Neil Fenmore
Jim Storm as Neil Fenmore
''The Young and the Restless''
Portrayed by Jim Storm
First appearance 1983
Last appearance 1986
Cause/reason died
Occupation Founder of Fenmore's
Spouses Joanna Manning
Children Lauren Fenmore Baldwin
(with Joanna)
Jill Abbott Atkinson
Grandchildren Fenmore Baldwin
Scotty Grainger
(via Lauren)
Phillip Chancellor III
Billy Abbott
(via Jill)
Great-grandchildren Delia Abbott (deceased)
Johnny Abbott
Katie Newman
Chance Chancellor

Neil Fenmore was portrayed by Jim Storm from 1983-1986


Neil Fenmore was the father of two daughters: Jill and Lauren. Neil Fenmore came from a wealthy family. He went to high school with Gary Reynolds, Katherine Shepherd, John Abbott, Dina Mergeron, Joanna Manning, Stuart Brooks and Suzanne Lynch. Most of those early friendships lasted throughout the years. When Neil was a teenager, his girlfriend had a baby girl, gave her up for adoption and then killed herself. That baby turned out to be Jill Foster. It was unknown whether or not Neil knew about the baby as he did not acknowledge Jill when he was living in Genoa City. He ran the department store chain Fenmore's and had raised daughter Lauren Fenmore on his own after his wife, Joanna Manning, left town. Neil and Lauren were fairly close. He died in 1986. Lauren was the sole heir to the department store chain.

After learning that Neil was her father, Jill changed her name to Jill Fenmore. She then sued Lauren for half of Neil's estate. Jill was at Neil's gravesite being interviewed for television. Lauren appeared and said she was there to make sure they got the real story! Lauren said Jill didn't give her time to adjust before she went on the attack! Jill said she was not on the attack - she wanted to be part of the family but Lauren wouldn't even show her photographs of Neil! Lauren reminded her about her lawsuit and threatened to get a restraining order! Jill claimed all she cared about was being part of the family. Lauren knocked her down into an empty grave and asked if she felt closer to Daddy now!

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