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Nicholas Newman
YR Nick.jpg
Joshua Morrow as Nicholas Newman
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Marco and Stefan Flores (1989)
Griffin Ledner (1990–1991)
John Alden (1991–1994)
Joshua Morrow (1994-)
Current status Present, Contract
Duration 1988-
First appearance December 31, 1988
Introduced by William J. Bell
Family Newman
Full name Nicholas Christian Newman
Nickname(s) Nick
Superdad (by Summer)
Noble Nick (by Adam)
St. Nick (by Adam)
Alias(es) Don, Sven
Namesake(s) Christian Miller
Christian Newman
Nicholas Nick Reed
Nikki Newman
Noah Christian Newman
Gender Male
Born December 31, 1978 (onscreen 1988)
Age 42
Occupation Founder of New Hope
Residence Genoa City, Wisconsin
Parents Victor and Nikki Newman
Siblings Dylan McAvoy
(maternal half)
Victoria Newman
Adam Newman (paternal half)
John Abbott III † (maternal half)
Abby Newman
(paternal half)
Spouses Sharon Newman (1995-2006)
Phyllis Summers
(2006-2010; 2012-2013)
Sage Newman † (2015-2016)
Romances Amy Wilson
Grace Turner
Sandra Allen
Christine Blair (kissed)
Diane Jenkins
Avery Clark
Chelsea Newman
Children Cassie Newman † (adoptive daughter with Sharon)
Noah Newman (with Sharon)
Summer Newman (with Phyllis)
Faith Newman (with Sharon)
Christian Newman (legal)
Grandparents Albert Miller
Cora Miller
Nick Reed
Barbara Reed †
Aunts and uncles Matt Miller
Casey Reed
Nieces and nephews Eve Nicole Howard
Reed Hellstrom
Johnny Abbott (adoptive)
Connor Newman
Katie Newman
Christian Newman
Dominic Phillip Newman-Abbott-Chancellor

Nicholas Christian "Nick" Newman is a resident of Genoa City, portrayed by Joshua Morrow since 1994.


Nicholas Newman is the second child of powerful business tycoon Victor Newman and socialite Nikki Newman. He has a older sister, Victoria, a younger half-sister Abby, and two half-brothers, Dylan and Adam. He has four daughters, Cassie, Mariah, Summer and Faith, and one son, Noah and a legal son/stepson, Christian. Nick grew up with his mother and stepfather, Jack Abbott. Both Victor and Jack made an impact on his life. At the age of 10, Nick was sent to a boarding school in Switzerland and returned a teenager in 1994.

Teen Years

Nick started a relationship with Amy Wilson, a girl who would do anything to have him but he fell in love with Sharon Collins. Amy and Sharon were friends. Sharon was trying to take care of her sick mother. Nick decided not to pursue a relationship with Sharon because she was dating Matt Clark, a bully. When Matt learned that Nick and Sharon were becoming closer, he beat up Nick. Nikki and Nick clashed over Nick's affection towards Sharon, so Nick moved in with his father.

Sharon was raped by Matt but decided to keep it quiet. Upon learning that he and Amy wouldn't be titled the prom king and queen, Matt told Nick that Sharon gave up a baby for adoption at the age of 16. It shook Nick up but he eventually dealt with it. While engaged to Sharon, Nick learned that she was raped and he rushed to Matt's place, only to find him shot but still alive. Matt claimed Nick was the one that shot him. Nick was sent to prison but it was later proved that Amy was the one who shot Matt.


Matt ran away from Genoa City, and Nick and Sharon were finally married. Sharon got pregnant and refused to abort, even though Nick wanted her to do it. The couple was worried when the doctors told them their child, Noah Newman, was in danger of dying. What they didn't know was that Sharon's friend Grace Turner had found Sharon's first child Cassie. Grace kept Cassie's maternity a secret and plotted to take Nick away from Sharon. Nick came home drunk one day and ended up sleeping with Grace thinking it was Sharon.

Nick's marriage was almost over when he learned that Cassie was Sharon's daughter, but the couple was able to resolve their problems and move on. Then Sharon learned that Nick slept with Grace. Sharon left Nick. During Cassie's custody battle, Nick and Sharon reunited and Nick adopted Cassie. Matt returned to town after getting face-altering plastic surgery and went through a series of plots to rape Sharon. After realizing there wasn't much for him in life, Matt committed suicide but all evidence pointed to Nick being guilty of his death.

Tricia McNeil and Larry Warton testified in court and exonerated Nick. Nick then reconciled with Sharon but didn't know that she slept with Diego Guittierez. Sharon slept with him after thinking Nick had slept with another woman. Nick learned about the affair and immediately slept with Grace.

The Loss of Cassie

Nick decided to give his marriage another try but then felt the worst kind of betrayal when he saw his father kissing Sharon. Sharon left town while Nick was trying to deal with what happened. Cassie was also affected by the changes but nobody noticed until she fell into a pond. Nick rescued Cassie and she was taken to the hospital. Sharon returned to town later the same year and after many problems reconciled with Nick. At the same time, even though Nick still didn't forgive his father, Victor decided to mentor Nick to take over Newman Enterprises one day.

Nick's sister Victoria Newman didn't like that. Victor felt immensely betrayed by Nick when he reported him to the federal authorities for bribery. Victor disowned his son. Nick's marriage took yet another turn for the worse when Sharon's affair with Cameron Kirsten came out in the open. Nick helped Sharon out after learning that Cameron tried to blame Sharon for the death of Frank Barritt, Cassie's biological father. Sharon got bored with life afterward and dreamed of becoming a stripper.

