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Sally Spectra
YR Sally.jpg
Courtney Hope as Sally Spectra
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Courtney Hope
Duration 2017-2020 (B&B), 2020- (Y&R)
First appearance January 31, 2017 (B&B)
November 3, 2020 (Y&R)
Last appearance August 5, 2020 (B&B)
Nickname(s) Sally-girl (by Shirley)
Gender Female
Occupation COO of Newman Media
Residence Unknown location
Genoa City; Wisconsin
Siblings Coco Spectra
Romances Thomas Forrester
Liam Spencer (kissed)
Wyatt Fuller (broken engagement)
Jack Abbott (kissed)
Adam Newman (lovers)
Grandparents Shirley Spectra
Aunts and uncles Sally Spectra (great)
First cousins Macy Alexander
CJ Garrison

Sally Spectra II is formerly from Los Angeles, and moved to Genoa City to get a fresh start. She is named after her great-aunt, Sally Spectra. She has been played by Courtney Hope since November 3, 2020.


Courtney Hope was let go from The Bold and the Beautiful and made her last appearance on August 5, 2020. Soon after, Courtney was pictured wearing a t-shirt, baseball hat, and carrying a coffee cup that all had Y&R's logo on it. She also tweeted confirmation that she had joined The Young and the Restless, but it wasn't immediately clear if she would be playing Sally or a new character.

Eventually, Courtney confirmed that she would be playing Sally when she posted a photo of her outside her Y&R dressing room. There was a star on the door that said "Sally Spectra" on it. During the month of October, Courtney's first airdate on Y&R was confirmed to be November 3, 2020.


Sally Spectra II is named after her great aunt. Her grandmother is Shirley Spectra, and she has a younger sister named Coco. Sally wears her name with pride and takes after her great aunt by having a larger than life personality and a quirky sense of fashion.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Sally Spectra arrived in Los Angeles looking to make a splash and revive the old Spectra brand. Sally would often antagonize Steffy Forrester, and flirted with her brother, Thomas Forrester. Sally was determined for Spectra to succeed and her team consisted of Saul Fienberg II and grandmother Shirley Spectra. They were soon joined by her sister Coco, who wanted to work at Forrester Creations.

When Coco was hired as an intern, Sally's team saw a chance to gain the advantage. The elder Sally's son CJ Garrison wanted to sell Spectra Fashions, so Sally's team convinced her to go along with installing a spy camera on Coco and they then stole Forrester Creations designs. After being exposed, the Spectra brand was hit hard and disgraced. Sally was determined to keep the building, but it was sold off to Bill Spencer Jr., who planned to demolish it. Sally and Bill's son Liam were caught in the explosion, and Sally suffered from smoke inhalation. Sally lefty town soon after since Spectra Fashions was no more.

Sally returned months later and became involved with Bill's other son, Wyatt Fuller. Steffy put her past with Sally behind them and hired her at Forrester Creations where Sally excelled, and Shirley briefly returned to town to see her granddaughter success. Wyatt's ex Flo Fulton came to town, but Wyatt was with Sally. Flo was exposed as having participated in the  switching out of Liam and Hope Logan's baby. Flo was arrested and sent to prison, but was soon released with the help of Wyatt's mother Quinn Forrester.

Quinn and Flo's mother, Shauna Fulton wanted their children together, and soon, Wyatt started to fall back in love with Flo. Sensing, she was losing Wyatt, Sally faked having a terminal illness. When Flo found out, Sally knocked her out and kidnapped her. Wyatt rescued Flo, and Sally collapsed. Sally ended up in the hospital and apologized for everything. Wyatt told Sally he won't press charges and advised her to take some time away and get better. Soon after, Sally left town again.

The Young and the Restless


Sally showed up at the Jabot boardroom while Summer Newman was working. She admitted she was lost, and was taken aback by the fact that Summer didn't know who she was. They were soon joined by Jack Abbott, who knew Sally by reputation. Sally smiled nervously, and said she had a meetings with Lauren Fenmore Baldwin. Jack said she might be waiting for awhile since Lauren was busy with meetings. Sally said she would go grab a coffee, and Jack asked Summer to show Sally to Crimson Lights.

