bed and has his way with her.

The Fake Jack Abbott

The real Jack Abbott was kidnapped and held hostage by his ex Kelly Andrews, who conspired with Victor to do this so that she could have Jack back. However Jack is resilient as he insists that he will starve to death before he ever gives up on his beloved Red again. Kelly then resorts to torture, drugging him, tying him to the bed, even making him think that they are married, and telling him that Phyllis is dead in order to make him forget about her.

While this is going on, back in Genoa City the fake Jack called "Yack" settles down into life with Phyllis and the rest of the Abbotts. Phyllis begins to notice that her "husband" is acting incredibly strange and doing things that the real Jack would never do such as: talking fluent Spanish in his sleep, drinking, acting as if he doesn't remember anything special about their relationship, and worse wanting to merge Jabot and Newman, as well as talking about trusting Victor Newman of all people. Eventually it is revealed that this fake Jack is actually a serial killer/crazed drug lord named Marco Anacelli whom Victor busted out of a prison in Peru in order to frame Jack for a bunch of crimes, and ruin his life once and for all. Marco continues to make slips and do things which keep arousing Phyllis' suspicion, and make her eventually question if her marriage to "Jack" is a lie, since he is soon lying to her about everything, and when she corners him and demands that he tell her the truth; Marco tells her partial truth which is enough to keep her at bay. However Phyllis is not a stupid person, and her suspicions continue to rise as she wonders about her "husband".

Later it is revealed that Marco is out to get Victor after he is arrested for embezzlement, and makes his bail. Summer thinks her mother is blind to what is going on; however Phyllis is quick to defend "Jack" that is until Summer makes her mother realize that something is seriously off with "Jack" and that she should think about how he's been acting lately. Phyllis then hugs her daughter and resolves to get some answers from her "husband", later Phyllis has a flashback to all of the times she caught "Jack" either in a lie or when he raised her suspicions.

The real Jack comes home

After being tortured by Kelly, and even attacked by the Island police, Jack was finally able to make his escape when he woke up one morning and found Kelly mysteriously dead in the bed; Jack then managed to get off the island and onto a boat that would eventually wind up in Genoa City, and the only thought on his mind is getting home to his wife.

When Marco's girlfriend Marisa; and Jack capture Marco's henchman who was supposed to kill them both, they force him to call Marco and tell him that Jack is dead and that he will take care of Marisa. In reality Jack and Marisa have the upper hand and force the man to get them off the island.

Later Jack Abbott walks into his home, and after taking a shower and changing his clothes; he runs into the one person he's been dying to see; his beautiful red, the love of his life. Phyllis asks him what he's doing home so soon as he's supposed to be at a meeting at the club; Jack replies that he wants to look at her, and as he hugs her; Phyllis seems to immediately know that she is in the arms of her Jack, and she says that he feels familiar, and that she knows that everything is going to be okay. Jack is about to tell Phyllis what happened to him, when Summer comes in and she is clearly furious with Jack for setting her grandfather up to be arrested. Phyllis reminds her daughter that Victor is no goody two shoes and that he's not always innocent; however Summer insists that Victor is innocent as Jack looks as if he's thinking about what Marco may be up to. Jack then gets a text from Marisa that Marco is at the club, and tells Phyllis that he has to go, and to hold on to that feeling she had when he held her.

Summer asks her mother just what is going on with Jack, and Phyllis is just as confused as she is and doesn't blame her daughter for her feelings. however Phyllis tells Summer that while there have been many times she has had to question Jack's behavior, and even if her marriage was a lie. Phyllis then says from the way he held her, and the way he looked at her right before Summer came in made all of her bad feelings just melt away; Summer asks what Jack said and her mother replies that it wasn't what he said, but it was their connection; that feeling when one knows the person they love deep in their bones, gut and heart. Phyllis tells her daughter that this is the closest she has felt to Jack in months.

Shooting in the Park

In July 2015, after Jack made his way home to his wife he winds up meeting Victor in Chancellor Park by sheer chance. In reality Victor was supposed to be meeting Marco as he had plans to kill him and end Marco's terror that he has been spreading to the Abbotts. When Jack shows up at the park, Victor believes he is talking to Marco; however when Jack reaches into his pocket to grab his phone and call the police, Victor takes out a gun and shoots Jack in the chest. Adam happened to see the whole thing, and when he goes to check on the man lying on the ground. He makes a horrifying discovery: Victor has shot the real Jack Abbott. Adam then calls 911 and gets Jack to the hospital; however when Phyllis hears about the shooting, she goes right to Victor's office and accuses him of having something to do with the bad state her husband is in; she also thinks that Victor woke her from her coma on purpose and then had ulterior motives to do harm to Jack. Victor of course denies everything, and since Victoria doesn't know what happened she sticks up for him; however Phyllis says that she expects Victor to lie but she hoped that Victoria would be honest with her.

At the hospital, Phyllis learns that Jack had to have emergency surgery to remove the bullet and that her husband has fallen into a coma. Phyllis is petrified with worry that her husband might die, so she sets out to get to the bottom of what is going on; Phyllis then tries to communicate with Jack by asking yes or no questions and getting him to squeeze her hand to respond to her. Whenever she said something that wasn't true, it set off the heart monitor, and once he was stabilized he fell back into being unconscious; Phyllis is beside herself with worry and so she decides to go to the jail and question Victor about what he knows. At the jail of course Victor admits nothing and he also lies about knowing the meaning behind the number 2 that Jack wrote to his wife, of which Phyllis has a clue, but not all the pieces of the puzzle.

Later Phyllis talks to Ashley and Nick about Jack writing the note and what it might mean, unfortunately Nick is more into protecting his father and Ashley couldn't get anything out of him either. Phyllis later talks to Nikki about the note and still she gets nowhere. Some time later while being treated by Stitch, Jack finally wakes up from his coma and while his wife is talking to him she asks him who shot him, and with a trembling hand he points to Victor who happens to be standing in the room. Phyllis follows her husband's hand and looks at Victor with anger, and fury in her eyes.

After Jack wakes up, Victor still thinks that the man he shot in the park is Marco and not the real Jack Abbott; however once Jack opens his eyes and confirms that he is indeed the real Jack, Victor sets out to blackmail Jack for the crimes he committed in order to escape the boat and get back home to his wife. But Jack is also angry at Victor for putting a crazed maniac like Marco into his life, family etc. Jack is most angry about Marco being with Phyllis, and threatens to expose Victor. Eventually the two agree that each will keep their mouth shut about what the other knows, which leads Jack to lie to his wife, brother and sister; however Phyllis knows more than anyone that Jack is lying to cover up something else.

Jack tells the truth

Not long after being reunited, Jack takes his bride on a second honeymoon; to St. Barts where they were married in order to make up for some serious lost time. While enjoying their trip, Jack breaks down and tells Phyllis about Victor, Marco, and the whole switch situation; Phyllis is shocked and furious to learn that she had been sleeping with Marco for the past few months, and that the man pretty much raped her while pretending to be Jack. Neither one blames the other for what happened; however they are both furious with Victor over what has happened to them and their marriage; Phyllis thinks that Jack may believe she cheated on him with Marco, but Jack feels no such way and in fact he even angrier about what happened to her.

More Trouble from Marco

Having been home for a while; Jack and Phyllis learn that Marco has not given up on taking over Jack's life or on trying to get his hands back on Phyllis, while this fills Phyllis with fear, Jack promises her that he won't let Marco get anywhere near her. The couple also comes up with a plan so that Phyllis can tell her husband from Marco: While on their second honeymoon they saw a beautiful church called the: Hagia Sophia from their room, and no one but the two of them would know the name of the church; Jack says that if she sees Marco, to casually ask him about the church, and if he can't name it then Phyllis will know it's not Jack.

During a blackout Phyllis and Jack learn that Marco is looking for them, and could be hiding anywhere. The couple head home where it's dark; Jack tells Phyllis to wait in her car and lock the door, but she refuses and Jack leaves to check their property.

