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This is a list of minor characters who first appeared on The Young and the Restless in the 2010s (2010-2019).


Brent Riggs


Brent Riggs was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Adam Chambers.

Brent Riggs was a crook who got involved in a crooked police scandal in Genoa City. In 2010, Chance Chancellor got a call regarding the Brent Riggs case. At Crimson Lights, Chance met with Sid Meeks and shared his theory that Brent didn’t jump off a bridge as well as his theory that someone on the force helped Riggs escape in the first place. Across town Chance and Heather Stevens questioned Frank Ellis, who admitted he knew Brent and warned Chance that he was gambling with his life. Frank said he wouldn't talk to them about the Newmans, but he knew about Brent! Ellis said that either way he was a "lifer" in prison -- but if they offered him better conditions and extra privileges, he would give them information on someone else -- Brent Riggs.

Chance perked up when he heard Riggs's name and told Ellis not to toy with them. Chance asked what Ellis knew about Riggs. Ellis said that he knew that Riggs had called Chance from prison for help, but before Chance had a chance to meet with Riggs, Riggs had escaped -- and that no one had heard from him until weeks later, when Riggs had again called Chance and asked to meet him alone. Ellis told Chance and Heather that he knew that when Chance had gone to meet Riggs, Chance had been knocked out and drugs had been planted on him -- and the authorities later found Riggs's lifeless body floating in the river.

Chance said that was all confidential information that no one except for the involved parties would have known. Ellis said, "People talk. Wanna know the rest?" Heather thought that Ellis was bluffing. Ellis told Chance that he was gambling with his life -- he then stared at Heather and said, "What I know affects you, too." Chance thought that Ellis was "jerking them around." Ellis said that he was done talking, and if they wanted to know the rest, they would get him out of jail. Heather looked at Chance and said that she thought that they ought to talk about what Ellis had said.

Heather and Chance went to Crimson Lights. She wondered if Chance thought that Ellis was lying. Chance told Heather that he had never felt that the business with Riggs was finished. Heather asked him if he was going to request that Owen Pomerantz offer Ellis a deal. Chance asked Heather if she would talk to the District Attorney. He said that whenever he became involved in the Riggs situation, he seemed to hit a brick wall. Heather said that she owed Chance because he had accompanied her to interview Ellis, and she would talk to Pomerantz.

Charlie Shaw


Charlie Shaw ( referred to solely as Shaw) was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Don Swayze in 2010.

Shaw was a drunk who lived in Ottawa. In 2010, he helped Adam Newman escape prosecution. Adam's father, Victor Newman, came after him but Shaw refused to tell him anything. Victor, with the help of bartender Meggie McClean, tied Shaw to a chair and threatened to tell him where he brought Adam. Shaw refused and Victor showed him a trapdoor in the floor that was above a river, and if Shaw didn't spill he would drop him in. Shaw told Victor what he knew and was released. Shortly after being released, Shaw sent his goons after Victor.

They put him in a boat, sent it into the river, then shot it up. However, Meggie and Jack Abbott managed to rescue Victor. Shaw and his goons were never charged for the crime. A while later Meggie came to Genoa City telling the story that Shaw shot up her bar and wanted to get revenge for her helping Victor. Nobody believed her. Shaw came to town and tried to abduct Meggie, but Nikki Newman burst in and broke a vase over Shaw' head, knocking him out and saving Meggie. Shaw was last seen being hauled away by the cops.

Dr. Carey

Dr. Carey

Dr. Carey was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Kate Connor.

Dr. Carey was the head of Solidarity House. In 2010, Meggie McClean called Victor Newman over to the Silver Star Motel so he could find Deacon Sharpe and Nikki Newman in bed together. Victor then realized how bad Nikki's alcoholic relapse was and admitted her to the Solidarity House rehab center. Nikki checked into rehab at the Solidarity House that day. Later that day, Nikki met with Dr. Carey.



Heather with Edward

Edward was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by an unknown actor.

Edward was a bodyguard. In 2010, Lily Winters took the twins to see her dad, Neil Winters. She introduced Neil to her new private bodyguard, Edward. Lily and her husband, Cane Ashby, had decided to hire Edward after Cane was threatened by some cattle rustlers in Australia who had finally tracked him down.

Jamie Peterson


Jamie Peterson

Jamie Peterson (born James Peterson) was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Jamie Elman.

Jamie Peterson had one older sister, Dr. Emily Peterson, who was a psychiatrist. Jamie was addicted to prescription drugs. In 2010, Patty Williams, disguised as Emily, was desperate to get rid of Jamie who came to visit Emily. She gave him some prescription pads and money and told him to leave town. While talking with Heather Stevens, Jack Abbott said he was sorry she was suspended. "For what it's worth, Paul has good reason to be upset with me". Heather relayed that Patty (actually Emily locked up in a mental institution) was desperate to see Jack. Not a good idea, both agreed. Paul came in with a contact number for Jamie (and a warning for Jack to think next time before jumping into something and ending up hurting people).

JoJo Glover


JoJo Glover

JoJo Glover (given name Joanna Glover) was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Caroline Aaron.

JoJo was living in Spearfish, SD, working as a bounty hunter, proprietor of JoJo’s Bail Bonds. JoJo was a tough crude woman with a police record consisting of assault, weapons possession and grand theft. She had done ten years in federal prison in Dublin, CA, for extortion, money laundering and trafficking in stolen goods. She was involved in a motorcycle gang. She was prosecuted for violating the Federal RICO Act.

Katherine Chancellor and Jill Foster Abbott tracked her down thinking she was Katherine's daughter that she gave up for adoption years earlier. They told JoJo she was Kay’s daughter and brought her to Genoa City for a visit. It wasn’t long before they were insisting on a DNA test, in hopes they could prove she was NOT Kay’s daughter. JoJo refused, so Murphy got a DNA sample from one of her beer bottles. Jill met wealthy industrialist Tucker McCall on a business trip, but he let her assume he was just a bartender, and they spent the night together.

Tucker soon showed up at Chancellor Industries to advise Kay and Neil Winters to buy out a company named Cell Tron with Chancellor stock. Jill was shocked to walk in on the meeting and discover whom Tucker really was, but he managed to talk his way out of it later, and they continued their affair. When the DNA test proved JoJo was not Kay's daughter, it was discovered that Tucker had set JoJo up as part of his plot to get revenge on Kay because he was her missing child! Another DNA test proved it. JoJo's job was done, so she went back to Spearfish.

Justin Hightower

Justin Hightower.png

Justin Hightower was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by an unknown actor.

Justin Hightower is the son of Richard Hightower. In 2010, with his aunt, Sally Hightower, Justin came to ask Adam Newman why he killed Justin's father. Victor Newman expressed his condolences to Justin. Both Justin and his aunt, were awed by Victor's kindness and assurance that the boy would be taken care of financially. Later, Victor offered to pay for Hightower's college education and makes sure that he has all the advantages in life that he lost when he lost his father.

Later, Adam dreamed of his mother, Hope Adams Wilson and Justin. He woke when Justin informed Hope that Adam was a liar and a murder. In 2010, Sharon Newman and Adam talked when she found him at the bus station. She told him not to run away or he would just be making the same mistake over and over. Adam told her he was heading to Minneapolis to see Justin and give the nine year old the hundred grand he took from the Newman Fund. Sharon said "you're going to give a 9-year-old a hundred grand?. He won't know what to do with that". Adam decided not to go.

Kitty Kitty


Patty holding Kitty Kitty (while "Sister" Gloria turns around)

Kitty Kitty was portrayed by an unknown kitty actor.

Kitty Kitty was the pet of Patty Williams. In 2010, Kitty Kitty was a kitten whom Patty found in the Church Of The Sacred Heart when she and Paul Williams were hiding from the cops. Patty was sure that Kitty Kitty was a gift from God. When Gloria and Jeffrey Bardwell kidnapped Patty, she was more concerned about her new kitten than about herself. She later brought him along when she kidnapped Colleen Carlton and gave him to Paul when she was taken into custody. When Jack Abbott became suspicious of Patty (who was impersonating Emily Peterson), he came up with one way to figure out whom she really was. The real Emily was allergic to cats. So Jack adopted a cat that looked a lot like Kitty Kitty, named her Mrs. Kitty and left her on the stoop. Patty took to her immediately with no allergic reaction which only encouraged Jack's suspicions.

Koa Anneko

Koa Anneko.JPG

Koa Anneko is a fictional character in the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless. He was played by Peter Navy Tuaisosopo from December 27, 2010 to April 1, 2011

Koa lived in Hawaii, and was the owner of a rural post office and shop that Skye Lockhart used to purchase equipment for her night hike along the volcano. After Skye fell into the volcano, Koa was paid by Victor Newman to deny that Skye was ever in Hawaii. Jack Abbott and Phyllis Summers were in Hawaii to prove that Victor had framed his son, Adam Newman, for Skye's murder. Jack and Phyllis found out Koa's association with Victor, and tied to him to a headboard to interrogate him. Koa broke free while Jack and Phyllis were out and disappeared.

Marion Greenly


Marion Greenly

Marion Greenly was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Danielle Rayne.

In 2010, Marion Greenly was a friend of Jack Abbott's and became an investor in The Newman Fund at Jack's urging. After the fund became insolvent, Marion lost all her money. Feeling guilty about getting her into the fund in the first place, Jack repaid Marion every dollar she lost out of his own money. To show her gratitude, Marion brought Jack a Christmas present.

Mark Hogan


Mark Hogan

Mark Hogan was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Michael Badalucco.

Mark Hogan was a notorious bookie. In October, 2010, Jeffrey Bardwell and Kevin Fisher started running money for Mark. Mark showed up at Gloworm demanding his money from Jeffrey. Mark told Kevin he had until that night to come up with the $10,000 he owed him. Chloe Mitchell distracted Gloria Abbott Bardwell by interviewing her for Restless Style while Jeffrey gave Kevin the $10,000 for Mark. Kevin dashed out with Chloe in tow. Kevin and Chloe hadn't even left his parking space in front of Gloworm when they were stopped by a police officer for expired tags.

While the cop stepped away, Chloe reached into the back seat to hid the bag of money, but she tipped the bag over just as the cop returned.After learning later that day that Kevin had been arrested, Mark warned Jeffrey that if Kevin sang to the police, it would be bad for him and even worse for Jeffrey. Heather Stevens was concerned about Kevin Fisher's arrest because it appeared that Kevin was involved with Mark, a major bookie in Genoa City. Heather told Michael Baldwin that Mark was a big time bookie with his fingers in a lot of pies.