When Sally and Summer walked into Crimson Lights, Theo Vanderway was there. Theo was happy to see Sally again, and they told Summer they met when Sally was with Thomas in New York. Theo asked Sally if she wanted to get a drink, and Sally accepted. After Theo left, Summer warned Sally about getting involved with Theo, but Sally assured Summer that she can handle Theo.

Sally accepted a job as Lauren's assistant and phoned Coco to tell her the good news. She saw Theo, who offered a chance to team up together, but Sally turned his offer down. When Sally learned Fenmore's was relaunching JCV she saw it as an opportunity to quickly ascend the ranks and declared her ambition to be the president. Sally made this pitch to both Jack and Lauren, who politely turned her down.

Growing Ambition

Determined to get her way, Sally took Theo up on his offer of alliance. Theo asks Sally to aide him in his lawsuit against the Abbotts as a spy to find out what they were planning. Sally said she could do that, and Theo then asked Sally how he could help her. Sally requested that he find out who the head of JVC would be, so she could take them out of the running permanently.

The alliance didn't last long though because even though Theo found out that Summer would head up JVC, Sally was unable to find out any new info from the Abbotts that Theo didn't already know.

Sally decided to try other avenues as well. She noticed that with Summer heading JVC, they would need a new head of marketing. Sally offered her services, but the position has already been offered to Mariah Copeland.

Lauren noticed and applauded Sally's ambition, but advised her to take it slow and not rush it. Sally suggested that she could revamp Fenmore's online store, and Lauren approvingly told Sally that was a good way to show ambition.

Bonding with Jack

Sally and Jack continued to bond and get closer, but that bond was threatened by Summer, who went to Los Angeles, and Sally knew why: To dig up dirt on her. Sally phoned Coco in a panic, who tried to comfort her elder sister.

Sure enough, Sally's worst fears came true when Summer texted her a photo of her with Flo. Upon Summer's return, she told Sally she knew everything and made sure Sally knew she could destroy her new life at any moment.

Summer continued to mentally torture Sally, especially when Bill Spencer came to Genoa City, and Sally saw them together. Later, Bill told Sally he had no intention on of destroying her attempt at a fresh start as long she never set foot in Los Angeles again.

Sally became desperate for leverage, and Theo gave Sally a call with dirt she could use on Kyle, and Summer by extension. Turns out, Kyle had an affair with a married woman named Tara Locke, the wife of ruthless business mogul Ashland Locke. The real juicy info though was that it was very possible that Kyle was the biological father of the Locke's son Harrison Locke.

Armed with this knowledge, Sally and Theo went to Kyle to tell him what they knew, and Sally said she wouldn't expose Kyle as long as they stopped going after her, and also not interfere in her relationship with Jack.

Sally also got on the bad side of Jack's ex-wife and Summer's mother Phyllis Summers. Phyllis didn't trust Sally's intentions with Jack, and while she knew Summer had dirt on Sally, she didn't know what. Summer also couldn't use it because if what Sally knew.

Nevertheless, Phyllis was desperate to get Sally out of town and demanded that Lauren fire her to Lauren's confusion. Sally, on the other hand, was desperate to prove to everyone that her feelings for Jack were real.

Ashland and Tara ended up coming to Genoa City, and Sally asked Tara for coffee since she was a fan of her line of shoes. Sally made sure Kyle saw her with Tara to scare him the way Summer had her.

Eventually, the constant tension between Summer, Phyllis, and Sally told Lauren something more was going on. Sally confessed the mutual blackmail pact with Summer, and later told Jack everything after Phyllis hinted enough that she knew something more about Sally. Jack was in shock at Sally's past and suggested they reconsider a relationship.

Fallout and payback

Sally and Phyllis got into a bitter argument where Phyllis accused Sally of getting back at her by sabotaging the temperature at the Grand Phoenix. Sally started implying she would strike back at Phyllis, and Jack overheard. After that, Jack cut Sally out of his life altogether.

Sally decided to accept a truce from Summer and Kyle when they decided that all they were doing were trying to hurt each other. Sally convinced Jack to have coffee with her, and staged an argument with Tara where she made it clear she would protect the Abbotts from Ashland. Tara surmised that Sally had feelings for Jack.

Despite the truce, Kyle would still take vicious barbs at Sally, so when Tara came to town with Harrison, looking for Kyle, Sally told her where to find him. This reignited the feud, and caused an argument between Summer and Sally where Summer slapped Sally.