Phyllis is alone in the living room when she hears footsteps, she calls Jack's name thinking it's him; however she gets a surprise when Marco walks into her living room from the kitchen. Marco tries to sweet talk her into thinking he's Jack; however when Phyllis asks him about the church they saw...Marco can't answer her question and instantly she knows that she is not talking to her husband, but Marco.

Marco advances on her telling her that he wants her, to "make love" to her like before; however Phyllis warns him to stay away from her, but he doesn't listen, and when he gets too close as if he's going to grab her neck; Phyllis kicks him, punches him and finally breaks a glass vase over his head knocking him out. When Jack comes back into the house Phyllis tells him what happened with Marco. Jack is horrified, and worse still Marco has somehow managed to get up off the floor and escape from their house. Jack holds his wife close thankful that she is ok.

Jack and Phyllis team up

During the month of August, Jack and Phyllis team up with Marisa in order to get Marco out of their lives for good, and to get back at Victor for what happened to them. With Marisa's help, Jack and Phyllis finally have Marco all tied up...literally. Jack talks to him first, and smacks him for gloating about raping his wife. When Phyllis arrives, she is ready to cut Marco's heart out, and Jack has to stop her. Victor soon arrives, and Jack plans too call the police and tell them about the shooting, Marco etc. However Victor reminds him that if he goes down, then him and Jack will go down together, since Jack committed murder to escape the island.

At first Jack doesn't care; however Phyllis grabs her husband and with tears in her eyes begs her husband to not do this to her: risk being extradited to the Islands and be in prison for life or worse killed. Jack asks her if they should let Victor get away with what he did to them, and Phyllis doesn't care about that anymore because she tells Jack that she can't live without him, that she loves him so much, she says "Baby, please don't do this to me!" all Phyllis wants is for the love of her life to be with her, finally Jack hugs his wife and tells her that he won't call the police. But he promises her that they will get Victor back someway for what he did to them.

Finally there's a knock at the cabin door, and three big tough mob looking guys enter and take Marco away back to the deep dark hole of a Peruvian prison where he belongs.

The Trouble with Ian Ward

While Mr and Mrs. Jack Abbott are on a romantic getaway at the Abbott Cabin, Phyllis happens to come across Ian Ward while she is taking a walk in the woods. Because she has been in a coma for a year, she doesn't know anything about Ian: what he did to her daughter, Nikki, etc. When she meets him, he tells her his name is Fred, that he's a recent widower, a fishermen, and that he's in the woods working on a book. Ian being the smooth talker that he is gets Phyllis to open up to him a little, and even comes to the cabin to cook for her. When Jack and Phyllis get back home, Ian winds up in Genoa City also and soon Phyllis is inviting him to dinner, to meet Jack etc. When Jack hears Ian's voice, he tells Phyllis that the voice sounds awfully familiar but he can't put his finger on why.

Later when the Paragon project is becoming a problem, Phyllis meets Ian in the park, because by now she has become suspicious of him. Ian swears that he has nothing to do with Paragon or Adam, and then he leaves. Once Ian walks off Phyllis is greeted by her daughter Summer who is shocked to see her mom talking to this psychopath; Phyllis tells her daughter that the man is "Fred" a friend of hers but her face turns into shock when Summer tells her mom that the man was Ian Ward who is supposed to be locked away in prison.

Phyllis asks her daughter just what she is talking about, and Summer tells her mom about everything that happened with Ian while she was in a coma including putting Summer in the hospital. Phyllis is furious and goes to the jail to confront Ian while Victor is there; however Ian pretends not to know who she is, but Phyllis see right through him and says in short that he should be more scared of her than Victor.

The Halloween Disaster

On Halloween, Jack and Phyllis attended a party for the Delia Project at Newman Enterprises in the tower ballroom. Jack is dressed as a vampire, and Phyllis as a witch. While there was merriment and Jack was enjoying dancing with his wife, Stitch suddenly comes running into the ballroom yelling about a fire on the lower floors. At first everyone thinks it's a joke, because there was no fire alarm; however soon it becomes apparent that this is no joke but a serious matter. There is a mad panic as everyone worries about their children who are on the lower levels with Nick, Sage, Mariah, and Kevin; Victor takes charge as Jack and Stitch head down to see exactly what's going on. Jack asks Billy to look after Phyllis in case he doesn't come back; however later Phyllis and Ashley go looking for Jack and Stitch, and wind up in the break room where they hear the sounds of helicopters coming to rescue people from the roof. The group makes plans for Jack and Phyllis to go to the lobby and check on the kids while Ashley and Stitch go to the roof; however shortly after leaving there is a huge explosion and Ashley and Stitch are caught in the flames while Jack and Phyllis are trapped in the break room. Phyllis begins to hyperventilate with panic, but Jack holds and comforts her. When Phyllis opens the door, she sees that the smoke is getting worse, and Jack goes to pull her away from the door; then there's banging on the door and it opens and to the couple's shock Patty Williams is standing in front of their faces. Dressed as a kitty cat. Jack and Phyllis can't believe what they are seeing and they begin to think that either they are hallucinating from the smoke or have passed out and don't know it.

Patty then pushes her way into the room and shuts the door. Soon Phyllis calls Patty a wacko which upsets her, and when Patty asks about Summer; Phyllis goes into mother mode telling Patty "Don't you ever go anywhere near my daughter!" given that the last time Patty saw Summer, she put her in the hospital and she nearly died from a severe allergic reaction to peanut butter. Jack tries to calm the tension by asking Patty to lead the way out and they will follow her, but Patty thinks it's a trick and that they will do nothing of the kind. Phyllis says that they just want Patty to be a team player, and that she owes them considering the last time she spoke to Phyllis she shot her husband. Patty then tells Jack that he can be so kind, but Phyllis can spit poison, she is also shocked that Jack is siding with his wife and that he seems all too happy to let her walk away. Jack then talks to Patty and tells her that he's not letting her go, that he was stupid to let her get away etc. Of course Phyllis knows that her husband is playing Patty so that she will lead them out; however Patty crosses the line when she asks Jack to prove what he says and kisses him, Phyllis will sit and watch no such thing so she gets up, lays a right hook on Patty's face and says "Keep your hands off my husband you sick b%$ch!".

Soon there is another explosion, as the roof in the break room collapses knocking out Jack and Phyllis. Jack gets up, helps his wife and then they see that the vending machine has fallen on top of Patty, unfortunately they can't move the very heavy machine to save her. Phyllis notices that the fire is getting closer and they have to get out Now! Jack feels bad about leaving Patty, but Phyllis says that she is dead so they don't have a choice and the couple escape the fire and make it to the lobby.

At the hospital, the couple are greeted by Billy and the others as Jack gets his wife a seat. While drama goes on at the hospital, Jack tends to his lovely bride as they comment that they are lucky to be alive, and how Jack is glad that he was able to save his wife. After Chelsea lights into Christine about her treatment of Adam, Jack and Phyllis have a discussion about leaving Patty behind, and they talk about why this is bothering him. Eventually the pair realize that they made the only choice they could make as hard as it was to leave Patty.

Newman and Jabot?

A few days after the fire, Jack and Phyllis learn from Billy about his idea to allow Newman Enterprises to share building space with Jabot while Victor works to get his company back on its feet. Phyllis is dead set against this because Victor humiliated her, robbed her of her husband, and put Marco into her life. Phyllis tells Jack that she hopes that asking Victor about sharing office space with Jabot is part of his plan to get even with Victor about Marco; Phyllis further says that Jack promised her revenge, that she hasn't forgotten and she tells Jack that he'd better not forget either.

An Unholy Alliance

Still fuming about what Victor did to her, Phyllis has teamed up with Billy to take down Victor Newman once and for all and bring him to his knees. Billy has his own agenda to want to crush Victor, and when Phyllis offers to help him; Billy tells her to stay out of it; however Phyllis tells Billy that she has her own scars on her life left by Victor and that she wants revenge.