Most betting slips in Genoa City crossed Mark's desk and since Kevin was found with the betting slips, she was hoping Kevin could give her some information to bring Mark down. Heather needed to impress her new boss with a high-profile arrest. Michael warned Heather that he wouldn't let her use Kevin to further her career. When Heather asked Kevin about the money found in the car, Kevin said he and Chloe had planned to use the cash to buy furniture. Heather said there were betting slips in the shopping bag along with the money.

Kevin claimed he had put the cash in the bag and didn't know anything about the betting slips. Heather asked for Kevin to tell her what he knew about Mark. Kevin denied knowing Hogan. Heather offered to make a deal with Kevin. Kevin and Chloe would receive total immunity if Kevin revealed what he knew about Mark. Kevin refused and was released.

Morgan Belford


Morgan Belford

Morgan Belford was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Gregory Franklin.

Morgan Belford was an attorney. In 2010, Jill Fenmore’s lawyer Morgan, filed a lawsuit to get half the inheritance that Lauren Fenmore had received after their father Neil Fenmore’s death. Jill met Morgan at Crimson Lights and told him she was ready to move ahead with her bid to claim her portion of the Fenmore fortune. “Good,” Belford replied, “because I found out something very interesting about Neil Fenmore’s will…” It turned out that Neil's will left his estate to be divided evenly among his heirs, not just Lauren. Jill ended up getting half of Neil's estate thanks to Morgan.

Mr. Henderson


Mr. Henderson was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by an unknown actor.

In October 2010, Mr. Henderson at the Genoa City Athletic Club told Diane Jenkins that she needed to pay her bill as the credit card she gave them was declined. Diane said she would get it cleared up right away then made a phone call to find out how much gold was selling for.

Mrs. Kitty


Mrs. Kitty, AKA "Cat".

Mrs. Kitty (also called Cat) was the pet of Jack Abbott.

Jack enlisted the aid of Mrs. Kitty in his plan to unmask Patty Williams. On April 30, 2010, Jack became suspicious of Patty (who was impersonating Emily Peterson), he came up with a way to figure out who she really was. The real Emily was allergic to cats. He adopted a cat that looked a lot like Kitty Kitty, named her Mrs. Kitty and left her on the stoop. Patty was thrilled when she found her and renamed her Cat. Cat scratched her when they were playing leaving a small gash as Jack looked on. Patty left Cat in the pool house while she went to kill Emily. In the mental hospital, Patty attempted to take Emily's place again but Jack realized it was Patty because of the gash. Jack then gave Cat away to a new home.



"The Naked Heiress" riding in on Pericles.

Pericles was Abby Newman's horse. Brad Carlton had bought Abby a horse as a gift. Victor came along and gave Pericles to Abby. Brad was pained that the horse he gifted Abby was now forgotten because Pericles was a 'champion'.

In November 2010, Ashley Abbott and Tucker McCall showed up with gifts for Abby for her birthday. Ashley gave her some bracelets. Abby opened Tucker's gift and discovered a bag of oats. Abby was confused until she heard a horse neigh outside. Abby remarked, "Pericles? You bought my horse back?" Abby rushed outside to greet her old friend. Ashley became upset telling her beau that she was going to tell Abby she could not accept the horse. Tucker told Abby that he could find a new home for Pericles if he'd overstepped his boundaries.

Ashley told Abby that it was inappropriate for her to accept such an expensive gift. Abby protested and acknowledged that she was grateful for an extravagant gift that she truly needed on such a difficult day. Victor Newman stopped by Abby's house and asked if it was Pericles hanging out in front of the house. Abby explained that she'd gotten Pericles back for her birthday. Tucker added that he'd bought the horse. Abby told her father that Tucker bought the horse back for her because he knew how much the horse meant to her because he was a symbol of Victor's love for her. Victor hatefully snapped, "You traded him for money. That's kind of symbolic, too." Victor left. Abby was devastated and began sobbing.

Sally Hightower

Sally Hightower.jpg

Sally Hightower was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Elizabeth Roberts.

In 2010, Adam Newman arranged a meeting between Victor Newman, Nicholas Newman and Richard's sister-in-law, Sally, and son, Justin Hightower. Sally was worried about what effect the questioning in court could have on the boy so the second Justin runs up to the table, Victor holds up a picture of Adam and asks the boy if he knows him. "That’s Adam", Justin replies, "he saved my dad's life!".

Tom Cassidy


Tom Cassidy is a reporter who met with Skye Newman.




Tyler was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Corey Saunders.

In 2010, Rafe Torres invited his friends to a party at Jimmy's Bar to celebrate the opening of his private law practice. Tyler walked into Jimmy's and greeted Rafe with a very warm gentle embrace. Rafe told his guests that Tyler was with him and introduced everyone to his new boyfriend. The next day, Tyler was with Rafe when they bumped into Sharon Newman at the bookshop.



Agnes 1.png

Agnes was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Melissa Hayden.

In January 2011, Bert was working at the Church Of The Sacred Heart where Daisy Carter left her baby. Bert arranged to sell the baby. He told his girlfriend, Agnes, not to get attached to the baby because a lady was on her way over for it. Bert thanked Agnes for cleaning up and looking after the baby but he reminded her that money was what they were after. Bert convinced Agnes to pretty the baby up in a thrift store dress so she would impress whomever's coming over. A woman named Primrose DeVille arrived. Agnes was assured that the baby would go to good people then Primrose handed an envelope over for Bert to count with $5,000 cash. He was pleased. The woman assured Agnes that the baby would soon be someone's treasured princess. Agnes told Primrose she had named the baby Rose. "Oh, that was my aunt's name. She gave me my name Primrose DeVille" said the baby trafficker.



Bert was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by an unknown actor.

Bert was a janitor. In January 2011, Bert was working at the Church Of The Sacred Heart where Daisy Carter left her baby. Bert arranged to sell the baby. Bert told his girlfriend Agnes not to get attached to the baby because a lady was on her way over for it. Bert thanked Agnes for cleaning up and looking after the baby but he reminded her that money was what they were after. Bert convinced Agnes to pretty the baby up in a thrift store dress so she would impress whomever's coming over.

A woman named Primrose DeVille arrived. Agnes was assured that the baby would go to good people then handed an envelope over for Bert to count with $5,000 cash. He was pleased. The woman assured Agnes that the baby would soon be someone's treasured princess. Agnes told Primrose she had named the baby Rose. "Oh, that was my aunt's name. She gave me my name Primrose DeVille" said the baby trafficker.

Lee Welch


Lee Welch was played by Matthew John Armstrong in 2011.

Lee was the father of Piper Welch and a good friend of Sam Gibson’s. He worked as the local sheriff in New Mexico and liked Sharon at first when she was posing as Sheri, but became angry and weary of her when it was revealed she as on the run. He viewed Sharon as potentially danger due to being wanted (falsely) for murder. Lee then arrested Sharon and took her back to Genoa City.

Piper Welch


Piper Welch was played by Ellen Sprayberry from April 11, 2011 to November 4, 2011.

Piper was the daughter of Lee Welch and Beverly Sheffield. She was a farm girl that Sharon Newman became friends with while she was on the run and hiding out at Sam Gibson’s farm as Sherri. Piper and her family were friends with Sam. Because Sharon hac children of her own, she was able to connect with Piper. Their friendship ended when Sharon was outed and arrested by Lee, who then took her back to Genoa City.

Samantha Atkinson

Samantha 1.png

Samantha Atkinson was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by 28 year old Selina MacDonald in 2011. She only appeared in flashbacks.

Samantha Atkinson was the daughter of Colin Atkinson and Genevieve Atkinson. She had two brothers, twins Caleb Atkinson and Cane Ashby. In 2010, Colin told Jill Fenmore about a "friend" he and Cane had in common; a young woman named Samantha, Cane's sister and Colin's daughter, who died several years back. Colin unnerved Cane with additional revelations about his past. While Jill was out of the room, Cane held the photo of Samantha in his hand. In hushed tones, Cane snapped at his father, "You're going use my sister to get to me? If you hurt Jill, I will do more than put you in prison. You got it?" Colin claimed he wouldn't hurt Jill because she was a nice lady.

Cane shot back that Samantha had been a nice person, too, before Colin destroyed her. Colin told Cane he'd arrived in Genoa City to help Cane but Cane ordered his dad to return to Australia. Colin reminded Cane that he'd gone to jail because Cane had opted to save his own neck. Cane reminded his father that he'd been forced to turn his dad in to the authorities. Colin replied, "You were a willing participant. You're as guilty as the rest of us". Colin told Cane that he'd been the prince of Queensland who had been groomed to become king.

Colin demanded to know why Cane had claimed he'd grown up underprivileged in the outback. Jill returned and noted that Cane and Colin seemed to be getting along well. Jill asked about Samantha. Cane sadly explained that she was one of the most beautiful people he'd even known, but she'd passed away. Colin added that he'd known the young woman well. Jill said she found it odd that Cane's and Colin's paths had never crossed. Cane said that perhaps they'd both attended Samantha's funeral. Cane is shocked when he realizes Samantha is still alive and Colin and her are working together and Jill comes back to town admitting she was with Colin while she was away.


Stephanie Gayle

Stephanie Gayle

Stephanie Gayle (nee Wheeler) was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. portrayed by Anne Leighton.

In December 2012, Stephanie was hired by Victor Newman to seduce Jack Abbott. Jack took her home on New Years Eve and when he woke up the next morning, Jack discovered Stephanie had died from a drug overdose. Adam Newman hid her body and it was later revealed that Stephanie was the daughter of Congressman Marcus Wheeler.


Adriana Stone

Jhoanna Flores.png

Adriana Stone was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Jhoanna Flores from January 7 to April 9, 2013.

Adriana Stone was an old girlfriend of Noah Newman when he was living in New York City. She apparently cheated and left Noah for her other lover, leaving Noah hurt and returning back to Genoa City. Months later, Noah finds a duffle bag filled with money and a note from Adriana asking him to keep the money safe. Adriana eventually showed up at Noah's doorstep and began throwing herself onto him, despite them having broken up because of her infidelity. However, she made it clear that she was still in love with Noah. She found that the half-million dollars cash she stole from a police standoff in New York was stolen by Kevin Fisher and Chloe Mitchell.

Later, Alex Chavez, a New York detective arrives in Genoa City and begins questioning Noah about Adriana and the stolen money, to which he claims to know nothing about either. Noah confronts Adriana and demands answers, to which she denies knowing anything about the money but later reveals she had stolen, claiming it was "finder's keepers." Adriana eventually finds the duffle bag at Kevin and Chloe's house and steals it back and attempts to run off again, asking Noah to join her which he declines and begs Adriana to turn the money to the police. Adriana eventually does and it is revealed that Alex and Adriana are actually brother and sister. Adriana then finds a job as an assistant for Katherine Chancellor. But the job doesn't last long and Adriana is dropped off of canvas.

