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Nikki Newman
20190218 185307.jpg
Melody Thomas Scott as Nikki Newman
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Erica Hope (1978-1979)
Melody Thomas Scott (1979-)
Current status Present, Contract
Duration 1978-
First appearance February 27, 1978
Introduced by William J. Bell
Family Newman
Full name Nicole Reed Newman
Nickname(s) Nikki
Alias(es) Lisa Laverne
Laura Morgan
Linda Thomas
Namesake(s) Victoria Nicole Newman
Nicholas Newman
Lucy Nicole Romalotti
Gender Female
Born June 3, 1960 (originally 1962)
Age 61
Occupation COO of Newman Enterprises
Residence Newman Ranch
421 Larkspur Trail, Highway B
Genoa City, Wisconsin
Parents Nick Reed
Barbara Reed
Siblings Casey Reed
Spouses Greg Foster
Kevin Bancroft
Tony DiSalvo
Victor Newman
(1984-1988, 2002-2008, 2013-)
Jack Abbott
(1990-1994, 2012)
Joshua Landers
David Chow
Deacon Sharpe
Romances Ian Ward
(statutory rape)
Paul Williams
Scott Adams
Andy Richards
Cash Cashman
Rick Daros
Jim Grainger
Jed Sanders
Cole Howard
Brad Carlton
Maxwell Hollister
Neil Winters (kissed)
Arturo Rosales
Children Dylan McAvoy
(with Paul)
Victoria Newman
Nicholas Newman
(with Victor)
Adam Newman (stepson with Victor)
Abby Newman (stepdaughter with Victor)
Grandchildren Cassie Newman † (adoptive)
Noah Newman
Summer Newman
Faith Newman
Reed Hellstrom
Johnny Abbott (adoptive)
Connor Newman (step)
Katie Newman
Christian Newman
Pets Concerto (brown stallion)

Nicole "Nikki" Newman (née Reed, previously Foster, Bancroft, DiSalvo, Abbott, Landers, Chow and Sharpe) is a resident of Genoa City. She has been played by actress Melody Thomas Scott since 1979. Much of Nikki's history revolves around her many marriages to business tycoon Victor Newman, as well as her friendship with ex-husband Jack Abbott, her longtime friendship with the late Katherine Chancellor Murphy, and her longtime animosity towards Jill Abbott Fenmore, Sharon Newman, and the late Diane Jenkins.


Nikki Reed is the daughter of Nick Reed. She had one sister, Casey Reed and has three children, Dylan, Victoria and Nicholas, as well as two stepchildren, Adam and Abby.

Early Years, Victor and Ashley

When Nikki was a teenager, her father would sexually abuse her.

After a short fling with Paul Williams, Nikki took a job stripping where she was introduced to business mogul Victor Newman, who would become the love of her life. Nikki learned about high society from Victor. Soon, the couple fell in love, but Nikki who gave birth to Victor's daughter, Victoria Newman, had other suitors to deal with before she wed Victor.

Jealous of Victor's feelings for Ashley Abbott, Nikki had an affair with Ashley's brother, Jack Abbott. Nikki was diagnosed with an incurable disease, which sent Victor back to her. Nikki lying about her remission didn't endear her to Victor, but the final straw was Victor blaming her for Leanna Randolph writing about Ashley aborting Victor's baby.

Nicholas, Hope and Joshua

Nikki and Victor shared a night of passion, which resulted in Nikki getting pregnant and having their son, Nicholas Newman. Despite sharing two children and being in love, Nikki and Victor divorced. Jack ruined Nikki's budding romance with Dr. Scott Grainger. Then Jack married her, hoping to use her as leverage against Victor who had taken controlling interest of Jabot Cosmetics. Nikki was pleased that Jack, who fell in love with her for real, stood by her as she battled an addiction to pain pills and alcohol while suffering from a debilitating back injury. Alas, their marriage didn't survive the loss of their son, John Abbott III.

Nikki's hopes of remarrying Victor were dashed when he wed a blind farmer named Hope Adams, who gave birth to his son, Victor Adam Newman. Nikki moved on to a romance with Brad Carlton, but it didn't work out.

Nikki wed Dr. Joshua Landers. Joshua's presumed-dead and unbalanced wife, Veronica Landers, came into the house pretending to be a maid named Sara. Veronica revealed herself to Joshua, and when he wasn't happy to see her she killed him and then shot Nikki. Victor got a divorce from his bride, Diane Jenkins, so he could marry Nikki and let her die happy. Nikki lived, but Diane contested the divorce. Veronica went after Nikki in the stables, but Victor managed to save her and Veronica was killed when she fell on a pitchfork.

Epilepsy, David and Sharon

Nikki stood by Victor as he was diagnosed with epilepsy. Under the influence of visions caused by the epilepsy, Victor left town on a spiritual quest, but eventually returned home to seek treatment. After brain surgery, Victor returned to good health.

When the Newman jet went down and Nicholas was thought to be dead, Victor pulled away from Nikki. Nick was found alive, but Nikki was driven into the arms of David Chow. Eventually, Victor and Nikki divorced.

Victor called in Nikki's loans on the Clear Springs Project just before it collapsed. When the garage came down, many of Genoa City's residents were trapped including Nick, Sharon Newman Abbott, Victoria and Noah Newman. Jack saved Nick and Sharon. Eventually, Noah and Victoria were rescued but Victoria was hit over the head with a piece of cement while climbing out and went into a coma. Her life hung in balance as she and her unborn child suffered. Both Victoria and the baby survived. JT Hellstrom and Victoria wed as baby Reed Hellstrom looked on.

