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Joshua Landers

Dr. Joshua Landers (also called Josh) was portrayed by Heath Kizzier.


Joshua Landers was a gynecologist.

In 1996, Dr. Joshua Landers was Nikki Newman's gynecologist, with whom Nikki got involved. Joshua was thought to have been a widower, but he had no idea that his presumed deceased wife, Veronica Landers, had faked her death and was still alive. Years before, Veronica was missing and a body was found at the bottom of a lake along with her wedding ring.

Everyone assumed it was Veronica. However, Veronica turned up alive in Genoa City Memorial Hospital, having undergone extreme facial reconstruction after a car accident that left her hideously disfigured. She was determined to recover and return to her husband. Nikki and Joshua eloped to Las Vegas and got married. Nikki's ex-husband, Victor Newman, tried to stop them, but arrived too late.

Joshua and Nikki lived together at the Newman ranch. After tracking Joshua down and phoning him, she was shocked when a woman Joshua's new wife Nikki answered the phone. Devastated that her husband had remarried, Veronica came up with a plan. Joshua and Nikki's marriage was going well until Joshua's now mentally ill wife got hired as a servant at the ranch.

Disguised as a quiet, shy woman named Sarah Lindsey, Veronica came to work as Nikki and Josh's new maid. For months she spied on her husband and his new wife, both of whom thought "Sarah" was a fantastic maid. She wanted to reveal her true identity to Josh, but it was never the right time. Soon Veronica stopped taking her medication and became careless and edgy (knocking over and smashing a vase and not showing any remorse to Nikki).

In 1998, one stormy night, Nikki and Joshua were in bed discussing plans to have a baby. Veronica, who had bugged their bedroom, heard the conversation and was determined not to let them conceive. Nikki then received a phone call from Nicholas Newman and left the house. Veronica saw this as the perfect opportunity and she revealed herself to Josh.

Josh was shocked to see her alive, but rejected her advances and asked her to leave him alone. A shattered Veronica then shot him dead. Veronica, dressed as "Sarah", then went downstairs only to encounter Nikki returning home. The insane woman frightened Nikki by talking in riddles and saying that Joshua was upstairs and would be asleep for "a very long time".