Phyllis joins Jack at the birthday party for her niece, and while there both families put aside their differences for the sake of the children. Later after Phyllis helps Billy put the kids down, she and Jack leave and head back to Jabot where he can tell that his lovely redhead is up to something; however Phyllis brushes it off and scrambles off to a meeting she has.

When Victor shows up with bad news about Paragon, Phyllis and the others discover that Ian Ward's body was never found at the tower after the fire which leads Victor to think that Adam lied etc. Phyllis says that she can help Victor get Ian, and when he asks how; Phyllis says that she and Ian are tight friends, because first he was stalking Nikki; however now he's stalking her. Victor accuses her of knowing about Ian and saying nothing. Phyllis counters and says that she knew him as Fred the fisherman in the woods; however she also says that Victor should have told her about a maniac who brainwashed her daughter. Next Phyllis offers herself up as bait to help Victor catch Ian Ward, Jack is immediately opposed to this idea and when Victor and Jack talk together; Jack tells Victor to offer his wife as bait, and Victor has the same look that Jack had to which he responds that now they each feel the same way: neither of them would want their wife around Ian Ward never mind being bait.

Jack talks with Phyllis about her plan, and clearly he is dead set against it, because he does not want his brother and definitely not his wife in Victor's cross hairs; however Jack realizes that Phyllis is clearly still in pain about the whole Marco situation, and will never forget what Victor did to her or their marriage.

Jack confronts Phyllis and Billy

When Jack returns home from Switzerland, he is shocked and more than angry to learn of the unholy alliance between his wife and Billy. Ashley tells Jack of what happened, and that while she understands Billy's motives to a certain point she just can't understand why Phyllis is out for Victor's blood. Jack then cracks and tells his sister about the whole situation with Marco: Victor releasing him from prison, him replacing Jack and raping Phyllis on their honeymoon etc. Ashley is stunned and shocked to hear this, however she now understands Phyllis' feelings and does not hold them against her. When Phyllis enters the room, she is happy to see her husband back home, but Jack is quite angry with his wife and brother about the whole situation with Victor and him wanting to sue Jabot for half a billion Jabot cannot spare. Phyllis explains that she teamed up with Billy, because she felt empowered and that her feelings not only mattered but that in some small way she was getting justice for what happened to her; Jack then asks her if this whole situation was worth it, and Phyllis answers that it was indeed worth it.

It's War!

After confronting his wife and brother, and hearing that Victor wants half a billion dollars to drop the lawsuit Jack decided to talk to Victor in order to get him to see reason. However Victor is bent on seeing Jabot and the Abbotts suffer, and when he tells Jack to let his father's beloved company go and go into early retirement; Jack tells Victor to "Go to Hell!" and if he wants a war the he has got one.

The Breaking Point

When Jack comes clean to Michael about Marco and what Victor did to him and his wife, he tells Michael that he plans to out himself and Victor at a press conference because he's tired of Victor thinking he can do whatever he wants to his family and he will stand by and take it, well no longer.

Phyllis happens to walk into the office and is shocked by her husband's plans; Jack tells her that this is the only way to save Jabot and get justice for them for what Victor did to her, him and their marriage. With Michael in the room, Phyllis tries to get her best friend to make Jack see that this is a huge mistake; unfortunately for her Michael agrees with Jack that Victor cannot get away with what he has done. Jack then vows to protect Marisa of all people, and Phyllis is shocked that he'd rather protect Marco's ex lover instead of his own wife.

When Michael leaves, Phyllis then cracks as she tries to make Jack realize that if he exposes Victor then she will be exposed as well; however Jack feels that her story will bring sympathy and compassion, but Phyllis fears being publicly humiliated as well as her children and the people she works with finding out what happened to her. Jack tries to hold her and say that they are doing this together; however Phyllis pushes him away as she says that he is not doing this as a team, but alone, and can he not see that. Sadly for Phyllis her husband cannot be persuaded to change his mind as he looks into her eyes and says "I'm sorry you feel that way". Phyllis begins to cry as she asks "So are you just going to do this?". Jack replies yes and leaves Phyllis in the room with tears in her eyes.

To Love and Protect

At the Athletic Club, Jack is getting ready for the press conference that Michael set up for him so that he can expose Victor. Ashley tells him that he does not have to do this, but Jack says that Victor needs to pay for what he has done as Ashley responds: "At what cost?" When Jack gets up to begin the conference, Phyllis is standing by the bar as Michael comes over to comfort his best friend as she can't believe that her husband is getting ready to expose not only Victor but her as well.

Jack speaks about: How proud he is of Jabot, respecting his father's legacy and integrity, and cherishing his vision. He finally speaks of his father's courage, and while looking into Phyllis' eyes he talks about how courage is sometimes as simple as facing the truth no matter how detrimental to "business as usual". Jack continues to look into his wife's beautiful eyes and sees the pain on her face, the tears in her eyes, and realizes that he cannot expose the woman he loves; Jack then says that sometimes courage means facing adversity head on with dignity and grace. Something he learned about from his wife. He then apologizes and says that there will be no big announcement, as he leave the podium Victor walks over to the microphone; Jack covers the mic asking "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Victor replies that since the press came to hear a story that he has a hell of a scoop for them.

Jack tells Victor to walk away and consider himself lucky that the truth didn't come out; however Victor is smug as he says that he indeed feels lucky as Jack Abbott is giving up, and it wouldn't be the first time. Jack replies that he had more than himself to look after as people he cares about were involved but Victor wouldn't understand that. Victor says that he understands completely and thanks Jack for the $500 Million he's invested in Newman; Victor proceeds to tell the press about the large cash infusion that he has gotten from Jabot that will allow him to rebuild Newman Enterprises.

After the press conference, Phyllis hugs her husband as she thanks him for not exposing her secret; Jack holds his wife in a protective manner as if he could never bear to hurt her in that way. Ashley then hugs Jack as she says she is so happy he changed his mind and asks why he did it; Jack replies that he saw his wife and he realized that sometimes beating your enemies isn't as important as protecting the the people you love. Victor is still at the podium watching and listening to them talk as he says that meanwhile Jack saved himself years behind bars; Ashley replies that Jack saved Victor too but he's not going to hold his breath and wait for a thank you. Michael asks Jack what he wants to do and says that he can respond to the Newman lawsuit; however Jack tells Michael no lawsuits or fighting, and to draw up a contract saying that in exchange for the money: Victor agrees to drop the lawsuit and also to never pursue any legal action against Jabot, or any of it's officers. Phyllis and Ashley know that Jabot can't take a hit like this; however Jabot has been in this spot before and they came back, so Ashley is confident that as long as they stick together then Jabot will be just fine. Ashley then tells Victor that just because he has money in his pockets doesn't mean that he has won, but Victor claims that he is the victim, that the Abbotts came after him, and that they're lucky he accepted the deal or else he would have taken each of them to court.

With Ashley, Michael and Phyllis looking on, Jack then walks up to Victor and says that this ends now: no more wars, no more blood; Jack and his family are done with Victor. Victor replies that Jack should remember one thing: he will always protect his family and company. However Jack says that Victor will always protect his ego, and his family be damned and everyone knows it. Jack finally says that if Victor thinks he has won, he is sadly mistaken and has no idea what he has just lost. Victor tells Michael to draw up the contract, and that as soon as he signs it he expects the money to be transferred into a Newman holding account. Jack asks Ashley to help Michael with the language, and tells Victor to enjoy snuggling up to his "cash register" as he leaves to "celebrate" with his family. Ashley can't believe that she has to plan a wedding with Victor, and she says that while this payoff puts Jabot in precarious predicament that it's only temporary as Jack did the right thing. Michael comments "Yeah, a half billion dollars of the right thing". Jack replies that he would pay any amount of money to have that smug bastard out of their lives.

