The Motor Arms Motel (also called Genoa City Motor Arms Motel) was a lodging establishment in Genoa City.


In 2006, Tom Fisher stayed at the Motor Arms Motel when he was in town.

In 2008, Phyllis Newman, worried about Sharon Abbott moving in on her husband, Nicholas Newman, broke up Sharon's marriage to Jack Abbott by bringing forth Jack's credit card bill with charges to the Motor Arms and a local call girl agency. Sharon questioned Jack about being at the Motel after she saw its number on their home phone. Paul Williams caught Adam Newman leaving a Motor Arms Motel room and is suspicious. At the jail, Paul visited Victor Newman.

He told Victor that he saw Frank Ellis, the alleged forger, with Adam at the Genoa City Motor Arms Motel. When Victor said that Jack's dictation of the diary took place at the Genoa City Motor Arms Motel, Ashley Abbott realized that the motel was where Jack had his alleged trysts with prostitutes. Ashley confronted Jack after Frank confessed by saying "He confessed! The forger confessed, and guess where he said the meetings were held? The Genoa City Motor Arms. The same motel that was on your credit card bills. The same hotel that you said you used to feed your mythical sex addiction!"

Jack tried to get out of it by saying "I am just trying to take all of this in and figure out why you are so upset. Okay, we have a forger. We have Adam. We have the Genoa City Motor Arms. Yes, I had cheap sex in a sleazy place. And I may pay for it with my marriage, but that's all that ties me to that place."