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Jennifer Brooks
JenB smiling.jpeg
Dorothy Green as Jennifer Brooks
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Dorothy Green
Duration 1973-1977
First appearance March 26, 1973
Last appearance September 1977
Cause/reason Died
Family Elizabeth
Brooks (married into)
Alias(es) Jennifer Elizabeth (birth name)
Gender Female
Cause of death Heart Attack
Spouses Stuart Brooks (dissolved by her death)
Romances Bruce Henderson
Children Leslie Brooks
Peggy Brooks
Chris Brooks Foster
(with Stuart)
Lorie Brooks
(with Bruce)
Grandchildren Jennifer Foster (via Chris)

Jennifer Brooks (born Jennifer Elizabeth) was portrayed by Dorothy Green from 1973 to 1977.


Jennifer Brooks was the mother of four daughters: Leslie, Lorie, Chris and Peggy.

The Brooks family consisted of Stuart Brooks, his wife Jennifer and four daughters, Leslie a pianist, Lorie an author, Chris a reporter and Peggy a college student. The Brooks family was tangled up with the Fosters.

Leslie was an accomplished pianist, but was considered an introvert and dateless because music had consumed her life. Lorie led a a life of sex and drugs with Brock Reynolds.

Jennifer started the series as a devoted and happy housewife. She helped Stuart raise their children and got supper ready for when he would come home. She was first seen preparing supper and getting some help from Lorie. She and Stuart decided to eat early so Chris could call her boyfriend Snapper Foster. Later, she questioned Stuart's decision to hire Brad Elliot.

Jennifer liked Snapper, but Stuart didn't because Snapper would constantly stand Chris up. Chris was saving herself for marriage, which would occur after Snapper graduated medical school. Stuart found out that Snapper was having a sexual relationship with Sally McGuire

Brad would eventually fall for Leslie and start dating her, but then Lorie would attempt to turn Leslie's life upside down by trying to break up her and Brad. Lorie's machinations resulted in Leslie suffering from a mental breakdown and being confined to a sanitarium where Jennifer and Stuart would support her.

Brad would learn what Lorie had done, and break up with her. He then reconciled with Leslie and married her. Snapper also eventually got his actor together and married Chris. Jennifer's own love life took an unexpected turn when Bruce Henderson came back into her life and talked Jennifer into leaving Stuart. As Jennifer was breaking the news to her daughters, Stuart suffered a heart attack.

Jennifer later got breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. She left Bruce and returned to Genoa City where she and Stuart reconciled. When Lorie started dating Bruce's son,Mark Henderson, Jennifer revealed to Lorie that Bruce was her biological father. Lorie discovered it was true and vowed to never forgive her mother, but she and her sisters kept Jennifer's secret for Stuart's sake. In 1977, Jennifer died of a heart attack in her sleep.