Nick convinced her to come work for Newman. Victor went out of town and left Victoria in charge of the company which put another obstacle in the father-and-son relationship.

In 2005, Cassie, at the age of 14, died as the result of a car accident. Cassie did not know how to drive. Daniel Romalotti was drunk and could not drive himself, but Cassie offered because she had a crush on Daniel. She got them into an accident and both flew feet first out of the car. Cassie died in the hospital before her parents' eyes. This caused a strain on Nick and Sharon's marriage. Nick was very angry, was obsessed about killing Daniel and held him responsible for Cassie's death.

Daniel went on the run with girlfriend Lily Winters to escape Nick's wrath. Daniel was caught and arrested. He was released after Nick and Sharon handed over evidence to exonerate him from the charges.

Affair With Phyllis and Birth of Summer

Unable to handle the grief of their family loss, by late 2005 Nick had an affair with Phyllis Summers who happened to be Daniel's mother. Sharon and Brad Carlton were on a business trip in New York and grew very close. Sharon found out about Nick and Phyllis' affair. Sharon asked for a divorce, and they legally separated. She went on a business trip for Newman Enterprises in New York and Brad showed up. They had a one night stand. Nick found out but wanted to stay married to her and later she forgave him.

Phyllis found out she was pregnant, and in 2006, Sharon divorced Nick. On October 24, 2006, Nick and Phyllis eloped to Los Alamos, New Mexico. Phyllis was expected to give birth to her baby on Thanksgiving. However the baby was late and in breech position. One night during an ice storm, Nick left Phyllis at the office to get her hospital bag at home. On his way back to the office, he lost the signal on his cell phone. While he was driving, he found out that his stepson, Daniel, was in a car accident.

Scared for his stepson's life, Nick was determined not to lose him. Nick saved Daniel, and on his way to the hospital, he found out his wife was in labor. Nick desperately wanted to be present for his baby's birth. However, Phyllis had already given birth to their daughter in the elevator at Newman Enterprises with the help of Jack. Nick met his daughter for the first time at the hospital as they were wheeling in his wife. Nick was thankful to Jack for helping Phyllis during her time of need.

Nick and Phyllis decided to name their daughter Summer Newman because of the coincidental fact that she was born during an ice storm and Phyllis' maiden name is Summers. Nick got in a plane crash and suffered from amnesia. He believed he was still married to Sharon and that Cassie was still alive. Nick, only remembering his love for Sharon, wanted to win her back even though Sharon was married to Jack. Nick planned a bank vault photo shoot. Nick and Sharon were locked in and reminisced about their past.

Nick kissed Sharon. Sharon urged Nick to stay and support his wife Phyllis. Nick regained his memory and remembered Phyllis and their daughter Summer. Phyllis went to prison for blackmailing Brad over his affair with Sharon.


After Phyllis left prison she and Nick joined forces with Jack and Sharon in a magazine venture. The magazine, Restless Style, was downgraded by Victor after he fired Nick from Newman Enterprises. When Victor hired his other son Adam Wilson as a Newman executive, tensions rose between Nick and Adam. After Victor left for Mexico, the board of Newman Enterprises wanted to make Nick acting CEO but he turned it down given his relationship with his father.

Instead he nominated Victoria. The board overwhelmingly voted to make Victoria acting CEO much to Adam's dislike. Upon the claim that Victor died in a boat accident during a violent storm in Mexico, his will allegedly made Adam CEO of Newman Enterprises. Adam had recently fired longtime loyal employee Neil Winters from Newman Enterprises clearly for personal reasons only. When Victor returned he fired Adam from Newman Enterprises and kicked him off the Newman ranch for what he did to Neil, Victoria, Nick and Victor's dog, Zapato.

Nick and Victoria were thrilled to have their father back but he told them both to leave. In a public announcement he asked everyone, including family and friends, to leave him in peace at the main house on the Newman Ranch. Nick, who was having problems with Jack's control over Restless Style, almost sold out to Jack but, after talking with Sharon, Victor gave Nick a line of credit covering any check Nick wrote. Nick bought out Jack thereby completely owning Restless Style and Nick told Victoria to take the job Neil offered her at Newman Enterprises.


In 2008, Nick and Sharon ended up meeting in Paris while Noah was on a school trip. Sharon had never been to Paris, so Nick gave her a tour of the entire city in one day. After their trip around the city, they stopped on a bridge overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Nick pulled Sharon in and the two kissed without knowing Nick's wife Phyllis was looking at them from across the waterway. Sharon stopped the kiss and told Nick she would not be the other woman in the situation.

After returning to Genoa City, Nick went on with his life without telling Phyllis about the kiss. Phyllis eventually told him that she saw the two of them in Paris, wanted to keep the marriage together for the sake of their young daughter, Summer, and felt they could still make it work. Exchanges between the two women became extremely awkward and even more so when Nick offered Sharon her old job back at Newman Enterprises.

In 2009, there was a major snow storm in Genoa City. Noah fell through thin ice up near the Abbott Cabin, Nick went to tell Sharon about what happened. The two ended up being stuck in the cabin during the storm. When Nick found out that Sharon was still in love with him, through a letter she wrote, the two made love. Afterward Nick and Sharon remembered old times and what their life would've been like if Cassie had never died. Nick and Sharon made it back to Genoa City and Phyllis instantly knew the two had been together during the storm.

Still, Nick and Phyllis decided to keep their marriage intact. By April while looking for their son, Nick and Sharon ended up making love a second time at the cabin. Phyllis knew what was going on at the time and trashed Sharon's hotel suite, cutting up her lingerie. Phyllis begged Nick not to walk out on the marriage despite the second incident with Sharon. Sharon found out she was pregnant and told Nick he might be the father, however, Billy Abbott and Jack were two other possibilities.

