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Rey Rosales
YR Rey2.jpg
Jordi Vilasuso as Rey Rosales
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Jordi Vilasuso
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 2018-2022
First appearance August 17, 2018
Last appearance April 22, 2022
Cause/reason Appeared in flashback
Created by Mal Young
Introduced by Mal Young
Family Rosales
Gender Male
Died April 19, 2022
Cause of death Heart attack
Occupation GCPD Detective
Private Investigator (formerly)
Residence Hotel room 337
Genoa City, Wisconsin
Parents Celeste Rosales
Adrian Rosales
Siblings Arturo Rosales
Lola Rosales
Spouses Mia Rosales (?-2019)
Sharon Newman (2020-)
Nieces and nephews Mateo Rosales

Rey Rosales was a resident of Genoa City, portrayed by Jordi Vilasuso from August 17, 2018 to April 19, 2022. He made his last appearance the day before the character was killed off offscreen.


Autumn 2018

Rey first appeared investigating JT Hellstrom’s disappearance. He made contact with Nick Newman and Sharon Newman, who had ties to JT’s case. He quickly became interested in the mysterious charity meetings between Sharon, Nikki, Victoria, and Phyllis. Rey also encountered his younger brother Arturo Rosales, who still held resentment towards him. He reconnected with his younger sister Lola Rosales, and she helped him and Arturo reconcile. Sharon became suspicious of Rey when she saw that he had a gun and soon learned he was a detective. Rey helped Sharon fix the plumbing at Crimson Lights, and Sharon thanked Rey by giving him free coffee for a month. Rey mentioned he had a wife back in Miami and had always wanted to be a father, but his wife was against it.

Rey had Nick arrested after learning he had been using JT’s credit card, but let him go when he realized Nick couldn’t help him. After Nick and Sharon's relationship fell apart, Rey asked Sharon to work as a liaison at the GCPD, helping traumatized victims, and Sharon agreed. He also took up residence in an apartment above Crimson Lights. Soon, Sharon and Rey got closer, much to Nick's annoyance. Nick told Rey to stay away from Sharon, but he didn't listen. One day in an interrogation room, Rey kissed Sharon unexpectedly. They realized they had to make a decision once and for all about their relationship, so Sharon went to Rey's apartment that night so they could talk. Much to her surprise, when she showed up, Rey's wife Mia was there. Mia had returned to town and Rey decided to stay committed to his wife, breaking off his relationship with Sharon. Rey didn't want to follow in the footsteps of his father, who had abandoned his family. He resolved to make his marriage with Mia work, and Sharon understood, respecting his noble choice. Later, at a joint party for Jabot and Dark Horse, Mia announced loudly that she'd had an affair with Arturo. Sharon overheard and was surprised. Despite his commitment to Mia, Rey remained good friends with Sharon, and Mia noticed the connection between them. Mia hurried for her and Rey to renew their vows, where Arturo proposed to Abby Newman.

Winter 2019

When Lola was attacked, Rey and Arturo prevented Kyle from visiting Lola's hospital room. They were upset with Kyle for kissing Summer, and thought Lola might get agitated if she saw Kyle upon awakening. Eventually, Rey and Arturo saw how much Kyle cared for Lola and let him see her. When Kyle suddenly announced his engagement to Summer, Rey accurately predicted that Summer was Lola's liver donor. Later, Rey found out that Mia was the one who attacked Lola by mistake, believing she was Abby. Rey completely lost it, and was about to arrest Mia. Then Mia blurted that she was pregnant. Rey had always wanted a child more than anything, so he kept quiet about Mia being the attacker and tried to throw Paul off the scent.

Rey soon began to think that Victor Newman was the one who had killed JT. Sharon received an anonymous recording of a conversation between Victor and Nick that implicated Victor in JT’s death, and she reluctantly showed it to Rey. Nikki then confessed to murdering JT, because she couldn't let Victor take the fall for something she did. After being arrested, Nikki said she acted alone and killed JT to protect Victoria after she had witnessed him abusing her, but Rey didn’t buy her story. Things soon got more complicated in both the investigation and his love-life. Mia moaned out Arturo's name while making love with Rey, and a furious Rey stormed over to Sharon’s where he confessed his feelings for her. While Sharon was making tea, Rey saw a phone bill and noticed that Sharon called 911 on the last night JT was reported to be seen alive. At Rey's pressing, Sharon unburdened her secret, telling him everything about girls night. Later, in court, Sharon's lawyer Brittany claimed that Rey had manipulated Sharon into confessing by playing with her emotions. Sharon started to question whether it was all a lie so that Rey could solve the investigation. Rey later proved that he actually cared about Sharon, teaming up with Nick and Billy to set a trap for JT, hoping that he was still alive. The plan went awry, and JT ended up at the cabin where Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria were hiding from the police. Luckily though, JT was taken into custody, and Sharon was free of all charges.

