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Sarge Wilder
Darnell Williams.jpg
Darnell Williams as Sarge Wilder
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Darnell Williams
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 2012-2013
First appearance February 20, 2012
Last appearance March 5, 2013
Introduced by Maria Arena Bell
Full name Augustus Wilder
Nickname(s) Sarge
Gender Male
Occupation Physical therapist
Residence Genoa City, Wisconsin
Romances Yolanda Hamilton
Nieces and nephews Mason Wilder

Augustus "Sarge" Wilder was portrayed by Darnell Williams.


Sarge is a tough-talking physical therapist working at Genoa City Memorial Hospital. He is assigned to work with Jack Abbott after he was shot by his mentally unstable ex-wife Patty Williams and paralyzed from the waist-down. At first, Jack and Sarge clashed with each other after Jack witnessed Sarge aggressively coaching a female patient. Sarge claims that his aggressiveness is a way of building his patient's strengths to encourage them to work harder on their recovery. Jack understands his methods and agrees to hire Sarge as his therapist when his original therapist gave him no hope of recovering. Sarge is later seen at an alcoholics anonymous meeting, along with Devon's biological mom, Yolanda Hamilton, now going by the name Harmony. Sarge and Harmony officially meet at Crimson Lights and they engage in conversation about her battles with drugs and alcohol.

Harmony then becomes enraged when she finds out that Sarge was at the meeting supporting one of his patients, making her feel like a fool as she had thought she was confiding in someone who had his own struggles. Sarge and Harmony later fake a relationship to make Neil Winters jealous, growing a friendship in the process. Although attracted to Harmony, Sarge, in the end, wishes Neil luck with his relationship with her. Later, Sarge revealed to Jack that his real name is Augustus and confides in him on why he became a physical therapist. Years ago, Augustus was a street racer. While racing alongside with his brother, the two got into a bad accident, striking a brick wall. Although Augustus walked away uninjured, his brother suffered the most injuries. Despite his brother's refusal for his help, Sarge wanted to make sure everyone had the chance to fight for recovery.

Later, Sarge is shown to have a nephew, Mason Wilder, who began working at Newman Enterprises after a request from Sarge to Jack, who was the owner at the time. When Jack's protegee, Adam Newman, took over so Jack could focus on his recovery from addiction, Mason began secretly working with original owner, Victor Newman to dig up any dirt on Adam. Sarge warned his nephew not to get entangled with Victor. But Adam ended up discovering Mason's betrayal and fired him. Sarge returned and was proud to hear that Mason didn't cave in to Victor's demands, but disappointed to hear Mason admit that in hindsight he wished he had. Sarge went to Jack again, this time asking him for a job at Jabot Cosmetics. Jack agreed and hired Mason to model with Summer Newman in Jabot's fashion line.