Later that afternoon back at Jabot, Jack and Phyllis talk about the payoff and that fact that he did it on order to protect her. Jack says what kind of husband/man would he have been if he had cleared his conscience at her expense; Phyllis says that a $500 Million payoff may not work in his favor, but Jack turns to his lovely bride and says that he: loves her, their life together and their future, he further says that if he had revealed the truth that there would have been no going back and they would have been damaged. Phyllis tries to apologize by saying that if she had just trusted his instincts then none of this would have happened; however Jack tells her not to apologize, because what she suffered at Victor's hands was unspeakably wrong, and he understands that she wanted justice. Phyllis replies saying that the choice Jack made to protect her might decimate Jabot; Jack then looks into her eyes and says that as long as she is not decimated then he will be just fine.

Jack then takes her into his arms and they hug; Phyllis then says that if they have to close some divisions to restructure Jabot then they can, but Jack interrupts her and says "Let's not talk business." The feeling of love and romance has crept into the room as Phyllis begins to smile, and Jack talks about Christmas being right around the corner, and wanting to celebrate their life, marriage, love and future. Phyllis gets closer to her husband and he puts his arms around her waist as she says that while she loves that idea she's not so sure she made Santa's "nice" list this year; Jack replies "Well how about I help you make his "naughty" list?", the happy couple are feeling the romance in the room as they enjoy a romantic kiss, as Jack says that he feels the Christmas spirit coming on already; Phyllis laughs as they enjoy another romantic kiss/moment.

While they are enjoying each other, Billy walks into the room and breaks their romantic vibe, he apologizes for what happened and the payoff having to happen; however Jack is feeling less than forgiving as he rips into Billy for starting this whole mess with Victor, he says that Billy has no idea what he has done, and did not now nor ever think about the consequences of his actions, he just acted first. Unfortunately the apologies never seem to make up for the damage done, and now "sorry" is too little too late, because Victor is dancing on their ashes and their father is rolling in his grave, all thanks to Billy".

Jack isn't through with Billy yet who says that he will somehow make this up to his brother; however Jack is still furious as he says that there is no way to possibly make up a half billion dollars. Billy says that he will do anything it takes, Jack replies by telling Billy to pack up his office and get out of the building because they are done, he further says that Billy will always be an Abbott but will never work at Jabot again. Jack continues to rip into Billy as he says that he doesn't care where he goes, because where ever he goes it will probably blow up. Phyllis looks at her husband in total disbelief and shock as he says that he will not pick up the pieces this time and that he has hurt the family for the last time. When Billy leaves the room, Phyllis is about to go after him when Jack tells her not to, because whenever Billy needs someone to talk to, it doesn't always have to be her.

Phyllis' feelings come out

After Billy leaves, Jack and Phyllis get into an argument over Jack firing Billy as she doesn't feel that given that Victoria is done with him, and now having been fired by his own brother, that this is the time for tough love. However Jack feels that this is precisely the time for tough love, because when you mess with the company then there are repercussions, but Phyllis says that she gunned just as hard for Victor as Billy did and asks if Jack is going to fire her too. Jack says that these are two totally different situations, because even though both Phyllis and Billy went after Victor; Billy is more of a danger to himself and Jabot than Phyllis and Jack feels that his brother sucked Phyllis in and exploited her pain and anger. Phyllis replies that no longer does anyone dare to exploit her; Jack says that since she didn't want anyone to know about Marco. He settled with Victor and saw that as the only way out of this horrible mess. However, Phyllis is angry that her husband paid Victor money after what he did to her and to their marriage, but Jack says that the payment was to protect their privacy and to keep Billy out of prison and now that this has been done he no longer has to deal with Billy and his complete lack of self control.

Phyllis asks if Jack will put up with her and not Billy because he pity's her, feels guilty, or feels the need to protect her; Jack replies that she is damn right and he will not apologize for that because they are married and she is his wife. Phyllis lets her feelings come out as she says that this is what this is all about: they are married, she is his wife, they took vows to stick by each other all the way but Jack didn't even make it to their wedding night. Jack is in shock to hear her say this, and Phyllis immediately apologizes to him for that comment, but he sees the pain in her eyes and tells her to never apologize for how she feels and if he could erase what happened to her then he would happily do so. Phyllis says that they have both been affected by what Victor did to them: having Jack kidnapped and held hostage by a crazy woman who told him that his Red was dead, and now he has to feel guilty because he fought his way back; Jack replies that he deserves his guilt but Phyllis says that that's what this is about: Jack was coming home to his loving wife and who was there?. She was, oblivious because she got sucked in by that pig. Phyllis further says that Jack has to resent that she swallowed the lies and explanations; however Jack says that they both have pain and anger behind this awful situation, but at the end of the day they have each other, they can go far together, he is there with her for her but he needs to know that she is with him too.

Jack and Phyllis team up again

Ashley announces to Jack and Phyllis that she is stepping down as CEO of Jabot, much to the shock of her brother and sister in law. Phyllis thinks that Ashley's decision is because of her, but she is told that she is not the reason; however Jack can tell that his sister is hiding something but Ashley will not say another word just that her decision is for the best. Jack and Phyllis try to convince her that she needs to stay at Jabot, but Ashley will not change her mind as she says that she has every confidence that Jack can rebuild Jabot with his wife by his side.

Later that night, Jack and Phyllis head to the Athletic Club to have dinner. Jack is worried about Jabot but he appreciates Ashley's faith in them, and Phyllis says that they will get through this together; Jack says that there's no one he'd rather get through this with. The lovebirds share a romantic moment as Victor and Nikki walk up to them and Victor comments that seeing them together and warms the depths of his heart...all the love they have for each other knowing full well they're poorer than a church mouse. Jack and Phyllis are not happy and clearly offended by Victor rubbing the payoff in their faces. Jack says that all of a sudden he feels like eating at home, Phyllis comments to Victor that it's so great that he has so much of Jabot's money and asks if it's a third of what his own children sued him for and what an amazing bond they share. Victor replies that he loves Phyllis' fighting spirit as she asks if having Jabot's money is filling the black hole where his heart would be; Nikki comments that she genuinely regrets the way things were handled. Jack thanks Nikki, and says that Jabot will be fine...they've been down before and gotten back up. Victor continues rubbing it in by saying that he will find room for some of their former employees, Phyllis replies that Billy and Ashley are already gone from Jabot and no one will thank him for trying to destroy their company. She finally tells Victor that if he chokes on a piece of steak...good luck on finding someone to give him the Heimlich; Jack comments that's an interesting visual as the two leave the club and head for home.

Battle Plan

After Phyllis talks with Ashley and gets it very clearly that her sister in law in not coming back to Jabot, she finds Jack at Jabot working with Kyle on coming up with a plan to rebuild Jabot after losing $500 Million to Victor. Jack is doing quite a bit of complaining and wallowing in his worry that he has nobody to help him rebuild Jabot; however Phyllis tells Kyle to leave since Summer's birthday is coming up, she then threatens to leave Jack to brood on his own after he yells at her about how he's going to rebuild Jabot. Phyllis encourages her husband telling him that he can rebuild Jabot and make it greater than before, but Jack begs her not to give him false encouragement and he knows that this is not her style. She doesn't do false encouragement only honesty.

Phyllis then sets her husband straight: he complains that he has no family around to help him...but she is standing right in front of him, she is there with him and the last time she checked their marriage vows made her family. Jack values his lady's business savvy and intelligence, and the pair put their heads together as they decide to put Ashley's right hand lab worker in charge of the chemistry part, then Phyllis to go in as head of R&D.

Holiday Break

After coming up with a battle plan to save Jabot, Phyllis convinces her husband to leave work alone so they can celebrate Christmas and Summer's birthday. Jack agrees and kisses his wife as they leave and head for home.

