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Sage Newman
Kelly Sullivan as Sage Newman
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Kelly Sullivan
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 2014–2016
First appearance October 28, 2014
Last appearance October 31, 2016
Cause/reason Appeared in Nick's flashback
Created by Shelley Altman
Jean Passanante
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Family Newman family
Warner family
Full name Sage Warner Newman
Nickname(s) Paige (by Sharon)
Alias(es) Angel of Mercy (by Nick)
Gender Female
Died April 29, 2016
Cause of death Fatal car crash
Occupation Fashion designer for Chelsea 2.0
Former manager at The Underground
Residence Newman Penthouse B
1500 Market Street
Genoa City, Wisconsin
Parents Constance Bingham (guardian/grandmother-in-law; deceased)
Spouses Gabriel Bingham (2014; deceased)
Adam Newman (as Gabriel) (2014—2015)
Nick Newman (2015-2016)
Romances Adam Newman (one night stand)
Children Christian Newman
(son with Adam/legal with Nick)
Cassie Newman
(adoptive step-daughter with Nick; deceased)
Noah Newman
(step-son with Nick)
Summer Newman
(step-daughter with Nick)
Faith Newman
(step-daughter with Nick)
Other relatives Victor Newman (father in-law)
Nikki Newman (mother in-law)
Victoria Newman Abbott (sister in-law)
Dylan McAvoy (half brother-in-law)
Adam Newman (half brother-in-law)
Abby Newman (half sister-in-law)
Chelsea Newman (half sister-in-law)
Connor Newman (half nephew-in-law)
Katie Newman (niece)
Johnny Abbott (adoptive nephew)
Reed Hellstrom (nephew)
Pets Bugatti

Sage Newman (née Warner, previously Bingham) was a character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Kelly Sullivan from 2014-2016. However she continues to makes recurring appearances as a ghost to Sharon, telling her to reveal how Sully is really Christian.


Sage first appears on October 28, as a mysterious woman who is following Chelsea Lawson. Sage watches Chelsea as she says goodbye to her presumed dead husband, Adam Newman in a chapel. Sage waits until Chelsea leaves and then she is seen walking into the chapel and retrieving the handkerchief Chelsea left there for Adam.

Sage is later seen with Adam in an undisclosed location. She tells Adam that she anonymously have the hankerchief back to Chelsea. She also tells him Billy has moved in with Chelsea. Adam angrily pushes over a tray and tries to get up, but Sage tells him he has to take it easy since he is still recovering from surgery.

Sage found Adam on the floor and helped him get back into bed. She told a guy that was helping him that his services were no longer required and payed him. Adam asked Sage to help him get back to his family, but Sage injected Adam with a sedative and promised he could see his family soon. Sage wheeled in Constance Bingham who thought that Adam was her grandson, Gabriel, who had helped Adam Newman escape the fire explosion. Adam was so adamant on getting home and insisted that the doctor take the bandages off his face. Sage had the doctor remove them and Adam looked in the mirror and realized he got plastic surgery. Constance claimed Adam Newman did not deserve to be saved. Constance and Sage arranged Adam a large meal in the cabin. Constance asked how it was and Adam (Gabriel) stated it was good but he's not big on the spinach. Constance was astonished because spinach was his (Gabriel's) favorite. Adam pretended to remember and ate some more. Adam kept wanted to leave so quickly and Sage tried to stop him insisting that he has to pretend to be her grandson if he wants to leave.

Sage discovers Adam's half-brother, Nick Newman, stuck in a bear trap in the middle of the woods after he went to his cabin to get away. Sage comforts him and runs back to the cabin to get Adam. They both return and Sage tries to help him but Adam insists on not helping and leaving. Sage is confused, since Adam wanted to be less selfish and asked if he knew him and Adam admit that Nick is his half-brother. Sage rescued Nick and called 911. Adam got paranoid that Nick looked at him fearing that he recognized him, although Sage assured him that he couldn't because of his plastic surgery.

After Nick is taken away in an ambulance. Adam decided to return to Genoa City. Sage tells him he can't and threatens to rat him out to the police. In the end, Adam makes a deal with Constance and Sage to go back to Genoa City for a day provided Sage goes with him. Adam agrees and returns to Genoa City with Sage.

Meeting the residents of Genoa City

Adam and Sage sat at the bar of the Genoa City Athletic Club while Chelsea was waiting for Billy to accompany her. Adam stared at Chelsea and Chelsea recognized him. Billy came to Chelsea and kissed her and had to leave. Sage accompanied Adam back to Genoa City where she ran into Nick at The Underground who deeply thanked her for rescuing him. Sage was pleasant and Nick asked her if there was a guy with her too and she claimed it was just a jogging friend when he was with jogging with her. She and Adam got a room at Genoa City Athletic Club. Adam shared his plans to reestablish himself as Gabriel Bingham and win Chelsea over. Sage went to meet Adam at Delia's roadside memorial, and ran into Billy and Chelsea. Sage claimed she lived down the street as an excuse. Sage overheard Billy introducing  the deceased, Delia, to her new sister. Sage thought Chelsea might be pregnant.

