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Jimmy's Bar (commonly known as Jimmy's) was a small bar at the edge of Genoa City.


Jimmy's was in a pretty bad neighborhood, but attracted some wealthy clients, such as Tucker McCall, Katherine Chancellor and Billy Abbott. It was started by a woman named Jimmy, who sold it to Cane Ashby. Cane sold it to Mackenzie Browning so that he could leave town, but he ended up staying so Mac gave him a job.

Jimmy's Bar has had a lot of criminal activity surrounding it. Cane was a fraud. Mac unknowingly hid Patty Williams, who was wanted for trying to murder a child, in the back. Patty then stole Mac's wallet and fled. Tucker conspired there with JoJo Glover to dupe Katherine so he could steal her company. Adam Newman shoved Dr. Charles Taylor in front of a car outside the bar.

A lot of positive things have happened at Jimmy's as well. Kevin Fisher and Chloe Mitchell shared a kiss outside of the bar on New Year's after she had confessed her love for him. Adam's wife Chelsea Lawson even worked there as a bartender and waitress before they were married.

Jimmy's is also a popular place for parties. Billy and Rafe Torres have both thrown parties there.


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