Pre Christmas celebrations and Chaos

Jack and Phyllis gather with Kyle and Summer at the Athletic Club to celebrate Summer's 21st birthday. The pair celebrate Summer and the fact that she has a hell of a hangover, as well as talk about Billy being fired from Jabot, being dumped by Victoria, and that he needs his family more now than ever. Suddenly Jack gets a call from Ashley and has to leave to meet her at Jabot, leaving Phyllis to bond with her daughter. Later that day Jack gets a text from Phyllis to meet her at their cabin, when he gets there he has on an elf's hat talking about Santa's elves being in full force ready for a holiday tryst as Phyllis bounds into the living room. Jack happily greets his wife with a kiss, and suggests lighting a fire and getting cozy with a few warm blankets; Phyllis replies that the very idea sounds amazing; however as he begins kissing her neck she says that they can't do that because she has arranged for all of the Abbott family to spend Christmas at the cabin. But with Tracey traveling, Kyle and Summer have plans and Ashley working on a project, that leaves Billy who enters the living room from outside with an arm full of firewood. Jack is not happy about having been set up by his wife.

After having an argument with Billy which causes him to storm off, Jack doesn't seem very willing to forgive his brother; however Phyllis gets Jack to see that Billy needs support, and reminds him that he credits her with saving his life when she brought him to the cabin to help him detox from the alcohol and pills. Jack admits that she did save his life, Phyllis then says that this is what Billy needs. Someone to help save his life given that he could freeze to death out in the cold in the woods; Phyllis then convinces Jack to go and find his brother and bring him back to the cabin. After bringing Billy back and having another argument, Phyllis asks Jack if since he forgave her then can he not extend the same olive branch to Billy, Phyllis watches as her husband and brother in law finally come to an understanding.

Christmas at the Abbott Cabin

At the Abbott Cabin, Jack and Phyllis are alone at night with a fire burning. The couple snuggle on the couch together as Phyllis says that she loves it when her husband plays the heroic big brother and forgives Billy of his sins; Jack thanks his wife for convincing him to forgive Billy because at one point in his life he was Billy. Jack further says that he grew out of that foolishness and that Billy needs to do the same thing.

Phyllis kisses Jack as she says that she is a woman of many talents and maybe she can convince him to hire Billy back at Jabot. Jack however, cuts her off saying that maybe they can focus on the holidays not work or anything else since they are together alone away from everything and everyone. Phyllis asks her husband of he means a blanket on the floor in front of the fire, to which Jack answers that this is definitely something they can do which makes her quite happy. Jack finally says that they need to hold on to their own memories since this may be their last Christmas at the cabin.

Phyllis tells Jack that there is no way that this will be their last time at the cabin; Jack replies that these are desperate times and they may have to get rid of some of their assets to keep Jabot afloat. However, Phyllis is not poor by any stretch of the imagination and says that she will buy the cabin herself, but Jack asks why she would to do that since the place is not full of the nicest of memories. Phyllis replies that while there have been some horrible things that have happened at the cabin, many wonderful things happened here; she also says that the cabin means something not only to the Abbotts but to her as well. Jack tells her that he knows all of this but Jabot means more to him than any real estate available and begins talking about the cutbacks and laying people off; however Phyllis cuts him off telling him to stop worrying because if they play it smart, get clever, creative and stick together then Jabot will be just fine. Phyllis further says that she and Jack know how to roll with the bad times and they also definitely know how to claw their way back to the good ones. Jack smiles as he tells Phyllis that she makes it sound almost fun; Phyllis replies that she puts the fun in fun and for Jack to stick with her, since they have proven that they can face anything and this is part of anything and that they can do it together.

The couple then kiss and make love on the couch.

Later that night, Jack and Phyllis are on a blanket kissing in front of the fireplace when there's a knock at the door. They wonder who it could be, and when the door opens; a big surprise walks in the door; Traci, Kyle, Summer, Abby and Stitch all come in the cabin with decorations, Santa hats etc. Traci tells Jack to listen to her and to listen good; half a billion dollars comes and goes, but family is forever, the Abbott family is forever.

Later everyone has changed into fuzzy pajamas with big cups of cocoa, Jack is sitting on the couch with Traci and Phyllis surrounded by the family minus Billy who is with Victoria and their children, and Ashley who is at the lab. Jack talks about all the beautiful Abbott faces in the room, some which are by blood and some by marriage but all of them by love; he continues saying that he feels that their family won't be down for long, because what does not kill them will only make them stronger. Jack further says that his dad built Jabot as a source of pride for all of them, and that while Abbotts may come and go. Jabot will always be there. And the Abbotts will stay strong and united. Jack then makes a toast to family and everyone clinks mugs, enjoys the cocoa, and each couple enjoys a kiss.

New Years Eve wedding and drama

On New Years Eve, Jack and Phyllis plan to join the rest of their family and guests at the Newman Tower to celebrate the wedding of Abby and Stitch. Prior to the wedding, Phyllis runs into Billy at the club and tells her about his new possible business venture as well as being excited to finally redeem himself with the family and Victoria. Phyllis wishes him luck as Jack arrives at the club to collect his wife so they can head to the wedding; Billy tells Jack about his new business opportunity as he receives a phone call and agrees to meet them at the wedding. Jack can tell that something is going on with Billy and senses that Phyllis knows something, however she says nothing.

At the Newman Tower, the Abbotts, Newmans along with friends join together to watch Abby and Stitch get married. After Abby enters on her father's arm in her beautiful wedding gown and gets to the altar, before the Minister can begin the ceremony, Ashley suddenly falls out of her chair and onto the floor. Jack and Stitch rush to her side, and after a few minutes she wakes up; however despite Nick calling an ambulance Ashley refuses to go anywhere until her daughter and Stitch are married. The ceremony proceeds and Abby and Stitch become Mr and Mrs. Ben Rayburn.

At the elegant reception Jack and Billy get into an argument when Billy asks his brother for $2.2 million in order to help him invest in his new business venture. However Jack won't give him the money without more information about what Billy is getting involved in, but Billy says that he can't give too much information and Jack flat out refuses to give him the money causing Billy to storm off. Phyllis and Jack get into a small argument about refusing to give Billy the money, but Jack says that while he wants to believe in and trust his brother $2.2 Million is a lot of money to give for a business venture he knows nothing about.

Soon after while Abby and Stitch enjoy their first dance, Victoria talks to Jack and Phyllis about Billy and Jack tells her that Billy has been gambling again; Phyllis gets annoyed with Jack for being so blunt with Vicki however Jack tells his wife that she needed to know what Billy has been up to. Later that night Jack walks behind his wife and tells her Happy New Year; Phyllis replies that while she loves Jack he drives her crazy and he says that the feeling is mutual. Phyllis turns and faces her husband as she talks about love, insanity and their relationship making perfect sense together, the pair then join the other couples in the room and kiss as the clock strikes midnight and rings in the new year.

Family Tragedy

After storming off from the wedding, Billy is in the parking garage and runs into Gil his bookie who wants to collect the $200,000 Billy owes him for the racing bet he placed and lost. Billy asks Gil for more time since he's always paid he debts one way or the other; however Gil is not feeling very merciful and says that he wants his money Now! Gil was willing to let Billy go and give him more time, but when he tries to run away Gil has one of his men beat Billy to a pulp. Gil is not happy that Billy was hit in the face, and as they leave he warns Billy what he wants his money. A short time later, Noah comes into the garage, gets into his car and unknowingly runs Billy over as he tries to back up, he then leaves and doesn't realize what he has done. A few seconds later Marisa comes into the garage as she was running after Noah, she then sees Billy lying on the ground and knows that Noah ran over him; she then hurries to his side and calls 911.

At the hospital, Jack asks Phyllis how Billy wound up in this situation; Phyllis replies that it's because he let it get this way, because he: put Billy down in front of Victoria, wouldn't give him the money to gamble away, but Phyllis defends Billy saying that he was making a business investment and Jack doesn't believe that. Phyllis then says that Jack's disbelief is what has caused Billy to be in the hospital bed which he might not get out of. Victoria overhears them and says that she did exactly what Phyllis is doing to Jack...making herself the bad guy, and she further says that Billy is in that hospital bed because of the decisions he has made. Phyllis comments that Billy didn't run himself over with the car, and Victoria says that neither she nor Jack was behind the wheel of the car that hit him; however her heart is breaking because he was drinking and gambling, because she wants him with her and their children showing how much he loves her.