Nick realized that he wanted Sharon and the life they shared years ago. Nick told Phyllis he was leaving her for Sharon. Nick admitted that he had been in love with Sharon the entire time he was married to Phyllis and that Sharon "is the love of my life". Sharon and Nick reunited and began planning their new life together. Tests showed Nick was the father of Sharon's baby, however only Sharon knew the results. She was set to tell Nick, until tragedy lead Summer to be poisoned and near death.

After seeing Nick in crisis, Sharon went to Jack and told him that he was the father to her baby and not Nick. A few days later, Sharon revealed to Jack during an argument that Nick was the father not him. Sharon stole a ring from a jewelry store and committed herself to a psychiatric hospital for treatment.

Paternity and Maternity

Phyllis suspected that Nick was the father and confronted Jack who denied it for Phyllis' sake. Nick went to visit Sharon at the hospital and overheard Sharon confess to her mom that the baby was Nick's and swore her to secrecy. Later Sharon became trapped in her room with Nick due to a patient's escape, Sharon explained why she hid the paternity from him. It was to help him focus on his daughter's recovery and help his family in crisis, not stray when they needed him and not focus on her and their baby.

On September 30, 2009, Sharon went into labor. Also in labor in the same mental hospital was Ashley Abbott. Adam accidentally killed Ashley's unborn child and then blackmailed a doctor to make her think her baby girl was alive. Adam and the doctor went to see the then crazy Ashley in the psych ward and found that she thought that she was in labor. He brought the doctor to Sharon's room and they stole the baby. Adam ordered the doctor to tell Sharon her baby was stillborn and that Sharon and Nick were advised not to see her.

A few months later, Sharon married Adam and Nick found out. Nick believed Adam was using Sharon.

In 2010, Sharon discovered the truth that Adam had manipulated her. Phyllis then found out he kidnapped Sharon and Nick's daughter, Faith Newman. Nick and Sharon were reunited with their daughter after DNA tests confirm the baby was theirs.

Richard Hightower's Murder

There was an explosion during the Genoa City Police Department's masquerade ball at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Nick found Sharon in her room unconscious. She was rushed to the hospital and she checked out fine. After the explosion, search warrants were issued to find out who murdered Sharon's husband, Adam. Phyllis found a potential piece of evidence that suggested Nick was the criminal and asked Sharon to help get rid of the evidence.

Sharon put it in a dumpster and a hobo found it. The police suspected that Nick was the killer. He was arrested and later charged with murder, despite Victor's attempts to get him out. Victor paid Frank Ellis, a prisoner who was involved in a scheme with Adam, to attack Nick so he'd get out on bail. While out, Nick and Phyllis put the pieces together about Adam's murder. He wasn't really dead. Adam had donated his bone marrow to a sick man named Richard Hightower then killed him and burned the body.

The body was so badly burned that the only DNA that could be tested was the bone marrow. The Newmans explained this to the District Attorney, but he just got angry and moved up the trial date. Nick, Victor and Jack took things into their own hands and dug up the body. They had the dental records tested which proved it was Hightower's body. The DA decided to arrest Nick for Hightower's murder anyway. Victor went to Brazil to find Adam and clear Nick's name.

Victor, Victoria and Phyllis

Victor returned with Adam but Adam pretended to have a panic attack and was taken to a mental hospital. When it was learned that he was pretending, Nick was cleared of all charges. Shortly after, Phyllis Summers decided to leave him because she was sick of she and Summer being second to Sharon Newman and Faith. In November, 2010, Nick told Sharon about getting his final divorce papers. Nick and Victoria both came clean about everything with each other (his divorce being final, JT Hellstrom taking his son Reed Hellstrom to DC, etc.).

Nick told Victoria that he missed the two of them being each other's best friend. Nick went to Gloworm and was pissed to discover that his half-brother was the new bartender. Nick pushed his anger aside to focus on what really mattered: telling Sharon he loved her. Nick took Sharon home and they had sex. Later, Nick got down on bended knee to ask Sharon to marry him once more. Nick went to the Genoa City Athletic Club to tell Phyllis that he was remarrying Sharon.

Phyllis asked Nick how he intended to break the news to Summer. He said he wanted to care of it himself and left. Later, Phyllis let her feelings out to Jack Abbott saying she always knew it would happen since she found out Faith was alive. She said she should feel vindicated because she was right. She repeated that she was right and was not crazy or jealous or paranoid like Nick was always trying to make her feel. She said she should feel good about this that she didn't have to hear Nick deny that Sharon was the love of his life.


Later, while Nick was going over his finances at the office, he noticed a check stub to NA Partnership that he didn't write and realized that it was addressed to Jack Abbott's house. Nick deduced that NA Partnership was Newman Abbott due to the address. He asked Victor Newman what he and Jack are up to. In December 2010 after Kyle Abbott left the coffeehouse, Nick stopped by Diane Jenkins' table and told Diane that they should get together later.

Diane explained that Victor had hired her to work on a project to be built in Osaka and to renovate the east wing of the ranch. Nick reminded Diane that she could stop by his place for lunch anytime she was at the ranch. Diane smiled, batted her eyes and replied, "I could, couldn't I?"

Diane was murdered in August of 2011 and Nick was a prime suspect. The investigation ended when Detective Ronan Malloy discovered that Nikki killed Diane in self defense.

