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Jordan Howard
''The Young and the Restless''
Portrayed by Colleen Zenk
Current status Current, Recurring
Duration 2023-
First appearance November 17, 2023
Alias(es) Victoria Newman
The Witch, The Mean Lady (by Harrison Abbott)
Gender Female
Occupation Traveling Nurse
Siblings Eve Howard (maternal half)
Nieces and nephews Cole Howard
Other relatives Claire Grace (great niece)

Jordan Howard has been played by Colleen Zenk since November 17, 2023. She is the previously mentioned great aunt of Claire Grace. On November 27, 2023, it was revealed that she is the estranged sister of the late Eve Howard and the aunt of Cole Howard.


At some point, Jordan and her sister Eve became estranged with each other. However, they continued to visit and Jordan met her nephew Cole. Jordan had always hopes she and Eve could reconcile but when Eve died, Jordan blamed Victor Newman and his family for them never having a chance to reconcile since Eve has become obsessed with Victor.

Eventually, Cole got with Victor's daughter Victoria Newman, and they gave birth to a little girl, they named Eve Nicole Howard. Jordan was in the hospital at the time Victoria have birth. Eve was born prematurely and had a high chance of not making it, so Jordan stole Eve, and replaced her with a dead baby, making Victoria and Cole believe that Eve had died.

Jordan took Eve away to raise her, but never with genuine love. When Eve was five years old, Jordan started poisoning her mind against the Newmans and Cole. Jordan claimed her parents didn't want her, and homeschooled her. She warned Eve to never tell anyone that she was the daughter of Victoria Newman cause it would be embarrassing to have to admit they didn't want her.

Jordan placed Eve in an all girls private school to limit her contact, and with Eve hiding the truth about her family, Jordan was able to make sure Victoria and Cole never learned about her existence until she and Eve (Raised with the name Claire) were ready to get their revenge.


Revenge Against the Newman's[]

In October of 2023, Claire got a job as Nikki Newman's personal assistant. It was all part of a plan concocted by Jordan and Claire to gain Nikki's trust so she could lure her and the rest of her family into a trap.

Jordan noticed hesitation on Claire's face, and told her not to lose focus. Claire returned to Genoa City while Jordan continues to watch over Nikki. She left a photo of Eve on the bed, and when Nikki briefly came to, she saw Jordan leaning over her, weakly asked why she was doing this. Jordan only responded that Nikki did this to herself, and then left her.

The next part of the plan was for Claire to claim that Nikki had a suffered a seizure and was taken to the hospital. Claire claimed she couldn't get an hold of Jordan and after assembling Victor and their children, Claire actually called Jordan, who spoke with Victor, but she faked interference as he asked for the name of the hospital.

Upon their arrival, Claire gave the Newman's water bottles, and as soon as they drank from them, Jordan dropped the act and revealed her identity as Eve's sister and that she was seeking revenge on the Newman's. Claire went downstairs to retrieve Cole, who had previously knocked unconscious as Jordan announced that she had poisoned the water bottles the Newman's drank from and they would die from a heart attack as a result.

While Jordan was monologuing, Claire left the room to bring up Cole, who had been previously lured to the house, knocked out, and imprisoned someone. Jordan had Claire take everyone's phones and lock them away. Victor was skeptical of Jordan's claims and asked Cole if Jordan was his aunt. Cole said his mother did have a sister, but he doesn't remember her too well cause they didn't get along.

Jordan made it clear she blamed her nephew as well and accused him of not loving Eve, but Cole said that wasn't true. Jordan sat back and watched as Claire revealed her identity to Victoria and Cole, but they wouldn't believe her claims, so Jordan spoke up and confirmed Claire's claims.

Jordan was in Genoa City the day Victoria gave birth to Eve. To prove it, she named the hospital and room number that Victoria was in. Jordan said she was in the maternity ward and took the newly born Eve while replacing her with a dead baby. Claire was stunned and privately confronted Jordan about lying to her that her parents didn't want her. Jordan said that part was true since they just believed she was dead and moved on.

Jordan warned Claire not to lose focus, but Claire snapped that she was done listening to Jordan. Though weak and dying from the poison, Nick took advantage of the distraction to pin Jordan to the wall as Victor weakly stumbled upstairs. Jordan shoved Nick away, grabbed a knife that she had hidden, and ran up the stairs after him. Nick followed, and Jordan slashed him with the knife across the chest at the top of the stairs.