Sabrina, Paul and Patty

Nikki married David Chow but soon found that he had a gambling problem. Paul did some investigating and soon found that David may be a murderer. He raced to save Nikki, who was poisoned by David. David was killed by the mob, and so was Victor's new wife, Sabrina Costelana Newman, who was also pregnant with Victor's child. Victor took off for Mexico. Nikki eventually followed him to Mexico where he had gone to track down the mobster responsible for David and Sabrina's deaths. A storm had wrecked the ship that Victor and Walter Palin had chartered. Victor was thought to be dead. Nikki found him and he turned his back on her.

Nikki returned with Paul by her side but she was worried about Victor. She convinced Ashley that only she could reach Victor. Ashley flew to Paris and caught up with him and soon was able to give him the comfort he needed so badly. She convinced him to return to his family and friends in Genoa City. Nikki found solace in Paul's arms, but when she realized that she was in love with Victor, she left Paul, only to get rejected by Victor. Nikki ran out and was nearly run over by Ashley.

A while later, Nikki returned when she heard that Victor had been shot by Patty Williams, and scared the living daylights out of Ashley (who thought that she had killed Nikki). Victor proclaimed his love for Nikki and Ashley overheard. Victor and Ashley divorced and Nikki got back together with him once again.

Meggie McClean's Manipulations

Meggie McClean came to town, seemingly in danger. She came to Victor for help, but Nikki suspected that she wanted Victor for herself. However, she ended up saving Meggie from a dangerous criminal. Nikki hired Meggie as her assistant, and grew fond of her, unaware that Meggie really was into Victor and wanted to break up him and Nikki. She starts to spike Nikki's drinks with vodka and forces her to drink again. Nikki goes to an AA meeting and sees Deacon Sharpe, who slept with Victoria. Deacon helps her refuse a drink.

Deacon later got "drunk" with Nikki in his room at the Silver Star Motel. (Deacon's drinks were only water.) It turned out he and Meggie were in on a plot together to get Nikki away from Victor so Meggie could have Victor and his money. On the day Nikki and Victor were to elope, Nikki went to Deacon's to drink. He drugged her cocktail and put her in bed with him. Meggie called Victor over to the motel so he could find Deacon and Nikki in bed together. Victor then realized how bad Nikki's relapse was and admitted her to the Solidarity House rehab center.

Later that day, Nikki met with Dr. Carey, head of Solidarity House. Nikki received a visit from a bawling Victoria who told her about losing Reed when JT took him to DC to live. When Nikki suggested Victoria call Victor for help in blocking JT from leaving with Reed, Victoria shrieked that she wanted nothing from her father ever again. Nikki sent Victoria home to Billy. Nikki told Deacon about Victoria's woes then tried to call Victor to enlist his aid in helping their daughter to no avail.

Recent Developments

Unable to locate Victor, Nikki called Meggie to find out where her fiancée was. Nikki was taken aback by Meggie's voicemail message saying she was accompanying Mr. Newman to Nevada for a few days. Nikki was in a dither as she fretted that Meggie may have been after Victor all along. Nikki's cell phone buzzed and she saw Meggie's FacePlace status change from single to married. Seconds later, she spotted the pic of the newly married couple. Nikki couldn't believe her eyes.

Nikki asked out loud how Victor could do this, just give up on her. Nikki sobbed that Victor gave her two beautiful children but he thought that everyone around him was lucky to be in his orbit and he would think that until his dying day. Nikki wailed that she needed a drink. Nikki told Deacon that he had never abandoned her in her hour of need. Deacon kissed her. He asked if Nikki wanted him to stop, but Nikki kissed him more. Victor found Nikki and Deacon in bed, explained that his marriage was farce and broke up with her.

Nikki told Victoria she wanted to drink until she couldn't drink anymore. Victoria tried to comfort her mother and find out what was wrong which was when Nikki confessed to sleeping with Deacon.

A return to alcohol, family issues, rocky romances with Victor, rehab and a return from Rehab

Nikki returned to Genoa City while using her maiden name of Reed by late September. Several weeks earlier, she appeared at a spa in Colorado where she had sent a letter, but the letter was intercepted by Victor's son Adam Newman before it could be read by anyone. After Victor was shot by Patty Williams and given a heart transplant by Colleen Carlton, he left with Nikki for a rehabilitation center in Europe. Both, Nikki and Victor returned to Genoa City together, as Victor divorced Ashley Newman. However, Victor was soon dealing with a major lawsuit that was started by Abby Newman and would later join Victoria Newman once she married Billy Abbott.

Back home, Victor and Nikki get engaged, but Meggie McClaine is also living there, as Victor thought to protect her. Nikki had Meggie become her personal assistant, but Meggie actually hoped to get Nikki drinking again therefore opening up the way for her to marry Victor. Once she would marry him, she would kill him and get his money, just like she did with Patrick Murphy's son. Meggie recruited Deacon Sharpe to help spike Nikki's drinks and they eventually set Nikki up to look like she was having an affair with Deacon. Once Victor caught them, he sent Nikki to rehab, where Deacon continued to scheme with Meggie. Once in rehab, he tried to actually help Nikki, and their relationship turned romantic especially when Meggie is able to elope with Victor. Meggie posts their wedding photo on a social networking site which Nikki observes on her phone, and gives into romance with Deacon. After apparently many spiked drinks, Victor appeared to suffer a heart attack, but stunningly unveils his sobriety and caught Meggie in a sting operation set up by him, Murphy, and the cops though Nikki does not know. Once Victor left to explain things to Nikki, he caught her in bed with Deacon. Victor resented Nikki's actions which was to spite his marriage with Meggie she thought was genuine.

