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New Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the community, especially those less fortunate. It’s run by Nick Newman, with Devon as an investor.

One of the main goals of New Hope is to provide affordable housing. In 2018, Tessa was homeless again, but luckily, Nick found a space for her. Around Christmas of 2019, Sasha and her baby daughter Joy were also homeless, and the Newmans helped her find a place to stay.

Elena had the idea to create an affordable clinic for New Hope residents and anyone else in the area. Devon made her vision a reality, and Elena started working at the clinic, along with Nate.

By Summer 2021, Nick had partnered with Adam and Newman Media to gain more publicity for New Hope.

In January 2022, Nick recruited Noah to work for New Hope. There were many land plots that were too small for housing, but Noah thought they would be perfect for miniature community gardens. Nick quickly got on board and suggested a landscaper.


  • Nick – Founder
  • Devon – Investor
  • Noah – Newbie
  • Adam – Collaboration with Newman Media
  • Victor – Collaboration with Newman Media
  • Elena – New Hope Clinic doctor