Spring 2019

Paul got angry at Rey for messing up in the investigation so badly, even though Paul had been the one putting pressure on Rey to solve the case. Since Rey had helped the three convicts escape to the cabin, Paul had no choice but to fire him. Sharon quit as a sign of solidarity, and was extremely grateful to Rey for helping her. If he hadn't, Sharon would have ended up in jail for three years. Jobless and happy to be free, Sharon decided to focus on her love-life. She wondered if there was still a chance for her and Rey. Rey admitted that he had stayed married to Mia mostly out of obligation, because he wanted to be a better man than his father. His heart was with Sharon, and the two of them started dating.

In a handwritten note, Mia revealed to Sharon that she was pregnant with Rey's child, and Sharon was horrified to learn the news. Sharon confronted Rey about not telling her. Fortunately for Rey, Sharon still wanted to stay with him, despite his unborn child with Mia. However, Rey soon questioned the paternity of the baby when they discovered that Mia had slept with Arturo back in January. At that time, Rey and Mia had still been together, meaning that Mia had cheated on Rey yet again. Fuming, Rey found Arturo and punched him. Rey was devastated when they all found out that Arturo was the father of Mia's baby instead of Rey. Lola also found out that Mia was the one who attacked her, mistaking her for Abby. Abby wanted to call the cops but Lola pleaded with her not to. Abby agreed for Lola's sake and the baby's, not for Mia. Lola was very hurt by Rey for not telling her about Mia attacking her, since everyone else seemed to know about it, including Arturo and Sharon. Rey and Lola eventually made up. When Arturo was going leave town with Mia and their unborn baby, Rey and Arturo also put the past behind them, because despite everything that had happened, they were still brothers and they loved each other. With Arturo and Mia gone, Lola moved in with Rey as she recovered from surgery, and Rey was able to focus on his relationship with Sharon. He began to spend time with Faith, and then moved into the ranch. Lola remained at the apartment and Kyle moved in with her.

Being a cop was a big part of Rey's identity, and he questioned who he was without it. Soon, Nikki hires Rey as a private investigator to find out what Victor has been up to in Las Vegas. Sharon goes along with him, where they discover an amnesiatic Adam, alive and well and playing poker. Sharon fills Rey in on her past with Adam and even mentions her mental illness to him. Rey is completely fine with it and respects Sharon a lot for overcoming her demons. Rey is appalled at some of the things that Adam has done, such as keeping Faith from Sharon. When Nick asks Rey to dig up dirt on Adam to use in his custody battle for Christian, Rey accepts the offer. Rey starts to resent Sharon's connection to Adam and implores her to cut ties with him.

Summer 2019

In spite of their previous animosity, Rey now appears to be on friendly terms with Nick. They realized they have two important things in common. They both care about Sharon, and they both don't trust Adam. While in court, Nick has an outburst that Adam shouldn't be allowed anywhere near Sharon. Rey feels the same way, getting upset at Adam for coming to the ranch when Sharon already made it clear she wants nothing to do with him. Adam claims to be there because of an emergency with Christian's custody hearing, and Sharon is the only one who can help him. Rey calls Adam out for his manipulative tactics, and is surprised when Sharon leaves with Adam. Neither Rey nor Nick understand what Sharon sees in a guy like Adam. United in their goal to take him down, Rey reports to Nick about Adam's shady shenanigans in Las Vegas. Rey begins to feel that his relationship with Sharon is heading down the same path as it did with Mia. Not wanting to make the same mistakes again, he breaks up with Sharon and packs his bags. He shares a passionate kiss with her before he tears himself away and darts out the door. Feeling the need to distance himself from everything Adam-related, he quits investigating for Nick and begs Paul to let him be a cop again. Paul agrees, but Rey can't seem to escape Adam's drama. After Nick punches Adam, Rey is tasked with getting Adam's statement. Rey unexpectedly finds Sharon at Adam's place, and suspects they slept together.