Once out of rehab, Nikki and Deacon occasionally run into each other, but Nikki doesn't want to be involved with him. Nikki began packing her things from the Ranch as Victor ordered her to do so. However, he ended up leaving town for business, and Nikki and Deacon gave into temptation. Katherine caught them when he was leaving. Despite her objections, she gave Nikki her support. Nikki ended up trying to keep away from Deacon, but they continued to have occasionally romances.

"Nikki also tried to pressure Victor into resolving his differences with Victoria, Abby, and later Nick after learning about Victor's role in Skye Newman, who were suing him. However, Victor doesn't seem interested in Nikki's advice anymore. Nikki ended up turning to Deacon, and by Valentine's Day they come public with their relationship as do Victor and Diane Jenkins. Soon after Meggie McClaine returned, but in jail and began visiting Deacon so that he could bust her out or she would reveal the truth to Nikki. Nikki, ended up making love with Victor after he lost the lawsuit. Diane caught them, but they didn't know. The next day, Victor and Nikki tried to convince themselves that nothing has changed, but it seemed difficult. After Nikki left, Victor and Diane elope together, as Nikki eventually went to the jail where Meggie explained the truth about Deacon. Deacon tries to calm Nikki down offering that his feelings for her are sincere, but Nikki stormed out. Nikki ended up returning to what was their new room room at the Athletic Club, packing up all of his things, and began drinking again after months of sobriety. Although Deacon tried to explain everything to Nikki, she refused to listen. Katherine wanted to comfort Nikki, but so did alcohol. At one point, Deacon saw Nikki's room with empty alcohol bottles and immediately told Nick and Victoria. Nikki, however, continued to deny drinking and continued to keep drinking in private.

Later, Nikki and Victor are brought back together as they prepared for the "funeral" of Sharon Newman. In reality, Sharon was carjacked, and the carjackers died, not Sharon. Now, Nikki and Victor were there to support Nick Doris Collins. Nikki and Victor were also there to support Victoria after the truth about her adoption of Lucy Abbott came out. Afterwards, Phyllis Newman began fighting to get Lucy, but Victor was able to keep Michael Baldwin from representing her. This move spurred Nikki's attraction to Victor and they had an affair. Diane Newman caught them, but they didn't know, Regardless, Diane didn't want to leave Victor, despite her recent affair with Jack Abbott. However, Nikki regretted having the affair, but Victor ended up drawing up annulment papers. Yet, after running into Deacon Sharpe at an AA meeting, he was intent on apologizing to Nikki as a part of the program. Nikki, at first wanted nothing to do with Deacon, but gave in and ends up having dinner with him. Victor caught them and regretted his move toward annulment and a new future with Nikki.

Regardless, Diane believed her marriage was over, and got caught up in a scheme by Abby Newman to prove that Tucker McCall was cheating on Ashley with Diane. As a result of the scheme, a drunk Abby crashed into Tucker, but Ashley switched places with Abby before the police came. Everyone except for Tucker recovered, who was in a coma, and since then Ashley had been arrested for attempted murder after Diane implicated her and Abby has slowly remembered everything and began feeling guilty. At an AA meeting, Abby confided to Nikki the events leading up to the accident. Nikki ended up inferring that Abby was driving the car, not Ashley. Nikki rushed to see Victor and she explain her theory. However, Victor angrily threw her out, only to confront Abby about it later as Nikki ended up drinking again. Nikki's drinking continued as she later yelled at Deacon Sharpe at an AA meeting (on her birthday: June 1) for making her drink again in the first place. Nikki also attacked the AA program and claimed that it is meaningless. Afterwards, Deacon confronted Victor about Nikki. Deacon explained that Nikki was spiraling out of control, and that she needed him. Victor ended up searching for Nikki and found her alone and disheveled in a park. A comforting Victor sent Nikki back to rehab.

Once in rehab, however, trouble began to brew with Diane Jenkins back in Genoa City. Diane filed a lawsuit against Nikki claiming that she destroyed her marriage to Victor. After Victor was arrested for domestic abuse of Diane, in which he in reality did nothing wrong, Diane leaked the picture of Nikki and Victor having sex to the press. Afterwards, Nikki ended up going missing. According to CBS Soaps In Depth, Nikki holds a dangerous secret involving Diane's subsequent murder, which occurred right around the time of her disappearance from rehab. On October 25, 2011, Nikki's leg and bags were shown boarding a plane to London, England, where she wanted to stay for a few weeks to decompress. She returned to Genoa City on November 23, 2011 looking for Victor, who wasn't home at the time.

She then confides in Nicholas that during the night of Diane's murder and the night she went missing, she ended up falling off the wagon. She then shares a reunion with Victor, in which they forgive each other for their pasts and go to bed together. Nikki meets Harmony Hamilton at an AA Meeting, and discovers she is living with Katherine. She then ran into Deacon at Crimson Lights and is approached by Ronan Malloy to come into the GCPD for questioning about the Diane Jenkins murder case. On December 1, Nikki told Victor that she believes she murdered Diane, due to her broken sobriety, and feels guilty for the things she's done. Nikki then confesses that she woke up in the park, next to the rock and had blood covering her, leaving Victor is disbelief. When Ronan arrives to arrest her, Victor takes the blame for the murder of Diane Jenkins. Deacon revealed that he was also at the park the night of Diane's murder and claimed he saw Victor and Victoria kill Diane together, and that Nikki was only trying to stop the murder. Deacon then proceeds to blackmail Nikki into marrying him in Las Vegas in order to keep him from revealing the truth to the police. After they marry, Deacon sends their wedding photo to everyone close to Nikki back in Genoa City. Nikki divorced Deacon after learning the truth about Diane's Death. Nikki killed Diane in self defense and was arrested and later acquitted. Nikki tries to start a relationship with Victor, but ended when Victor sleeps with Genevieve Atkinson. She later married Jack Abbott.