Sally's next objective was to get control of JCV, so she conspired with Ashland to find out for him where Tara and Harrison were, and he would give her whatever she wanted in return. Sally quickly found out that Tara and Harrison were at the Abbott mansion, and told Ashland.

As Sally slowly put her plan into motion, she also attempted to form an alliance with Tara, claiming that Tara still loved Kyle, and her plan would get Summer out of the way. Unfortunately for Sally, Ashland got Summer a job with Marchetti's that Eric Forrester was a majority shareholder in.

Despite Bill's previous warning, Sally returned to Los Angeles and set up a meeting with Eric where she desperately tried to pitch Summer to Eric. Although, Eric appeared to be suspicious of Sally's motives, he managed to get Summer a job at Marchetti's.

Sally approached Tara once again, and laid out her plan to her. Tara was skeptical that Summer would leave Kyle, but then decided to emotionally blackmail Summer into breaking up with Kyle and leaving town, or she would take Harrison and disappear forever. Tara later texted Sally, saying they are both close to getting everything they want. Sally successfully gets Summer's job at JCV as well as Summer leaving for Italy,.

Truth revealed and losing Jack again

Phyllis becomes suspicious of Sally and Tara, when Summer leaves to Italy, and breaks up her engagement with Kyle. Phyllis becomes alarmed when Billy tells her that he saw Tara and Sally together at the park. Phyllis vows to take both Sally and Tara down. Meanwhile Jack and Sally begins to become closer again, and went on dates. Jack began to forgive Sally, and gives her a second chance. Sally stayed at Grand Phoenix and Phyllis gave Sally ridiculous charges on her bill, to distract her in order to get her phone.

Phyllis see's Tara's contact and it confirms her suspicions. Phyllis pretends to be Sally and texts Tara about Phyllis being on to them. Tara and Sally meet up about the text, and Sally realizing that Phyllis had her phone and calms Tara down. However, Sally and Tara are unknowingly being recorded by Phyllis who shares her suspicions and the video to Jack and Kyle.

Jack later contacts Sally and asks her if she was involved with Summer leaving Genoa City and shows her the video of her and Tara. Sally tries to lie to Jack, but slips up. Jack confront Sally on lying to him and being a fool to believing her again, thus ending their relationship. Sally confronts Phyllis, but Phyllis gives her an opportunity to be honest with her and come clean.

Phyllis then contacts Angelina Marchetti about who gave Summer the job in Italy and discovers that Eric Forrester is the one who appointed Summer into getting the job. Phyllis then flies to LA and questions Eric on why he gave Summer the job in Italy. Eric reveals that Sally talked to him about the job offer, but had no idea that she used this to get rid of Summer.

Phyllis takes a picture with Eric and Angelina and sends it to Sally. Kyle and Jack are now completely aware of Sally and Tara's scheme. Sally, and Tara talk and both panicked about the consequences of their plan. However, Sally is determined to not get caught and advise Tara to not worry about losing Harrison. However, Sally is exposed when Lauren finds out about her and Tara's plan to get rid of Summer, as well as Tara's crimes of money stealing from her own money from her company and was planning to steal from Fenmore's.

Although Sally had no knowledge of Tara's crimes of money stealing from her own money from her company and was planning to steal from Fenmore's, but as a result of Sally's misdeeds, she is fired by Lauren.

Working at Newman Media

Sally becoming unemployed and being humiliated by Phyllis is short-lived, as she is soon hired by Chloe Mitchell to work at Newman Media, much to Phyllis' dismay. Even after Phyllis revealed the reason why Sally was fired by Lauren from Fenmore's in the first place, Chloe is still willing to work with Sally as the latter's history is similar to Chloe's best friend, Chelsea Lawson's history.

Sally did great work for Newman Media and both Adam Newman and Chloe were impressed. Sally was concerned since Adam was Summer's uncle, but Adam clarified that he and Summer were close and he is in no position to judge her by her past deeds. Sally and Adam started to grow closer and a mutual attraction seemed to form. Sally and Phyllis got into an argument at the Newman-Media launch party that led to Phyllis dumping a bucket of ice water on Sally after she threw her drink in her face. Adam took Sally upstairs to get cleaned up and they shared a kiss.

