Pam Warren was portrayed by Kristine DeBell, formerly by an unknown actress.


Pam Warren was a prostitute.

In 1982, Carl Williams was in over his head with the mob. After nearly taking down ring leader Pete Walker's underground business, the boss was on to him and framed him which lead to Carl's suspension from the force. Enter Carl's son, Paul Williams to clear his father's name. Along with Andy Richards, Paul went to work directly for the source at Pete's joint, The Golden Touch bar, a prostitution ring cover up. Befriending Cindy Lake to get information, he soon learned that Pam had been used to frame Carl.

Paul and Cindy fell in love. Paul tried to free her from Walker's clutches. She urged him to leave town when Pete Walker took out a contract on him but Paul got the big boss to free Cindy from his prostitution ring and promised her they'd spend quality time together when this was all over. Paul's efforts to free Cindy made it all too obvious that his head wasn't on the side of crime and Paul was asked to prove himself by killing Pam. Walker ordered Paul to kill Pam so Paul took her to the Williams' home to hide.

Pam saw how she'd destroyed his family's happiness and agreed to talk. While she was in his custody, she confessed to her part in Carl's downfall and agreed to testify. She was taken into protective custody. By putting Pam in protective custody, Paul got what he wanted and Carl's name would be cleared! Meanwhile, Walker was getting suspicious of Paul because Pam's supposedly dead body had yet to surface. When Paul was unable to prove he'd killed Pam, Pete ordered his death then and there. With the syndicate ready to rub Paul out, he received a call asking him to come to the morgue to identify Pam's body.

He was shocked she was dead but the syndicate then welcomed him as a member of the “family.” While Paul was being praised for his good work, Tony DiSalvo stewed. Paul was worried Cindy might meet the same fate as Pam but she refused to leave town.