Back with Victor and a new son, Victor and Nikki find themselves drawn back to each other, resulting in her marriage to Jack ending and Victor's romance with Genevieve ending. Their love reignites, and they decide to marry again, but their plans get put on hold when Nikki is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Despite that, they go ahead with wedding plans. However, at their wedding, Victor gets shot at, but Adam takes the bullet for him, which he survives. He and Victor try to rebuild their relationship while Nikki undergoes MS treatments. She is later heartbroken when her great friend Katherine passes away after a three-month vacation around the world. Jill and Nikki are put in charge of Katherine's memorial service, and Nikki is shocked when she receives a letter written by Katherine encouraging her to look for a child that Nikki had given birth to when she had been a member of a group called the New World Commune. In October 2013, it is revealed that former soldier Dylan McAvoy is Nikki's long-lost biological son. Dylan learns about his parentage from Nikki herself when she blurted it out as he and Nick were fighting. She later realizes that her longtime friend Paul Williams, not Ian Ward, is Dylan's biological father.

Ian hired David Sherman, Mitchell Sherman's son, as his attorney. He enraged Nikki by taunting her about her past as a stripper. After David and Nikki's attorney Michael Baldwin left, Ian further taunted Nikki about them sleeping together, and almost drove her to drink. In court, Nikki was forced to read from her private diary in an effort to prove why she believed Ian was Dylan's father. Nikki had written about how Ian had abused and sexually assaulted her. The judge was angry at Nikki and Ian for their actions and threw out the lawsuit. As David apologized to Ian for losing he case, Ian said he had one last card to play. When the tabloids got a hold of the diary, they started advertising it in the paper. Nikki accused Ian, who maintained his innocence because the diary painted him as a monster. Ian accused Paul of being the one who leaked the diary to the press.

Vickie gets pregnant and doesn't know if the baby's her ex-husband, Billy Abbott's, or her new boyfriend, Ben Rayburn's. Ben Rayburn "Stitch" and Victoria began dating for a while. Things are estranged when Stitch's distant sister, Kelly Andrews, runs into him. Kelly confides in her boyfriend, Jack Abbott, about Stitch's secret. Everybody is shocked to hear that Ben murdered his father when he was younger and stole a deceased former classmate's name and social security number!  Victoria was devastated and broke up with him.

Befriending Maureen

After an argument with Victor, Nikki walks into a bar to drink. She meets up with a woman who introduces her self as Maureen. Nikki lies to her and says her name is "Sherry." Nikki and Maureen began to get a little drunk and talk about family problems as Nikki's referring to Victor. Maureen claims she understands everything about family and marriage problems and encourages Nikki. They begin to get more acquainted and get more drunk. While Nikki went to the powder room, Victor calls Nikki's cell phone but no response.

Maureen runs into Stitch and Kelly at The Genoa City Athletic Club, revealing that Maureen's their mother. Maureen wanted to sit down and talk to her kids but Kelly was very resentful towards her. She states that even when Ben killed her father, Maureen took Stitch's side. Maureen pointed out that she made peace with Ben but Kelly claims that's different. Kelly left her relationship with her mother on bad terms. On her way out, Maureen ran into Nikki again and called her Sherry right when Nikki's husband, Victor Newman, showed up and questioned why she called her Sherry. Maureen understood the situation and apologized for confusing her with someone else.

Kelly's boyfriend, Jack Abbott, had a friendly meeting with Maureen and Maureen mentioned she would like to mend fences with Kelly. Nikki secretly saw Jack come out of Maureen's apartment and came in. Nikki apologized to Maureen for lying about her name being Sherry and Maureen forgave her. Maureen offered Nikki some alcohol but felt bad that she forgot she doesn't drink. Nikki decided to have one drink.

Stitch assisted the stubborn and hesitant, Victoria Newman, in Chancellor Park, when she twisted her ankle. Victoria began to be consumed with rage towards Stitch and he told her he has another confession. Victoria was still upset yet eventually she agreed to hear him out. Stitch was about to tell Vickie what the real truth about his father's death was when Maureen rushed up to them and met Victoria. Maureen tells her how happy she was about the baby and tells her about how great of a father Ben will be and is and how loyal he is. Stuck in an awkward situation, Vicki, made up an excuse to have to be needed at work. Maureen told Stitch she knew he was going to confess to Victoria about the truth. Maureen claimed the complicated thing about the world is that there are a million different versions of the truth and you need to choose the one that hurts the least. Ben was the one getting hurt in this situation and left. Maureen could possibly have killed her husband and Stitch took the blame. Vicki tells Nikki about meeting up with Ben and meeting Maureen. Maureen calls Nikki needing a friend.

