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Rose Turner
Leslie Stevens.jpg
Leslie Stevens as Rose Turner
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Leslie Stevens
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 2013
First appearance July 25, 2013
Last appearance August 8, 2013
Created by Josh Griffith
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Family Ames Family
Gender Female
Died April 15, 2007
Cause of death Alcohol poisoning
Residence Evanston, Illinois
Romances Gus Rogan
Children Hilary Curtis † (adoptive)
First cousins Naya Benedict
Other relatives Hilary Curtis
Amanda Sinclair
Imani Benedict
(cousins once removed)

Rose Turner was portrayed by Leslie Stevens. She first appeared in flashbacks on July 25, 2013 and last appeared on August 8, 2013


Rose Turner was the mystery woman that was dating Gus Rogan, the father of Leslie Michaelson and Tyler Michaelson. Leslie first stumbled upon the mysterious Rose in letters she had written to Gus when he was serving prison time for the death of Belinda, the mother of Leslie and Tyler. Unable to ask for the truth from her dying father, Leslie continued to dig deeper into finding Rose and found out she had died back in 2007; Gus was unaware that she had died. Later, Neil began having flashbacks on the night his wife, Drucilla Winters, died back in 2007.

Neil found his way to a bar in Evanston, Illinois, and coincidentally ran into Rose. After too many drinks, drunken Rose and Neil checked into a hotel where she later passed out. Neil made sure she was comfortable and left a "do not disturb" sign on the door and left the room, assuming that Rose was asleep and would be fine the next day. However, Rose ended up dying in her sleep from alcohol poisoning.

Years later, a mystery person began stalking Neil and his family, posting personal information about them on the weblog site GC Buzz. Leslie finds out that Rose had a daughter named Ann Turner. Apparently after Rose died, Ann was in Europe for college and doing business and after finding about her mom, Ann suddenly fell off the radar. She turned up in Genoa City, posing as an assistant named Hilary Curtis. Hilary/Ann blames Neil for his mom's death and makes sure he pays for his involvement.

In 2020, it was revealed that Rose wasn't Hilary's mother. Rose was the cousin of Hilary and her twin Amanda Sinclair's mother, Naya Benedict. Naya was pregnant with twins and Rose took Hilary while Amanda was left on the doorstep of a fire station. It was later revealed by Naya that her parents paid Rose to take Hilary, and they cut all contact with her. Naya wasn't even aware that Rose had died.