Chloe warned Sally away from Adam since, despite working for him, she hated him due to his past. Chloe only agreed to work for Adam as a favour to help Chelsea get back on her feet. Sally soon became obsessed with the idea of designing Victoria Newman's wedding dress. After overhearing Victoria on the phone, Sally got to work designing the wedding dress of Victoria's dreams. She showed her work to both Chloe and Adam, who were impressed with her work. Sally wanted Victoria to wear her dress as the dress she would marry Ashland Locke in.

Sally was unable to get the dress to Victoria before she and Ashland left for Tuscany. Adam had been invited, so Sally convinced Adam to take her with him. Adam agreed, but warned Sally that he was there for family, so he wouldn't help her. Sally agreed, and Adam took her as his date. Sally snuck into Victoria's room and swapped her dress for the dress Sally made.

She later showed up to confess everything to Victoria. She also told Victoria that she still had the other wedding dress, and would give it back to Victoria if that's what she wanted. Victoria liked Sally's dress and wore it to marry Ashland. Adam congratulated Sally, and Victoria told Sally that while she doesn't approve of the way that she went about it, she admired her ambition, and gave her a hug.

As Adam and Sally celebrated in his room, they shared a passionate kiss, and almost slept together. They stopped themselves, and decided it wasn't a good idea since they work together, and decided to stay friends. Sally's dress got a lot of publicity for Newman Media, and Chloe was impressed as the future for the Fashion platform looked bright.

Spying on Billy

Sally started listening on Adam's private conversations and realized that he, Victor, and Ashland were setting up Billy Abbott for a fall. After it happened, Sally found Billy sitting alone at the bar and tried to talk to him. Billy was closed off to Sally because she worked for Adam. Adam saw Sally with Billy, and she later tried to ask him what was going on. Adam suggested Sally spy on Billy, but she refused.

Despite her initial refusal, Sally donned a disguise composed of a blond wig, sunglasses, and toque. Sally started filming Billy, and sending the videos to Adam. Billy and Lily quickly realized that Sally was spying on him, and decided to use it to trick Adam. Chloe also found out what Sally was up to, and told her to stop it and focus on fashion.

Adam suspected Sally was the one sending the videos and hinted at her to continue doing it. Victor called Sally to the ranch, seeing how close she and Adam were. He was weary of her because of how she hurt Summer, but complimented her work on Victoria's wedding dress. He recognized her value to Newman Media's fashion division, but warned her not to hurt his son.

Sally followed Billy to a seedy bar where it looked like he was gambling again by playing poker. Sally sent a video to Adam and he told her good work. Billy soon got tired of Sally's spying, and confronted her. He exposed her and took her with him to Adam's office where he confessed his entire plan to trick him into writing a slanderous story that he would sue him for. Adam was annoyed and took it out on Sally, lambasting her for doing what he encouraged her to do and demanded she stick to her work.

Rivalry with Chelsea

While working with Chloe, Sally met Chloe's best friend and Adam's ex Chelsea Lawson, who was out of town visiting her mother, Anita Lawson. Chelsea was resentful of Sally's closeness to Adam and that created tension when Chelsea returned to town and officially joined the team. She made it clear in no uncertain terms that she viewed Sally as her subordinate.

Sally resented Chelsea's attitude towards her and her feelings for Adam continued to grow. Chloe tried to mediate between the feuding women, but also put Sally in place when she felt Sally was stepping out of line. Sally summoned Adam to the office on New Years Eve and they shared a nice time that Chelsea saw.

Chelsea continued to disparage Sally's work without offering any feedback, which Sally called her out on. So Chelsea went through all of Sally's designs and gave her her honest opinion, and offering feedback for Sally, which she was thankful for. Chelsea and Chloe decided to send Sally out of town for to promote Newman Fashion. Sally invited Adam to come with her, but he declined.

Unexpected promotion

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  • Sally sometimes skips to the end of books because she can't wait to find out the ending.
  • She wants a big furry dog.
  • In the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas," there are two characters named Jack and Sally who fall in love. Coincidentally, Nightmare Sally has red hair just like Sally Spectra.
  • Sally claims she can guess your weight, walk a tightrope, and juggle knives. (November 12th, 2021)