Abby, Summer, Lily, Kelly, Victoria, Mariah, and Nikki attended Sharon's bachelorette party which Sharon quickly decided to go to Crimson Lights instead. Mariah was very unenthusiastic and flirted with Tyler who was sitting at the bar just to make Abby jealous. All the girls have been heavily drinking and partying. The guys ended up showing up at Crimson Lights as well and also heavily loaded. Ashley noticed Abby had been drinking too much. Abby had a couple too many drinks and bashed Sharon for marrying Nick again and going to divorce him again! Because Sharon married Adam, Nick, Abby's father Victor, Nick again...etc. Mariah picked a fight with Abby. Abby stated that Mariah spits venom about Sharon every day! Once Michael Baldwin got slammed to the floor, a drunken fight broke out. Mariah fought with Abby. Everybody there ended up in jail. Eventually, they were set free.

Nikki and officer, Paul Williams, were trying to lure, Ian Ward, a cult leader and fugitive, back into Genoa City due to his obsession with Nikki. When there was a knock on the door, Paul grabbed his gun and slid behind the door. It turned out to be Maureen who brought liquor to drink with Nikki which made Paul suspicious knowing that Nikki's sober from her alcoholism. They ended up catching and arresting Ian. Paul questioned Nikki about her friend and the liquor and Nikki got all upset and denied it.

Maureen ran into Nikki who lied about having to attend a meeting. Maureen knew she was lying and told her to tell her the truth but Nikki denied. Maureen officially met Victor at the Athletic Club and introduced herself and reminding him that they briefly met and she's good friends with Nikki, and she's also Stitch and Kelly's mother. Maureen told Victor that Nikki was at a meeting because he was trying to get a hold of her. Victor assured her that the quickest way to become his enemy is to mess with his family. Victor confronted Nikki about this and Nikki said she lied to her for an excuse.

Nikki stopped by Maureen's apartment. Maureen poured some drinks for her and Nikki. Maureen apologized for the mix up but Nikki understood. There was a knock on the door so Nikki hid in the bathroom. Stitch came in and told Maureen he had to tell Victoria the truth. Maureen tried to take it downstairs but Ben told her that she needs to know the truth about the night his father died. He didn't kill his father. Nikki overheard this and dropped her mint case. Stitch asked what that was and Maureen blamed it on the plumbing. Ben offered to fix it but Maureen denied. Stitch told Maureen this could fix things with Victoria and she told him to chase after what he loves. Maureen told him that going by her story is the right thing to do. Stitch left and Nikki reappeared. Nikki asked if he didn't kill his father, who did? Maureen made up excuses. Nikki asked why doesn't she reopen the case? Maureen said she doesn't think that's gonna happen. Nikki asked why wouldn't she want to clear her son's name? Maureen claimed it's already in the past and Stitch did his time for it and why bring it back up now.

Victoria stopped by The Newman Ranch and told Nikki that Ben had something to tell her. Vicki told Nikki that maybe Stitch is just lying again to keep him in her life, after Vicki's sister, Abby,  convinced Vicki of this idea. Victoria didn't want to even bother. Nikki tried to convince Victoria otherwise and blurted out that maybe Ben didn't kill his father! Victoria was astonished Nikki came out with that and questioned her. Nikki said maybe there's a possibility he didn't. Victoria left to go see Ben while Nikki called Maureen apologizing for potentially spilling her secret and asked her not to confess that she's drinking again. Victoria ran into Maureen at Jabot. Victoria explained that she and Stitch had a date tonight while Maureen claimed he was caught up in a meeting with his boss, Ashley. Victoria told her that Ben told her there's something he has to tell her. She asked if there was something more to the night Ben's father died. Maureen admit that Stitch didn't kill his father. Victoria originally suspected that Kelly killed her father. Maureen pointed out that Kelly was away at school.

Victoria questioned if Stitch nor Kelly killed their father, who did. She realized it was none other than Maureen! Maureen painfully admit to murdering her husband! She was telling Victoria that her husband was a drinker and would take his anger out on her after he lost his job. And soon after on Ben. She felt Kelly would be next, so she sent her away to boarding school. On that night, Maureen ran inside once her husband and Stitch started fighting, believing they would kill on another. Ben punched his drunken father which made him pass out. Ben came back yelling and Maureen burned down the barn where there were lots of paint, cleaning chemicals, and old rags. Victoria took out her phone and dialed Ben. Maureen questioned if she was calling Ben and Vicki stated he already knows the truth. Maureen tried to grab the phone away from her. Vicki ran downstairs to the parking lot where Maureen trapped her in a janitorial closet and locked the door.

When Stitch tries to call Vicki's phone, Maureen picks up her bag and trashes it in the garbage. Maureen calls Stitch in pain having a heart attack. Stitch arrives at the Jabot parking lot and helps his mother diagnosing her with having a heart attack. Maureen arrives safely at Memorial Hospital. Stitch and Kelly converse about what happened and Kelly tells him he'll stay here with her mother and that he should go find Victoria. Stitch shows up at Victoria's only to find Billy wondering why she didn't pick up Johnny, and Abby. They rushed off to Jabot to find Victoria. The went down to the parking lot and heard Victoria in a storage closet.

The unlocked her and birthed the baby together. Maureen survived the heart attack and was healthy. Stitch told Victor that Maureen killed his father and Vicki told Nikki. Victor and Nikki came in Maureen hospital room and were very angry with her and Victor told her the know the story and Maureen fired back saying maybe she has a little story for him too. Nikki claimed it'll be her word against hers. Victoria got in the hospital room and successfully birthed the baby. Ben and Stitch took the paternity test. Maureen checked herself out of the hospital before she was released.

