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Lucas Prentiss was portrayed by Tom Ligon.


Lucas Prentiss was the son of Vanessa Prentiss. He had one brother, Lance Prentiss.

In 1972, Lucas accidentally started a fire in his family's home and ran away.

In 1977, after the death of her mother, Lorie Brooks started feeling closer to Vanessa and set out to find Lucas. Lorie found him and brought him to Genoa City. Vanessa was astonished to see her son for the first time in years and vetoed his plan to leave town. Vanessa was grateful to Lorie for bringing Lucas back into her life. Persuaded by Lucas, Vanessa underwent successful surgery for her scars. Vanessa was later shocked to learn that Lucas had married Leslie Brooks.

After it was learned that Vanessa's disfiguring scars were a thing of the past, she went out in public for the first time without the veil. Feeling that Lance always seemed to side with Lorie, Vanessa plotted to shift their family company, Prentiss Industries, into Lucas' control behind Lance's back. Vanessa lied to Lance saying Lorie was still involved with Lucas. Lucas started dating Dr. Casey Reed.

In 1980, with trouble brewing in Lance and Lorie's marriage, Lance began an affair with Monique. Realizing, however, that he wanted his marriage to work, Lance sent Monique back to Paris and set his sights on wining Lorie back. Lucas told Lance and Lorie that he had located Leslie at Jonas'. Jonas supported Lucas' efforts to win back Leslie. But Leslie had fallen in love with Jonas. Casey ended her association with Lucas after realizing that he was still hung up on his wife, Leslie.

Lucas then told Lorie that Leslie had amnesia. Later, Lance and Lucas owned and operated Prentiss Industries together.

In 1982, Lucas left town.