David Sherman

David Sherman.JPG

David Sherman is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Robert Gant on and off from 2013-2017.

David is a lawyer and the son of Mitchell Sherman, who had been Katherine Chancellor's lawyer.

David was hired by Ian Ward to represent him in his civil suit against Nikki Newman. Nikki was upset to find out David was representing Ian because Mitchell was the lawyer of her friend, the late Katherine Chancellor

Sharon Newman hired David to represent her in the custody fight against Nick Newman for her daughter Faith Newman, and he later represented Joe Clark when he was accused of raping Avery Clark. David will be returning on February 14, 2017.


Briana Nicole Henry.png

Esmerelda was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Briana Nicole Henry from January 7 2013 to April 9, 2013.

Esmerelda is an experienced model who interacts with Summer Newman during a photo shoot for Jabot at The Underground. Noticing Summer's seemingly tired look in the photos, Esmerelda offers Summer of her contact's phone numbers. Summer implied she doesn't do drugs, but Esmerelda says that it's an energy pill in order to get Summer more motivated. Esmeralda also had a brief relationship with Devon Hamilton.

Richard Womack


Richard Womack was portrayed by Myk Watford from 2013 to 2014.

Myk Watford as Richard Womack.JPG

Womack was an inmate when Fenmore Baldwin was sent to prison. Womack agreed to protect Fen (who he called Mouse) in exchange for a favour. Womack swore Fen to secrecy when Fen was released from prison, but Fen, feared going back to prison for Carmine Basco's murder, and attempted to flee town. He was arrested and mentioned his association with Womack. When Fen went back to prison, Womack refused to protect him since he broke their deal. Michael Baldwin, Fen's father, made a deal with Womack for information that eventually led to the reveal that Carmine was alive, and clearing Fen of all charges.

Womack was also released from prison, and he and Colin Atkinson plotted a robbery at the foundation held in Delia Abbott's honour. Fen and Womack encountered each other at the benefit, and Womack told Fen to leave the benefit. It appeared that Womack had grown to care about Fen since he knew they were planning a hostage situation, and he made sure Fen would be out of the room when the robbery took place. Womack was killed by Colin in what appeared to be a gun struggle, but Colin actually murdered Womack so he couldn't implicate Colin as his associate.



Sullivan (aka Sully) was played by Brad Bingham. He was an Army buddy of Dylan McAvoy who was killed in Afghanistan. Sullivan often haunts Dylan's dreams. Dylan names his son with Sharon Newman, "Sullivan", in honor of his fallen comrade.

Terry McAvoy


Terrence Connor "Terry" McAvoy is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. He was the adoptive father of Dylan McAvoy, and husband of Penny McAvoy. He was played by Steve Gagnon from March 5-11 in 2013.

Terrence Connor "Terry" McAvoy is the widowed father of Dylan McAvoy. Terry and his wife, initially raise Dylan in Darien, Connecticut and the family later relocates to Chicago. Terry starts his own construction company; but when Dylan is in college, Terry falls off a ladder and breaks his back forcing Dylan to drop out of college and run the business.

Terry is expected to never walk again, but he eventually regains use of his limbs. However, an infection during a surgery leads to a decline in Terry's health forcing him to live with an around the clock nurse. Terry passes away on March 11, 2013 in Genoa City. It is later revealed that Dylan was the biological son of Paul Williams andNikki Newman. Penelope knew Dylan was adopted, but Terry didn't.


Gabriel Bingham


Gabriel Bingham was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. He was portrayed in flashbacks (and shown in photographs) by Justin Hartley in from 2014-2015.

Gabriel was the grandson of Constance Bingham. He died in an explosion well trying to save Adam Newman from a car wreck. Sage Warner covered up his death and helped Adam assume Gabriel's identity to spare Constance the pain of losing her grandson. It was later revealed that Gabriel went to boarding school with Nick Newman and was nicknamed "Bingo". Adam is now living in Genoa City as Gabriel. It has been revealed that Sage and Gabriel had gotten married shortly before his death.

Jenna Kieran


Jenna Kieran

Jenna Kieran (formerly Rayburn) was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Stephanie Lemelin from June 13–16, 2014.

Jenna was first mentioned as the wife of Ben Rayburn and mother of their son, Max. It was later revealed that Ben and Jenna were separated. Their separation was caused by Kelly Andrews, Ben's sister, telling Jenna her brother's secret. When Ben was a teenager, he accidentally killed his abusive drunk father after a confrontation. Jenna was horrified at the secret which led to Ben and Jenna's divorce and Jenna fleeing to Australia with Max.

Jenna appeared in June 2014. Billy Abbott and Chelsea Lawson traveled to Australia to meet Jenna and try to uncover Ben secret. Victoria Newman tells Ben about Billy and Chelsea's plans and he calls Jenna and warns her. Billy and Chelsea pretend they want to interview Jenna for a film they are working on. The cover holds for a little while, but Jenna is suspicious. After Jenna gets Ben's message, she calls Billy and Chelsea out on the true reason for their visit. Knowing they've been caught, Billy and Chelsea tell her the truth and try to get some answers, but Jenna shuts them down and asks them to leave her home. Later on, she calls Ben back and tells him that he had better not tell anyone about his secret because she doesn't want that shame to follow her son. She tells Ben that if he tells anyone the secret, she will disappear with Max again and this time he won't be able to find them.

On January 6, 2016 Paul calls Stitch to come to the police station, Abby Newman accompanies him. They see Max sitting down and run over to see him. A heartbroken Max tells Stitch that his mother had died and he blames it on Abby Newman. Stitch and Abby look at each other in confusion as to why Max would say Abby killed his mother. Jenna died in a terrible car accident after being on the phone with Abby Newman. Abby tried to convince Jenna to bring her and Stitch's son, Max to the wedding as Abby's gift to Stitch. Abby had thought Jenna hung up on her, when really the line went dead as a result of the crash.

Pamela Harrison


Pamela Harrison is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. She was played by an unknown actress for a couple episodes in October 2014.

Pamela is the sister of Penny McAvoy, and the adoptive aunt of Dylan McAvoy. Though Penny never told her husband, Terry, that Dylan was adopted; she did tell Pamela. The burden of keeping Penny's secret caused Pamela to cut ties with her sister. In late 2013, Paul Williams showed up at Pamela's door, and she confirmed that Dylan was Nikki Newman's biological son.


Roscoe the rabbit.jpg

Roscoe/Roxy was portrayed by a unknown rabbit actor in 2014.

Roscoe is the pet rabbit of Mark Harding. While Harding was on holidays, Kevin Fisher was in charge of watching Roscoe. On Christmas Eve of 2014, Roscoe wasn't in his cage. Kevin called his friend, Mariah Copeland, to help him search. Mariah not only found Roscoe, but also found out that he was a female and had babies. They then renamed the rabbit Roxy.




Abbi was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Bara Knapkova in 2015.

Abbi was brigadier in Crimson Lights.

Angela Stephens

Angela Stephens.jpeg

Angela Stephens is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Jill Lover from October 2015 to May 2016.

Angela was the nurse on staff, who told Nick and Sage Newman that their newborn baby, Christian didn't make it. She is later seen with Christian in an undisclosed location, and kept Christian until Dr. Sandy Anderson was ready to give Christian to Sharon Newman.

Sharon remembered seeing Angela looking through the window of the door when Sandy gave Christian (renamed Sully) to Sharon. Sharon later saw Angela at the hospital when she took Sully for a checkup. Angela asked to hold Sully, and Sharon reluctantly let her. Sharon asked Angela why she was at Fairview, and Angela said that she sometimes helps out at Fairview.

Sharon later saw Angela kiss the bartender, Wes, at the Athletic club. She questions Wes about Angela, and he said Sharon had no idea what Angela was capable of. Sage later discovered that Angela spent some time in Fairview, and Wes told Sharon that Angela was wrongly accused of killing her patients, and became close enough to her psychiatrist that she was willing to do anything for them. Sharon and Sage realized that psychiatrist was Sandy Anderson, and wondered what Sandy wanted Angela to do for her.

Sage attempted to question Angela another her relationship with Sandy, and when Angela denied it, Sage brought up she knew Angela was accused of euthanizing her patients, and was treated by Sandy, who pulled some strings so Angela could work as nurse. Sage asked Angela how she payed Sandy back, and Angela said she never meant any harm before hurrying off.

Sage confronted Angela again, and told her she knew Sharon had a miscarriage. Sage kept pushing until Angela finally admitted that Christian was alive, and given to Sharon while at Fairview. Sage was furious and told Angela she was soulless. Angela said she owed everything to Dr. Sanderson. As Sage was leaving, Angela said Sharon also ordered a DNA test, and got the results that day.



Ava was portrayed by Londyn Silzer on December 8, 2015. She is the daughter of Luca Santori and Marisa Sierras. She lives in Spain with her parents.



Cleo was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Misha Hargas in 2015.

Cleo was brigadier in Crimson Lights.



Desiree was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Denise Frehar in 2015.

Desirée was brigadier in Crimson Lights and she flirted with Noah Newman.

Guy Burke

Mike rylander.jpg
Guy Burke was a businessman who had a romantic relationship with Abby Newman. He got into a car accident because of her. Guy was portrayed by Mike Rylander in 2015.

Jay Moxley

Jack Armstrong.jpeg

Jay Moxley is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. He is played by Jack Armstrong on November 16, 2015.

Jay is a senator and the husband of Judge Elise Moxley. Jack Abbott and Victor Newman both met with Jay since Elise was the judge that was handling Adam Newman's appeal. Jay told Victor that he and his wife don't influence each other in their work. He says Elise's ruling will be fair, and thanks Jack for his contribution. Jay asks why Victor has never made a contribution, and Victor leaves. Jay tells Jack that Victor holds no power over him.

After Elise publicly stated that she had an affair with Victor Newman, it was mentioned that her marriage to Jay ended.



Topher is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. He was played by Brian Dare in 2015.

Topher is a technician that was hired by Ian Ward, and Adam Newman to create the Paragon virus. Topher activated Paragon, on Ian's orders, after Adam hacked into Victor Newman's personal computer. Victor tracked Topher down and ordered him to stop Paragon, but Topher said the virus couldn't be stopped. Topher later snuck into Adam's hospital room to update him about Paragon.


Fiona Henley


Fiona Henley is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. She was played by Hannah Barefoot.