Victoria's child was named Katherine Rose Newman after Katherine Chancellor and Rose after Delia's favorite flower. Victor was very displeased to find out the baby's father is Billy Abbott. Maureen called Nikki to meet her at chancellor Park. She wanted to apologize and mend things because Ben could be the father. Nikki told her that wouldn't be necessary because the baby's Billy's. Maureen was heartbroken for all Ben's been through and this is just another heartbreak for Kelly. Nikki paid Maureen off to leave town and use the money to take care of herself. Maureen greatly appreciated this.

At Katie's christening, Nikki started drinking outside when everybody arriving was complaining about their problems that Victor created.

Nikki was very angry to find out that Victor was the employer of Joe Clark in the redevelopment program which was taking over Crimson Lights owned by Dylan. Victor later told Nikki he dropped the deal for her, after Joe Clark resigned, which made her very happy.

Neil exited the room and went to a bar where he saw Nikki where they sat down and discussed each others' problems. Neil informed her about the Hilary and Devon's affair, which shocked her, but told her to keep the secret because he wants to know who he can trust to tell him the truth.

On Valentine's Day, Nikki and Victor were at the Underground along with much of the Y&R gang. Nikki was upset that Victor brought Phyllis as his date on Valentine's Day. Nikki was bickering with Victor when he called her out on being drunk! Nikki continued to have several drinks. Nikki was drunk gossiping with the other when Phyllis blew up at Jack and stormed off. Nikki witnessed Dylan and Joe get into a physical fight and Dylan accidentally punched Avery in the mouth! Dylan left of embarrassment. Nikki sat down across from Avery and explained Dylan and her love each other very much and that he didn't mean to do that. Nikki warned Joe Clark to stay away from their relationship.

The roof caved in on the whole group. Nikki and Phyllis sprung up first and Nikki was glad to see Victor. Victor found Jack out cold and saved his life by giving him CPR. Nikki and Phyllis were glad he was still alive. Victor immediately stated he saved Jack's life and Jack eventually said "Adam". Victor shushed Phyllis and Jack from comforting each other and asked Jack about Adam. Jack said "Adam is", Phyllis and Nikki made it out first while there was a second collapse on Jack and Victor. Nikki, Phyllis, Ashley, and Avery were very worried about them. Jack made it out alive. Nick drove Nikki home with Vicky with them. Nikki got home and blatantly started pouring herself some vodka and drinking, scaring her kids. Victor appeared in the house and drank Nikki's glass. Victor collapsed due to stress. Victor made it out of the hospital.

Clipping Christine

Nikki stopped by Paul's office to announce her opinion on Phyllis that she's innocent. Christine was outraged and Paul wanted to hear Niki's side of the story. Nikki claims Phyllis had a change of heart by letting her go first in the Underground collapse when one more second could have killed her. Christine was enraged that Paul always defends Nikki and stormed off.

Nikki ran into Neil at the Athletic Club drinking after he revealed Hilary's affair with Devon with his whole family and in-laws on a plane that crashed, which everybody thankfully made it out okay. Nikki offered to drive Neil home and insisted she did. Neil realized Nikki was instead taking him to an AA meeting for his own good, and threatened to jump out of the car and struggled making distractions. Nikki swerved the car and accidentally drove into Christine! Nikki and Neil got out of the car to help the lady and Nikki was devastated to find out she hit Christine! A witness stopped and called the police. Chief Paul Williams rushed over and was devastated to find out the woman was Christine! Nikki apologized and Paul insisted to the officer that Nikki takes the breathalyzer test because she's drunk even though Nikki hadn't been drinking that night.

Victor appeared in the hospital's waiting room and overhears Paul crying on the phone. Victor asks what's wrong and Paul states what happened at the accident and blames Victor for pushing Nikki over the edge to drink like he's done so many times before and that they lost their baby! Nikki and Neil appeared at the police department, Nikki stating she'll cover for Neil stating the truth that she was driving. Victor met up with Nikki at the hospital apologizing for everything he has put her through and she forgave him. Christine survived but lost the baby. Paul and Christine were heartbroken.

Paul supported Christine and left the room without stating anything about Nikki. Paul arrested Nikki for attempted murder.  Neil entered the room and supported Christine and Christine asked who would do that. Neil stated Nikki which made Christine enraged! Neil explained what happened and asked Christine if Paul ever mentioned it, and Christine stated he didn't. Christine was enraged at Paul for not telling her. Nikki entered the room to apologize to Christine when Christine called her out on wanting to gloat. Christine accused Nikki of wanting Paul for support and her family with him including Dylan, so she could get rid of her and her baby. Christine freaked out at Nikki screaming for her to get out! and get away! and "I hate her!", making Nikki very depressed.

Stress with Victor

Nikki saw Victor as confessional more then once and overheard some of the things he said. Nikki feared that Victor was going to try and take Jabot from Jack, and found fingerprints that had been left for Victor. Nikki confronted Victor about the fingerprints, but he yelled that it was none of her business. Victor and Jack soon made a deal to merge Newman and Jabot together. Before the papers could be signed, Jack ended up in a coma following a car accident with Kyle. Victor talked Noel into forging Jack's signature and had Nikki beat witness. Nikki couldn't handle the stress of Victor's machinations and started drinking again even after Jack had come out the coma and attested that he had signed the papers.

Nikki took a room a the the Athletic Club. Neil found out that Nikki had been drinking again and tried to convince her to go to rehab, but Niki refused. Victor tried to get Nikki to come home, but Nikki lashed out and blamed her drinking on him for manipulating her and their children. Jack threw a party to celebrate the merger, and Nikki found out Sharon and Dylan were together, which only caused her to drink more.