Recent Developments

After the investigation, Nick and Phyllis rekindled. Their marriage lasted less than a year due to the many secrets she kept from him, including the hit and run on Paul and Christine in 1994, the death of Tim Reid in their living room and finally her affair with Ronan. Later, Nick started dating Avery Clark, Phyllis' sister. After Sharon burned down the Newman ranch, Sharon disappeared for a while before coming back. Nick felt the need to protect Sharon, who had bipolar disorder, from Victor and potential jail time and hired Avery as her lawyer.

Summer's paternity

In June 2013, Nick deals with a major shock when he discovers through a paternity test that Summer is not his biological daughter. But in fact Nick is Summer's father revealed in July 2013, due to Sharon tampering with the paternity test results making sure the result was negative and that Jack Abbott is the alleged father. The only person who knows about Sharon's involvement is Phyllis Newman who overheard her speaking to Cassie Newman's grave. After a fight with Sharon that leaves her injured, Phyllis nevers gets her chance to tell Nick.

Avery and Sharon

Despite everything that happened, Nick focuses on his relationship with Avery and their plans to get married. Sharon, however, wants him back, having ended things with Adam for good. When she finds out when the wedding is, she vows to stop Nick and Avery from marrying so that she can be with him again. The wedding ends up not happening due to Avery comforting and giving advice to her ex Dylan after his marriage to Chelsea Lawson ended due to her lying about who the father of her son was. Nick and Avery later split despite the two still having lingering feelings for each other.

New brother

Nick winds up blaming Dylan for the breakup with Avery, but at a family get together, Dylan shows up, which angers Nick. The two men get into a fight, which ends with Nikki blurting out that Dylan is her son, making him Nick's half-brother. Both guys refuse to believe it. Dylan demands a DNA test while Nick is furious at his mother for keeping such a big secret from him and Victoria. Nick is further angered when the DNA test confirms that Dylan is indeed his half-brother.

Sharon's guilt starts to manifest as a vision of Cassie, who tells Sharon that she has to continue to keep her secret from Nick. Sharon decides to start rising her bi-polar meds, but she continues to see Cassie. One time when Sharon is distraught, she grabs Cassie and is horrified that she can touch her. As this keeps up, Sharon soon starts to think Cassie is really alive and undergoes electroshock.

Mariah Copeland

When Sharon wakes up, she doesn't remember switching Summer's paternity test and Phyllis falling. She also sees "Cassie", who brings flowers and apologizes to Sharon for everything she out her through. In April 2014, Sharon learns that Victor had hired Mariah Copeland, who looked exactly like Cassie. Sharon started to feel a connection to Mariah and befriended her to Nick's dismay. After Mariah went to pay Sharon some of her debt, Sharon invited Mariah to stay for dinner. Faith Newman, Nick and Sharon's daughter, took a liking to Mariah. Ian encouraged Mariah to move in with Sharon and Nick. Mariah told Sharon and Nick that someone had broken into her room and that she didn't feel safe. Mariah vowed that Ian was out of her life, and Nick and Sharon agreed to let her stay with them. Mariah slowly started to develop a crush on Nick and subtly tried to seduce him. As her crush on Nick grew, she stopped defending Ian, and was even willing to side with Nick against him. Mariah was surprised when she received a call from her mother, and Nick was angry because Mariah had told Sharon that her mother was dead. Mariah was desperate to get back on Nick's good side and told him what she knew about Helen. Mariah also became good friends with Kevin Fisher. Sharon finally realized that Mariah was trying to seduce Nick when she saw Mariah come downstairs in lingerie. Mariah tried to tell Sharon she met a guy at work, but Sharon saw through her lie. Mariah and Sharon got into a huge argument and she threw Mariah out of her house. Mariah left the outfits that Sharon bought her. Meanwhile, Nick had started investigating the night Sharon had birth and discovered that Mariah is actually the twin of Cassie Newman, and Sharon's biological daughter. When Sharon was pregnant, she was all doped up and it was all a blur. Helen Copeland was the nurse who didn't even want kids. But she stole Mariah for somebody who couldn't have kids, Ian Ward. Meanwhile, Mariah had left town with Ian. Ian took Mariah to a storage unit and drugged her, causing her to lose consciousness. When Mariah awoke, she was wearing a wedding dress and Ian told her that they would get married. Mariah refused to marry Ian, but he didn't listen and got Mariah so doped up that she couldn't coherently say no. They ended up married. Mariah was rescued by Nick and Sharon and taken to the hospital. At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Sharon told Mariah that she was Mariah's mother. Mariah refused to believe it and didn't want to embrace Sharon as her mother. Nick convinced her not to leave town, but Mariah refused to come back to the ranch, and she quit her job at the Underground, but Nick convinced her to return to The Underground so she can pay Sharon back.

Mariah attended Sharon's bachelorette party along with Abby, Summer, Lily, Kelly, Victoria, and Nikki which Sharon quickly decided to go to Crimson Lights instead. Mariah was very unenthusiastic and flirted with Tyler who was sitting at the bar just to make Abby jealous. Mariah had Summer give her money to bride the bartender into stripping. All the girls have been heavily drinking and partying. The guys ended up showing up at crimson Lights as well and also heavily loaded. Abby had a couple too many drinks and bashed Sharon for marrying Nick again because Sharon married Adam,'Nick, Abby's father Victor, Nick again...etc. Mariah stood up for Sharon against Abby, and Abby stated that Mariah spits venom about Sharon every day. Once Michael Baldwin got slammed to the floor, a drunken fight broke out. Mariah fought with Abby. Everybody there ended up in jail. Eventually, they were set free.

