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Newman Enterprises was a company founded by Victor Newman, after he left Chancellor Industries. The corporation was a worldwide conglomerate with three main divisions, including Newman Cosmetics, a real estate division, and a venture capital division.

When Sharon Newman assumed control of Newman Enterprises, she crashed the company, forcing Victor sell off shares of the company. Jack Abbott bought most of the shares and assumed control of the company, but he was eventually forced to give it up and left Adam Newman in charge. Adam and Victor formed a partnership and, with Jack's help anonymously, brought back all of the shares, and Newman Enterprises was once again privately owned. Katherine Chancellor left her company to Victor in her will an he merged them both, creating Newman-Chancellor. Victor was forced to sell Chancellor to Jill Fenmore Atkinson in 2015.

Newman Enterprises offices were located in the Newman Towers in the heart of Genoa City. The tower was also home to NVP Retreats.

In 2015, due to the Paragon project, Newman Enterprises was sabotaged and destroyed beyond repair.

In 2016, Victor Newman was voted out as CEO from a vote from the board of directors.

In July 2016, after his release from prison, Victor Newman returned to his occupation as Chairman of the Board of Directors and reclaimed the position of CEO, ousting his daughter, Victoria from it quickly.

In January 2017, Victor stepped down as CEO and his daughter, Abby became the New CEO that Victor is mentoring to take over the company for him someday.


On February 17th 2020 Newman Enterprises celebrated its 50th anniversary. This would imply that the company was founded in 1970 not 1980 as originally believed.

There was a Gala that took place at Top of Tower that aired over 5 episodes (Feb 17-21, 2020)

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  • Victor Newman (Founder; Executive; Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO); Chairman of the Board)
  • Nikki Newman (Executive)
  • Victoria Newman (Member of the Board of Directors; Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO); Former Chief Operating Officer, and President of Brash & Sassy; worked in the mailroom)
  • Nicholas Newman (Shareholder; Member of the Board of Directors; Former Chief Operating Officer, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Executive)
  • Abby Newman (Chief Executive Officer (CEO); Former Chief Operating Officer, Shareholder, and Member of the Board of Directors)
  • Chelsea Newman (Former Executive; In charge of Chelsea 2.0)
  • Noah Newman (Former Intern)
  • Connie Wayne (Victor's secretary)
  • Linda Helgeson (Member of the Board of Directors)
  • Curtis Fielding (Member of the Board of Directors)

Former Personal

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