Fiona was a department store owner and dealt with both Brash and Sassy and Jabot. Eventually, she and Billy Abbott drank champagne and had sex. Phyllis walked in and slapped Billy. Fiona decided not too do business with Jabot or Brash and Sassy because of all the drama and told Phyllis that she has been having a affair with billy.

Lucinda Winters


Lucinda Winters is a fictional character on the The Young and the Restless. She is played by Star Trek alumni Nichelle Nichols in September 2016.

Lucinda is the mother of Neil Winters. She cheated on Neil's father and they divorced. Lucinda disappeared from Neil's life, and Neil believed she had abandoned him. In truth, Lucinda struggled with alcoholism, and felt she couldn't be a good mother to Neil. She kept up with Neil's life, and sent him letters when Neil married Hilary Curtis, but Neil threw the letters in the garbage.

In August 2016, Hilary gave the letters to Lily Winters, and she tracked down her grandmother. Lily informed Neil that his mother was sick, so on September 1st, Neil finally went to see Lucinda at the care facility she was staying in. Lucinda was finally able to explain everything to Neil, and Neil tearfully forgave his mother. Neil wanted Lucinda to meet his family, but Lucinda died soon after.

Michelle Hazelton


Kelly Frye as Michelle Hazelton.

Michelle Hazelton is a fictional character on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless. She has been portrayed by Kelly Frye from November 10, 2016 to November 18, 2016.

Michelle is a friend of Ashley Abbott's, and the ex-lover of Travis Crawford. Travis was working for her husband, Henry, and had an affair with with him. As a result, Henry fired Travis and he was blackballed from Wall Street. Michelle eventually left Henry, and sent Travis some flowers. Michelle showed up in Genoa City unexpectedly to reconnect with Ashley and Travis. Michelle told Travis her room number incase he ever wanted to stop by.

Travis later showed up at Michelle's after having a fight with his then-girlfriend, Victoria Newman. Travis was half drunk, and Michelle was in nothing, but a towel. Travis confided in Michelle about Victoria and her family. Michelle dropped her towel, Travis and Michelle had sex. Afterwards, Travis received a voicemail from Victoria, apologizing. Travis went back to Victoria, but Michelle believed she and Travis could get back together. Ashley and Travis teamed up to force Michelle out of town.

Mitch Pulman


Mitch Pulman was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. He was played by Lamont Thompson in 2016.

Mitch was the warden at Walorth prison when Victor Newman was incarcerated there. After Victor was stabbed in his cell, Mitch vowed to find the attacker. He later tossed Victor into the whole after he assaulted Ian Ward. Mitch became suspicious by Victor's constant visits to the infirmary. He warned Dr. Meredith Gates about the consequences of getting involved with an inmate after he found out she was willing to testify on Victor's behalf.

When Adam Newman was sent to Walworth, Mitch made sure Adam knew he would not have an easy life at Walworth. Mitch came to see Adam in the infirmary after he attacked a guard. Adam had found proof that exonerated him of his crime, but Mitch warned Adam he would now be facing new charges for attacking the guard.

Russell Gates

David Grant Wright Russell Gates.jpg

Judge Russell "Russ" Gates is a character on The Young and the Restless portrayed by David Grant Wright on March 13, 2016 and July 23, 2015. He is the estranged father of Dr. Meredith Gates. He had a son, Joshua, who committed suicide.

In 2016, Meredith reached out to Russell, saying a friend encouraged her to. Adam Newman saw Meredith with Russell, and warned Russell that his father Victor Newman was trying to manipulate Meredith and Russell for an early release. Russell went to see Victor, and told him he and Meredith would not be manipulated by him. On July 23 2016, Russell gave Victor a pardon with the stipulation that he stay away from Meredith.

Shawn Taylor

Shawn Taylor.jpeg

Shawn Taylor is a fiction character on The Young and the Restless. She has been played by Devon Martinez from March-April 2016.

Shawn Taylor was a pregnant teenager, looking to give her baby up for adoption. She was found by Nick and Sage Newman, who were interested in adopting her baby. Shawn bonded with Nick and Sage, but Sage got to be a little overbearing at times, micromanaging what Shawn ate. Shawn also got to know Nick's daughter Faith Newman after her apartment was broken into, and she went to live with Nick and Sage.

After the first sonogram, Shawn seemed to be having second thoughts about giving up the baby. Nick encouraged Shawn to do what she think is best for the baby. Shawn turned to Sharon Newman for advice because she had given up her daughter, Cassie. During their conversation, Shawn ant into labor, and gave birth a a boy named David. Shawn left the hospital with David, and wrote Sage and Nick a letter.


Alex Dettmer

Alex Dettmer.JPG

Alex Dettmer is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. She was played by Jessica Webb in January 2017.

Alex was the bodyguard of Luther Fisk. She met Dylan McAvoy (undercover as Derek Young). Alex was attracted to Dylan and made several attempts to seduce him. Alex found a bug in Dylan's room, but he covered and said his boss liked to keep an eye on him. Alex called in Fisk's bodyguard, Stan, to interrogate Dylan. While they were interrogating Dylan, Sharon McAvoy called and as soon as she heard Alex's voice, she lied and said "wrong number". Alex noted it was a woman on the other end, and Dylan said it was his boss's right hand woman, Amanda.

Dylan eventually had to sleep with Alex to get her to trust him enough, so she would arrange a meeting with Fisk. Dylan got his deal with Fisk, and the evidence he needed, but when Fisk was arrested, Alex realized Dylan was working for the Feds, and left Stan and some of Fisk's men to deal with Dylan, but they were all killed by Dylan.

Ben Hochman


Ben Hochman is a fictional character on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless. He has was played by Ben Hermes in January 2017, May 2017, and August 2017.

Ben was approached by Lauren Fenmore Baldwin to invest in Fenmore's Boutique, and Ben was going to go until Gloria Abbott Bardwell changed his mind. Later, Ben attempted to woo Ashley Abbott with his macho mannerisms. Ravi Shapur saw it as him disrespecting Ashley as a businesswoman and told Ben off.

Ben later shows up in Genoa City again, and Phyllis Abbott talked Ben into investing in Brash & Sassy. Ben met with it's CEO Victoria Newman, and she was intrigued by what he had to offer. Though Ben was clearly interested in Victoria, he was surprise during when she suddenly kissed him and initiated a sexual encounter between the two of them.

Jack Abbott later talked a reluctant Ben into sabotaging Brash & Sassy, although Ben admitted he liked Victoria. Ben also met with Cane Ashby, a former employee of Brash & Sassy. Jack warned Ben against hiring Cane, but Ben decided Cane's knowledge would be a valuable asset.

Dr. Harris

Dr Harris Ron Melendez.JPG

Dr. Harris is a fictional character on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless. He has been played by Ron Melendez from May 2017 to July 2017.

Dr. Harris was Chloe Mitchell's doctor when she was in a mental institution. He accepted a bribe from Victor Newman to have Chloe released earlier. About a year later, Victor paid Dr. Harris to hide and treat Chloe at his house since she was wanted for the murder of Adam Newman.

Nick Newman and Chelsea Newman came to Harris' house, hoping to get answers about Chloe. Harris denied knowing Chloe's whereabouts, but they didn't believe her. Nick called Harris over under the pretence of him wanting Harris to help Chelsea get over the death of Adam, who was her husband.

When Harris arrived, Nick revealed who he really was, and demands Harris tell him the truth. Things went south though when Chelsea found Chloe apparently dead at Harris's house. What actually happened was that Harris, Victor, and Chloe conspired to fake Chloe's death.

Harris shows up in Genoa City after Chloe's funeral, and escorted her back to his house where he vowed to continue her treatment. Kevin Fisher showed up, intending to take Chloe away, but Chloe realized she had to continue her treatment, and convinces Harris to let Kevin and their daughter, Bella Mitchell, stay with her at Harris' house.

When Kevin leaves for Genoa City to get Bella, Harris reveals he helped Chloe because she looked a lot like his deceased daughter, Maggie. He then tells her Kevin won't be back and he sabotaged Kevin's car to breakdown and explode.

Harris began losing his grip on h reality and started calling Chloe "Maggie". Chloe played along until she was able to hit Harris over the head. Chloe tried to flee, but Harris caught her. Kevin showed up, and he and Harris struggled over a gun that Harris had. Kevin subdued Harris, and tied him up.



Kendall is a fictional character on the CBS soap The Young and the Restless. She was played by Caitlin Myers since from March 2017 to May 2017.

Kendall is friends with Reed Hellstrom, and his girlfriend, Zoey. On the night Reed made his debut playing at The Underground. Kendall showed Zoey a video of her mom's hairstyle and they laughed, making Reed think they were laughing at him. Kendall later apologized and has shown signs of having an obvious crush on Reed, though he is completely oblivious to it.

Kendall set up a movie date with Reed, using Zoey's phone, and said that Zoey might be late. She then deleted the conversation, so Zoey wouldn't see it. Kendall showed up at the movie, and Reed accepted her explanation as to why she was there and why Zoey wasn't. The movie was a classic romance movie and Kendall kissed Reed. She pretended to be sorry, and begged Reed not to tell Zoey.

Kendall later took Reed's wallet and headed to the Newman Ranch, pretending he had forgot it. Kendall showed up at The Underground to invite Reed to hang out at Crimson Lights. Kendall was dismayed when she learned Zoey wasn't taking her relationship with Reed seriously, and planning to see Charlie Ashby as a well. When Reed arrived, Kendall told him where Zoey was, and Reed saw Zoey and Charlie kissing.

Irv West


Irv West was played by Wayne Knight in 2017.

Irv was a famous music producer that showed up at the Underground. He had a meeting with Devon Hamilton and was idolized by Tess Porter. Irv hired an escort named Natalia to pose as his girlfriend.

Luthor Fisk


Luthor Fisk is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. He was played by Scott Spieser in January 2017.

Luthor Fisk was a notorious crime lord, who was hard to capture. Dylan McAvoy volunteered to go undercover as Derek Young to get the evidence needed to capture Fisk. Dylan had to jump through some hoops, convincing Fisk's right hand, Alex Dettmer, that he could be trusted. Dylan met with Fisk as he was interrogating a goon that he had shot outside when Dylan arrived. Dylan eventually managed to gain Fisk's trust and also got the evidence needed to arrest Fisk.

Fisk was arrested and interrogated by Dylan's boss, Paul Williams, regarding Dylan's whereabouts. Fisk claimed he had no idea where Dylan was and wouldn't crack even when Paul held him at gunpoint. Eventually, Paul gave up the interrogation and had Fisk taken away.

Myrna Bloodworth

Marcia Rodd.JPG

Myrna Bloodworth was the mother of Graham Bloodworth She was played by Marcia Rodd in September 2017.