At Nick and Sharon's wedding, Summer supported Nick and Sharon's relationship by speaking for them. Just before they were about to get married, Phyllis busted through the doors and shocked everybody! As Phyllis walked down the aisle, Summer was in tears and hugged her mother. Phyllis fainted and everybody rushed to her rescue. Sharon left the church. At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Nick asked Phyllis if she knows something Sharon's told her. Sharon showed up to ask Phyllis about the secret Phyllis might know about her that could potentially hurt Nick.

Nick and Sharon set a wedding date for Halloween. He also helped Mariah realize how kind Sharon has been to her. On Halloween, Mariah took Faith trick or treating whisk Sharon and Nick spent some alone time. After some family photos, Nick helped Sharon get Mariah to open up to them. Nick, Mariah, and Noah became worried when they couldn't find Sharon. Nick, Victor, and Jack found Sharon and Phyllis at the spot where Phyllis fell.

Sharon's secret is revealed

Sharon tearfully admitted she had changed the results of Summer's paternity test and that Nick was Summer's biological father. Nick was furious with Sharon and vowed to never forgive her. He moved out of the Ranch and back into the tack house. He also asked Avery to represent him when he sued for full custody of Faith. After Nick nearly slept with Grace, he decided to take some time away from Genoa City and went to a secluded cabin where he made friends with a dog. After wandering outside, Nick got his foot caught in a bear trap. The woman who had secretly been taking care of Adam, Sage Warner, discovers Adam's brother, Nick, stuck in a bear trap in the middle of the woods after he went to his cabin to get away. Sage comforts him and runs back to the cabin to get Adam. They both return and Sage tries to help him but Adam insists on not helping and leaving. Sage is confused, since Adam wanted to be less selfish and asked if he knew him and Adam admit Nick's his brother. Sage rescued Nick and called 911. Adam got paranoid that Nick looked at him fearing that he recognized him, although Sage ensured him that he couldn't because of his plastic surgery.

Sage accompanied Adam back to Genoa City where she ran into Nick at The Underground who deeply thanked her for rescuing him. Sage was pleasant and Nick asked her if there was a guy with her too and she claimed it was just a jogging friend when she was with jogging with her.

Noah and Mariah tried to talk to Nick about not taking Faith away from Sharon. Nick lashed out at Sharon for putting Noah in the middle of it. Sage walked in while Nick and Sharon were arguing. After Sharon left, Nick told Sage he hoped she thought she hadn't rescued a jerk. Nick's insistence to keep Faith away from Sharon led to Faith running away and hiding in Crimson Lights. Nick comforted Sharon when he saw how distressed she was. As soon as Faith was found, Nick made it clear he was still going to fight Sharon for full custody of Faith. Nick agreed to make nice with Sharon so Faith could have a nice Christmas with her family. Victor wasn't too happy about it and saw it as a way for Sharon to manipulate to Nick.

Sage and Adam walk in Chancellor Park while Sage tells him she's glad about one thing he's not Gabriel Bingham, so he can get revenge on Victor.Adam told her he wanted to live his life again with Chelsea. Sage said if he wants to be Gabriel Bingham, he has to pretend to be Constance's grandson, or she'll turn him in. Adam ran off and Sage was angry yelling at him when Nick overheard and asked who was she yelling to. Sage just claimed she was having trouble with a friend. Sage told him somebody close to her was dying and then asked out loud why is she telling him this. Sage didn't want to dump this all on him and Nick stated he dumped things on her the other day, so now it's her turn. Nick promised her hot chocolate with marshmallows. As they were enjoying them, Sage explained that the person was her guardian who took her in and raised her after her parents died. Nick apologized for thinking her parents were divorced the other day. Sage didn't mind and explained that her friend was Constance's grandson who is handling this situation differently.

Sage visits Nick at his house with Gabriel's yearbook to bond with Nick. Her presence anger's Faith. Sage spills water on her clothes and changes into a bathrobe. Faith uses the phone and tells Sharon that's Nick is in trouble. Sharon rushes in and Faith asks to go home with Sharon, so Nick reluctantly agrees. Faith tells Sharon that the lady in Nick's house had no pants on. Sharon began to get angry and jealous.

Sage met up with Adam at the Athletic Club's gym punching a punching bag. Adam explained Chelsea keeps putting up roadblocks. Nick entered the gym meeting up with sage and "Gabriel". Nick explained Sharon's not taking this well and it's gonna be a full out custody battle. Adam mentioned it's not all her fault. Nick questioned why he'd have an opinion on something he knows nothing about and how much he knew. Sage covered for him stating he didn't mean that. Noah entered the gym explaining to dad that Faith told Sharon that he was in the house with a lady with no pants on. Sage told Adam that's not what it seems like. Nick explained the real story and Noah was relieved.

Adam pretends to be Sage's boyfriend to put Chelsea and Billy at eaze. Sage is worried about how Nick will react because she told him they're just friends. Adam makes a joke that Sage is worried about her chances with his brother but Sage claims that's not it. Sharon told the information she heard from Faith to her lawyer, David Sherman, and told Nick she'll use it against him in court.

Nick ran into Chelsea at the Athletic Club and started talking. Nick introduced Sage as his friend that saved him from the bear trap that Chelsea didn't know about. Chelsea explained her and Billy just had a drink with them here and mentioned Gabriel being her boyfriend. Chelsea left and Nick asked what Gabriel is to her and she stated he's her husband. Sage admit to Nick it's an arranged marriage to obtain Constance's inheritance. Sage stated they're not in love and stay open to meet other people. Sage wished him good luck with the custody battle. Sage texted Nick good luck at his custody battle after she moved into an apartment with Adam.

