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Newman Media (formerly Cyaxares) is a media Media company that was founded and formerly owned by Ashland Locke. The company's name is pronounced Cy-Axe-Air-Ease and is named after an ancient King of the city of Medea.

In 2021, Ashland decided to sell it. There were three bidders.

  1. Chancellor Communications - Run by Billy Abbott and Lily Winters
  2. Victor Newman and Adam Newman
  3. Newman Enterprises - Victoria Newman

The winning bid was the father-son duo of Victor and Adam Newman, but when Adam had been framed for poisoning detective Rey Rosales, Ashland attempted to extort more money with Victor. When Victor refused to play Ashland's game, he met with Billy and Victoria to discuss who would get Cyaxares.

Ashland asked Billy and Victoria to make the argument on why they should get Cyaxares and the other one shouldn't, but they refused to trash each other. Ashland decided on ChanceCom or Newman with a coin toss that Newman won.

However, Ashland continued to play mind games with Victoria and wouldn't sign a contract with her. So, during an argument with Victor, Ashland had a heart attack and Victor refused to get him help unless he signed Cyaxares over to him.

Ashland did so and when Adam was cleared of poisoning Rey, he and Victor were ready to claim the company. They changed the company's name to Newman Media since it now belonged to their family and when Ashland recovered from his heart attack, he threw his support behind them.

Dealings with New Hope

One of the first things Victor puts into motion is a deal with New Hope which is run by Nicholas.

Nick has concerns. He doesn't fully trust Adam yet. He says he will need to talk to Devon.

Nick accepts the offer and agrees to work with Newman Media.

Fashion platform

Adam offers Chloe a job running a fashion platform. He lets her know that the offer also includes a spot for Chelsea when she is ready.

Chloe is skeptical. She doesn't trust Adam and thinks he is playing games with her. Adam convinces her the job is on the level and she accepts. Chloe immediately brings Sally on board, but Sally doesn't think Adam would hire since he is Summer Newman's uncle. Adam tells Sally he is in no position to judge and welcomes her on board.

Staff and Partners

Former Staff