Graham claimed his mother had died, but Ashley Abbott found a brochure for Beca Points where Myrna was staying. Ashley got in touch with Myrna, confirming that Graham had lied when he said his mother had died. Jack Abbott later found out that Myrna was from Genoa City, which meant Graham was as well, even though he had led them to believe he wasn't.

It was revealed, through a phone conversation with Graham, that Myrna hated Dina Mergeron for destroying their family, and that she and Graham were plotting revenge. Myrna was shocked when Graham revealed that John Abbott wasn't Ashley's father.


Natalia - Tina Ivlev.jpeg

Natalia is a fictional character on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless. She was played by Tina Ivlev from June to October 26, 2017.

Natalia works for a prostitution ring. Scotty Grainger made contact with her to get information about the sex ring that a girl named Crystal was involved in. Natalia knew Crystal and was friends with her. She indicated to Scott that Crystal had been sent away because she has been bad, but assured him that a nice woman was caring for Crystal.

That woman turned out to be Alice Johnson, who cared for Natalia and another girl while Crystal was gone. She would give them advice on how to get the best tips before sending them off. Scott saw Natalia again at the Underground as the "date" of famed music producer Irv West. Crystal's sister Tessa Porter approached Natalia, and gave Natalia her number, hoping Natalia would help her.

Alice's boss Zack Stinnett told Natalia that she was one of his most valuable girls, and promised Natalie she would get payed what she earned. After Zack left, Natalia said she missed Crystal, and Alice assured her Crystal was being cared for. Natalia sent Tessa a text, assuring her that Crystal was alright.

Zack later saw Natalia at The Underground and told He's she couldn't be working around the places he hung out. Scott spotted Natalia one time at the Underground. Natalia spotted Zack and ran away with Scott in pursuit, but he couldn't catch up to her. After being drugged by Zack, and passing out, Scott awoke next to a bloodied half naked Natalia, who was presumably murdered by Zack to get Scott out of the way.

Zack Stinnett


Zack Stinnett is a fictional character on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless He has been played by Ryan Ashton from May to November 20, 2017.

Zack is a young entrepreneur, who is in the process of developing a dating app. He has teamed up with Abby Newman, who is investing in his project, and knows Tessa Porter and her sister, Crystal, from Chicago.

Shortly after he and Abby started dating, Zack was revealed to be heading up a small sex trafficking ring with international connections. Zack's only other employee, aside from bodyguards, appears to be Alice Johnson. Despite this, nothing shady showed up when Victor Newman did a background check on Zack.

Tessa's sister Crystal was apart of the sex ring, but Zack had Alice send her away. Zack learned from his henchman, Leo, that Alice had betrayed him. Zack gave Alice a call, and she said she needed some time away. Zack said he understood, and gifted with some money that Alice soon learned was fake. That is when Leo got into the car, and tried to attack Alice. Alice got away, and was struck by a car. She was found and hospitalized, but disappeared and it was strongly implied that Zack had something to do with her disappearance.

During a conversation with Scott, Zack realized Scott was onto him, and drugged his drink when Scott chased after Natalia, who had just walked into the bar. Afterwards, Zack helped Scott out of the club, and Scott woke up in bed next to a dead Natalia. Zack planned to leave town, and left Abby a voicemail, breaking up with her. Paul questioned Zack since Scott said he was the last person that he had seen before passing out.

Zack changed his mind, and showed up at Abby's door with balloons to apologize. Abby was furious, but Zack convinced her that he wanted to be with her and they made love. Abby gave Zack a key to the tack house, wanting Zack and her to move in. Scott accused Zack of setting him up, but Zack denied it, and Abby believed him.

Everything came to a head at a party that was supposed to celebrate Design Date, but the party soon became about Victor making his other daughter, Victoria Newman, COO. Abby was devastated and wanted to leave, but Zack convinced her to stay and not let Victoria get to her. Zack was soon confronted by Crystal, Tessa, Scott, and Sharon Newman. They accused him of using Design Date as a front for prostitution. Zack denied it, so Crystal got on the mic and publicly exposed Zack and his connection to Newman Enterprises. Zack grabbed Abby and ran.

Zack drives through the darkness as Abby demands to know who that woman was. Zack says he knew the Porter sisters and they grew up together in Chicago. Zack lies and says he established a legitimate restaurant business and hired the Porter sisters to work for him. They stole from him, and he fired them, so they have been out for revenge ever since. Abby knows he is lying, but Zack says nothing as he continues driving.

Abby asks Zack why he ran if he was innocent. Why didn't he deny everything and accuse the Porter sisters in return. Abby doesn't like Scott, but she knows he is a professional and wouldn't lie about something serious. Zack admits his restaurant wasn't entirely legitimate, and says it doubled as massage parlour. Zack hired the Porter sisters because he wanted them to have a better chance of life. Zack says the business was legitimate, but Abby is disgusted, and can't believe she fell for his lies. Zack says he loves her, and regrets nothing cause it led him to her.

Zack then turns it around on Abby, and says he and her father aren't innocent either. Zack accuses Abby of knowing what Design Dates was really about, and that she didn't care as long as she didn't care as long as it made Newman Enterprises money. So, she and Victor are complicit. Abby demands Zack stop the car and he takes her to his storage unit.

Zack tells Abby he loves her and begs her to run away with him. He knows he feels the same way. Scott shows up, and says that won't happen. Scott tries to convince Zack to let Abby go. He knows Zack has to run, and says Abby will only slow him down. Zack agrees, and tells Abby he loved her before shoving her into Scott's arms, and locking them in the storage unit.

Zack returns to his room where he finds Abby and Scott. He isn't happy to see them at first, but then believes it is fate that he saw Abby again. Abby agrees, and says her family doesn't care about her. She says she'll run away with Zack, and he says he needs tie up a lose end. Zack points his gun at Scott, but Abby says if he wants her to run away with him, Scott must live

Abby says Scott is no threat to Zack, who wonders if Abby slept with Scott. He tells her not to lie to him since sex is his business, and he knows when people are interest in each other. Abby says they didn't, but Zack gets suspicious by the way she is acting and believes she did. Zack points his gun at both Abby and Scott, and calls them low down cheaters as he goes to pull the trigger. Scott lunges at Zack, and a shot rings out. Zack falls to the ground dead, revealing Crystal standing behind him, holding a gun


Annalisa Cochran Zoey.JPG

Zoey is a fictional character on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless. She was played by Annalisa Cochran from January 24, 2017 to May 24, 2017.

Zoey was invited by Reed Hellstrom to come over while he was babysitting his siblings. They started making out on the couch, and Victoria Newman caught them, and sent Zoey home. Zoey later made a meme where she coloured Victoria green (like the Wicked Witch of the West) in a photo of her and Reed together. Reed was mad that Zoey did that, but they later made up.

Zoey watched a video of Reed playing at The Underground that was posted online by Mariah Copeland. Zoey wanted to see Reed play at The Underground, but Kendall showed her a photo of her mom with a mullet, and they started laughing really loud. Reed mistakingly thought Zoey was laughing at him, but she clarified she wasn't. After Reed was done his performance, Zoey told him he was really good.

Zoey and Kendall attended Reed's party, where he received a car. Zoey was excited that Reed would have a car they can drive around in, but the car got taken away. Zoey appreciated the fact that Reed wanted to do nice things for her. Zoey suggested seeing a movie with Reed, but he refused because he already seen the movie with Kendall. Kendall has stolen Zoey's phone and arranged a date for her and Reed where she has kissed him.

Reed and Zoey grew apart due to him focusing on his music, though apparently he thought she was busy studying. Reed caught Zoey and Charlie Ashby in a passionate kiss, and dumped Zoey when she blamed it on him focusing too much on his music.


Andrew Lynford


Andrew Lynford was an acquaintance of Phyllis' from New York. They worked together at "DMS Labs" 20-25 years ago. Phyllis was surprised to see Andrew at the GC Athletic Club and they almost didn't recognize each other. They started catching up and Phyllis learned that Andrew got a job offer to run the DNA lab at Memorial Hospital. It was later revealed that Ashley had paid Andrew to tamper with Jack's DNA results, making him think that he wasn't John Abbott's son. Andrew was portrayed by Coby Ryan McLaughlin in October 2019.

Dr. Mosley


Dr. Mosley is a therapist who specializes in relationship counselling. She was recommended to Victoria by Sharon, in order to help her through JT’s abuse. Eventually, Victoria went to see Dr. Mosley for other reasons as well. Their last known session together was in January 2019. Victoria was overwhelmed by Nikki almost dying and Victor getting arrested. She was also confused about kissing both Cane and Billy in one day. Victoria admitted to having feelings for Billy, but was reluctant to jump into another romance after the whole JT fiasco. With Dr. Mosley’s help, Victoria was able to overcome her fears and doubts about reconciling with Billy. Dr. Mosley was portrayed by Rose Abdoo.

"Kerry Johnson"


Kerry Johnson (also known as Dominique Carroll) is a chemist who began working for Jabot in 2018. Ashley hired her to spy on Jabot and sabotage them. Oblivious to Kerry's true intentions, Phyllis Summers recruited her to create new beauty products for the company. With a new image in mind for Jabot, Phyllis, Kerry, and Lauren, formed a trio of powerful women that were a force to be reckoned with.

Jack Abbott took an interest in Kerry, but she rebuffed his advances at first. Kerry eventually fell for Jack, and they started dating. One day, Jack found a syringe in Kerry’s purse, and Kerry claimed she was taking hormone shots in preparation for freezing her eggs. Jack was surprised that Kerry might want a child one day. He began to worry that they had different goals, but they worked through their doubts and decided to just live in the moment, regardless of what the future held.

It wasn't long before Kerry was revealed as a spy. When the ruse was exposed in March 2019, Kerry began talking in a British accent. It turned out that Jabot couldn't sell any of the new beauty products that Kerry had created, because they were already licensed to Ashley's company. This put Jabot is a difficult spot financially, as they had no new products to sell. As a result of all this deception, Kerry and Jack ended their romance and Kerry left town. Kerry Johnson was portrayed by Alice Hunter.

Helen Wallace


Helen Wallace is a renowned chemist that was hired by Jabot Cosmetics in February 2018 following Ashley's departure. CEO Jack Abbott was proud to have Helen join Jabot and introduced her to his staff, though she rubbed Jack’s assistant Gloria the wrong way.

In April 2018, a mysterious woman was seen visiting Victor Newman in the hospital. She held his hand and kissed it. She was later caught by Nick, and it was revealed to be Helen. Nick called the cops on Helen, suspecting her of being the one who tried to kill Victor.