At the custody battle, the judge asked Faith to come to stand and ask her about the situation. Faith wanted both her parents together. Noah defended Sharon stating she's a good mother who has bipolar disorder and was just off her meds, which was her fault. Summer defended Nick stating all of the damage Sharon has done to her family's life in this situation. When Mariah was called to stand, Sharon expected Mariah to fight for her, but was sworn under the bible, and told the full story about Sage having no pants on only because of the water spill. The judge granted Nick full custody of Faith. Sharon was upset with Mariah even though she was telling the truth, and Mariah moved out to live with Kevin. Sage showed up at the custody battle to defend Nick by telling the judge the real story but Nick insisted he won't need it. Sage was met up with Nick at the Underground and was happy for him that he won custody of Faith.

Valentine's Day Disaster and Romance with Sage

Sage met up with Nick at the Underground on Valentine's Day. Sage asked if he wanted to see her "silk panties". Sage mixed a drink for him which she called her silk panties which she gave to Nick. Nick explained he could use another bartender around here and gave Sage an Underground shirt which she was happy about. Sage went in the back to try it on when Nick went in the back to look for something and saw Sage undressing her shirt. Nick apologized and stepped out of the room to which they both smiled. Sage came back to the bar and Nick asked if she'd like to be permanent. Sage stated for a few free drinks which Nick gladly accepted.

The lights started flickering so Sage followed Nick in the back to look for the backup generators. The whole Underground collapse. Nick and Sage survived and Nick was anxious about finding his family members. Sage stated Nick has people in Genoa City who love him. Nick stated he cares about her too like Gabe. sage stated when you come sage followed Nick in the back to find the back up generators. The ceiling started chippings and caved in on them. Nick felt bad for what he did to Sharon when he thought it was in Faith's best interest. Sage stated so many people in Genoa City love Nick. When you get down to it, Gabe and her are like strangers. Nobody knows her and she feels her whole life she's been waiting for something to begin. Nick stated after they get out of this, he truly does want to get to know her better. Nick passionately kissed Sage. Dylan McAvoy came and found Nick and Sage. They then found Dylan's fiancee, Avery Clark and her ex husband, Joe Clark. The fireman advised everybody to get out but Sage insisted she'd stay.

Victor and Jack both survived even after the second collapse at The Underground. Sage ran into Nick at the hospital and he told her the good news that his father is alive! Sage was happy for Nick and hugged him when Adam interrupted. Adam just explained they have to make this marriage look as real as possible.

After Austin was murdered at the Abbott cabin, the kids discover that one of Austin's documents trying to exploit the Newman and Abbott families, include Sharon bashing Nick spilling a major Newman secret. Sharon comes to Crimson Lights, upset that she threw away all the progress she made with by trashing him in Austin's interview. Dylan encouraged Sharon to tell Nick herself before he is blindsided by it. Sharon goes to the Underground and finds Nick and Sage having sex. Sharon is furious at Nick for his judgements towards her while he sleeps with a married woman. She leaves without telling Nick about the interview. Sharon goes home and rips up a card Faith made for Nick.

Dylan catches Sharon, and she realizes what she is doing. Sharon believes there is nothing good about her anymore and says that Nick is already interviewing her, and Dylan says know one can replace her. Sharon then let's out a horrified gasp. Written on the mirror above the fireplace, is a message in lipstick that say "I know the truth and so do you". Sharon believes someone who wants to psychologically torture her who wrote that. Dylan looks at Sharon, and she wonders if he thinks she wrote that.

Sharon continues wiping the lipstick message off of the mirror. Nick comes by and argues with Sharon about Sage and Faith. Sharon suddenly heads over to the mirror and continues to clean it off, making Nick suspicious of her mental state. Sharon accuses Nick of writing the message, and Nick says Faith shouldn't see Sharon for a bit. Sharon tells Nick that if he stops her from seeing Faith, she is done keeping his secret and will tell the whole world about how he broke "that girl's neck".

Sharon tells Nick that she knows about the incident with Sandra Nelson. Nick had a party at the Ranch, and everyone had gotten drunk. Nick had dared Sandra, an athletic swimmer, to dive off the balcony. Sandra did so, but she didn't come back up, so Nick dove in and rescued her. Victor covered it up, and paid for all of Sandra's medical bills. Nick caved to Sharon's blackmail and had Avery put it in writing that Sharon could spend more time with Faith. Dylan came back and told Sharon that he was going to stay with her until they found out who wrote the message on her mirror. Sharon was originally arrested for the murders of Austin and Courtney but released after proven innocent.

Sage finally decides she has had enough of staying with a man she doesn't love, and admits to the estate attorney that the marriage is a sham. Gabriel's inheritance is sent to the charities that Constance donated to, and Sage is finally free to be with Nick, though she still doesn't expose Adam. Sage and Nick's enjoy a brief romance before Nick breaks it off to make things more secure for Faith after he punches out a reporter, and almost loses custody of Sharon hadn't stuck up for him.

Sage is heartbroken and drowns her sorrows with Adam, who also fears he has permanently lost Chelsea. This leads to a one night stand between the two of them that they both immediately regret. Soon after, Sage finds out she is pregnant and is convinced that Nick is the father. Sage admits she is worried about what Sharon might do if she finds out about it. To Sage's surprise, Sharon accepts the news and embraces Sage, wishing her well. Adam finds out Sage is pregnant, and demands a paternity test, but Sage is adamant that Adam is not the father. Faith finds out and is not happy that Sage is pregnant. Sharon supports Nick and Sage, and encourages Faith to embrace the new baby. In turn, Sage convinces Nick to amend the custody agreement, so Faith can spend one week a night with Sharon.

Sage is diagnosed with appendicitis and über owe to surgery to have it removed. Luckily, the baby is fine. Chelsea comes by to talk to Sage, who goes ballistic when Chelsea wonders if the baby could be Gabriel's.