Neil became worried that Nikki has gotten out of control since she wasn't even trying to hide her drinking anymore. He was also worried about all the alcohol she was consuming while taking medication for her M.S. Nikki ended up having a one night stand with a man named Walt and Neil found them together the next morning. Nikki pushed Neil away, but was disgusted by what she had done.

Nikki was called to the ranch by Neil when an intervention was staged for her. Nikki was furious, and after hearing her loved ones out, Nikki told Victor he would cause anyone to drink. Nikki then fell over and had seizure. She as hospitalized where she had a dream that her drinking had killed her, causing her family great pain and devastation. Even Victor was crying at her gravesite, lamenting how he lost the love of his life. Not wanting to make her nightmare a reality, Nikki agreed to go to rehab.

Nikki allowed Neil to visit, but turns Victor away. When She finally allowed Victor to visit, she told him he was the source of the drinking and would be moving out. Victor refused too accept that answer and tried to get Nikki to come home to no avail. Nikki was called by Jack for a meeting, but Victor offered to take her place. After Jack as shot, Nikki struggled with telling the police what she knew. Neil advises Nikki that she should for her own sobriety, so Nikki told the police that Victor met with Jack just before he was shot, but she also betrayed Victoria in the process, who had given Victor an alibi.

Victor told the police he met with Jack and shot him in self-defence. Nikki told Victor he still wasn't truthful and she wasn't coming back. Victor said it was her decision. Neil found Nikki passed out in her hotel room after drinking too much, and took her to the ER where she was told she could never drink alcohol and take her M.S. medication. Neil told Victor he was protecting Nikki from his life of lies and payoffs. Victor punched Neil, and begged Nikki not to leave, but Nikki said he was toxic to her sobriety.

Victor's claim of self-defence was verified when a gun was found at Chelsea's place. Chelsea's current partner, Gabriel Bingham, was brought in for questioning. Gabriel said he was being framed by Victor, and Nikki recalled Victor had Jack's fingerprints months ago, leading her to conclude he was planning to shoot Jack for months. Nikki told the police, which angered Victoria for betraying her father.

Nikki admitted to Neil that Victor was causing her to want a drink. Neil encouraged Nikki not to let Victor control her life, and vowed not to let his son Devon Hamilton and Hilary Curtis do the same. Nikki told Victor she still loved him, but they couldn't be together. When Hilary disappeared on her Honeymoon, Nikki feared that Neil was involved. Nikki asked Victor to look into Neil's alibi, and Victor said it checks out. Neil broke off his friendship with Nikki, and Nikki soon learned that Victor was keeping her from Neil.

Nikki and Victor attended a Halloween party here she was dressed as Mae West and Victor wore a tux. A fire broke out, and Victor and Jack went back to look for Adam, whom had recently been exposed as posing as Gabriel Bingham. Adam went to look for Billy, so Jack and Victor went to look for him. Nikki prayed for Victor at the hospital and realized the only way she could be happy is to move back into the ranch and put up with Victor's schemes.

Nikki found out about Victor's affair with Judge Elise Moxley, and that he was using it to force her to get Adam out of jail. Nikki confronted Victor about it, and he said they weren't together at the time because it was shortly after Ashley left him. However, Elsie was married at the time. Nikki went to see Adam and told him, who was upset since he wanted to be tried fairly. Nikki also tainted Elise over her affair. Niki organized a Christmas party, but Victor refused to attend and made the staff work. Noah and Adam sent the staff home, and along with Victoria, were unsuccessful getting Victor to attend, but Faith eventually convinced him.

Faux affair with Neil

Neil's life has become a mess because an amnesiac Hilary believe she was still in love with Neil, and a remorseful Neil wanted to reconcile Devon and Hilary. Nikki and Neil staged a kiss on New Years to try and convince Hilary to stop going after him. Victor saw them and caught Nikki leaving Neil's hotel room the next morning. He accused Nikki of having an affair with Neil.

Hilary lashed out at Nikki, mocking her stripping past. Nikki told Hilary that she and Neil were having an affair, but then admitted the truth to Victor when she found out he planned to leave town. Victor have her a passionate kiss and asked her to pick anywhere she wanted to go. Victor and Nikki left town together and then returned together more in love than ever.

Conspiracy with Adam

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Victor's trial

Nikki found out that Victor had replaced Jack with Peruvian drug lord that looked liked him named Marco Anacelli. Victor kept the real Jack prisoner on deserted island under the care of Kelly Andrews. That was why Victor and "Jack" had merged Newman and Abbott together, and why Victor had shot "Jack". Nikki was crushed that Victor would go that far to best his rival and completely turned her back on him.

Victoria turned evidence in that implicated Victor and he was arrested. Victor faked being dizzy and was hospitalized where he lashed out at his family for betraying him. Victor was then put in jail, after tests showed he was fine, to await trial, and only Summer visited him. Nikki and the rest of the family determined that Victoria should take over for Victor as CEO. Victor attempted to use Summer to sabotage the vote, but it failed and Victoria was installed as CEO.

Victor was represented by Michael, but at his trial where Nikki testified against Victor, Victor found evidence Michael was sabotaging the trial for Phyllis, who was furious with Victor for replacing Jack with Marco, and essentially facilitating her rape since she couldn't consent to Marco properly thinking he was Jack. Victor then arrogantly represented himself, but despite his best efforts, he was found guilty and sentenced to ten years in prison. Before being carted off, Victor disowned his entire family, except for Summer.