At the station, she talked with Victor’s wife Nikki Newman in private. Helen revealed that she and Victor had been sleeping together, since Victor had told her that he and Nikki had an open marriage. Nikki said they did, and that she wasn’t mad, but warned Helen that she was the love of Victor’s life. Nikki also implied that Victor had ulterior motives for sleeping with Helen, since she worked for Jack, Victor's rival.

Afterwards, when Helen was cleared, Jack accused her of spying on Jabot for Victor. Even though Helen claimed she met Victor after she started working for Jabot, Jack still didn't trust her and fired her. Helen was portrayed by Sitara Hewitt from February to April of 2018. See here for her gallery.



Mark was an acquaintance of Hilary's. He was first seen in a meeting with Hilary at the GC Athletic Club. He made Hilary an excellent job offer, but Hilary couldn't bear to leave Devon or her loyal fans. She turned Mark down and continued working for GC Buzz. At Hilary's funeral, Mark was confronted by Mariah and Devon about his connection to Hilary. Mark then revealed that he had tried to recruit Hilary for a national morning talk-show in New York, but Hilary declined. Mariah was astounded, as this sounded like it would have been Hilary's dream job. But for Hilary, there was no job more important than raising a child with Devon. Mark was portrayed by William H. Bryant Jr. in summer 2019.

Rebekah Barlow


Rebekah Barlow was a very brief love interest of Nick's. She and Nick first met in 2018 while he was still in a relationship with Phyllis. However, Rebekah was unaware that he and Phyllis were a couple. Phyllis sensed Rebekah's romantic interest in Nick and asked Nick to sweet-talk Rebekah into working for Jabot. Rebekah later returned in April 2019 to help make Jabot Collective thrive. She and Nick ran into each other at Crimson Lights, where Nick mentioned that he and Phyllis had broken up. They then had a one-night-stand. Afterwards, Nick and Rebekah met again, and came close to hooking up a second time. However, Nick was troubled, and Rebekah sensed this. She wisely deduced that Nick was a man adrift, uncomfortable with being alone, but even less comfortable with casual hookups. Rebekah's sage advice to him was to recapture the last moment when he was truly happy. Rebekah wasn't looking for anything serious, and they parted on friendly terms. Rebekah was portrayed by Jennifer Taylor.

Shauna Nelson


Shauna Nelson was a student that Hilary was mentoring. Because of her bad family situation, she didn't want to live with her parents. Charlie tried to hide her for a while in his room, but Lily jumped to the wrong conclusions when she found Shauna in his bed.

Shauna later moved in with Hilary and Devon, and began dating Charlie. When he found out that Shauna wasn't a virgin, Charlie was surprised, and admitted that he still was. They wanted to have some romantic time alone, so they waited until Devon and Hilary weren't home.

Lily found out what was going on and got furious. She blamed it all on Hilary and criticized her parenting skills. This led to the fatal car crash that killed Hilary. Shauna was across the street and saw the whole thing happening. She felt guilty because Lily and Hilary had been looking for her when the car crashed. Charlie was in the backseat of the car and felt terrible as well. Cane wanted Charlie and Shauna to keep quiet about Lily running the red light. Shauna couldn't keep quiet though and told the truth about what she saw.

Lily eventually went to prison for a year. Shauna continued living with Devon for a while, but eventually left after her family situation improved. Charlie tried to continue his relationship with Shauna long-distance, but it fell apart. Shauna was portrayed by Camryn Hamm from March to December of 2018.

Simone Burch


Simone Burch is a singer who was briefly involved with Devon, both professionally and romantically. Despite being Devon's client, Simone felt that there was a connection between the two of them, and was interested in pursuing a relationship. However, Simone soon became jealous of Hilary, Devon's ex. Simone found out that Devon and Hilary had made a co-parenting arrangement and were trying to have a child together. So, Simone gave Devon an ultimatum, and told him that if there were further attempts at having a child with Hilary, then Simone would walk away from him. Devon still chose to have a child with Hilary and Simone cut ties with him. Simone was portrayed by Shanica Knowles from February to May of 2018.



Sinead is a gambler and an old rival of Billy's. In 2018, Billy lost the Jaboat to her while gambling, although he later got it back. Sinead was last seen in April 2019 when Victoria hosted a poker game in Vegas. Sinead taunted Victoria for being a trust-fund Newman princess. Victoria threw the comment back in her face by getting a royal flush. Sinead was portrayed by Lira Kellerman.



Ted used to be a receptionist at Jabot. He was hired in 2018 when Gloria left. However, Ashley persuaded Ted to jump ship and come work for her instead. He left town to live in Paris and was last seen in April 2019. Ted was portrayed by Sean Muramatsu.

Tony Kingsman


Tony Kingsman is an attorney and rival to Michael Baldwin. Ashley hired Tony to represent her in her battle against Jack Abbott for the CEO position of Jabot Cosmetics. Tony was portrayed by Michael Masini in winter 2018.


Amy Nelson


Amy Nelson was hired by Jill and Cane to authenticate the pages of Katherine Chancellor's will. In October 2019, Amy was late for her appointment with Jill and Cane due to traffic. After arriving, Amy determined that the pages naming Devon the main heir were fake, and that the pages naming Cane as the main heir were real. It was later revealed that Colin had scammed Devon, meaning that Amy must have lied. Amy was portrayed by Caroline Clements.

Brandon Rose


Brandon Rose is the lead singer in a band called "The Bloody Thorns" and was a brief romantic interest of Victoria's. In April 2019, Brandon and Victoria met in Vegas. Victoria wanted to escape the hardships of the past year and decided to let loose. She hooked up with Brandon and had a one-night-stand. Brandon expressed interest in spending more time with her the following day, but Victoria decided to go home with Billy. Brandon was portrayed by Mitch Eakins.

Brenda Brecheen


Brenda Brecheen is a lawyer who was hired by Adam during Christian's custody battle. Adam told Brenda to leave her phone on during the trial so that the judge would see the scandalous info about Nick impersonating JT. Brenda was portrayed by Heather Mazur.

Calvin Boudreau

Calvin Bourdreau.jpeg

Calvin Boudreau was Chelsea Lawson’s husband and Connor Newman’s adoptive father, portrayed by John Burke in July 2019.

Calvin followed Chelsea to Genoa City where he met Connor’s father, Adam Newman. After a conversation with Adam, Calvin shocked Chelsea by suggesting she give Adam full custody of Connor and sire him a child. Chelsea and Calvin argued, and he died later that night from a heart attack.

Months later, it was revealed that Calvin was involved in some shady business dealias a mobster named Simon started pursuing Chelsea for the money that Calvin owed him.

Claire Smith


Claire Smith is Fenmore's regional manager in Chicago. In May 2019, Lauren brought her to town to bounce around new sales strategies for Jabot Collective. Lauren wanted to set Jack up to spend some time alone with Claire, so she faked an emergency and left.

Jack and Claire chatted for a while, and seemed to hit it off. Claire suggested that Jack come visit her in Chicago, and they could go get Thai food together. Puzzled, Jack asked how she knew that he liked Thai food. Claire admitted that it was Lauren who had told her. It was then that Jack realized that Lauren had set them up.

When Claire gave Jack her number, Jack promised to hang on to it. Later though, while confronting Lauren, Jack said that he would rather focus on work than romance. Lauren sensed that he was gunshy over what happened with Kerry, and urged Jack not to give up on love. Claire was portrayed by Kristin Carey.

Daryl Tulane


Daryl Tulane is Calvin Boudreau’s friend and lawyer, portrayed by Gordon Thomson in July and August of 2019. Daryl showed up at Nick Newman’s house to bequeath Calvin’s estate to his widow Chelsea Lawson. It was later revealed that Daryl had conspired with Chelsea’s mother, Anita Lawson, to hide Calvin’s assets that were acquired through illegal means.

Don-Don Del Rio


Don-Don Del Rio is an acquaintance of Kyle and Theo’s from New York. He owns a restaurant in Brooklyn, and described the food there as “curated, sort of artisanal meets gastropub.” He also has a private jet. In July 2019, Don-Don flew to Genoa City to celebrate Theo’s new job. Kyle turned down Theo’s invitation to party so that he could spend time with Lola instead. Theo tried to change Kyle’s mind, claiming that Don-Don missed him and was only going to be in town for one night. Kyle thought this was odd, as he and Don-Don weren’t all that close. Kyle also pointed out that Don-Don is the guy at parties who always breaks something. Later, during Kyle’s date night with Lola, Theo showed up uninvited with Don-Don, Summer, and a crew of partygoers. Sure enough, Don-Don broke something and this was the tipping-point for Kyle. He kicked everyone out, telling Don-Don sarcastically that he’d see him in another three years. Don-Don was portrayed by Chris Costanzo.

Doris Tillington


Doris Tillington was a friend of Dina's that she'd known in high school. While researching their family history for their book, Jack and Traci stumbled upon a secret involving Stuart Brooks. Jack and Traci gathered from an old year book that Doris had been a huge gossip back in the day. They contacted Doris and invited her to their house, hoping that she could shed some light on the situation. Luckily, Doris has a vivid memory and told them what she remembered. Dina and Stuart made love during a party one night, even though Dina was with John. Shortly after, Dina cut off ties with all her friends and abandoned college to travel abroad for a year. This suspicious behavior led Doris to believe that Dina had been pregnant with Stuart's child. After Doris left, Jack and Traci found an adoption certificate that listed Dina as the mother. Doris was portrayed by Mary-Margaret Lewis in October 2019.

Dr. Blanchard


Dr. Blanchard was summoned to the Abbott Mansion to examine Dina. One day in May, Jack became concerned that Dina wasn't responding to him. He wondered if she was just losing her hearing or if it was because of her Alzheimer's. Dr. Blanchard said it was the latter and told Jack to expect the symptoms to worsen. Before leaving, Dr. Blanchard suggested that it might be time to move Dina to an Alzheimer's care facility. Dr. Blanchard was portrayed by Jason Martinez.

Dr. Jason Calhoun


Dr. Jason Calhoun is a psychiatrist in Vegas who was helping with Adam’s amnesia. Victor paid Dr. Calhoun to keep quiet about Adam, giving him a large briefcase full of cash. Victor also threatened that he had better not disappoint him twice (the first time being his failure to restore Adam’s memory).

When Nikki learned that Victor was involved with a psychiatrist, she became worried and hired Rey to investigate. So, Rey and Sharon went to Vegas to talk to Dr. Calhoun. Sharon explained that Victor was the grandfather of her children, and they were very concerned about his mental-health and well-being. Dr. Calhoun, though, refused to reveal anything.