At Kyle and Lola's joint bachelor-bachelorette party, Sharon is caught off guard when she sees Rey there. Mariah led her to believe it was going to be a girls-only get-together. Sheepishly, Mariah admits she hoped it would give Sharon and Rey an opportunity to get back together. Sharon and Rey have a terse conversation and steer clear of each other for the rest of the night. Rey dances with his sister and gives a heartfelt speech about Lola and Kyle. Then, later, Rey helps to break up the fight between Kyle and Theo. Kyle apologizes to Rey for letting Theo get under his skin. Rey understands, having caused a scene or two of his own at gatherings back in Miami. He begins to explain that there was a christening when he learned about Mia and Arturo's first affair, but stops there. That's a story for another day.

Right before Lola's wedding, Rey and his sister have an emotional moment. Lola wants Rey to be the one to walk her down the aisle. He was the best role-model, always encouraging her to fight for her dreams. It's because of Rey that Lola had the courage and confidence to start her own food truck, which led to her meeting Kyle. With his constant love and guidance, Rey has been more of a father to Lola than her real dad ever was. As it turns out, Adrian is actually there at the wedding too, even though he wasn't invited. Rey gets upset and tries to make him leave. Things get even more heated between Rey and his dad when Adrian hits on Sharon. Horrified, Rey pulls him away and criticizes Adrian for being a terrible husband. Adrian retorts that Rey hasn't done any better with his romances either. This gets under Rey's skin because it's true. Lola wishes that Rey could be as happy as she and Kyle are. So, at the opening of Abby's hotel, Lola tries to set Rey up to talk to other women. Rey takes her advice, but everyone's true desires are revealed after the drinks are spiked with drugs. Sharon hazily begs for Rey's forgiveness and declares it was never Adam in her heart, only Rey. They kiss, but then Sharon suddenly collapses. This snaps Rey out of his stupor and he calls for medical help. Because of Sharon's bipolar medication, the party drugs are having a more dangerous effect on her. Rey vows to avenge Sharon and catch whoever drugged the guests.

Autumn 2019

Rey wasn't involved it any major storylines during autumn. The most notable event was that he and Sharon got back together. He was also present for the arrests of several people, such as Zoe Hardisty (the culprit who drugged the party guests) and Simon Black. Although he didn't believe she was guilty, Rey also had to arrest Victoria, because there was evidence to suggest that she killed Victor. Afterwards, Victor was discovered to be alive and Victoria was cleared of any wrongdoing. Rey apologized for arresting her while they were locked in Victoria's office during a blackout. He felt betrayed by Paul for lying to him about Victor's death, especially since Paul had given him so much grief earlier in the year about bending the rules for the JT case.

Winter 2020

Rey didn't do much in the winter either. His main focus was to support Sharon through her cancer treatment. Sharon didn't like his constant hovering and smothering, and started pushing him away. She also got upset when Rey kept a secret from her about Faith. He hadn't wanted to add to Sharon's stress by telling her about Faith's school troubles. Realizing his mistake, he promised not to do it again. Sharon forgave him and stopped pushing him away. Surprisingly, Sharon's cancer also brought Nick and Rey closer. Both men were experiencing the same fears and worries. Nick offered to listen if Rey ever wanted to talk. Aside from that, Rey was also there for his sister during her breakup. He called Kyle out on his bad behaviour and warned him to stay away from Lola.

Autumn 2020

After rejecting another one of Adam's sudden love confessions, Sharon suggested that Rey should propose to her. And that's exactly what he did. Rey gave her a yellow-jewelled ring and asked Nick to be his best man. Adam overheard, and the unexpected news must have been a huge blow to him. He then instructed someone over the phone to follow Rey's every move. In the following days, Rey started to plan his wedding with Sharon, and they set a date for December 31st. Lola was thrilled for Rey and mentioned that Kyle and Summer also planned to get married. Of course, Rey was appalled by Kyle's behaviour, as the ink was barely dry on their divorce papers. It was clear to him that Kyle has no idea what he's doing with his life.