Phyllis defends Billy by saying that he made one bet to make money for a business investment so he could be worthy of Victoria and Jack; however Victoria says that that was just another rationalization to call his bookie, and Jack replies that he saw and talked to his brother and if Billy had listened to him then he would have known that he didn't need to prove himself in that way. Phyllis tells her husband that he expects Billy to play the role of a loser, and Victoria is Victor Newman's daughter and she sees Billy in the same way as her father, and neither one can see that Billy has been trying to change his life and think that everything for him will end in a bad way and if it does it will be because Jack and Victoria pushed him there.

Praying for Billy

After Billy stops breathing and sets off the heart monitors he is finally stabilized as the Abbotts watch from outside his room. Jill then lashes out at the Abbotts for their treatment of her son and their show of "support"; Jack says that they are all on edge and they should not use their feelings against each other. Jill lashes out at Nikki for how Victor has treated Billy and Victoria as well, she tells Jack that Billy loves him so much and admired him, and he didn't even tell him that Adam was alive; however Jack says that he was protecting his brother but Jill says that he chose Adam over his own brother.

While Jill continues to rant, Phyllis jumps up from her seat and in tears tells her that while they may have blamed him too many times, and made many mistakes of their own...they love Billy, and they all know how much he loves Victoria and his children. She further says that they know his heart and how he has tried so hard to change, they are there now and will always be there for him; Jill cries because she feels so helpless and wants to hurt someone and Phyllis understands as she and Ashley comfort her as she cries.

Jack and Phyllis visit Billy, and Phyllis listens as he apologizes to Billy for not helping him when he needed it, not believing in him, judging him, and letting him down. Jack further says that Billy has to come back to their family, and he says that be believes in Billy, and that from now on he will stand by his side now and forever.

After their visit, Jill tells everyone that Billy needs surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain. Later Jack, Phyllis, Traci and Ashley gather and pray for their brother that he will come back to them and survive the surgery.

Who is Responsible?

The next day, Jack and Phyllis are at the police station talking with Paul about the accident and who did this to Billy. Jack says that he want whomever is responsible to pay for what happened to his brother. Paul tells him that they are doing everything possible to find whoever ran Billy over, but when Jack asks about the bookie, Paul replies that though Gil admitted to encountering Billy in the garage there is no evidence that he ran him over. Phyllis comments that since there is no evidence the police really don't have anything; however Paul says that they have forensics and Jack from whom he wants information about what was happening with Billy that led to his present condition. Jack answers that he doesn't know since he's been trying to keep Jabot above water; however Phyllis says that Billy placed a very large bet on a horse race that didn't go his way hence why he owed so much money, but Paul wants to know just what Billy was doing that would make him place such a huge bet and need to win big.

Jack tells Paul that Billy needed money for a business venture, and when he found out that part of the money was for a gambling debt he became furious. Paul needs to know who Billy was working with, but Phyllis and Jack have no idea; however Kevin enters the room and admits that he's the one Billy was working with, that he was very eager to be involved. Phyllis asks if Billy said how he was going to get the money, but Kevin doesn't know and Jack says that this was Billy's way out of this mess, a way to earn back the respect of his family, help Jabot etc. and he would risk anything to do it. Phyllis asks if this new information helps Paul, and he says that every detail helps as he excuses himself and leaves the room.

Kevin says that he's doing everything he can to find out who was driving the car that hit Billy, but Jack says that he fully expects him to do so but it seem that he owes him more than that. Jack says that this project of Kevin's had to be pretty amazing for Billy to have been so excited; Kevin replies that the project is cutting edge, and when Phyllis asks exactly what this project is; Kevin says that he can't give a lot of details because he's not the only one involved and it's highly confidential. Jack asks what Kevin can tell them, and he replies that his project is revolutionary; Mariah adds that Billy wanted in and saw the potential. Jack asks if Kevin needs $2 million for his highly confidential project to which Kevin replies that he does to start and he never meant to put pressure on Billy for the money and he's sorry that this turned out the way it did. Jack tells Kevin that he's not the only one with regrets as he and Phyllis leave.

Back at the hospital, Jack and Phyllis arrive to a pleasant surprise: Abby and Stitch fresh from their honeymoon. Later Jack and Phyllis are talking with Dr. Dellafield about Billy's surgery, and the couple soon talk together as Phyllis can tell what her husband is thinking, and tells him that Billy is going to make it; Jack says that his brother's chances are 50/50. Phyllis hugs her husband from behind as she points out that those are statistics and even when the odds are 99/1 some make it and some don't. She further says that she made even when the odds seemed impossible; Jack turns and holds his wife close as he thanks God that she did make it and says that no matter what they have to hold on to their hope. The couple look into Billy's room where they can see Victoria sitting by the bed.

Victor's dirty tricks

While Jack and Phyllis are in the waiting room, they talk with Victoria about Billy and wishing they could turn back time. Their conversation is interrupted when Victor walks into the room; Jack and Phyllis then leave to give Victoria and her father some time.

A short time later, Jack and Phyllis return and see Victor telling Victoria that what happened to Billy was no accident, and that given the circumstances the idea of him having an idea worth stealing is insane. Victor further says that there is a reason the Abbotts are on the brink of collapse, and why Ashley turned away from Jabot, everything they touch turns to garbage. Victor doesn't know that Jack and Phyllis are standing in the doorway of the waiting room listening to every word; Phyllis then interrupts saying "That's lovely, Victor". Victor turns around to see the couple who can't believe what they are hearing and are clearly quite offended.

Jack is highly irritated with Victor as he says that he expected him to show an ounce of compassion for Billy, and of course Victor will do no such thing. Jack further asks if Victor hates Billy so much as to being unable to help running him down in front of Victoria; Victor tries to justify his remarks by saying that he was speaking openly and honestly to his daughter for the sake of her and her children. Victor continues to agitate Jack as he says that the project Billy was working on was not even important enough for him to invest in, he further adds injury to insult by rubbing the payoff in his face by saying that Jack wouldn't be able to afford to go after any entrepreneurial investments. Jack says that Victor doesn't know what he's talking about, and Victor asks about the project Billy was working on; Dr. Dellafield enters the room and Victoria and Jack leave to see how the surgery is going...this leaves Phyllis and Victor alone, she calls Victor a liar as she suspects that he is really interested in this idea; Victor asks whose idea she is talking about, but she says nothing.

Phyllis tells Victor that he was just going on about how Billy would not be capable of a legitimate business venture; however it's quite obvious that he is interested in this idea. Phyllis then lets the cat out of the bag by saying that Victor is only interested in Kevin's idea because Jack is, apparently this is exactly what he wanted to hear from her. Victor then insults Phyllis by saying that her husband's back is against the wall and that he doesn't give a damn what he does; Phyllis asks him why he is there and he responds that he is there for his daughter, and in the process he admits that he doesn't mind watching her wretched husband squirm a little bit. Phyllis is obviously offended as she tells Victor "Go to hell!". Victor says that the feeling is mutual as she leaves the room to find Jack.

Painful Decisions

After the surgery, Dr. Dellafield talks first with Phyllis and Victoria about the fact that Billy suffered cardiac arrest on the table and has very little brain activity. The ladies are stunned to hear this, but when Jill comes in she gets the news and blames herself for not being there for him. The doctor apologizes for not being able to give them better news, and says that cardiac arrest is a serious setback; Phyllis asks what is to be done and the doctor says that Billy is in recovery and machines are keeping him alive and all they can do is wait and hope for improvement. Phyllis asks her what good losing her mind would have done, and reminds her that the important thing is that she is there now, she also tells Victoria that beating herself up is not going to help anyone.

Later, Phyllis calls Jack who is at the coffee house and tells him to hurry back to the hospital. The family later discovers that Billy's condition is going downhill quickly and they may soon be faced with the terrible decision of whether or not to keep him on life support or take him off. Soon there is arguing about what to do; however when Michael and Lauren show up to comfort the Abbotts, it's discovered that Billy left power of attorney to Jack meaning that he has the final say on whether his baby brother will live or die.