Jordan found Victor with Nikki and confronted them holding the knife. Victor noticed the blood and wondered whose it was, but Jordan ignored him. Victor overpowered Jordan, disarmed her, and then locked her in the room. However, Jordan managed to evade capture after Claire had a change of heart and saved Cole and the Newman's. Jordan hid in the air vent and watched as Claire was arrested and everyone left the house.

Upping her game against Nikki and Kidnapped Claire again[]

Nikki began getting mysterious calls that just played music. She eventually remembered that it was the music she used to dance to. Victor and Nikki knew it was Jordan, who arrived in Genoa City, and hid out at a motel. She also texted Nikki a photo of her that was taken while she was held captive.

An APB was issued for Jordan, which she was waiting for. She called the police and said she spotted Jordan and told them where she was. Jordan then vacated the room, leaving photos of Eve on the bed. Donning a blond wig and glasses, Jordan relocated to the Athletic Club.

Jordan snuck into the hospital and sedated Claire. She then took her out of the hospital in a wheelchair. Jordan took Claire to a secluded cabin that Eve used to take Cole to as a kid, and called Nikki. She taunted Nikki over drinking again, and told her she had Claire. Nikki refused to believe it, but Jordan verified that she had taken her. She told Nikki to come and meet her alone, and she was willing to trade Claire for Nikki.

Final Showdown with Nikki[]

Nikki arrived at the cabin alone, and called out for Claire. Jordan approached Nikki holding a gun. Jordan could tell Nikki was drunk and taunted her for it. Nikki asked about Claire, and Jordan was surprised that Nikki cared for her. Nikki said that Victoria cares about Claire, and she will do anything for her children. Jordan questions if she would die for them.

Jordan sat Nikki down and offered her a bottle of alcohol encouraging her to drink it and then calling her a sloppy drunk when she did. Nikki wondered why Jordan was going to all this trouble for a sister she was estranged from. Jordan said that she and Eve became estranged because they fought over her obsession with Victor. Nikki reminded Jordan that getting her revenge won't bring Eve back, and tried to relate how Jordan would do anything for her loved ones. Jordan laughed that Nikki was trying to bond with her.

Jordan alluded to Claire, and said she know she will stay loyal to her. Nikki wondered if Claire willingly went with Jordan, and Jordan snapped that Nikki's questions were tedious. She then left and returned with a heavily sedated Claire in a wheelchair. When Jordan got distracted by checking on Claire, Nikki smashed the bottle over Jordan's head.

Jordan and Nikki got into a scuffle that ended in a stalemate, but Claire grabbed Jordan's falling gun, and ordered her to let Nikki go. Jordan tried to manipulate Claire against Nikki, but Claire stood her ground and lashed out at Jordan or taking her from her family and all the lies she had told her over the years.

Jordan asserted that Cole and the Newmans would have discarded her, but Claire cries she would have been loved and had a chance at a real future and a real family instead of being twisted with hate. Nikki tells Claire to put the gun down and said Jordan can pay for her crimes. Claire refused, saying Jordan could just plead insanity and get committed. Claire believed she needed to kill Jordan.

Jordan then dared Claire to shoot her and when Claire hesitated, Jordan taunted her for being weak. Annoyed, Nikki ordered Jordan to shut up, and shoved her against the wall, knocking her unconscious. Victor and Nick arrived with the police and Jordan was arrested. As she was being led away, Jordan turned to face Claire and said that she broke her heart. Claire responded that Jordan broke her life, and Nikki ordered the police to get Jordan out of there, so Jordan was led away.

Claire disowns Jordan and her plot to escape[]

Clare went to the prison to visit Jordan to tell her she was done with her. Jordan tried to manipulate Claire and tell her that the Newman's would never love her like she did. Claire asserted that Jordan just used her and that she now knows what real love looks like. Claire tells Jordan she is fine with her, but as Jordan is lead away, she declares that she isn't finished yet, and that she has plans.

Days later, Jordan acquired a cell phone and snuck away to call Claire. She claimed she was Claire's mother, so the nurse handed her the phone. Jordan desperately pleaded with Claire not to trust the Newman's, but Claire wanted nothing more to do with Jordan and said she wants her dead as Jordan begged for Claire to not leave with her.

Jordan's return to Genoa City to terrorize the Newmans[]