When Victor is arrested for shooting Jack, and Adam is named CEO, Nick decided to go back to work for Newman-Abbott, and leaves Sage in charge of the Underground. Chelsea confronts Sage and says she knows that Gabriel is really Adam. Sage explains her reasons for turning Adam into Gabriel, and assures Chelsea that Adam only came back to Genoa City for her and Connor. She asks Chelsea not to expose Adam, but Chelsea says she can't make that promise.

While Sage and Nick are together, Nick is called away for an important business by Adam. Sage fears that she will be exposed and leaves Nick a good bye letter before getting ready to leave town. Marisa Sierras sees the letter and stops Sage from leaving. She tells her that Adam did not reveal himself, and Sage wonders how she knows Adam's identity. Marisa says it doesn't matter and assures Sage they are on the same side.

Constantly worrying that the baby may be Adam's, and gets a paternity test done in secret. Nick finds out about and Sage is forced to admit that the baby could be "Gabe's". Nick reads the results of the test, and tells "Gabe" that the baby is his, so stay away. Sage reads the results in private and cries.

Nick decides he wants to get married to Sage as soon as possible. They have a private ceremony in Chancellor Park that just involve Nick's children, and Marisa as Noah Newman's plus one with Kyle Abbott officiating. Nick and Sage exchange vows and officially become husband and wife.

At Sage's baby shower, things start to fall apart. Adam and Chelsea show up at the Athletic club, having been forced by Victor to return to Genoa City. Adam is still known as Gabe, but Sage fears that him being back has put her happiness at risk. Then, Marisa tells Sage that Victor doesn't want her with Noah and tried to get her to leave town by paying her off. Marisa warns Sage to be careful around Victor.

Sage takes Marisa's warnings to heart, and has a nightmare that Victor takes her baby from her. Sage starts to experience stomach cramps, and Nick calls Mariah Copeland to watch Faith while he and Sage go to the hospital. They learn the baby is fine, but Sage continues to be worried about Victor.

Adam's return, grieving, Sandra Allen returns

Gabriel is publicly exposed as Adam Newman, and Nick is furious when he finds out Sage knew the truth. Sage goes into a labor, and Adam delivers her baby. Nick forgets about his anger when Sage and his baby are on the brink of death. Sage survives, and she and Nick resolve to make it work for their son's sake. They decide to name the baby, Christian Newman.

Nick and Sage attend the Halloween Party at the newly opened restaurant at Newman Towers, but a fire breaks it out. Nick and Sage return to the hospital to be with Christian, but when Nick learns Victor is was left behind, he resolved to go help his dad, and Sage goes with him. They are forbidden entry, and wait for news on Victor.

When they get back to the hospital, they learn Christian didn't make it. Sage is devastated and starts pushing Nick away. Nick fears the end of his marriage with Sage may becoming to an end, but Sage finds comfort in spending time with Sharon and Dylan's newborn son, Sully.

Things become messy when Dr. Sandy Anderson, the woman that treated Sharon at Fairview, advises Sage to keep her distance from Sully. Sage and Nick start to become suspicious of Sandy, and form a plan to expose her. Sage ends up punching Sandy, and gets admitted to Fairview.

Sage gets a book from Sandy's office, and gives it to Nick. Nick and Sharon realize Sandy is Sandra Allen, but when they get to Fairview, they find Sandra dead on the floor of her office. The culprit turns out to be Patty Williams, and Sage is released from Fairview

Adopting a baby, betraying Victor

Nick and Sage decided to adopt a baby. They contacted Shawn Taylor, who was ready and willing to give her baby up for adoption. Unfortunately, Sage had to mostly spend time with Shawn as Nick had to deal with family drama.

Victor was arrested for kidnapping Jack, and replacing him with drug lord Marco Annicelli. Nick was furious with his father for putting Summer's life at risk, but Victor was convinced what he did was for his family, and that Summer was never in any danger. Nick testified against Victor at his trial, and he was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Once Victor was in prison, Nick was able to focus on Sage and Shawn. Shawn's hotel room was broken into, and Sage invited her to come and live with them. Nick was sceptic as he knew Shawn couldn't live for them forever, and did not feel it was right to kick Shawn out once she gave birth.

As Shawn spent some time with Faith, she expressed to Nick she was having second thoughts about giving her baby up for adoption. Nick encouraged Shawn to do what she thinks is right. After Shawn gives birth, she takes the baby, named David, and leaves the hospital. Shawn leaves behind a letter for Nick and Sage, saying she couldn't tell them in person and apologized for breaking their deal. Sage later decides to hold off on adopting another baby for now.

Sage's death and life as a widower

Nick's entire world is turned upside down when Sage is killed in a car accident. His family does his their best to rally around Nick and support him through such a devastating loss. While going through Sage's things, Nick discovers Sage's journal. The journal claims that Adam had killed Constance Bingham, Sage's legal guardian. Furious, Nick demands that Adam be arrested for murder. Constance's remains are exhumed and it is determined that she died from being poisoned over a long period of time. Adam begs Nick the chance to have Constance exhumed again, suspecting the test may have been tampered with, but Nick refuses.

Nick also has to contend with Summer's relationship with Luca Santori. In order to proof his commitment and loyalty to the Newman family, Luca shows Nick photos of Victoria and Travis Crawford. Nick went to confront Victoria about Travis, but Victoria assured him they could trust Travis. Nick started to visit Sharon, and spend more time with Sully. Nick could tell something was bothering Sharon, but she wouldn't tell him. Dylan later told Nick that Sharon has been having nightmares about Sage, and Nick wondered why Sharon wouldn't tell him.

