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Lillie Belle Barber was portrayed by Robin Braxton, formerly by Norma Donaldson.


Lillie Belle Barber had one sister, Mamie Johnson. She was the mother of Olivia Winters and Drucilla Winters.

The girls were as different as night and day and were bitter rivals. Older sister Olivia could do no wrong. Younger sister Dru could do no right. Lillie Belle and her husband, Walter Barber, favored their older daughter, Olivia, because Dru was an unwanted child, the result of husband Walter's drunken lust. The favortism of Olivia over Drucilla caused Dru to run away from home to Genoa City as a teenager and spent years on the streets racking up a criminal record.

In 1990, when Lillie Belle and Walter reunited with Drucilla during a visit to Genoa City, Dru discovered the truth about her conception. Walter assured Drucilla that he always accepted her despite the fact that the pregnancy was unplanned. Olivia was shocked and furious over this revelation. She berated her mother fiercely for mistreating her sister for her whole life.

As a result, Olivia saw Dru in a new light for the first time in years. Shortly after Dru and Neil Winters were married at the Chancellor Estate, Lillie Belle returned to town after leaving Walter and decided to live with Olivia and her husband, Nathan Hastings. Lillie Belle caused various problems in their marriage and was a burden to everyone with her bizarre behavior due to clinical depression. Dru tried to get Lillie Belle to move in with her in hopes of giving Liv and Nathan space to repair their marriage, but Lillie Belle chose Olivia over Drucilla once again.

In 1994, Walter arrived and took Lillie Belle back home.