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Newman Towers was an office building in Genoa City owned by Victor Newman. Newman Towers was home of Newman Enterprises. Once Paul Williams began working for and getting referrals from Victor, his business became more successful. Paul moved into a posh office in Newman Towers and branched out to security system installations with his new partner, another former mobster, Nathan (Kong) Hastings and their loyal secretary Lynne Bassett.

Miguel Rodriguez left the Newman Ranch for only a few years after the Newman children were grown to work for Victor at his penthouse in Newman Towers after Victor's divorce from Nikki Newman and during Victor's marriage to Ashley Abbott. After Victor and Hope Adams were married, they moved into the penthouse at Newman Towers.

In June 2006, Jack Abbott boasted to Gloria Abbott Bardwell that he was starting a new job at Newman Towers. In December trapped in the elevator at Newman Towers, Phyllis Summers plead with Jack to use her scissors to perform an emergency C-Section to save her baby but Jack refused. He tried to help Phyllis calm down. Phyllis and Jack reconnected when they both began to admit the many mistakes they had made recently. As Jack held her to try to keep her calm, Phyllis' water broke.

In 2007, Victor offered Diane Jenkins a top secret assignment to design the new Newman Towers and mesmerized her with lavish gifts. The main NVP Retreats offices were located in Newman Towers. Nikki and Phyllis Summers presented the idea of NVP Retreats to Victor. He agreed to fund the project and gave them an office in Newman Towers.

At one point, JT Hellstrom had the pleasure of ushering Adam Newman out of Newman Towers.

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In 2015, a Halloween benefit in honour of the late Delia Abbott was hosted by Phyllis Summers Abbott and Nikki Newman. Ian Ward sabotaged the wiring, and used the Paragon virus, he had previously uploaded, to create a fire. The fire caused multiple explosions that eventually destroyed Newman Towers.

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