Sage sat down at the bar at The Athletic Club when Chelsea recognized her. Chelsea went up to her and confronted her, asking if she's following her. Sage claimed she doesn't know her and pretended to realize they did meet before at the park. Sage said she is renting an apartment at The Athletic Club so she'll be seeing her around often. Chelsea still didn't buy it. Sage called Adam, while he was sneaking around Billy and Chelsea's, informing him that Constance is sick and he needs to get home. Adam claimed he was home. Adam later got back to Constance's cabin  and Sage told him Constance could be dying. Constance wanted to tell "Gabriel", one last thing that's very important. Gabriel's father committed suicide and Victor Newman killed him. Victor took over his business and he committed suicide.

Sage and Adam walk in Chancellor Park while Sage tells him she's glad about one thing, he's not Gabriel Bingham, so he can get revenge on Victor. Adam told her he wanted to live his life again with Chelsea. Sage said if he wants to be Gabriel Bingham, he has to pretend to be Constance's grandson, or she'll turn him in. Adam ran off and Sage was angry yelling at him when Nick overheard and asked who was she yelling to. Sage just claimed she was having trouble with a friend. Sage told him somebody close to her was dying and then asked out loud why is she telling him this. Sage didn't want to dump this all on him and Nick stated he dumped things on her the other day, so now it's her turn. Nick promised her hot chocolate with marshmallows. As they were enjoying them, Sage explained that the person was her guardian who took her in and raised her after her parents died. Nick apologized for thinking her parents were divorced the other day. Sage didn't mind and explained that her friend was Constance's grandson who is handling this situation differently.

Sage was talking to Nick in the Atheltic Club where Victoria meets up with him and Nick introduces Sage as the woman who saved him. Sage greeted Victoria. Victoria left and Sage was about to go upstairs into her apartment when Adam walked in and Nick called him "Bingham". Nick stated they went to college together calling him by his nickname "Bingo". Sage informed Nick this is the woman's grandchild.Nick was looking at the yearbook at the bar and saw a flashback of waking up from the beartrap recognizing Adam.

Sage is crying telling Adam Constance won't make it through the day. Just before Constance dies, she sees Gabriel welcoming her into the light and realizes Adam isn't her grandson.Constance asked who Adam was and he claimed to be Gabriel. Constance knew it wasn't and Sage admit she did this for her.

Marriage to Adam and bonding with Nick

Sage reveals that she and Gabriel got married the day he saved Adam's life. Adam is upset and threatens Sage. Sage calls Adam's bluff and dares him to call Chelsea and tell her the whole story. Adam reluctantly agrees to go along with the marriage but warns Sage not to get in his way.

When Adam sees Sage getting closer to Nick, he asks if she can find out more information for him, and Sage agrees. Sage visits Nick at his house with Gabriel's yearbook to bond with Nick. Her presence angers Nick's daughter, Faith. Sage spills water on her clothes and changes into a bathrobe. Faith uses the phone and tells Sharon that's Nick is in trouble. Sharon rushes in and Faith asks to go home with Sharon, so Nick reluctantly agrees. Faith tells Sharon that the lady in Nick's house had no pants on. Sharon began to get angry and jealous.

Sage met up with Adam at the Athletic Club's gym punching a punching bag. Adam explained Chelsea keeps putting up roadblocks. Nick entered the gym meeting up with sage and "Gabriel". Nick explained Sharon's not taking this well and it's gonna be a full out custody battle. Adam mentioned it's not all her fault. Nick questioned why he'd have an opinion on something he knows nothing about and how much he knew. Sage covered for him stating he didn't mean that. Noah entered the gym explaining to dad that Faith told Sharon that he was in the house with a lady with no pants on. Sage told Adam that's not what it seems like. Nick explained the real story and Noah was relieved.