Adam is eventually arrested and imprisoned when the evidence becomes overwhelming. Nick slowly starts to believe that maybe Adam didn't kill Constance, and wonders if Victor had a hand in framing Adam. At Adam's trial, Victor testifies on Adam's behalf, but Adam ends up back in prison when the police fail to recover the journal pages. Adam asks Nick to look after Connor and Chelsea for him. Nick agrees and the brothers say their goodbyes. After Adam escapes and gets a chance to start over with Chelsea and Connor, Nick keeps the knowledge of their attempted escape from authorities and even helps Chelsea care for an ill Connor, but the the house, that Chelsea and Adam were staying in, explodes. Adam is presumed dead, and Nick is there for Chelsea as she grieves Adam's death. Sharon pushes for Nick and Chelsea to get together, which infuriates both Nick and Chelsea.

When Dylan has to go out of town to testify at a trial, Nick stays with Sharon and Mariah to protect them and Faith. Sharon starts getting mysterious phone calls, and Nick tells Dylan about it. One night, Sharon freaks out when she thinks she sees someone outside. Nick goes to investigate and gets clubbed over the head by Kevin, who thought he was a stalker. Sharon takes Nick to the hospital to recover. Sharon tells Nick he has to leave just as Dylan comes home.

Reunion with Christian, and Romance with Chelsea

On the anniversary of Christian's death, Nick lashes out at everyone and everything. Sharon and Chelsea can't get ahold of him and worry about him as they realize what today is. Chelsea finds a grieving Nick and comforts him. Nick's phone rings, and it is Patty Williams. Patty tells Nick that Christian is alive, and that Sharon has him. Nick confronts Sharon, and she admits that is true. Nick is horrified that Sharon would knowingly keep his son from him, and goes to get Christian. Sharon begs for one night to tell Dylan the truth, and Nick reluctantly agrees.

Nick goes back over there the next day and wants him now, he says if they didn't give his son back he would file charges for kidnapping so, Nick takes them home and Nikki shows up and Nick tell her the whole story about it and then he asked her to stay out of it and she didn't she went over to Sharon's and confronts her and then they both get into a fight but Dylan stops it, they said that she needs professional help, all of the Newman family knows about Christian and they are pretty mad with Sharon.

Sharon broke the news to Dylan who was devastated. GC Buzz got the story from Patty and announced it to the world. Sharon also did a GC Buzz interview and confessed. Sharon was arrested for kidnapping, but Nick refused to press charges, and Sharon was released. Dylan stuck by Sharon, but lost their case. Soon they split up when Dylan went into witness protection alone.

Nick and Chelsea attended the Abbott/Winters Benefit on New Years Eve and afterward they kissed and started removing their clothes. But Chelsea stopped them, and they decided not to ruin their friendship with sex. Chelsea and Nick continue to date and grow closer, before finally having sex.

Investigating Chloe

While drunk, Chloe says some strange thing to Scotty Grainger that imply more about Adam's death. Scotty tells Nick and he wonders what Chloe means. While talking about it with Chelsea, Nick finds a tracker in Connor's favourite dinosaur. They call Chloe over, and confront her about it. Chloe says she planted to keep an eye on Chelsea and Connor. Chelsea believes Chloe and agrees to help her plan her upcoming wedding to Kevin.

Nick remains suspicious and they argue about it. They agree to call the phone company, and find out Chloe was half a mile away from the cabin on the night of the explosion. Chelsea tells Nick about the secret passage that led to Adam and Sage's old apartment, and says that Dylan was the only one who knew about it. She immediately brushes it off as she believes Chloe couldn't have gotten past the police guarding the building.

Nick continues investigation, and plants a tracking device on Chloe's car. He later sees her throwing a bag in the trash, and finds a tranquilizer gun and wrench in the bag. Nick shares his suspicions with Sharon, who encourages him to go to Paul.

Chelsea eventually learns the truth, and when Nick follows Chloe, he sees her with Victor. Nick tells the family, and they are furious that Victor let the murderer of his own son get away.

Chelsea's departure and Dark Horse

Nick has aspirations to turn the Underground into a franchise with Noah's help, but the Underground is destroyed. Nick decides not to rebuild. Chelsea's past starts to catch up to her when her old associate Jordan Wilde shows ip in town and has a falling out with Hilary Curtis, who digs into Jordan and Chelsea's past.

Nick had hired Arturo Rosales to help with renovating the penthouse and they found a secret department with money. Chelsea claimed the money was left to her by Adam, and eventually skips town. She takes both Connor and Christian with her, but later returns Christian.

Not long after Nick learns he isn't Christian's biological father; Adam is. Nick is heartbroken, but resolves to raise and treat Christian like his own. During this time, Nick and Sharon rekindle their relationship, and are engaged to be married.

Nick starts up a new company called Dark Horse to compete with Newman Enterprises. Noah joins Nick, and he asks Victoria and Abby to come on board; but they refuse. Sharon starts to worry about Nick's determination to punish Victor for letting Chloe escape.

Nick eventually cheats on Sharon with Phyllis since she understands and applauds Nick's desire to punish Victor, and she finds out shortly before the wedding, so she dumps him. However, Nick and Phyllis don't get back together.

Nick's company continues to grow and thrive, but things get complicated for Nick when JT Hellstrom returns t town and winds up dead a few months later. Rey Rosales comes to town and Nick becomes the first suspect when it is revealed that he has JT's credit card and also posed as JT. Nick is arrested during a business meeting, but soon released.

Adam and Chelsea return

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Caught between Phyllis and his sisters

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  • Nick is a Capricorn.