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Sasha Green
Tina Arning as Sasha Green
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Tina Arning
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 1995-1997, 2002
First appearance March 1995
Last appearance December 11, 2002
Created by William J. Bell
Gender Female
Died May 20, 1997
Cause of death Fire
Occupation Lab geneticist
Parents Dorothy Green
Romances Peter Garrett (1996-1997)

Sasha Green was a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Tina Arning.


Sasha Green was a DNA lab technician.

In 1995, Phyllis Summers contacted her former coworker from the genetics lab, Sasha, in New York City. Phyllis wanted Sasha to spy on husband Danny Romalotti who was there on business. Phyllis learned from Sasha that Danny had bumped into his former wife Christine Blair at a restaurant there. Then in April 1995, Phyllis traveled to New York to visit Sasha at the laboratory. Phyllis wanted Sasha to alter Daniel Romalotti's paternity test records to match as Danny’s who also traveled to New York to confirm the results. Sasha told Phyllis that she would not be dishonest about the test results, so Phyllis resorted to drugging Sasha and changing the results herself. After this Phyllis returned to Genoa City.

Then in June 1996, Sasha reappeared in Phyllis’ life. Sasha began to stay with Phyllis in her apartment as she was in a need for a place to stay. Phyllis, who was worried Sasha would tell Danny the truth about Daniel’s paternity, decided to hook Sasha up with her friend Peter Garrett. Phyllis’ plan worked like a charm and before long Sasha left with Peter for New York.

In 1997, after Phyllis and Danny were married again and happy together while raising their son, Daniel, Sasha re-entered their lives. Sasha had been dumped by Peter and blackmailed Phyllis into giving her $20,000 to keep quiet about the real paternity of Daniel. When Phyllis refused, Sasha went to Christine. Phyllis wondered why Christine was so interested in Sasha. She went to Legal Aid to see Sasha with Christine. Sasha had taken the manuscript from her bag and was offering it to Christine for $50,000. Christine wanted more information. All Sasha would say was that it would wreck lives. Christine wanted a number to call Sasha when she got the cash. Sasha said she would call Christine and left.

Phyllis told Joni about seeing Sasha at Legal Aid. Phyllis said she followed Sasha and knew the fleabag motel where she was staying. She wondered just what Christine and Sasha were talking about. She visited Legal Aid later only to find that Christine was gone. "Sorry, I don't know where or when she'll be back. By the way, are you by chance Sasha Green? Mrs. Williams thought she might be calling or stopping by and I'm supposed to get her number," said the receptionist. Meanwhile, Christine told Paul Williams about the Sasha encounter. Phyllis got a call from Sasha who wanted her money. Phyllis tried to call Christine. Phyllis pawned her engagement ring for $5,000.

Sasha called Christine asking her if she had the money. Christine said, "Yes, I'll have cash for you tomorrow morning." Christine wanted to see Sasha to give her support. "Why would you want to do that?" Sasha asked. "I know what Phyllis is like, too. Give me your address...the hotel where you are. Okay, let's see..." Christine said before the connection was broken by Phyllis who had pushed down the button on the phone. Phyllis hocked everything she had, then finally got a loan from Dr. Tim Reid to pay off Sasha. As insurance, Sasha distributed copies of the documents that detailed everything Phyllis had done against Danny, but Phyllis managed to intercept them all and get rid of them.

She confronted Sasha in her hotel room demanding to know if Sasha had sold her manuscript to the tabloids or had made a deal with Christine. Phyllis slapped Sasha and she fell on the couch looking scared. Phyllis said, "I will not let you." When Sasha was alone, she had passed out face-down on the bed clutching a piece of paper with the heading National Inquisitor. Smoke billowed out from under the bed, turning to a red glow. Christine and Paul arrived in the hotel lobby just as Sasha was pronounced dead. Phyllis feared that she might have killed her. Phyllis arrived at Malcolm Winters’s photo studio, a wreck saying, “Oh Malcolm, I can’t believe what I just did.”

Phyllis when questioned had said Sasha was fine when she left. A judge proclaimed that the fire and Sasha's death was accidental since Sasha was known to be a careless smoker and heavy drinker.