Chelsea confided in Billy at the Athletic Club that Gabriel seems to know a lot about her and was a little uncomfortable. Billy stated he either did a lot of research on her or he's a stalker which made her laugh. Adam and Sage entered the lounge of the Athletic Club which Chelsea and Billy take notice to and Adam kisses Sage which shocks Chelsea. Adam and Sage go to their table to greet them. Chelsea explained to leave business at Jabot but Adam just asked Billy for a report. Adam introduced Sage as his "girlfriend" and Chelsea mentioned they met before. Adam told Sage she's never mentioned meeting Billy and Chelsea. Sage explained they never even exchanged names. Billy stated it was at Delia's Memorial. Sage told the lie that she had a flat tire and was staying at the Athletic Club. Chelsea then apologized for confronting her before and Sage acted all cool about it saying" It's fine!". Chelsea laughed that she accused her of following her and Sage laughed to. Just as sage was saying goodbye, Adam asked to sit down and have a drink. Billy asked "Gabriel" why he got a job at Jabot. Adam stated it's a private company and he told the story of how his father's business was a successful company until Newman Enterprises took it over. Sage stated that's not a fun topic. Billy stated he's one of the head members of the Anti-Victor Newman club. Adam stated he seems like an easily hated guy. Billy stated he wonders what else they have in common. Sage and Adam said their goodbyes. Sage was stressed out that she told Nick they were just friends, how will he react to this? Adam mentioned she's worried it'll blow her chances with his brother and Sage claimed he knows that isn't it. Billy told Chelsea to keep her distance from Gabriel and he'll get to know Gabriel Bingham a little better. Sharon told Nick she'll use this information against him in court about him and Sage.

Nick ran into Chelsea at the Athletic Club and started talking. Nick introduced Sage as his friend that saved him from the bear trap that Chelsea didn't know about. Chelsea explained her and Billy just had a drink with them here and mentioned Gabriel being her boyfriend. Chelsea left and Nick asked what Gabriel is to her and she stated he's her husband. Sage admit to Nick it's an arranged marriage to obtain Constance's inheritance. Sage stated they're not in love and stay open to meet other people. Sage wished him good luck with the custody battle.

Sage and Adam met up with a real estate agent at the Athletic Club who had to make sure their marriage was genuine. He brought up that Adam [Gabriel] put up Constance's estate for sale and bought an apartment. Sage questioned the apartment and Adam stated he wanted to get a place of their own. The agent insisted if there is anything fraudulent with their marriage, they will be in deep trouble. Adam bought the apartment straight across from Billy and Chelsea's. Adam invited Chelsea and Billy in for a few drinks while standing up since he didn't have any furniture yet. He decided to ask a designer, Chelsea, for opinion. Chelsea explained her idea of style to him when sage walked in the room seeing the unexpected guests. After they left, Sage stated they had to make their marriage look real, so they have to sleep together. Adam was a bit intrigued but she stated she's not having sex with him. Adam ran up the stairs claiming the master bed while Sage can find something else to sleep on. Sage texted Nick good luck at his custody battle. Sage showed up at the custody battle to defend Nick by telling the judge the real story but Nick insisted he won't need it. Sage was met up with Nick at the Underground and was happy for him that he won custody of Faith.

Adam ordered a bunch of furniture that him and Chelsea picked out and Sage walked in on the rearrangement with Chelsea and Bill in the apartment. Sage was angry and argued with Adam about picking out the furniture with the designer. Adam and Sage stopped by Chelsea and Billy's to apologize and ended up sharing a few drinks. Adam was playing with Connor and Chelsea complimented Adam on how good he is with kids and was surprised he didn't have any of his own. Adam stated he liked kids but doesn't have any and Chelsea stated she'd have a million with him. Adam and Chelsea briefly got up, when Billy states to Sage that he could tell she was upset when Adam and Chelsea were talking about kids. Sage stated she's tried to hard to have a family but she just can't which Adam overheard. Back in the apartment, Adam questioned this about Sage. Sage started to cry and stated she can't have kids. Adam asked if she wanted something more from Gabriel and Sage stated they didn't have sex, and they weren't intimate. Adam put his arm on her shoulder as she put her head on his.

Valentine's Day Disaster and Romance with Nick

Sage met up with Nick at the Underground on Valentine's Day. Sage asked if he wanted to see her "silk panties". Sage mixed a drink for him which she called her silk panties which she gave to Nick. Nick explained he could use another bartender around here and gave Sage an Underground shirt which she was happy about. Sage went in the back to try it on when Nick went in the back to look for something and saw Sage undressing her shirt. Nick apologized and stepped out of the room to which they both smiled. Sage came back to the bar and Nick asked if she'd like to be permanent. Sage stated for a few free drinks which Nick gladly accepted.

The lights started flickering so Sage followed Nick in the back to look for the backup generators. The whole Underground collapse. Nick and Sage survived and Nick was anxious about finding his family members. Sage stated Nick has people in Genoa City who love him. Nick stated he cares about her too like Gabe. sage stated when you come sage followed Nick in the back to find the back up generators. The ceiling started chippings and caved in on them. Nick felt bad for what he did to Sharon when he thought it was in Faith's best interest. Sage stated so many people in Genoa City love Nick. When you get down to it, Gabe and her are like strangers. Nobody knows her and she feels her whole life she's been waiting for something to begin. Nick stated after they get out of this, he truly does want to get to know her better. Nick passionately kissed Sage. Dylan McAvoy came and found Nick and Sage. They then found Dylan's fiancee, Avery Clark and her ex husband, Joe Clark. The fireman advised everybody to get out but Sage insisted she'd stay.

