Rey Rosales-Jordi Vilasuso 2
Rey Rosales-Jordi Vilasuso 2
Rey Rosales
20181227 114154
Jordi Vilasuso as Rey Rosales
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Jordi Vilasuso
Current status Present, Recurring
Duration 2018-
First appearance August 17, 2018
Introduced by Mal Young
Gender Male
Born 1986
Age 32
Occupation Detective
Residence Genoa City, Wisconsin
Siblings Arturo Rosales
Lola Rosales
Spouses Mia Rosales

Rey Rosales is a character portrayed by Jordi Vilasuso. His first appearance is August 17, 2018.


Rey first appeared investigating JT Hellstrom’s disappearance. He made contact with Nick Newman and Sharon Newman, who had ties to JT’s. Rey also encountered his younger brother Arturo Rosales, who still held resentment towards him. Sharon became suspicious of Rey when she saw that he had a gun and soon learned he was a detective. Rey helped Sharon fix the plumbing at Crimson Lights, and Sharon thanked Rey by giving him free coffee for a month.

Rey had Nick arrested after learning he had been using JT’s credit card, but let him go when he realized Nick couldn’t help him. Mia had returned to town and Rey had to break off his relationship with Sharon. He decided to work on his and Mia's relationship, and they renewed their vows, where Arturo proposed to Abby Newman.