As Sharon and Rey were leaving, Rey purposely knocked the briefcase over and some of the money spilled out. Nervously, Dr. Calhoun said it was none of their business and told them to leave. Dr. Jason Calhoun was portrayed by Ray Proscia in May 2019.

Dr. Clay


Dr. Clay is Billy's therapist, portrayed by Sandra Thigpen. In the summer of 2019, Billy started to believe that the ghost of his daughter was haunting him. He went to see Dr. Clay, but stopped going after the first session because he didn't think it was helping. After nearly killing Adam, Victoria made sure that he went back to see Dr. Clay to get the help he needed.

Eddie North


Eddie North is an officer at the Genoa City Police Department. He was assigned to solve the case of Lola's attacker. Paul felt that Rey was too personally involved and therefore didn't want him to work on the case. Rey was desperate for information though and luckily, Detective North bent the rules by giving Rey the case file to look at. Detective North was portrayed by Mark Taylor.

Eric Vanderway

Eric Vanderway.jpeg

Eric Vanderway will be played by Jon Briddell on November 8, 2019.

Eric is the deceased father of Theo Vanderway. In October of 2019, Eric was revealed to be the long lost son of Stuart Brooks and Dina Mergeron, conceived from a one night stand in high school. Eric was given up for adoption and was raised by Ralph and Margaret Vanderway. Eric became a union representative and had a close relationship with Theo. He died of a heart attack and Theo kept his pocket watch that was engraved with his initials.

When Theo found out the truth about his lineage, he asked to see Dina. Upon hearing the name Vanderway, Dina confuses Theo for Eric and asked if he was well taken care of. Theo pretended to be Eric and told Dina he was well cared for and loved, giving her some peace of mind.

On November 8, 2019; Theo was staring at Eric’s pocket watch when he imagined Eric appearing and talking to him. Eric told Theo he needed a haircut. Theo tearfully laugher that he used to hate it when Eric would say that, but now he misses it like he misses him. Theo asked Eric if he knew who he really was. Eric said he was Eric Vanderway, son of Ralph and Margaret Vanderway, who were his family just as him and Theo’s mom were to Theo, and he regrets they weren’t around longer for him.

Theo said he didn’t know what to do. He now knows he is a part of a big family and some want him to be a part of it while others don’t. Eric said that everyone has an opinion, but Theo’s is the only one that matters. Eric told Theo to go with his gut like he always told him and said he had a good head on his shoulders. As Eric went to leave, Theo told him Dina wanted him to have a good life. Eric said he had a good life and wants the same for Theo.

Father Francis


Father Francis is a priest who married Kyle and Lola. He was portrayed by Mark Berry.



Frank is a Santa Claus actor who met Kevin and Chloe at Crimson Lights on Christmas. They noticed that Frank was down in the dumps, so they tried to do what they could to cheer him up. Frank vented to them about how his main purpose in life – being Santa Claus – would soon be over until next December. He also told Chloe about getting divorced from “Mrs. Claus” and how they’d never had any children, much to his dismay. Chloe theorized maybe that was why he liked Christmas so much – it made him feel less lonely. Meanwhile, Kevin had gone to gather some kids, who eagerly swarmed around “Santa” to tell him their wish lists. Chuckling, Frank seemed to be in better spirits. Kevin suggested that until next December, Frank could volunteer at the children’s center, which Frank thought was a perfect idea.



Jared (also known as "Brick Boy") is a stalker who was obsessed with Mariah. He threw a brick through a window at Crimson Lights with a note attached to it for Mariah. It told her to stop gossiping on GC Buzz because it was ruining people's lives. Mariah wondered who her stalker was. Later, she got a text with another creepy message. Finally, Mariah came face to face with Jared. He made her very uncomfortable and was angry that Mariah hadn't read the letters he sent to the show. Tessa arrived just in time and threatened to show his picture to the police. He took off and was never heard from again.



Joanna is a reporter who went by the police station for an update on the JT murder case. Rey was telling Joanna about Victor, the prime suspect, when Nick approached them to correct Rey’s false information. He then invited Joanna to come to Dark Horse for an accurate interview. Pleased, Joanna excused herself to make the arrangements for the camera crew. Joanna was portrayed by Lisa Maley in January 2019.

Judge McGarrett


Judge McGarrett presided over the case of JT's "murder" in March 2019. She denied bail for Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon, and gave them harsh sentences. If Judge McGarrett had gotten her way, Sharon would have gone to prison for three years, Victoria for ten years, and Nikki for thirty years. Judge McGarrett was portrayed by Judy Kain.

Judge Sanders


Judge Sanders presided over Christian’s custody case during the summer of 2019. He felt that the rivalry between Nick and Adam was getting out of control, and decided that Christian should live with Victoria until the case was closed. With so many angry outbursts and past scandals, Judge Sanders doubted whether either of the brothers were fit to raise a child. Later, when Adam gave up his rights to Christian, the case was revisited. Nick then made an emotional plea to be reunited with his son. Judge Sanders realized that Christian belonged with Nick and gave him full custody. Judge Sanders was portrayed by Joseph C. Phillips.

Mallory Armstrong


Mallory Armstrong was a friend of Jack's, portrayed by Wendy Benson Landes. In June 2019, Mallory and Jack realized they had a lot in common. They both had a parent who was in the Alzheimer's care facility, and began opening up to each other about their struggles. Eventually, Mallory's father passed away, and she left town to be closer to her other family.



Monique is Christian's babysitter/nanny. She appeared several times over the summer during Nick and Adam's custody battle for Christian. She is very caring and vigilant, and even researched a beetle on her phone to make sure that it wasn't dangerous for Christian to play with. Monique was portrayed by Sherry Mandujano.



Oliver is a striped grey kitten that Connor rescued on Christmas. Connor found Oliver frozen under a bush in the park. After getting warm, Oliver woke up and they took him to the vet. On their way out the door, Connor asked whether they could bring Oliver back home after the doctor looked at him. After a moment’s deliberation, Adam welcomed Oliver into the family. Some time later, Adam bought Oliver some cat toys.



Ralphie is a young boy who told “Santa” what he wanted for Christmas. His wish list included a skateboard and a bike. When “Santa” asked him if he’s been naughty or nice, Ralphie responded by saying it depends on who you ask.

Riza Thompson


Riza Thompson is known as the queen of the underground poker scene in Las Vegas. She is an acquaintance of Adam's and was reluctant to reveal his whereabouts to anyone. Later, once Adam was found, Phyllis pressed Riza for info about what Adam had been up to during his three years in Vegas. Adam's connection to Chance was a topic of particular interest. Riza was portrayed by Tina Casciani in May 2019 and February 2020.



Sara was a very brief love interest of Nick's. They met at a bar and started chatting about The Underground going up in flames. Nick brought her back to his place because the other bar they were at didn't have the drink that Sara likes. At Nick's house, they had a one-night-stand. Sara was portrayed by Michele Boyd.

Sasha and Joy


Sasha and Joy were portrayed by Elissa Kapneck and an unknown infant in December 2019. Joy is a baby girl who was left in the Newman Stables on Christmas. Nikki found her in a basket on a bale of hay after coming back from a ride. Shortly after, Nate and Elena came to the ranch to give Joy a check-up. Before long, Joy’s mother, Sasha, was found on the ranch and security brought her in.

Emotional, Sasha explained that Joy’s father wasn’t in the picture and she had a lot of health issues that prevented her from working. Joy and Sasha had been kicked out of their apartment and were living in an abandoned car. Not only that, but Sasha’s parents had passed away and her siblings were unable to take them in. Sasha wanted Joy have a better life than she could give her, so she’d left her daughter on a rich-looking property. Leaving broke Sasha’s heart though and she was returning to the ranch for Joy when security found her. Nikki gave Sasha words of encouragement and found her and Joy some housing at New Hope.

Elena decided to cancel her trip to London with Devon, in case Sasha needed her help with Joy. Sure enough, Joy got a fever and Sasha brought her to the hospital to get checked out by Elena. As Sasha waited, Devon arrived and calmed the frantic mother down. Then Elena came and told them that Joy just had an ear infection and was doing much better.

Sherry and Roz


Sherry and Roz are two vivacious friends who stayed at the Grand Phoenix Hotel. The ladies were in town for a cosplay festival and gushed about their costumes. Sherry would be Anne Boleyn, while Roz was going as Cleopatra (since Marie Antoinette was already taken.) Sherry and Roz had even bought tiaras with real gemstones, to make their royal outfits more authentic. They had sacrificed their bowling nights in order to save enough money for the accessories. After locking their jewels in their room safe, the dynamic duo went to check out Society.

When they returned to the hotel, they were distraught to discover that their tiaras had been stolen. Sherry was about to faint, and Roz had to slap her out of it. Despite their desperation to find the jewels, Sherry and Roz didn’t want the police to get involved. Their husbands always gave them such grief about cosplaying, so the ladies had lied to them about their trip. As far as their husbands knew, they were visiting family in Kokomo. Going to the costume festival was supposed to be a secret, and involving the police would risk the exposure of their lie. Abby also didn’t want any more bad publicity for the hotel, so she decided to ask Chance for help instead of the police.

In the following days, more hotel guests reported stolen jewellery. It was later revealed that Abby was the mastermind behind the robberies. The jewels were fake, and the thefts were staged. Sherry and Roz were actresses that Abby had hired to play the victims. It was all part of Abby’s elaborate scheme to fire Phyllis from her job. Sherry and Roz were portrayed by Julie Phillips and Carmella Riley in November 2019.

Simon Black


Simon Black was a colleague of Calvin Boudreau's. They had been involved is some shady business together and had acquired millions of dollars through illegal means. When Calvin passed away, his assets were given to his wife, Chelsea Lawson. Chelsea's mother, Anita, tried to protect her by keeping the dirty money to herself. However, Chelsea just thought that her mother was being greedy as usual, and asked for the money back. Chelsea then gave the money to Kevin so that he could wash the dirty money for her.

A few months later, Simon arrived in Genoa City and demanded that Chelsea pay him the money that Calvin owed him. Chelsea told Kevin that she needed the money back, but there had been a problem with the bank and the money was now gone. For a while, Chelsea panicked, but she soon thought of a plan B. She had Kevin and Chloe pretend to be federal agents who were looking for Simon Black, hoping it would scare him away. But Simon saw right through their act and was growing impatient with all the stalling and games. He even threatened Connor to get his point across to Chelsea.