When the apartment catches fire, Adam rescues both Connor from the apartment, leaving Billy collapsed on the floor, only able to save one of them. Adam later goes back in and saved Billy by trying to wake him up and carries him out. As the firefighters are checking Adam, Billy sees the scar on his chest. Billy asks Adam about it at the hospital, and Adam says that it was an ex-girlfriend of his that shot him. Adam told Chelsea about him allegedly liking Sage but she doesn't feel the same way, and about their arranged marriage. Sage arrived at the hospital. Sage caught Adam talking to Chelsea and appeared in. Adam explained to Sage, that he told Chelsea about his arranged marriage. Adam also told her Jack's in the hospital and he told Jack who he really is. This angered Sage! Adam told her that Jack was his only friend and a good one. Sage ran into Nick at the hospital and he told her the good news that his father is alive! Sage was happy for Nick and hugged him when Adam interrupted. Adam just explained they have to make this marriage look as real as possible. Adam sees Sage and Nick hugging, and warns her about getting too close to Nick. Sage sneers that Adam is jealous, which he denies. When Jack is brought in, Adam visits Jack and is stunned to hear that Victor saved his life. Billy was checking up research on Gabriel, and he found out that Gabriel was expelled and all his pictures are happy and smiling as opposed to the look on Gabriel's face now. Billy invites Adam and Sage to stay with them at the Abbott Mansion until they find a new place to live, and Adam happily takes them up on the offer. Chelsea talked to sage about how good Gabriel is, and Sage implied Adam has feelings for Chelsea. Chelsea tells Billy which makes him feel insecure. Bill decides to propose to Chelsea but she says no. Chelsea stated he's just doing this because Sage said Gabriel has feelings for her. Billy stated after he got out of the burning building, he realized he wants to spend his life with her. Chelsea said yes to the engagement. Adam and Sage returned home and Billy and Chelsea informed then about the big news. Adam and Sage congratulated them. After Billy spent more time with Vicki, Billy and Chelsea agreed at the same time to postpone the wedding.

Sharon comes to Crimson Lights, upset that she threw away all the progress she made with by trashing him in Austin's interview. Dylan encouraged Sharon to tell Nick herself before he is blindsided by it. Sharon goes to the Underground and finds Nick and Sage having sex and Sage waves at her. Sharon is furious at Nick for his judgements towards her while he sleeps with a married woman. She leaves without telling Nick about the interview.

Chelsea had a meeting with a guy Gabriel conveniently had a meeting with next week and he offered to carpool. Adam's car conveniently ran out of gas and he and Chelsea were stuck in the middle of the woods together. The countryside reminded Chelsea of her marriage to Adam in Kansas. Adam continuously asked questions about her relationship with Adam. After a while, Adam kept repeatedly underestimating Billy and Chelsea's relationship with angered her. Adam called for a cab to pick them up.

Billy admit to Chelsea that he and Victoria were tempted to kiss each other. Chelsea became jealous but Billy insisted he is committed to her and that she has feelings for Adam. Billy stated the only difference is his ex is living and hers isn't. Adam pretended to be a sad jilted Gabriel and told Chelsea that Sage is having sex with Nick Newman. Chelsea confronted Sage when she returned to her home. Sage stated Gabriel and her got married for the same reasons and are nothing more. Chelsea stated that Gabriel keeps confiding in her that he wants a real relationship with Sage. Sage admit that Chelsea doesn't know the real Gabriel Bingham, although she claims she does more than Sage. Sage admit that Gabriel is in love with Chelsea. Chelsea didn't believe it at first and Sage listed all of the conveniences that Adam purposely met up with her, moved across the hall, and his car broke down. Sage tells Chelsea she is ready to admit who Gabriel really is, when the doorbell rings and Chelsea receives a box of roses signed anonymously whom she originally thinks are from Billy, but Sage states it is from Gabriel. As Chelsea and Sage resume, Sage states she can ask Gabriel himself and she can start by asking him how he knows her dead husband. Gabriel admit that he is in love with Chelsea from when he first met her, claiming he didn't know she was engaged to Billy,and researched all he could on Adam to try to be the man she couldn't get over.

Divorce and Pregnancy

Sage finally decides she has had enough of staying with a man she doesn't love, and admits to the estate attorney that the marriage is a sham. Gabriel's inheritance is sent to the charities that Constance donated to, and Sage is finally free to be with Nick, though she still doesn't expose Adam. Sage and Nick's enjoy a brief romance before Nick breaks it off to make things more secure for Faith after he punches out a reporter, and almost loses custody of Sharon hadn't stuck up for him.