Back off the wagon

After Victor was stabbed in prison, Nikki went to visit him, but a furious Victor rebuked her. Nikki started to drink again, and stepped off the curve where she was hit by car. Jack and Dylan came to he aid and Dylan had Nikki stay with Sharon. Nikki and Sharon started arguing, and Dylan told them both that he loved them and asked them to co-exist with each other.

Nick convinced Victor to let Nikki see him after hearing she had been drinking again. Victor told Nikki if she wanted forgiveness, she had to sign over her vote a board member that was on Victor's side. Victor then used this board member to take Brash N Sassy from Victoria. Nikki was furious and went to see Victor, telling him she filed for divorce. On her way out, Nikki met the prison doctor, Meredith Gates. Nikki ordered a vodka martini, but Jack stopped her from drinking it.

Reconciliation with Victor

Adam was arrested for the murder of Constance Bingham, and put in prison. At his trial, Victor and Ian Ward were called into to testify. During that time, Ian took a guard's and took Nikki hostage. Victor tried to save her, but Ian shot him in in the shoulder. Ian took Nikki's to the Abbott cabin where Phyllis was and tied up both women. Ian had Nikki phone Victor and tell him to transfer five thousand dollars into off shore bank account. Victor showed up in person, and convinced Ian to let Nikki and Phyllis go.

Nikki was grateful to Victor for saving his life, and after Ian was apprehended and Victor was back in the hospital, Nikki tried to convince Paul to release Victor from prison. Paul told Nikki that Victor wasn't sorry for what he had done and just wanted to get out of prison. Paul reminded Nikki that she had filed for divorce, and Nikki went to see Victor where they pledged their love for each other, and Nikki didn't go through with the divorce.

Victor was released from prison after Judge Russell Gates, Meredith's father, let him out of prison after he made Victor promise to stay away from Meredith. Nikki also got the other Newman's to forgive Victor and reconciled the family together again. Nikki was there for Victor when Adam was presumed dead in a cabin explosion.

Dylan's departure and truce with Sharon

Nikki was overjoyed for Nick that his son Christian Newman really was alive after having been cared for by Sharon and Dylan. Nikki felt terrible for Dylan, and was furious with Sharon since she knew the truth shortly before Christian's mother, Sage Newman, died. When Dylan attempted to sue Nick for visitation and lost it only left Nikki more torn between her two sons.

Dylan had to go into witness protection, but because they couldn't tanks it obvious, they had to come up with a convicting reason for why he left. Sharon offered to go with him, but Nikki reminded Sharon that her children were here and needed her. When Paul suggested the story be that Dylan left town because of Sharon's deception, Nikki objected to how this would make Sharon look to Faith, but admired Sharon when she agreed to do it.

Both Victor and Nikki gained new respect that Sharon would make such a sacrifice for Dylan. They repaid Sharon by helping Faith forgive Sharon for Dylan leaving town without telling her the truth. Nikki and Sharon still clashed every once in awhile, especially in public to hide the fact that Nikki was nicer to Sharon for helping Dylan the way she did at the cost of her own reputation. In Dylan's honour, Nikki created the Better Days Foundation, a shelter for broken women, and Sharon partnered with her since she can relate to the women.

Truth About Adam's death and fallout

Nick found out that Chloe had murdered Adam and that Victor knew and was covering it up. The Newman's were furious and disgusted with Victor that, despite his claims of family, he would rather save his own skin then get justice for Adam.

As a result, Nikki and her children decided it easy best if they cut Victor out of their lives, but still pretend to be a loving and united family for the press. Nikki kicked Victor out of the main house and he stayed in the guest house.

JT Returns

JT retuned to town and was hired by Victor to work at Newman. He and Victoria also started to reconnect after he confessed that he and Mac had separated. Nikki was glad for Victoria and Reed to have JT back in their lives. Victor was hospitalized after falling down the stairs, and Victoria admitted JT was abusive to her.

Nikki, Phyllis, Sharon, and Mariah organized a girls night to cheer Victoria up. JT snuck into the house to talk with Victoria and Victoria realized that JT had pushed Victor down the stairs. Mariah had passed out; but Sharon, Nikki, and Phyllis heard the commotion. They ran up upstairs and saw JT menacing Victoria. Nikki grabbed poker and whacked JT in the head. They checked for a pause and couldn't find one so assumed that Nikki had killed JT.

Cover up

The women, minus Mariah, buried him in Chancellor Park, and swore each other to secrecy. During this time, Victor and Nikki reconciled, but he had to leave town for treatment when Nate Hastings diagnosed him with a rare blood disorder.

Sharon started bonding with Rey Rosales, who was in town to investigate JT's disappearance. Mariah eventually found out and it was revealed that her girlfriend Tessa Porter was blackmailing them. Mariah agreed to help them neutralize Tessa as a threat.

Adam's return

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Sharon's diagnosis and Victoria's stabbing

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(to Sharon) "Oh, oh, that's a good one, Sharon. Yeah, give you an opportunity to jump in the hay with Victor and earn another horse!"

(to Victoria and Abby) "You two... thank you so much. I'm the luckiest mom and stepmom in the world."

(to Victor, when the time Adam was shot) "No, Victor, please. Let's not argue about this. I-I am not going anywhere, and we have spent the whole week saying vows to each other -- for better, for worse. Trust me when I say we are going to get through this together. Let's get you washed up."


  • Nikki is a Gemini.
  • Prokofiev's Piano Concerto Number 3 is one of Nikki's favourites. (June 3rd, 2021)
  • The show has been known to allude to chess metaphors, and Nikki shares her birthday with the White Queen from "Through the Looking Glass."

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