The situation escalated, until finally, Simon snapped. He pulled a gun out and held Chelsea, Connor, Adam, and Abby hostage in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix Hotel. Simon was planning to take Connor with him as he fled the country, to ensure that no one interfered with his escape. Luckily, Chance, Abby, and Phyllis teamed up and managed to stop Simon. As it turned out, Chance had been tracking Simon for a while now. Thanks to Phyllis' help, Chance was able to navigate the air ducts over the lobby. While Abby created a distraction, Chance jumped down on Simon from the ceiling. With a punch to the face, Simon was knocked out cold. Paul, Rey, and the other cops came in to arrest him, and he was hauled off to prison. Chance had gathered irrefutable evidence on his crimes, guaranteeing a lengthy jail sentence. Simon was portrayed by Jeffrey Vincent Parise during November 2019.

Suzanne Fuller


Suzanne Fuller is a pharmacist who altered Victor's medication for Adam, then forged the label on the bottle. Adam also paid her to lie and say that Victoria was the one who ordered the altered medication. Later, she was caught trying to leave the country and was warned that her immunity deal didn't apply if she was found guilty of perjury. She panicked and admitted that Adam had ordered the medication and then paid her to incriminate Victoria. Suzanne was portrayed by Kelly Coffield Park.

Tallulah and Indio


Tallulah and Indio are social media influencers, portrayed by Briana Cuoco and Jules Aurora. In August 2019, they came to Genoa City to enlist Mariah and Theo's help in building their online presence. They attended the infamous opening party of the Grand Phoenix, and Mariah offered them free dresses so they would have the appropriate attire for a cocktail party.

Tammy Diamond


Tammy Diamond is a council woman who is on friendly terms with Nick. After hearing about Nick's charity work with the New Hope affordable housing project, she suggested that Nick should run for city council. Nick brushed the idea off but Tammy persisted, believing that Nick would be perfect for the job. Tammy was portrayed by Gillian White.

Mentioned Characters

Ben Rayburn (Original)


Ben Rayburn was a former classmate of Ben Russell. He died in a car accident, and his identity was later stolen by Ben.

Dean Andrews


Dean Andrews is the ex-husband of Kelly Andrews and the father of their deceased son Sam Andrews. Dean and Kelly broke up after the death of their son, and she moved to Genoa City. On June 25, 2014, Billy Abbott called Dean to find out the relationship between Kelly and Ben Rayburn. Dean said he had never heard of Ben, but it would eventually be revealed that Ben and Kelly were siblings, who had long been estranged during the time she was with Dean.

Dylan Hellstrom


Dylan "D.J." Hellstrom is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. He has never been portrayed on-screen. Dylan was born off-screen in Washington, D.C. to his parents JT and Mackenzie Hellstrom. He was born on June 21, 2011. He has an older half-brother named Reed Hellstrom and a younger sister named Becca Hellstrom.

Dylan is the son of JT Hellstrom and Mackenzie Browning. Dylan was conceived in late 2010, and Mackenzie was pregnant when she married Dylan's father JT. Both JT and Mackenzie were overjoyed at the news they were expecting. Shortly after the wedding, JT, Mackenzie and Reed left Genoa City and moved to Washington DC. On June 21, 2011 Dylan was born. JT and Mac received well wishes on Dylan's birth from Victoria Newman, Billy Abbott and Kevin Fisher.

George Summers, Sr.


George Summers, Sr. never appeared onscreen. He was married to Harriet, and the father of George Summers, Jr. He was also the grandfather of Phyllis Summers and Avery Clark. He ran out on Harriet before his granddaughters were born.



Harriet never appeared onscreen. She was married to George Summers Sr., and was the mother of George Summers, Jr. She was also the grandmother of Phyllis Summers and Avery Clark. George Sr. left her before her granddaughters were born, who described as a tough old broad.

Harrison Bingham Jr.


Harrison Bingham Jr. was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. He never appeared on-screen, but was mentioned in 2015.

Harrison Bingham Jr. was the son of Harrison and Constance Bingham and the father of Gabriel Bingham, Harrison was the owner of a software company that his son worked at, before it was bought out by Newman Enterprises. Harrison committed suicide as a result. This left Constance with a hatred for anyone that had the last name "Newman".

Gabriel would eventually lose his life while rescuing Adam Newman from the river, Sage Warner gave Adam plastic surgery to look like Gabriel. On her deathbed, Constance told "Gabriel" what had happened to Harrison, which means Gabriel never knew the truth behind his father's death.

Kerry Johnson


Kerry Johnson never appeared onscreen. Kerry worked as a chemist for Ashley Abbott in Paris. Her colleague, Dominique Carrol, took the alias of Kerry Johnson and posed as chemist as part of Ashley’s scheme to spy and steal from Jabot.

Max Potter


Max Potter was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. He was never portrayed on screen.

Max Potter was kidnapped on Halloween one year. Two local children alleged that a stranger moved in and took him. In February 2010, Daisy Carter had a photo in her backpack. On the back of the photo, it said "Daisy and Max". In the background was a sign that spelled out "3 Muskete" but the last part of the word is missing. A photo that Ryder Carter had was the other part of the photo. It had the letters "ers" which was the end of the sign spelling "3 Musketeers." Eden Baldwin went through Daisy's things and discovered the picture. Eden gave Jana Hawkes the photo. At Crimson Lights, Jana was holding the photo of Daisy and Max that Eden had given her before Eden left for Paris.

A grumpy Kevin Fisher walked by complaining about having to pay the bills. Jana tried to talk to him about Daisy and Ryder's relationship. She said that she had learned that Daisy and Ryder had known each other for a long time. Kevin told Jana to let it go since Ryder was no longer a part of their lives. Jana realized that Daisy and Ryder had a special connection and also learned that they were once involved in the death of a little boy named Max Potter. Jana researched Max on the Internet and discovered that he had disappeared from camp one Halloween night. When Daisy noticed the picture was gone, she and Ryder figured out that Jana had taken it and began plotting. Later during an argument, Daisy reminded Ryder that when she gets mad, people pay--like Max did.

Penny McAvoy


Penelope "Penny" McAvoy (nee Harrison) is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. She never appeared onscreen.

Penny was the wife of Terry McAvoy, and the adoptive mother of Dylan McAvoy. Penny and Terry were separated, and Penny adopted Dylan to hold onto Terry. She never told Terry that Dylan was adopted, and let him believe he was their biological son. She had one sister named Pamela, who knew that Dylan was adopted. She died sometime before Dylan came to Genoa City.

Poppy and Pax


Poppy and Pax are a married couple that Summer was involved with. They never appeared onscreen and were only ever mentioned by Summer. According to her, Pax cheated on Poppy by hooking up with Summer. When Poppy found out, she was extremely angry and had the cops trace Summer to get the car back, which Pax had paid for. These events were mentioned in summer 2018.

Rebecca Hellstrom


Rebecca "Becca" Hellstrom is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. She has never been portrayed on-screen. Becca was born off-screen in D.C. to JT and Mackenzie Browning in early 2017. She is the younger sister of Dylan Hellstrom and younger half-sister of Reed Hellstrom. Her birth was first mentioned on the January 4, 2017 episode and her name was revealed when JT returned to town on December 13, 2017.

Richard Russell


Richard Russell was the husband of Maureen, and the father of Ben and Kelly Russell. Richard was an abusive drunk, who abused his family. Maureen ended up killing and setting a store to dispose of the remains. Ben took the fall for his mother, which ruined his life and forced him to take on a new identity as Ben Rayburn.


Barbara Ann Reed


Barbara Ann Reed was the mother of Nikki Newman and Casey Reed. She never appeared onscreen, although a guardian angel that appeared to be Nikki in 2011 was implied to be her.

Barbara raised Nikki and her sister Casey after divorcing her husband, Nicholas Reed. She died in a car accident. Barbara was mentioned by Nikki in 2019 in a letter Nikki penned to her young grandchildren when she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life in prison.



Dakota is presumably one of Faith's friends from boarding school. It is implied that Dakota has misguided views about romance, and told Faith that she should change how she looks in order to get her crush to like her. Summer tells Faith to ignore Dakota's advice and just be herself. She shouldn't change her hair or her clothes to make herself more attractive. Her true beauty is in her heart.



Josie is a friend of Amanda’s that she’d known while in college. One summer, they’d travelled across the US, following Rihanna on tour. They’d eaten fast food and stayed in cheap motels, but it was an amazing feeling to be so free. Then September came, and Amanda had to return to college for her senior year.

Mateo Rosales


Mateo Rosales is Arturo and Mia's son. He has never appeared on the show in-person, but has been mentioned on multiple occasions. He was born in early October of 2019, weighing 7 pounds and 10 ounces. According to Lola, he never cries. For his first Halloween, Mia and Arturo dressed him as a chilli pepper.

Mrs. Kigley


Mrs. Kigley is the principal of Walnut Grove Academy. She told Chelsea and Adam that Connor would not be coming back to school in 2020 after the winter break. Chelsea thought this was very unfair, as Connor was going through a difficult time. She'd hoped that the principal would be more understanding. Seeking normalcy and the comfort of routine for Connor, Chelsea talked with a lawyer about overturning the principal's decision. However, Sharon was familiar with Mrs. Kigley and helped Chelsea realize that the decision was for the best.

At a later date, Nikki called the principal and told her the importance of stability for Connor. Mrs. Kigley allowed Connor to return. Adam was surprised when Nikki told him this on New Year's Eve. He hadn't expected any help from her. Despite how Nikki feels about Adam, she'd do anything to help her grandson, Connor.

Theo's Mother


Theo's mother was a teacher, and she always had time off around Christmas. She was an expert at wrapping and hiding the gifts. No matter how hard Theo looked, he could never find them. While his father was more honest and principled, his mother was a huge supporter of Theo's mischief. A lot of the Vanderway's Dutch traditions actually weren't passed down from Ralph and Margaret. When Theo's parents got married, his mother researched a bunch of Dutch recipes, and that's how they started eating Oliebollen and making Bishop's wine.

In March 2020, Theo mentioned to Lola that he used to make pierogies with his mom every game day. In April, he revealed to Mariah that his mother had passed away from an illness. She would get mad at him for minor things like putting too much peanut-butter on her toast, but Theo knew that it was just because of her frustration over being sick. It had meant a lot to Theo's mom that he'd been there for her during her final days.



Tim is an employee of Circe Brands, a company with which Jabot wanted to partner. Theo is aware of Tim's love for reggae music, and takes him to a concert. The deal is sealed and Jack is pleased. Theo is lucky to redeem himself, as he had previously skipped a meeting with Tim by mistake. Theo suspects Kyle may be the cause of the scheduling error, but there is no proof, and Kyle claims he would never sabotage Jabot just to get back at Theo. Tim was mentioned in December 2019.