Sage is heartbroken and drowns her sorrows with Adam, who also fears he has permanently lost Chelsea. This leads to a one night stand between the two of them that they both immediately regret. Soon after, Sage finds out she is pregnant and is convinced that Nick is the father. Sage admits she is worried about what Sharon might do if she finds out about it. To Sage's surprise, Sharon accepts the news and embraces Sage, wishing her well. Adam finds out Sage is pregnant, and demands a paternity test, but Sage is adamant that Adam is not the father. Faith finds out and is not happy that Sage is pregnant. Sharon supports Nick and Sage, and encourages Faith to embrace the new baby. In turn, Sage convinces Nick to amend the custody agreement, so Faith can spend one week a night with Sharon.

Sage is diagnosed with appendicitis and über owe to surgery to have it removed. Luckily, the baby is fine. Chelsea comes by to talk to Sage, who goes ballistic when Chelsea wonders if the baby could be Gabriel's.

When Victor is arrested for shooting Jack, and Adam is named CEO, Nick decided to go back to work for Newman-Abbott, and leaves Sage in charge of the Underground. Chelsea confronts Sage and says she knows that Gabriel is really Adam. Sage explains her reasons for turning Adam into Gabriel, and assures Chelsea that Adam only came back to Genoa City for her and Connor. She asks Chelsea not to expose Adam, but Chelsea says she can't make that promise.

While Sage and Nick are together, Nick is called away for an important business by Adam. Sage fears that she will be exposed and leaves Nick a good bye letter before getting ready to leave town. Marisa Sierras sees the letter and stops Ssge from leaving. She tells her that Adam did not reveal himself, and Sage wonders how she knows Adam's identity. Marisa says it doesn't matter and assures Sage they are on the same side.

Constantly worrying that the baby may be Adam's, and gets a paternity test done in secret. Nick finds out about and Sage is forced to admit that the baby could be "Gabe's". Nick reads the results of the test, and tells "Gabe" that the baby is his, so stay away. Sage reads the results in private and cries.

Becoming Sage Newman and Adam's identity is exposed

Nick decides he wants to get married to Sage as soon as possible. They have a private ceremony in Chancellor Park that just involve Nick's children, and Marisa as Noah Newman's plus one with Kyle Abbott officiating. Nick and Sage exchange vows and officially become husband and wife.

At Sage's baby shower, things start to fall apart. Adam and Chelsea show up at the Athletic club, having been forced by Victor to return to Genoa City. Adam is still known as Gabe, but Sage fears that him being back has put her happiness at risk. Then, Marisa tells Sage that Victor doesn't want her with Noah and tried to get her to leave town by paying her off. Marisa warns Sage to be careful around Victor.

Sage takes Marisa's warnings to heart, and has a nightmare that Victor takes her baby from her. Sage starts to experience stomach cramps, and Nick calls Mariah Copeland to watch Faith while he and Sage go to the hospital. They learn the baby is fine, but Sage continues to be worried about Victor.

Sage's world crumbles when everyone finally learned Adam's identity, and Nick quickly realized Sage knew the truth, and confronted her. Sage tearfully admitted she knew who Adam was all along, and told him he the real Gabriel Bingham died, and how she gave Adam plastic surgery and had him pose as Gabriel, so Constance didn't have to "lose" her grandson.

Giving birth and grieving her son

Nick asked if he was the baby's father, and Sage sarcastically remarked that she switched the paternity test. She told Nick he knew he baby was his, and left after saying she will move out and file divorce papers. Sage is spotted by Adam crying on a bench and realizes Nick found out. He apologizes, and Sage lashes out at Adam, blaming him for her losing Nick. Suddenly, Sage keels over and yells the baby is coming.Adam delivers Sage's baby and has someone call the hospital. Sage is taken into Sudbury, and survives. She and Nick decide to name the baby Christian, in honour of Victor.

Sage and Nick attend the Halloween Gala in Delia's honour at Newman Towers, but a fire breaks out and Sage helps evacuate all the children. When she and Nick return to the hospital, they are told Christian passed away. Sage becomes so distraught that they have to sedate her to calm her down. It doesn't help when Sage finds out Victoria has already planned a memorial for Christian. Sage refuses to go, but Adam convinces her to go and say good-bye to her son.

Sage leaves the hospital and she and Nick tell Faith together about Christian's passing. Sage finds she has a hard time confiding in Nick, and turns to Adam for comfort. She laments how she always turns to him when she is upset. Sage ended up moving out of the tack house, and spent a couple of days at Adam and Chelsea's. She tried to move back into the tack house, but ended up buying the penthouse she and Adam had lived in together. Nick and Sage decided to take sometime away from Genoa City to reconnect, and work though their issues. They returned to Genoa City stronger than ever, and Nick even moved into the penthouse with Sage.