Rey also welcomed Chance to the police force, but before long, disaster struck. Chance was shot, and Rey arrived at the scene of the crime. Before Chance passed out, he managed to say Adam's name. Rey then went to question Adam, but he was very uncooperative. Chelsea helped Rey to fill in some gaps, such as that she had been kidnapped by Adam, and Chance was trying to track her down for Chloe. When Chance awoke from from surgery, Rey was summoned to the hospital. Chance clarified that he had taken the bullet for Adam, who had been the intended victim. With Adam's name cleared, Rey then started forming a list of suspects. He questioned Chelsea again, who shifted the blame on Billy. Although skeptical that Billy was guilty, Rey eventually had to arrest him due to the mounting evidence. However, Rey still had his lingering doubts. He couldn't care less about Adam, but Rey wanted to get justice for Chance and find the real shooter for his sake. So when Lily brought new info to him that implicated Alyssa Montalvo, he decided to check it out. Alyssa did indeed turn out to be the true culprit, as Rey had tested her shooting gloves for gun residue, and the results had come back positive. With the mystery solved, Rey was free to focus on his upcoming wedding. Adam showed up to the ceremony uninvited, but he remained in the shadows and did not cause a scene. Sharon and Rey got married and visited the other Rosaleses in Miami during their honeymoon.

Winter 2021

Faith was going through a rough time from being cyberbullied, and had been drinking alcohol on more than one occasion. Rey tried his best to support Sharon as she fretted about her daughter. Adam also remained a problem in their lives. When Chelsea needed counselling, Sharon stepped in and found herself back in Adam's orbit once more. Sharon realized that her proximity to Adam was unfair to Rey, so she decided to quit counselling Chelsea. When Sharon told Adam about her decision, he grabbed her arm and impulsively kissed her. Unbeknownst to them, someone snapped a photo of the embrace, which was posted online to torment Faith. Naturally, Rey was livid and wanted to press charges against Adam.

Rey told Sharon they should see a couples counsellor so that they could find a healthy way to deal with Adam moving forward. Sharon was reluctant but agreed if it meant saving their marriage. During the therapy session with Dr. Carson, things got a little heated. Afterwards, Rey started feeling unwell and blacked out for a few seconds on the couch. His condition worsened and he began to experience chills and stomach pains. Sharon desperately wanted to take him to the ER, but Rey said it was probably just the flu. Then his legs and feet felt like they were on fire and he became delirious, having flashbacks to a police ambush in Miami. This was the final straw for Sharon and she insisted on driving him to the hospital. Rey finally gave in but collapsed when he tried to stand up from the couch. Sharon immediately called an ambulance, wishing she had done so sooner. His symptoms had Elena and Nate stumped, but they eventually deduced that Rey had been exposed to thallium poisoning. Nate arranged for Sharon's house to be searched, and traces of the substance were discovered in Rey's shampoo and shaving cream. Once Rey had received the antidote and regained his strength, he quickly pointed the finger at Adam for trying to kill him, and set out to find proof. A vial of thallium was found in Adam's possession and an arrest seemed imminent. Rey was itching to get Adam out of their lives once and for all and put him behind bars where he belonged.

Spring 2021

To Rey's frustration, Adam was one step ahead and had the good sense to go into hiding. After a while, Rey noticed Sharon's odd behaviour and got her to admit that Adam had contacted her. Sharon had even gone to see Adam but had kept his location a secret. Rey felt betrayed that she'd help the person who tried to kill him. But what Rey didn't know was that Chelsea was actually the one who poisoned him, and had then framed Adam. At least, that's what Adam suspected, and he'd shared his theory with Sharon when she'd visited him. Sharon tried to explain all this to Rey, but he wasn't in a good mind-frame to take her seriously. Alas, it seemed like Rey's intense hatred towards Adam was blinding him to the possibility of other suspects.

