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Naya Benedict
Naya Benedict.jpeg
Ptosha Storey as Naya Benedict
''The Young and the Restless''
Portrayed by Ptosha Storey
Duration 2020-
First appearance December 24, 2020
Family Ames Family
Gender Female
Parents Sutton Ames
Mrs. Ames †
Spouses Eric Benedict
Romances Richard Nealon
Children Hilary Curtis
Amanda Sinclair
(twins with Richard)
Imani Benedict (with Eric)
Aunts and uncles Florence (great aunt)
First cousins Rose Turner

Naya Benedict (neé Ames) is the biological mother of Hilary Curtis and Amanda Sinclair. She has been played by Ptosha Storey since December 24, 2020.


Naya Ames was born into a wealthy Christian family as the daughter of Sutton Ames. When Naya was in college, she dated Richard Nealon, who had impregnated her with twin daughters. Sutton was a Politician, so to protect the family's image, Naya was ordered to give up her daughters, and they arranged for her cousin Rose Turner to take Naya's twins. But, Rose could only take the one twin: Hilary, while the other twin, Amanda was left on the doorstep of a fire station.

Sutton and his wife paid Rose for the one twin and cuts all contact with her, figuring it was the safest way to protect the image. Naya went along with all of her parents decisions, ashamed of what she had done.

Richard died soon after in a car crash, and Naya graduated and finished college. She went to work for her father and met her future husband. Naya would become Naya Benedict, and they'd have a daughter named Imani Benedict and raise her in the lap of luxury.


Meeting Amanda

Naya Benedict first appeared on December 24, 2020 when Amanda Sinclair and Devon Hamilton showed up at her house. Imani Benedict was visiting her mother at the time, and Amanda and Devon decided to leave, but Naya saw Amanda.

Amanda kept calling Naya and hanging up. Naya wondered if it was the person she saw outside her house. She was floored when Amanda tearfully revealed that she was one of the daughters she gave up for adoption. Amanda asked Naya for a meeting and Naya agreed, but later backed out, sending Amanda a text saying she was sorry, but she wasn't ready.

After Imani confronted Amanda, Amanda went to Naya's house and demanded some answers, saying she wasn't leaving till she got them. Amanda promised to leave Naya alone if she talked to her, so Naya agreed to talk to her. Naya said she would, but she can't let her husband find out, so she would say she had to take a short business trip. Amanda wasn't sure if she could trust Naya, but Naya promised her that she would be there.

Naya showed up at Amanda's suite in Genoa City. Amanda offered Naya something to drink, but Naya declined, and proceeded to tell Amanda her story. However, Amanda was upset that Naya let the twins go and never look back. After learning her father died in a car accident, Naya lamented that they were both gone. Naya inquired as to what Amanda meant by that, and Amanda bluntly stated that her twin Hilary Curtis was dead.

Shocked, Naya asked how, and Amanda said it was a car accident. Naya said she was surprised Rose didn't say anything, and Amanda said that Rose was dead as, snarking that she shut the door so tight she didn't know. Naya started to get upset and Amanda lashed out at her, saying Hilary was a star and she missed out on getting to know her.

In the middle of Amanda's tirade, a knock on the door interrupted them. It was Imani, who was furious to find Amanda with Naya and accused her of lying, but Naya tearfully told Imani that it was all true, and that Amanda was also her daughter. Naya was apologetic, but Imani just wanted them to go, so Naya left with her.

Making inroads with Amanda

Imani later filed a restraining order against Amanda, and Naya sent Amanda a text to apologize. Amanda opted not to fight Imani's restraining order, but Naya eventually came to see Amanda. Naya expressed a desire to get to know Amanda, but asked they keep their relationship a secret for now.

Amanda and Naya made slow and steady progress as they each told the others about their life, but every so often, Amanda hurt feelings would come out and she'd lash out at Naya. Naya later came to Amanda and asked her for help in defending her grandfather, who has been accused of killing her father.

Naya revealed the names of Amanda's grandfather and father respectively to her. Naya said Sutton had a team of lawyers and they wanted Amanda to lead their defence. Naya told Amanda this would also be a good way for her to come into the family.

Amanda ultimately met with her grandfather and formally accepted the case. Naya sent Amanda a box of files that contained a picture of Richard so Amanda could see what her father looked like.