The Unholy Alliance Returns

After Billy wakes up from his coma, Phyllis pays him a visit to talk about a plan she was to take down Victor and get the computer program back from Victor. Billy tells Phyllis that he wants to help her take Victor down; however she is not willing to let him risk his fragile relationship with Victoria to help her, but Billy cannot be swayed and the two agree to join forces and whatever they do...they agree to not tell their respective spouses about their plan.

Taking down Victor

After agreeing to team up against Victor, Billy and Phyllis meet up with Natalie and get her to act charming and fool Victor into thinking her program is full of bugs and doesn't work...the desired result is that Victor fires her and then Jack and Phyllis hire her at Jabot..with no one but Billy and Phyllis the wiser. Phyllis soon becomes consumed by her hatred and anger for Victor which drives the pain she still clearly feels about the whole Marco situation.

Jack's confession and the truth

At the club Jack Abbott soon meets up with Christine to tell her about what happened on the island, and asks her if he will be facing any possible charges for what happened. Christine makes a few phone calls and soon tells Jack that the death toll from the boat was zero...everyone made it off before the explosion; Jack soon realizes that Victor was blackmailing him for nothing and paid to keep people quiet. Phyllis shows up and she is relieved to hear the good news that her husband won't be facing any charges for what happened on the island or for murdering Kelly...something he honestly can't recall; Michael, Christine along with the Abbotts make up their minds to file charges against Victor after they both confess what he did to them with Marco. Later that day, Jack and Phyllis go to Newman and talk with Victor to let him know that the D.A and Michael know the truth about Marco and that there are no charges being filed against Jack; Victor doesn't believe them, but Phyllis defends her husband and says that all of his attempts to blackmail Jack were a waste of time because no crime was committed. The couple then tell Victor that they will see him in court as they leave to go home.

The trial of the Century

After confessing to Michael, Christine about the island, and later telling Victor that he has nothing to hold over him; Jack and Phyllis decide that it's time to bring Victor Newman up on felony charges of kidnapping, fraud, extortion etc. Paul later arrests Victor on these charges and then some. When Jack and Phyllis hear this news they are greatly relieved that justice will finally be served to them and they can work on getting their lives back to normal. At the start of the trial, Jack and Phyllis join the others as Michael and Christine give their opening arguments about Victor and his crimes and the impacts his actions had on the lives of everyone involved. Later before the actual testimony begins, Jack sees Phyllis go off on Summer for siding with Victor over her mom and later watches his wife break down on the stand as she is questioned about the horror she endured thanks to Victor putting Marco into her life and bed. Jack takes the stand and talks about being kidnapped while on his honeymoon, being held prisoner by Kelly and the island cops as well as finding her dead and not knowing how it happened. Later the Abbotts watch as Victor is sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The tension mounts

After the trial is over, unfortunately the nightmare is not over for Jack and Phyllis. Jack sees that his wife is still feeling incredible pain and anger for Victor, and though he is going to jail this brings her little comfort. Phyllis lets her feelings for revenge get to her and she begins to push Jack away as well as getting into arguments with Victoria and facing her best friend Michael after forcing him to throw Victor's case. Jack has intentions of wanting to help the love of his life through her pain; however he instead pounces on her for her behavior and for wanting to bring down Newman to stick it to Victor and make him suffer as he did her. Phyllis does not respond well to this, so instead she runs to Billy each time she has an argument with Jack. Unfortunately this causes much tension to rise in their relationship, because Jack is very concerned as he watches the woman he loves more than anything being consumed by her pain and anger.

Playing a dangerous game

While Phyllis and Jack are trying to save their marriage; Phyllis comes to realize that she has been pushing away the one person who has stood by her throughout the whole trial and everything else: Jack. After Jack talks with Neil, he and Phyllis meet up in the Newman Tower and the pair kiss and make up and later make love at home.

Later, the more Phyllis talks to Billy the more they bond over their feelings, vendetta against Victor, and Passkey. Phyllis eventually gets the feeling that Billy wants to be more than her friend, and her suspicions are confirmed on the night of the benefit fundraiser for the Abbott-Winters Foundation that Jack and Neil started together; after Phyllis helps Billy out by fixing his pants the two wind up trapped at Billy's house by a severe thunderstorm which has made a tree fall down blocking their cars in the driveway. Jack tries as he might to get a hold of his wife but the storm has made cell service difficult; back at the house; Billy and Phyllis sit in front of a fire with a bottle of champagne, and clearly he is more tipsy than she is. However soon Phyllis trips, falls on top of Billy, and he pulls her into a long passionate kiss; Phyllis luckily realizes what she is doing and pulls herself away from him as she sees that he was not going to stop.

Soon the cops appear at the door, having been sent by Jack to check on his brother and wife. The police and emergency services move the trees and clear the road so it's safe for them to leave and head to the club for the rest of the benefit. When Jack sees his wife, he asks her where she has been; Phyllis says that she was caught in the storm and waited at Billy's house until it was safe to leave; however she neglects to tell him about the kiss.

To cheat or not to cheat

Phyllis begins to spend more and more time at Billy's house during time when she should be with her husband. At one point she shows up and the two go for a ride on Billy's motorcycle, wind up covered in mud, and return to take a shower, wash clothes etc. Unfortunately Jack shows up and is stunned to see his wife in the house, wearing nothing but a shirt; Phyllis explains that they went for a ride and wound up splattered with mud hence why she is not wearing her clothes. Later after the pair get dressed, Phyllis tells Billy that she doesn't need him for a friend because she has a wonderful husband and she does not want to break up the marriage or the family; she then leaves vowing to not ever come back. However, Phyllis keeps going back to Billy's house, and it becomes apparent that he is more than attracted to his sister in law, and he tries on more than one occasion to sleep with her.

However, Phyllis does fall prey to temptation and sleeps with Billy on more than one occasion, though she regrets her actions deeply; Phyllis continues her affair with Billy, and even lies to Jack and pushes him away so she can be with him.

Happy Birthday Jack?

For Jack's birthday, the couple plan to spend time alone together at the Abbott cabin: Phyllis has his favorite meal cooked, and Jack buys her a sexy nightie that he cant wait to see her in a peel her out of. However Phyllis feels so guilty about not only her affair, but also sleeping with her own husband when she knows she's been lying to him, that she gets drunk and passes out on the couch. Jack gives her a kiss and covers her with a blanket as he leaves the room.

The Cabin Tryst

After the uneventful birthday at the cabin, Jack has to go back to town but he leaves Phyllis at the cabin alone. While she is there; Phyllis is thinking about both her affair with Billy and the guilt she feels for not telling Jack the truth. Later, Billy shows up at the cabin clearly on purpose because he wants to see her, be with her etc. Billy gave Phyllis an ultimatum to either choose him or Jack. However, Phyllis clearly is torn between the two, and at the cabin she tells him what happened with Jack; that she got drunk because she didn't want to have sex with her own husband, for the fact that she would feel like she was cheating on Billy. Despite Phyllis' pleas that she loves Jack and doesn't want to wreck her fragile marriage; Billy tells her that what she and Jack have is an illusion and not real, whereas the attraction they have is very real. The pair eventually make love on the couch, and Billy and Phyllis tell each other "I love you".

A husband in the Dark

After Phyllis gets caught red handed by Jill; she and Jack go back to repairing their marriage. Unfortunately, Phyllis still thinks about Billy and her affair with him while hating herself at the same time. What makes Phyllis feel worse is the idea of telling her husband that she is cheating on him with his own brother, at one point she has a daydream that she has told Jack the truth about her affair; Jack responds by asking her what Billy did to her to get her and then he says "That sonofab#$ch, I'm going to kill him!", and he leaves to go find Billy as Phyllis calls after him. Phyllis shakes herself out of her dream and decides against telling Jack the truth, meanwhile she begins to connect with her husband again on some level which includes Jack trying to woo and romance his wife. Sadly, Jack remains in the dark as he thinks all of his wife's excuses are related to working at Jabot and her pain about the whole Victor/Marco situation.