Bond with Sully and Dr. Anderson interferes

Not all was well though as Sage still struggled with losing Christian. Dr. Anderson offered to help Sage through her grief, but when Dr: Anderson started to suggest Sage was a danger to Sully, Nick and Sage took great offense to that.

Sage started to suspects Dr. Anderson had an ulterior motive, and she and Nikc set up a public scene that would get Sage admitted to Fairview, Sage took it a little too far and punched Dr. Anderson, resulting in her getting arrested.

Sage managed to convince everyone that she needed to go to Fairview, but Adam felt Nick was abandoning Sags and tried to convince Sage there was nothing wrong with her, but Sage still went to Fairview.

At Fairview, Sage got into Dr. Anderson's office and found a book on paralysis that she snuck to Nick. Patty Williams returned to Genoa City and was readmitted to Fairview. Patty attempted to talk to Sage, but was caught by Dr. Anderson, who ordered her back to her room and cruelly threatened we to sedate her.

Patty ended up killing Dr. Anderson, and Nick and Sharon revealed Dr. Anderson was really Sandra Allen, a girl that Nick had dated in high school. Sage was convinced that Sandra wanted Sage out of the way, so she could seduce Nick.

Adopting a baby

Sage and Nick decided to adopt a baby. They found a young mother, Shawn Taylor, who was broke. Nick and Sage interviewed Shawn, and she liked them. At first, Sage went a little overboard with protecting the baby and micromanaging Shawn's every move, but Nick got her to back down a bit.

Sage was upset when Nick let Shawn see the ultrasound, fearing Shawn could change her mind at any moment. Nick reminded that Shawn had the legal right to change her mind.

Shawn's apartment got broken into and Sage invite her to stay with them. Nick wasn't sure that was a good idea as he felt it would be cruel to kick Shawn out once the baby was born, but couldn't see how she could live with them on a permanent bases.

Chelsea offered Sage a job at Chelsea 2.0, but Sage quickly realized Nick out her up to it. Later, Sage overheard Nick telling Shawn she could keep the baby if she wanted to. Sage chose not to say anything, but instead worried that Shawn would change her mind about the adoption.

Shawn went into labor while talking with Sharon, and gave birth to a baby named David. Sage saw how much Shawn loved David, and decided to make the closed adoption an open one, so the Shawn could be a part of the baby's life, but the Shawn unexpectedly took off with David, leaving behind a note for Sage and Nick. Sage was devastated and decided not to go though with another adoption so soon.

Investigation and discovering Sully is Christian

Sage and Sharon both admitted they were disturbing dreams and decided to investigate the cause of them. Sage used Dylan's laptop to look into the background of nurse Angela Stephens, and realized she was the nurse that told her and Nick that Christian had died. Sage learned Angela had spent sometime in Fairview, and that she had been treated by Dr. Anderson. Sharon learned from Wes, Angela's boyfriend, that Angela would do anything for Dr. Anderson, and wondered what Dr. Anderson had asked Angela to do for her.

Sage questioned Angela about her relationship with Dr Anderson, revealing she knew Angela was accused of killing her patients, and treated by Dr. Anderson, who pulled some strings to get Angela a job as a nurse. Angela ran off, saying she didn't mean any harm. Sage later told Sharon about her encounter wiry Angela, and said she could tell she was hiding something. Sharon started crying, and Sage asked what was wrong. Sharon said she was just thinking about Christian, and then suggested they stop investigating.

Confused, Sage saw Mariah and asked her to have Kevin continue investigating. She left when Sharon showed up with Sully. She did overhear Mariah saying Sharon had a miscarriage. Sage confronted Angela again, and told her Sharon had a miscarriage. She kept pushing until Angela finally admitted Christian was alive, and was given to Sharon. Sage raged at Angela, and said she had no soul. As Sage was leaving, Angela said Sharon ordered a DNA test and got the results that day.

Death in Fatal Car Accident

Sage went to Sharon's, and held Christian. Sharon saw them, and Sage said she knows Sully is Christian. Sage demanded Sharon show her the DNA results because she wanted to see for herself what Sharon was hiding from her. Sharon tearfully admitted that Sully was Christian. Sage went off on Sharon, who said she was drugged up so much she thought she was pregnant. Sage told Sharon she knew she had a miscarriage, and only told Mariah. She said if Sharon hadn't hid her miscarriage and went to Fairview, Dr. Anderson couldn't steal her baby. Sharon begged for more time to be able to tell Dylan the truth, but Sage refused, and stormed out to tell Nick that Christian was his son. Sage tried to call Nick, but then dropped her phone. She went to pick up it up, and when she looked back on the road, she swerved and crashed.

