Patriarch and matriarch of the Newman family; Victor and Nikki.

The Newman family is a fictional family and core family on the CBS Daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless. The Newmans are known for running their family business, Newman Enterprises, a multinational conglomerate. They are also known for their long-standing feud with the Abbott family. Their family home is the Newman Ranch, a multi-acre homestead, which includes a main house, tack house, guest house and horse stables. The Newman family was formerly the Miller family and is also connected to the minor Reed family. The Newman family has owned several dogs; Zapato (deceased) and Segundo, owned by Victor and Nikki and Keely owned by Victoria. They also own several horses on the ranch, including Pericles, owned by Abby.

Family Members

Family members currently on the show will appear in bold. Spouses appear in italics.

First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation


The Newman Family (2013) (L to R: Sharon, Nick, Noah, Nikki, Victor, Abby, Victoria, Adam, Chelsea)


The Reed family is the family that Nikki Newman was born into. Reed Hellstrom was named in honor of this family. Other original family members include; Casey Reed and Nick Reed.

1. Nick Reed (deceased) 
   2. Casey Reed
   2. Nikki Newman
      Paul Williams
      3. Dylan McAvoy 
      Victor Newman
      3. Victoria Newman 
         Cole Howard 
         4. Eve Nicole Howard (deceased) 
         J.T. Hellstrom
         4. Reed Hellstrom
         Billy Abbott  
         4. Johnny Abbott (adopted)
         4. Katie Newman
      3. Nicholas Newman 
         Sharon Newman
         4. Cassie Newman (adopted; deceased) 
         4. Noah Newman 
         Phyllis Summers
         4. Summer Newman 
         Sharon Newman
         4. Faith Newman 
         Sage Newman
         4. Christian Newman (possibly)

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