Recently, Ashley talked to Jack about her suspicions concerning Billy and Phyllis; however Jack tells his sister that there is nothing to worry about as far as his marriage to Phyllis is concerned but Ashley can't help but think that there is something going on between her brother and sister in law.


Eventually, Jack and Phyllis agree to try marriage counseling in order to fix their relationship and deal with any issues they have no matter how ugly. At the counselor's office, Jack and Phyllis talk about how damaged their relationship has been since the whole Victor/Marco situation occurred and later at the park; the couple talk and Phyllis breaks down as she says that she doesn't deserve Jack and that she hasn't been a good wife to him; while Jack takes some blame and says that he should've been more supportive of his wife while she was in so much pain and during Victor's trial.

Later; Phyllis is at the counselor's office and she admits to her affair with Billy and that she is at a crossroads as to what to do: either tell Jack the truth and risk losing her husband forever or keep quiet and be riddled with guilt for the rest of her life and keep her marriage. In the park, Jack and Phyllis are talking after she has been to the counselor's office; the pair talk about their relationship, how she has done nothing wrong, and how Jack is sorry because he thinks he reminds her of Marco so much that whenever she sees him she is immediately reminded of her pain and anger, and how he is glad that she has Billy to talk to. Phyllis cries as she tells Jack that she doesn't deserve him, that he doesn't remind her of Marco and how much she loves him; Phyllis then tells her husband that she has been lying to him as Jack looks shocked and curious as to what his wife is hiding.

The Painful Truth

One day at Jabot, Jack is working in his office when Ashley comes in and tells Jack about her concerns regarding Billy and Phyllis. Jack tells his sister that there is nothing to worry about, because his brother and wife are simply friends and nothing more; however Ashley is convinced of nothing of the kind and puts the idea into Jack's head that his wife and brother may be hiding something from him. Later, after talking to both Collin and Jill; Jack goes home and confronts Phyllis as he demands to know what is going on between her and Billy if anything at all. Phyllis cracks and admits that she was having an affair with Billy, but that she ended it for the sake of their marriage; Jack is furious to hear that his wife has been cheating on him with his own brother and demands that she explain herself. Phyllis blames the affair on her anger, trauma etc over the Marco/Victor situation which is still branded on her mind; she further says that she and Billy bonded over their joint hatred for Victor and the pain he caused both of them. Phyllis then says that while is was wrong it was a terrible mistake that she deeply regrets and she ended the affair because she loves Jack and not Billy.

Jack however, wants to hear none of it, as he tells her not to hide behind Victor, but Phyllis says that she was never the same after what happened to her, and she turned to Billy which was a mistake because she doesn't want Billy she wants her husband, the man she married. However, Jack finds it hard to believe that she just ended Billy's feelings for her that quickly, and he demands to know just how much she turned to Billy and flatly asks her if she went to bed with him. Phyllis admits that she did sleep with Billy, that it's a mistake she kicks herself for, and that she loves Jack from the depths of her soul; Jack doesn't want to hear it and he tells Phyllis that they are over.

Divorce Court?

After learning the painful truth of his wife's betrayal; Jack kicks her out of their house and demands that she give him a divorce. Phyllis refuses at first, but Jack is adamant about the divorce and willing to offer her any amount of money to get rid of her; however with Michael's help Phyllis offers Jack an alternate solution to divorce: they separate and Jack hires Phyllis at Jabot with the understanding that if he fires her then she will take half of Jabot from him. Eventually Jack relents and hires her, but he immediately sets out to make her life a living hell; he gives her a very small office, mounds of paperwork and makes her work around the clock.

While this is going on, Phyllis stays with her daughter and soon after making this arrangement, Jack and eventually Phyllis are soon seen without their wedding rings: a clear sign that they are no longer together.

Common ground and Moving on

During the Christmas holidays, Phyllis runs into Jack while she is at the club. After exchanging brief greetings, Jack asks her if she has plans for spending Christmas with Summer; Phyllis replies that her daughter is in Belize with a few of her friends which was a birthday gift from her and Nick. Jack begins to ask her if she has plans, but she cuts him off saying that Michael and Lauren have invited her over to their house. Phyllis then gathers her stuff to leave as Jack begins to reminisce about their last Christmas at the cabin; however she cuts him off saying in short that they are no longer together and that a trip down memory lane doesn't make sense she then wishes him a Merry Christmas and leaves.

Later at the New Years Eve Benefit in Newman Tower, Phyllis informs Jack that she is quitting her job at Jabot, as she has been hired at a new position, though she says nothing about working for Lauren. Phyllis tells Jack Happy New Year and soon leaves the party.

Present Situation

Today, Jack and Phyllis have a civil working relationship. Recently Jack acquired Lauren's company Fenmores for Jabot; which came with working with his ex-wife again. At first negotiations don't go so well as it seems as if Jack wants to take Lauren's company from her leading Phyllis to come to her best friends defense. Eventually a mutual decision is made, and Lauren Jack shake hands and seal the deal; Phyllis sets to work on the dressing room app for Fenmores, and gets help from Ravi who is the resident tech for Jabot. The end result is that the app is a huge success which benefits both companies; however when Phyllis and Ravi present the result of their hard work Jack is the only one to give Phyllis any credit as Ashley only gives Ravi credit as if he did the job alone, even though the dressing room app was her idea and Ashley accused her of copying the Jabot Go app she designed. Soon after Ashley invites Ravi to celebrate with her, leaving Phyllis and Jack alone in the office; Jack tells Phyllis that she did a great job also while she thanks him and says it's too bad his sister has an attitude from hell. However Jack says that Ashley is well aware of the contributions Phyllis has made to the company even though she can't admit it to herself. However Jack further says that he knew her concept was groundbreaking from the moment he saw it which is why he pursued Femores; Phyllis thanks him and says that it appears that his feelings have changed and he no longer minds that she works there to which Jack replies that he doesn't mind, for now.

Joining forces once again

Eventually, Jack and Phyllis find their common ground as far as working together and the two team up to take down Brash and Sassy so they would have a reason to kick them out of the building, and so that Phyllis can keep Billy away from Victoria as she has noticed that they have been getting closer by working together so hard to save the company after all the trouble and money that Cane caused Victoria and the company.

Later, when Jack and Ashley begin to notice that sensitive and confidential information about Jabot's sales, budgets, and other information is being leaked to Brash and Sassy at first they suspect their mother Dina and Graham; however when Ravi begins to investigate the breach he discovers that it's an inside job as whoever is stealing the information is using a Jabot issued laptop. Phyllis becomes aware of the problem and works with Ravi to determine who is at fault...eventually Ravi discovers that Phyllis is the mole; however Jack helps her see that Billy is the one who has been deceiving her, abusing her trust, and using her computer to usurp Jabot and take it down.

Jack helps Phyllis realize that Billy has been using her the whole time, and that he has been using her laptop to do it. Jack can tell that Phyllis doubts Billy's innocence, as he tells her that confronting him won't be a good idea.

Best Friends Again

Phyllis and Jack have rekindled their friendship following her fight with Billy over his lying to her about the gambling and using Summer to help cover it up. Jack comes over and listens to Phyllis and why she is angry with Billy, which he understands; however he reminds her that addiction no matter what it's to is a sickness. Then he reminisces back to when he was on pills, how she helped him detox off them and finally kick the habit, and how she was there for him while he was dealing with learning of his paternity. The point Jack makes to Phyllis is that perhaps instead of throwing him to the curb, she should try to help him work through his problem and get their relationship back on track; Phyllis sees his point and agrees to show Billy that she wants to help him and be there for him.

Later after Hilary is in a horrific car accident, Devon proposes to her and plans to marry her; Phyllis and Jack attend the beautiful ceremony together, and later after finding out that Hilary has passed away Phyllis runs into Jack and pours her heart out to him about how she feels about Billy and losing her close friend; Phyllis and Jack admit that they are each other's best friend as they hug.

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