Sharon, who had been closely following behind Sage's car and flashing her lights at her, stopped when she saw the crash. Sage was thrown from the car and was laying on the ground unconscious. Sharon got out to check on Sage, and called the paramedics. Sage regained conscious and asked to see Christian. Sharon set Sage up against a rock, and covered her with a blanket. She brought Christian to see Sage, who assured Christian she will always be with him. Sage asked Sharon to promise her that she will tell Nick that Christian is Sully. Sharon advised Sage to save her strength, but Sage died soon after. Sharon closed Sage's eyes as Christian watched his mother take her last breath and stayed with her until the paramedics arrived and officially pronounced Sage dead.

Sage's Will

After Sage's funeral, Michael Baldwin informs her family that he is the executor of her last will and testament. Michael gathers everyone at Newman Enterprises for the reading of Sage's will. In attendance are: Nicholas Newman, Victoria Newman, Sharon Newman, Adam Newman, and his wife Chelsea Newman.

"Victoria, Sage wanted you to have a photo that she took of you and Nick that she had framed. She says, "Being an only child, I was deeply moved by the bond Nick shared with his sister. This photo is a symbol of how fortunate they are to have such an extraordinary relationship, one that should never be taken for granted. Since I can't be there to comfort my husband, I'm counting on you, Victoria".

"For Faith, Sage left the necklace Nick gave her on their Wedding Day. She says, "I'm leaving one of my most treasured possessions to the daughter I always hoped to have".

"Sharon, Sage also left something for Sully. The vintage toy car that Victor gave Christian. She says, "My little boy would have loved that car. I want Sully to have it as a token of my gratitude and affection because he was such a solace to me after losing Christian".

"Nick, Sage left the remainder of her estate to you. She also left this letter." Nick opens the letter and read it aloud to everyone.

"Dear Nick, I hope you won't have to read this for many many years. No matter when it happens, I don't have many personal belongings to leave you. Not that you need it but there are 3 things I want to give you. 1 more I Love You. 1 more reminder of our beautiful memories. 1 more thank you, not only to you, but to your family and to the friends who embraced me. They gave me the life and home and I always dreamed of having and I will be eternally grateful for that. Never lose that amazing optimism which got us both through the worst of times. You never stopped telling me we could find happiness again. So here is my final request. Keep telling yourself that now. Because you deserve happiness, Nick. So go find it. Yours, then now and always, Sage".

Michael announces, "The only thing remaining now is a letter. It's addressed to Adam". Adam takes the letter and informs everyone, "It says for your eyes only". He gets nervous fearing that Sage may announce that he was the biological father of her son Christian Newman. Adam apologizes for not sharing the contents of the letter but he wants to honor Sage's wishes for confidentiality. He tells Nick, "I won't say I'm sorry for your loss but I will say I'm angry. I'm angry that she never got a chance to grow old or raise that family that she wanted".

Sage Reveals a Secret to Adam

Adam and Chelsea return to their penthouse and Adam reads Sage's letter. He is shocked by the contents and tells Chelsea, "Oh My God! Sage knew I was Christian's father! She figured it out after he died". He reads Sage's letter, "The way you reacted when Christian died, your grief, it was like looking in a mirror, Adam. I realized you must have changed the paternity test results. I should have been furious but I was grateful. I'm writing now to thank you for keeping this secret and not ruining my marriage and to ask you to never come forward with what you know. Adam, please. For my sake, don't hurt Nick!".

Adam is stunned, "She knew this whole time but she never said a word". Chelsea wonders, "Sage didn't want to acknowledge you were Christian's father until after her death. She wanted that kept secret. But she called you from the car before her accident and needed to talk to you about Christian, so what about him?".

Adam responds, "I don't know. Maybe she discovered something new about the baby? What could it be? Whatever it is Sage wanted to tell me died with her".

Adam burns Sage's letter in the fireplace.

Sage's journal and "ghostly" appearances

Nick discovered Sage had a journal, and read in it that Adam has killed Constance. Nick demanded that Dylan arrest Adam for murder. Adam denied the accusation, and Nick accused Adam of calling Sage a liar. Dylan said they would exhume Constance's body and get to the truth. Adam accused Victor of forging the journal entry as a way to get back at him. It turns out the journal entry was a forgery, and Victor and Chloe Mitchell had conspired to frame Adam for Constance's murder.

Sharon was having a nightmare where Sage appeared and ordered her toward up. Sharp sees Sage, looking like she did after the accident, who demands to know why she hadn't told Nick that Sully was really Christian. "Sage" accused Sharon of not telling the truth because she was a selfish liar.