Forcing Sharon to give him Adam's hideout address, Rey stormed over there, but Adam had already moved on. Next, Victoria noticed Adam's favourite brand of alcohol at Victor's and suggested that Rey should check it out. That turned out to be unsuccessful as well, for Adam had already left Victor's and was far from GC. With no new leads on Adam's whereabouts, Rey was ready to take some drastic measures. He went to Chelsea and asked if they could use Connor as bait to lure Adam back. Rey wanted to pretend like Connor had a serious illness, but Chelsea was firmly against the idea. As much as she wanted Adam in jail, she wasn't going to use Connor to accomplish that. She warned Rey not to let his loathing of Adam get in the way of his morals and principles. Rey thought that the end would justify the means but Chelsea still wasn't willing to risk Connor's well-being. Unlike Adam and Chelsea, Rey was decent and disciplined, and normally wasn't keen on doing ethically-questionable things. Rey should be careful, as Chelsea knew how easy it was to get lost in Adam-obsessed anger. Chelsea's words really stuck with Rey and he brought it up to Sharon later on. By this point, Rey had to wonder if perhaps Adam and Sharon were right about Chelsea. After all, the timing of Chelsea's miraculous recovery from her paralysis was pretty convenient. That combined with the strange conversation they'd had was enough to pique Rey's attention.

Meanwhile, Rey felt hurt that no one had notified him about Faith's kidney crisis. Rey had said he was planning to leave Sharon once Faith was in better spirits, but it seemed like that wouldn't be for a while now. His decision to stick around for Faith showed how much he cared about his step-daughter. Lola urged him to go to the hospital even though Sharon hadn't reached out to him. Instead, Rey'd had to find out from eavesdropping on Victor's phone call. Heeding Lola's encouragement, Rey went to Memorial and chatted with Faith for while.  Faith asked whether he was truly working night-shifts or if he had moved out. Rey admitted to the latter but said that he still loved Sharon and hoped they could work things out.

Eventually, Victor got Chelsea to confess to the poisoning and made sure that Rey was there to witness it.  As Chelsea faked her mental breakdown, she said she'd seen Adam and Sharon having an affair, even though that never happened.  Rey asked Sharon if it was true, which made Sharon worry there was no trust left between them.  It took a lot of work but they did patch things up. Over at the asylum, Chelsea wanted to see Rey to apologize, and wondered if he'd come back to talk to her every once in a while.  She said that his presence was comforting, and she felt like he understood her, them having both been "victims" in the Adam x Sharon situation.  Before leaving, Rey tried to convince Chelsea that she was mistaken about Adam and Sharon’s affair.  Chelsea pretended to be very distraught and wailed that her revenge scheme had been for nothing!  When Rey had gone, a smile curled at the corners of Chelsea's mouth.  Rey told Sharon later that he wasn't sure how much of Chelsea's insanity was an act and how much of it was real.  He thought it would be good to follow through on Chelsea's request for him to visit, so that he could keep an eye on her.  However, Rey and Sharon soon went on a second honeymoon to see Lola in Florida, thus putting the Chelsea-visits on hold for the time being. It was probably for the best anyways, since Adam had lashed out over Rey visiting Chelsea. Luckily, Nick was there to keep the peace, but Rey didn't expect Nick to stand up for Adam.

After Chelsea was released from the hospital, Rey went with her to visit her mother Anita when she had injured herself. Rey and Chelsea returned in the fall and he and Sharon's relationship resumed, but but he maintained a friendship with both Chelsea and Connor. Chance was presumed dead in a mission to Afghanistan, but later came back in November after Abby found him alive. Rey was thrilled to have his old partner back and friend back, but Chance struggled with PTSD issues so he couldn't immediately go back to work.


Chance eventually did come back to work, but froze during his first assignment for Rey, so had to go for therapy first before he could go back to work. Chelsea started to fall for Rey after Adam kept rejecting her attempts at a reconciliation. She got a ticket for Rey and Connor to take Connor to a hockey game. Later, Chelsea got herself an extra ticket to go as well. On the night Rey was supposed to leave with Chelsea and Connor, he forgot the tickets and went home to get them. He and Sharon shared a passionate kiss goodbye before he left. He got the tickets and was headed back to Crimson Lights when he was involved a devastating car crash with Victoria and Ashland Locke.

Rey was already dead when Ashland went to look for Victoria's phone. Nick broke the news to Sharon, who already suspected as much but didn't want to face the truth. Sharon called Celeste, who told Lola and Arturo about Rey's passing. Celeste told Sharon she wanted to bury Rey in Miami, and Sharon realized Rey was always fond of Miami, so agreed that he would want that. It turns out Rey didn't die from the crash, and had a massive heart attack, which caused him to lose control of his car in the first place.