Sharon had another nightmare about Sage. Mariah rushed into Sharon's, and said to call 911 there has been a terrible accident. Mariah talks about a woman and her baby as Sharon finds out she can't get any reception, and tells Mariah to use her phone. Mariah is gone, and a bloodied Sage stumbles in, asking Sharon why she didn't help her.

Sharon has another nightmare of Sage, saying she is taken Christian back to his real dad, and then hallcinates seeing her, after talking to Chelsea about Mariah taking over Sage's prosition, though that time, it was a woman that wore similar clothing that Sage was wearing the night she died.

Sharon went off her meds, hoping to that the delusions of Sage would go away, but they only got worse. Mariah eventually realized Sharon was having delusions of Sage as well, and Sharon confessed she went off her meds. Mariah told her she needs to go back on them, and also told Sharon these delusions are caused by a guilty conscious. "Sage" continue to taunt Sharon about being a horrible mother and getting locked up in Fairview. Desperate, Sharon grabbed a bookend and went to hit "Sage", but hit Mariah instead. As Sharon tried desperately to revive Mariah, "Sage" asked Sharon how many more people is she going to hurt.


Sage fell in love with her longtime best friend, Gabriel Bingham, after being newly wed, he died trying to save Adam Newman out of a burning car, Sage found Adam and brought him to Constance's cabin, she hired a plastic surgeon to make Adam look identical to Gabe so she wouldn't have to tell her guardian, Constance Bingham, that her grandson is dead, she kept tabs on Adam's wife, Chelsea Newman, and his son, Connor.

Legally Sage was his wife for the inheritance, Adam demanded to reunite with his family which Sage agreed to, arriving at the athletic club. Adam was angered that Chelsea moved on with Billy Abbott, the man that tried to kill him that night after Adam accidentally ran down his daughter, Delia, Sage played Adam's wife while Adam slowly worked his way into Chelsea's life as "Gabe". After Sage saved Nick from a bear trap, she met up with him and began to fall in love with him, later discovering Nick is Adam's half-brother.

Since Sage was never really important to anybody, she valued her relationship with Nick and wanted it to be something real, Sage had a one-night stand with Adam when Nick breaks up with her briefly to go back to Sharon, Nick and Sage get back together shortly after, with Sage keeping the secret, when she becomes pregnant, she devotes her life to Nick and being a mother to her child. When Adam finds out, he questions her about the paternity, but Sage insists it's Nick's.

Sage marries Nick shortly afterwards, Sage hears the rumors about Victor being involved in the lives of the Newmans' spouses and their children and becomes paranoid, her pregnancy made her very emotional since she thought she couldn't conceive, she was happy that she gives birth to Christian although he's premature, he doesn't make it and Sage becomes very upset and hurt. This affects her marriage to Nick and eventually makes her very angry inside.

Crimes Committed

  • Failed to report the death of her husband, Gabriel Bingham (Feb 2014).
  • Helped Adam Newman fake his death and reinvent himself as Gabriel Bingham, never charged (Feb 2014-Oct 2015).
  • Blackmailed Adam into impersonating Gabriel Bingham, otherwise she would turn him over to the authorities, never charged (Feb 2014-Oct 2015).
  • Fraud; married to Adam while he is pretending to be Gabriel, never charged (Revealed Jan 2015-March 2015).
  • Tried to flee town while pregnant, so she wouldn't have to face jail time for committing fraud (July 2015).
  • Slapped Nicholas Newman (Jan 2016).
  • Punched Sandy Anderson (Jan 2016).

Hospitalizations and Maladies

  • Diagnosed with infertility (pre-2014). Was diagnosed fertile and pregnant (Mar 2015).
  • Injured in the collapse at the Underground (Feb 2015).
  • Diagnosed with appendecitis and underwent surgery to remove her appendix (May 2015).
  • Hospitalized several times with stomach pains and possibility of miscarriage (Aug and Sep 2015).
  • Diagnosed with anxiety (Sep 2015).
  • Passed out at the Newman Ranch (Sep 2015).
  • Diagnosed with a microscopic parasite that can be cured with medication (September 2015).
  • Suffered a placental abruption (Oct 2015).
  • Went into premature labor (Oct 2015).
  • Lost a lot of blood after giving birth to her son (Oct 2015).
  • Sedated after going into a uncontrollable fit of rage and grief (Nov 2015).
  • Was committed to Fairview in a scheme to expose Sandy Anderson.
  • Injured in a car accident and died (April 2016).


Sage Confronts Sharon

Sage Confronts Sharon

Sharon Chases Sage on the Highway

Sharon Chases Sage on the Highway

Heartbroken Nick Remembers Sage

Heartbroken Nick Remembers Sage

Nick Gets Emotional At Sage's Funeral

Nick Gets Emotional At Sage's Funeral

Sage Haunts Sharon

Sage Haunts Sharon

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